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K-Stew Is Not A Fan Of Twilight!

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Now we know where Twilight star Kristen Stewart gets her douchebaggery from!

When asked why his daughter wasn't presenting at the Oscars along co-star R-Patz, K-Stew's father, John Stewart (not Jon, the Daily Show host), responded she would present "When it's a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money."

Really now??

Don't burn your bridges too quickly, you still have two more sequels to go, sweetie!!

[Image via WENN.]

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641 comments to “K-Stew Is Not A Fan Of Twilight!

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  1. 401

    Re: pabst – Billy Burke is so underrated. The humans in Twilight are underrated in general, but Billy provided much needed comic relief.

    Re: Kaze_ – stage parents. *rolls eyes*

  2. 402

    ough seriously you people are such hypocrites!!! first you say soooo good about her, and you love her, bla bla, now because of this you trash her! really get a life, who cares about her? the book is amazing and she's a great actress, for some reason some of best actresses already talked very good about Kristen. get a life!! all of you and this stupid perez. seriously!! its true the movie is not that good, but that doesnt mean they're not good actors…

  3. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: New Yawk Punk – (#391) Her shirking, stuttering, and stammering moments in Twilight make me cringe.

  4. 404

    Re: pabst – You must've cringed through about 98% of her performance in the movie then!

  5. 405

    She is a douche nugget.

  6. 406

    According to R-Pattz in his MTV Oscar interview, they will shoot Breaking Dawn. So, that's 3 sequels. I hope she doesn't ruin this for the fans of the book. HMPH

  7. 407

    i feel bad for her. when you grow up having weird, socially awkward parents, youre obviously gonna turn out that way too

  8. 408

    twilight wasn't that good. i mean, since when are vampires supposed to *sparkle* in sunlight?
    super queer

  9. Brina says – reply to this


    Your a bitch kristen, and I sure hope you read these!! HAHAHA Ungrateful little tramp. Dont do the movies then… if you think they suck… but you will do them because you dont have anything else and because its a pay check and probably a big one. Your such a little tramp;

  10. Brina says – reply to this


    You should get kicked out of the movie.

  11. 411

    I hater her at Bella, I wasn't a fan of him as Edward either…. i think they could've gotten better actors to play them both…however they did great for Jacob and the Rest of the Cullen….but Bella and Edward Sucked

  12. 412

    She's just so weird. If you see pictures and interview of her you notice she is actually very arrogant and cocky.. What a waste.

  13. 413


  14. 414

    It's time to replace her. She stunk up Twilight. She is too miserable even for whiney Bella. At least in the books although meek, she had a warm heart and a loving demeanor. Not KStew; she is emo through and through. Obviously hates Twilight and can't help but sabotage it, hating it and the fans the way she does. Can't take her stuttering bucked teeth any longer. Please Summit hear our pleas!!! Anyone could play Bella better then her. I couldn't stand her from the beginning and neither could anyone I had any contact with. This has nothing to do with Robert Pattinson either. I want to feel the love coming off of Bella for Edward. There was none of that.

    Need suggestions? What about Alexis Bledel. She would be amazing. She could easily play a seventeen year old and has the right personality to play a perfect Bella.

  15. 415

    Re: Brina – Yes, someone should totally print this post out and mail it to Kristen's agent or summit before she alienates the entire fanbase.

  16. 416

    how rude !!!!

  17. 417

    Oh no. Not another stupid Dad like Michael Lohan trying to hitch a ride on his daughter's star. Shut up, be grateful and enjoy it while it lasts - both of you Stewarts.

  18. 418

    she is such a BITCH, so ungrateful. So many girls could have played Bella waaay better than this hoe, and now she's sitting there bitching about how horrid it is to be in the movie??WTF turning her back on the movie that really launched her career, fucking twat.

  19. 419

    Re: New Yawk Punk – What fan base???

  20. 420

    Well, he has a point.

  21. 421

    i kinda agree. the film wasnt amazing. it kinda sucked compared to the book . . . but still, rude, much? she should be more grateful!

  22. 422


  23. 423

    I think she did a good job a portraying Bella. I was a huge fan of Twilight before the movie even came out. Maybe there would have been someone better but I think she played her very well. Bella is very complex and I think she showed that.

  24. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: New Yawk Punk – Pretty much, but the hospital scene was simply atrocious. I threw my arm over my eyes in a feeble attempt at emotional self-preservation.

