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K-Stew Is Not A Fan Of Twilight!

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Now we know where Twilight star Kristen Stewart gets her douchebaggery from!

When asked why his daughter wasn't presenting at the Oscars along co-star R-Patz, K-Stew's father, John Stewart (not Jon, the Daily Show host), responded she would present "When it's a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money."

Really now??

Don't burn your bridges too quickly, you still have two more sequels to go, sweetie!!

[Image via WENN.]

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641 comments to “K-Stew Is Not A Fan Of Twilight!

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  1. 301


  2. 302

    Oh yes she CAN be replaced without the series failing, if enough fans of the series dislike her. Her acting was really bad in Twilight - especially the hospital scene. Robert, Billy Burke, and others totally carried the movie.

  3. 303

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Thank God my name is back, it was gone when I said GM to you before!…I'm so not a dude!!!!! ;-)

  4. 304

    What a dickhead! The more you hear from this girl the harder it is to like her! She was crap in the movie anyway!

  5. 305

    I looove Twilight AND I like Kristen.I think she's a great actress and if that's her opinion I don't mind . There are people who like this movie and there a some who don't but that's not a shame.It's good that she's honest and I don't believe that everyone from the cast looves twilight.

  6. 306

    Re: miab – You tell them!!!

    I agree 101%

    Kristen is terrific at what she does.. who cares if she doesn't like all the glitz and glam gosh, kudos to her

  7. 307

    My 13-year-old daughter and her friends say they all think she's a pothead, and that she totally sucked in the movie — Robert and everyone else was great.
    Straight up.
    I'd say Bitchsten Stewart is more than a little delusional.
    And another poster was right; so many millions of people would kill to get a chance like she has had — and being on the Oscars is as close as she'll ever come to an Academy Award.
    Ungrateful cow. She pisses me off every time I see her or listen to her whine.

  8. 308

    Perez wake that flabby ass of yours and change the post. I don't give a damn about that crappy as movie 'twilight'….

  9. 309

    he was being honest. TRUTH HURTS, BITCHES.

  10. 310

    I think she was horrible as Bella, she's jealous she didn't get as much attention as R-Patz!!

  11. 311

    Re: M*I*A*R – Good morning, M! That happened to someone else before, I think is was SheriMoon!

  12. 312

    Ungratefulness can get you fired. She is starting to sound like Katherine Heigl!!!!

  13. 313

    she seems like a bitch

  14. 314

    Re: M*I*A*R – perez is a hater….

  15. 315

    He's right, you can't polish a turd.

  16. 316

    she shouldn't be so ungrateful… btw.. WHO IS SHE, ANYWAY?
    the people who know her name.. it's becuz of twilight…

  17. 317

    Re: NerdyGirls – LMAO!!

  18. 318

    WTF? She's even lucky she was picked to be in the movie. It would be loads better if she wasn't in the damn movie in the first place.

  19. 319

    WHAT a DISSAPPOINTMENT!!!:( and what a bitch!

  20. 320

    I liked the movie…
    It's too bad people don't know how to appreciate a good thing when they have it.

  21. 321

    Get over yourself! I saw her on Letterman, she came off like a spoiled bitch. Plenty of other - better - actresses out there, honey!

  22. 322


  23. 323

    I could deal with a new Bella.. just don't get rid of Robert!!!

  24. 324

    she sucks lol
    she think shes better than everyone

  25. 325

    it was a pretty terrible movie…

  26. 326

    She is awfully picky for being a Lifetime movie actress.

  27. 327

    It's not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you, but she's right — the movies are stupid fluff and not quality.

  28. 328

    Re: riverphoenixfan – Ummm. I wouldn't exactly call her "one of the greats", but I do agree that she's entitled to her opinion. Kristen was lucky to be cast in the role and to broadcast her dissatisfaction makes her seem hugely ungrateful. However, she's not the first to be pissed because of the huge press (i.e. Leo and Titanic). It's the nature of the beast and if she doesn't want to alienate herself entirely, she should cowboy up, paste a smile on that bony ass face, do her job, and save her jaded views for people who care, who (more than likely) will not be the Academy.

  29. 329

    I was never a big fan of hers in the first place; this just solidified that. I NEVER liked her as Bella; all that damn stuttering when Edward was going to leave at the end; I wanted to reach into the movie and smack the piss out of her. UGH, I don't like her as Bella. Kristen Stewart really isn't a good actress. How hard is it to play a simple, clumsy person who is in love???

  30. 330

    Perez, makes this ungrateful person go away! Stop posting about her.
    If she is so concerned about the quality of the Twilight series, then why the hell did she sign on for New Moon and Eclipse? Sounds like a big hipocrite to me. If she truly cared that much about her artistic ethics or whatever she calls them, she would have bailed out of a non-great-money-maker-movie, even if the 10 million thrown at her were tempting. Talk about an overpaid actress!!

  31. 331

    Sounds like we have another Michael Lohan to contend with. Come on Dads, don't you know when to keep your mouth shut?

  32. 332

    I didn't like her interpretation of Bella, I wish they would recast. She is not the Bella from the books.

  33. 333

    Allthough she is right about the Twilight sucks thing she should be careful about what she or her family is saying in public… Probably she didn't saw herself in the Twilight movie so she wouldnt think that she is getting any better roles in her entire life… hello Kristen… stop smoking pot and come back to reality!

  34. 334

    When you're getting a lot of money, and fans adore you, why are you going to go and embarrass yourself with your father? Why did she accept the role if she hates the movie so much????

  35. 335

    According to my research, the father (john Sewart) is a producer who was hosting the academy awards 2008 (main host or not, no idea, I did not even know that he existed on this earth before today LOL). According to what I've read, the 2008 edition had the lowest audience ever for the academy awards.
    This year, they got sexy Hugh as main host (I know who he is!), and invited younger rising stars (amongst whom Robert and Kristen (???) maybe) as well to try to boost the audience.
    I would not take what what this BITTER MAN said too seriously, he failed last year, so he might be prejudiced against this year's attempt to do better.

    Anyway, if I were Kristen, I would wonder what my father is trying to do to me: destroy my future carrier????
    Whatever she might have said in private (we don't know actually), a professional like her father whould know what is good and bad communication. He obviously chose to dig his daughter's grave.
    I wish her good luck.

  36. 336

    I tried to like her too, but she's TOO WEIRD, has no sense of humor, i mean, she doesnt even try to be funny for one second (that's how much she loves her job), she doesnt have to be a bitch to be a good actress, she sucked in twilight, she sucked in the land of woman, i dont know why they picked her… she's the same actress in all of her movies…

  37. 337

    She should be careful.
    Not al ot of people will want to hire someone who continuosly trashes their movie.
    Especially since she is no Angelina Jolie.

  38. 338

    I don't like her!
    Rewind: I don't like them
    >Robert P and her

  39. 339

    Re: fedanna – um, no. You researched Jon Stewart. Kristen's dad is JOHN stewart.

  40. 340

    Re: lalalana08


  41. 341

    Oh common, cut the girl some slack will you? She's 18, she's having a hard time coping with what's going on around her all of a sudden…she's doing what she can best. I don't think her acting is the best out there, but it is the best 18 year old, brown haired, girl-next-door appearance, short height - try to look like a Bella that I can think of…
    regarding her behavior and what she says in the press…well I can only imagine what I'd be like if I couldn't even go out with a buddy without "cheating" on the BF, being "gay" or "smoking pot"…not to mention be big fat "are you and Rob an item" stuff…the pressure is a lot to take in…and although she has more movies than Rob under the belt, she is younger…and weaker…so not all can deal like he does…to be honest I am still concerned for Rob too…wouldn't want to see him in therapy by the end of the year, or in rehab or smth…

  42. 342

    oh, and about her not being at the Oscars…anyone stopped to wonder if the poor girl was even ASKED?

  43. 343

    are you serious….she's a loser
    i love the movie!!!!

  44. cwik says – reply to this


    Perez you finally gave Kristen a page!!

  45. 345

    Re: CeeWini
    You're right, I had not noticed. THANK YOU. Seems you can't edit either… So he is a real nobody (at least in my country).