  25. 425

    shes a terrible actress anyways, shes nothing next to the bella in the book. Rob P. was the best cast, hes def the way I pictured edward, i say replace stewart shes a btich

  26. 426

    Whoa. I have to be honest, I really like Kristen. I'm glad that she always says what she thinks. BUT, this is a little over the top. Why would her dad say that?? Hasn't Kristen ALWAYS said she was proud of Twilight and thought it was great?! I'm irritated. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. At first I supported her comments because I thought she was "real." Now I'm just mad.

  27. Laxer says – reply to this


    I hate people like this….she will fade back to her trailer park obscurity after these movies. Pic of Dad looks like he is a real life character in a SciFi film…and not a good one. She did not present for one reason and one reason only.. SHE WASN'T ASKED! You see, Kristen dear, you are forgettable.

  28. 428

    Re: PistolofFire – I agree with you. I thought she did a great job as Bella. She was exactly how I imagined her.

  29. 429

    Re: skuzy4545 – It's shocking, but there are people out there who adore Kristen Stewart in spite of her acting and personality. I think they project Bella's personality onto her and in doing so brainwash themselves into it. I like Twilight, so I really wish I could like her, but it's not possible.

    Re: pabst – Atrocious would be the right word. I applaud Rob for being able to stay composed and in character after that spazzfest. I can't believe Catherine Hardwicke and the editors kept that in. Unbelievable.

  30. 430

    BIIIITCH!!!!!!!!!! Twilight just launched her whole fuckin career! I wish they picked some one BETTER to play Bella! She's an ungrate twat who deserves to be back-handed and lose her career if she's gonna be so Bitchy about it.

  31. 431

    WOW. i wouldn't mind if they got rid of her and put in a more beautiful and grateful actress.

  32. 432


  33. 433

    Re: Zip

    you're fucking retarded

  34. 434

    Apparantly tact runs in the family… she and her dad both seem like heinous people… I'm anxious to see if Kristen or Summit's publicists are going to respond to all of this.

  35. 435

    Re: New Yawk Punk – Your an absolute arsehole lol stop actin all educated it's a fuckin kids book get over yourself kristens amazin perfect choice for bella n we all know HU CARES EDWARD CULLEN'S THE 1 EVERY1S LOOKIN AT ANYWAY

  36. 436

    Re: MichelleBitches – Should I dumb myself down by dropping the g's from the ends of words and substituting "1" for "one" like you do? You sound like an absolute chav!

    Anyway, I am educated, unlike Kristen, who is a high school dropout. I wouldn't care about that if she didn't try to make herself seem so profound and intellectual all the time. The end.

  37. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: MichelleBitches – You're a tool. Shouldn't you be drinking milk and cookies while starting your homework, junior-high?

  38. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: MichelleBitches – On Stephenie Meyers' own admission, it wasn't written to be a "kids" book. It just turned out to be a Young Adult hit. Stuff it, half-wit.

  39. 439

    Re: pabst – I heart you.

    Re: MichelleBitches – I'm going to edit your post now:
    You'rE an absolute aSShole. Stop actinG all educated. It's a fuckinG kids book. Get over yourself. Kristen's amazinG [AND A] perfect choice for bella [AND] we all know [it.] WHO cares ? Edward Cullen's the ONE everyONE is lookinG at anyway.
    That's better.

  40. 440

    What a bitch.

  41. 441

    They're right. It's shit. And RPattz has said so, too, but you never seem to post those articles, Perez. Your favoritism is disgusting.

  42. 442

    Re: lalalana08 – tot? i can already tell your an obsessive fan that will go no where in life….well maybe the psych ward. i dont know about anyone else. but i wud keep sharp objects away from you. far far away.

  43. 443

    I like Kristen Stewart, but she can be rude.
    Twilight Was Amazing:)
    what the hell is she talking about??

  44. 444

    why would an actress not want to be at the oscars? i have mixed feelings about her. i can't really say much because i don't personally know her.

  45. 445

    UGHHHHHHH THIS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 446

    I never imagined her as bella. even now when i read the other books i don't picture her. Like its called a smile and i don't by that she is madly in love with Edward in the movie either. And she shouldn't bite the hand that feeds her!

  47. 447

    Shes a jerk, just suck it up & learn to smile, thats what she is getting paid a ridiculous amount of money for. I dont see the point, she cant act, and she is super ungrateful.