    I still stand on my point of view that THE FATHER IS TO BLAME, not the poor girl. She may be bad in interviews, but not to this point. I'll be waiting for her reaction to this. And she needs to go away from her dad who obviously is neither supportive, nor helpfull for her carrier right now.

  46. 346

    She's a crack head, of course she's just doing the movie for money… crack money. No wonder she SUCKS and can't ACT! She's too high and doesn't care!

  47. 347

    geez! some of you just need to relax. how does this affect your life in any way?

  48. 348

    Re: fedanna – Wrong Stewart. Get your facts straight before you post. It's John not Jon (of the Daily Show). Duh!

  49. 349

    You know, my friend got me in to these books. I love them. Am I a die-hard run up to Rob P. and lick his sneakers girl? No. Is he hot? yes ma'am. Love his music as well.

    Ok, gushing over–as for Kristen Stewart, I mean, when I saw her I was uber excited because frankly I thought she looked just like what Bella should look like. Here is the kicker–I had no earthly clue WHO she was whatsoever. So my point is, whatever you think of Twilight (movie, books, (in the movie's defense they couldn't possibly squeeze every aspect in to the movie, it is impossible so I think they did very well for what they had) no matter what you think of the series, Kristen Stewart is an ungrateful snob. I really really liked her at first, thought she did an OK job, not wonderful but OK. Now this whole pot thing comes out and just made me like-ew- and her always seeming like she is being bitchy. I don't know. who CARES that it got a lot of crazed fans…don't you think you would want that? Otherwise move along chick and let someone better do the job. ok I'm done.

  50. 350

    Attention - Chris Weitz fire her ASS!
    Now is the time to do it.

  51. 351

    I think she'Zz cool.

  52. 352


  53. 353

    The books were great! The movie was good…. the only bad part about the movie was her as Bella. She wore the same expression throughout the whole movie… she was very blah… How ungrateful for sure! Maybe now they will consider replacing her with someone that can put some emotion into their acting.

  54. 354

    WOW- Yeah that's a super shitty thing to say but she is what 18. Remember when you were 18 you were kind of an asshole too right! She is really into being "cool and edgy" which its great but…. you don't need to insult people to be different. She will grow up hopefully……

  55. 355

    Sure Twilight wasn't a great movie, but dude–it wasn't bad either! But apparently, Kristen and her dad doesn't agree. But you know what? If they think the movie sucks, then why is she even part of them? She just tell the producers that she doesn't want to be part of the movie that makes a lot of money; that she wants to be part of a GOOD movie. But then, I'm sure Kristen is used to do 'crappy' movies. I mean, look at Zathura! haha. Twilight was one hundred times better than that crap. And you know what? I don't really like her as Bella. Not at all. What a bitch.

  56. 356

    She wants to be indie so bad, what a waste. Hell who even told her she was good. Jody F. when she played her son in that crap movie. I wish they would drop her.

  57. 357


  58. ruby says – reply to this


    This bitch really sucked anyway, she has no personality on or off screen!!!!!!!!!!!
    I imagined Bella much prettier some one like Emmy Rossum or even Rachel Bilson.

  59. harle says – reply to this


    No it so true though that movie sucked ass, she shouldn't be proud of it. It just pisses me off how superior she thinks she is, spouting all the highly intellectual books she's read while the ignores the fact that she has yet to finish high school. Also, although Twilight was interesting, it was a piece of shit book. So it just indicates that she is retarded if she thought this movie was going to be any better, I mean seriously.

  60. 360

    haha im so sick of hearing her stupid bullshit

    these movies will keep her in the drugs for years
    she should be happy
    what a twat

    twat twat twat

  61. 361

    she's the BEST!!!

    STFU perez!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 362

    her attitude is just plain disgusting. this girl looks beyond ungrateful. who does she think she is? katherine hiegl? no sweetheart she is no katherine hiegl.she cannot afford to bash her projects. her acting is flat and one dimensional in everything that she's in. twilight might not have been an oscar worthy movie (nothing really is these days anyway) and one of the main reasons it was so shitty was because of her. if you hate the film so much then go do something else but don't sit here and think that you're so special because your not. why doesn't she sell coffee and paint or whatever it is these artistic intellectual types do. better yet she should just learn some manners

  63. 363

    He's right! LOL. The whole idea of Twilight is stupid-it's to get young teen and pre-teen girls (and gay bloggers) to part with their babysitting money by throwing together schlock with some guy that's supposed to be hot to star in it. Pattinson is NOT HOT and repeatedly telling me he is will not ever make me think so.

  64. 364

    we dont know her. but it sure does sound like she is ungrateful.
    about the fans.
    about the movie

  65. 365

    p.s- zac efrom and vanessa hudgens took they're asses to the oscars and not one of them have been in something decent. its called networking and paying your dues bitch. grow up.

  66. 366


  67. 367

    leave kstew and papstew alone. they speak the truth. twilight is entertaining & cool but not an amazing film in any way. :P

  68. 368

    She said before: "I love what I do, but it's not all I want to do—be a professional liar for the rest of my life." …bad form

  69. 369

    Fire Her. The movies would be so much better without her. They need an unknown actress who is feminine and meek and can actually act the part well.

  70. 370

    ok bitch needs to stop! I mean, Im a huge Twilight fan…well of the books anyway, and ill admit the movie kinda sucked and the only reason i went to see it was to stare at Rpatz for a bit. …lets just say it wasn't exactly Oscar worthy art created. See, I can say that though, she can't. She needs to stop acting like shes better than it Twilight was her big break and she needs to stop whining and fucking appreciate it. Shes probs just jealous cause its all about Robert and shes just sort of the rag doll he drags around every once in awhile.

  71. 371


  72. 372

    Re: jcapflorida – It was painful to watch her on Letterman. She made no effort to be congenial or chatty at all. What a waste of a 5 minute segment. She'll never be invited back to Letterman OR the Oscars.

    Re: fedanna – lol, dude, JON Stewart of the Daily Show hosted last year. Her dad does behind the scenes stuff in Hollywood. Do you honestly not know who Jon Stewart is?
    Kristen's father looks like he forgot Woodstock ended 40 years ago

  73. 373

    She's right. The movie was dissapointing. They had so much potential to create the best movie ever, and they fucked it up.
    She was a decent Bella though.

  74. 374

    He's right…it wasnt a great movie. the book was so much better. i mean, i love that ive got some set characters for myself since im reading the other books but the way they wrote the movie was weird

  75. 375

    Re: MissCeili – You can't make excuses for her based on her age. I'm 20 and I have a sense of tact that I acquired long before I was 18. If you're raised properly and have good manners, you know when it's appropriate to hold your tongue. Plus, Kristen tries to act like she's so much older than she is, whether it's by dating an older guy or smoking cigarettes every chance she gets. She can't have it both ways. Rob Pattinson made Harry Potter when he was 18/19 and he was mature and polite in interviews. The other Harry Potter kids have been gracious and unpretentious about their fame since they were far younger than Kristen.

  76. 376

    she has the right to an opinion u jackass –stop trying to destroy her over nothing
    Shes an ACTRESS - she did her job, and thats that….doesnt mean she has to marry the twilight franchise

  77. 377

    Re: HoneeBs – #359—haha, am I imagining things, or did you just call Kristen Stewart a man? Marvelous.

  78. 378

    What an ungreatful bitch! THey should replace her. She is a crappy actress anyways. Get someone in there that knows how to act.

  79. 379

    Then don't do the movies! What the hell is her freaking problem? Im pretty sure theres a million girls that would kill to be in a movie like that, and getting to make out with the gorgeous Robert Pattinson!

  80. 380

    no joke………

    what a great rolemodel he is???


    i've read all the books,
    and theyre just lovely.

    im absolutely in love with them.

    when they picked Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan………….

    i was VERY dissappointed.

    her && her dad should GO TO HELL!


    this is making me mad.
    very mad.

    you need to talk to that kristen && john and tell them off!


    or i will.


    she is just an ungrateful little spoiled celebrity!



  81. 381

    If I was Robert Pattinson I'd be reallly really pissed off by this!!! I would feel like I just got stabbed in the back!! By a close friend too!!!

  82. xoxo says – reply to this


    I love this guy the movie SUCKSSS!! and hes right!

  83. 383

    She´s no bitch at all!
    Don´t take the thoughless answer of her dad (at the oscars) as hers.
    Maybe I´m wrong, but I think she wasn´t asked to come to the oscars.
    Robert was invited, to increase the viewing rate and as we know: The fanbase is female!
    She says she really likes Rob and I believe her! She is only protecting her boyfriend and her friendship with Rob against the crazyness of the Twilight hype!
    I think she likes Twilight and is gratefull enough. Everyone has a right for a private life and his own choices! Don´t crucify her!
    She is a great actress, no one could be a better Bella than her! And not to forget: The chemistry in the film is made by both, not only one person.
    I would like to see more of her acting in the other sequels of Twilight.

  84. xoxo says – reply to this


    But she is a terrible actress

  85. 385

    Re: New Yawk Punk – Yeah, I know what you mean I am 21 and it isn't cool to act that way at any age, but I also think everyone has said something they will probably regret once they are older. Who knows she may stay just TOO COOL to see that her remarks are silly and rude. I love Twilight and I don't love or hate her as Bella. I think it's kind of impossible to cast one person as Bella, we are all Bella and that's why she is such a awesome character, she is universal. But Kristen will with ANGSTY-BELLA-SAWN in New Moon.

  86. 386

    I AGREE… GREAT BOOK… SHITTY SHITTY SHITTY MOVIE… I HAVE A PRETTY LOW STANDARD FOR MOVIES.. I like anything that's chick flick and will melt my heart… but the movie was horribleeeeeeeeeeeeee

  87. 387

    Re: Aimee999 – She does have a right to her opinion, but as a paid actress and member of the Hollywood community, it would be wise for her to not publicly diminish the industry, the Oscars, her costars, her director, her fans, etc. Grow up, Kristen, you're not Marlon Brando.

  88. 388

    Re: MissCeili – I'm glad you agree. I don't think you and I would have had such difficulty smiling and holding our tongues at 18. I'm not sure if she's trying to be badass or if she literally does not realize how spoiled she sounds sometimes.
    As far as New Moon, her acting may appear better simply because Bella is numb, blank and miserable for much of it. I only wish Kristen were better at portraying the character when she's actually happy! I also PRAY girlfriend tries to blink, stammer and shake her head less in the next movies. It's fucking distracting.

  89. 389

    KS YOUR A BAD ACTRESS SO STFU! be grateful you have some fanbase because RPATTZ made twilight what it is……..not your hazy red eyes from your marjiuana plants hunnie. who cares- movie? book? shes still meyer's Bella so she should enbrace it a little better for GTFO of the serious sweet cheeks

  90. 390

    seriously, what's with her bad attitude? She is so blessed and lucky and just acts like a bitch about it all. And hunny, you're not that great of an actress.

  91. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: MindReader – (#239) That was my first thought when I read this. If that's the way Kristen and her father feel, they have every right to have their own opinions, however, show some respect for the rest of the people that were involved in the project and keep your thoughts to yourselves.

  92. 392

    she really scares me…if you watch her interviews. man shes like way out there…

  93. 393

    Miley Cyrus and her dad now
    Kristen and her dad…
    who will be the next daddy and daughter-celebs.?!

  94. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: Nataliae – (#272) SOUNDS PERFECT!!!

  95. 395

    Re: lalalana08 – youre focking crazy, woman.

  96. 396

    Wow. What a bitch. she doesnt deserve the roll as Bella anyways…. she did such a bad roll in twilight anyways. shes so emotionless….. the same face the whole movie.

  97. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: bostonh2o – (#305) LOVED Billy Burke!!!

  98. 398

    Re: Haylo – stupider?

  99. 399

    First of all that movie was already fucking shit….kristen just fucked it up more. she was a terrible bella…only thing that kristen has in common with bella is that they are both a whiny complaining annoying girl. she should be grateful for getting paid for being a horrible actress. from the beginning i thought she should of been replaced.

  100. Kaze_ says – reply to this


    Hmmm… What do I smeeellll from K-Stew ~~~ Envy? *sniff* repressed something? .
    Seriously, she and her father needs aroma therapy or something.

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