  48. 448

    notice is said that her dad responded to the question not her, i wouldnt bash on her till i heard it come out of her mouth…

  49. 449

    She is do ungrateful! If she really doesn't want to play the character that so many people love, then why does she bother? I enjoyed her part and thought she fit it well but after reading articles about what she thinks of the role she is making me NOT want to see New Moon or any other sequels. And not to mention the fact that she receive what I am sure was a very handsome paycheck…She should be lucky! And maybe if she had a more mature attitude she would be considered for more stimulating roles. Shame, shame, shame.

  50. 450

    oh god, kristen
    get over yourself

    diss twilight when you learn how to act,
    don't disrespect something when you're ten times worse than it
    it just makes you look foolish
    and this right now is a great example of it

  51. 451

    Re: New Yawk Punk – Right on! You got it right!

  52. 452

    i don't understand how she isn't getting in shit with summit

  53. 453

    Re: Honeypi – I think someone needs to forward these posts to both of them. Any takers???

    Perez help???

  54. 454

    I don't care what her dad says, it didn't come out of her mouth, and even if i did I don't care! haha I still love Kristen!!!!!!

  55. 455

    She's never once said anything that she'd be marked as ungrateful. It was her hippy dad who made that comment, not her.

  56. 456

    Re: skuzy4545 – TOTALLY AGREE!

  57. 457

    Kristen Stewart
    you're trying to sound all "different and articulate" blah blah BITCH YOU'RE IN THE MOVIE
    cant dis the shit that you participated in
    you knew that shit was gonna suck when you read the script. so HOE SIT DOWN.

  58. 458

    "When it's a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money." Khm… excuse me but I thought that she was the leading actress. Am I right? So why wasn't the film great? Because the acting sucked?
    By the way…. this movie made you rich and famous, so shut up and be grateful!

  59. 459

    I HATE HER! shes a terrible actress!!
    get rid of her, i don't think many people would mind…

  60. 460

    Well we can't exactly be angry with her. I mean ALOT of us have jobs we hate. Just because she is particularly fond of ONE movie doesn't mean she's a bitch now. Like who cares? At least she is still doing the movies.

  61. 461

    i can't belive that she didn't go to the Oscars! that would of been great for her. I think that she should get replace ….. maybe Natalie Portman. She was amazing in star war!!! Kirsten suck she can't act for shit!
    R-Patz is god!!! He is a amaizing actor!!!

  62. 462

    Re: Tom Sturridge – He didn't even spell it wrong.

  63. 463

    Well she's not exactly a great actress either. She was the worst person to play Bella.

  64. 464

    Fuck her

  65. 465

    Re: prissy1113 – agreed

  66. 466

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

  67. 467

    hmm..im shoecked that she would say that.
    im very disappointed in her.

  68. 468

    maybe, they should have gotten someone else for that part. someone who would appreciate twilight like the rest of the world. i thought it was amazing

  69. 469

    Re: skuzy4545
    Kristen Stewart
    The Gersh Agency
    232 North Canon Drive
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    USA Address Information:

    Summit Entertainment
    Address: 1630 Stewart St, Santa Monica, CA 90404

  70. 470

    Go Kristen Stewart! She's amazing I love her. Its funny cause Robert doesnt like Twilight either he thinks S Meyer is crazy.

  71. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: New Yawk Punk – (#472) Nice one!

  72. 472

    Re: OMGSterk – He likes Twilight and his character. He just thinks that Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight in order to live out a fantasy. He admitted to being unable to put the books down.

  73. 473

    She's a terrible actress anyways… the academy probably left her off the list

  74. 474

    Re: pabst – I am entertaining the idea of printing this out and sending it in. I can't believe this has gotten me so worked up. I guess I just can't stand rude little bitches. Sheesh.

  75. 475

    WHATEVER MARIO This is said by her father not k-stew ….leave her the fuck alone,everything is taken just waaayy out of fuckin contexte

  76. 476

    K-Stew is a stew!!!
    (kristen stewart) is (stupid)

  77. 477

    wow i always knew she wasnt good 4 the role.
    why did she take it if she didnt like it??

  78. 478

    she may say stupid shit but i still like her as bella!
    other wise she needs to shut up and be happy!

  79. 479

    haha i think it's funny how people think she's so lame and shit but she's just not a fucking famewhore like the rest of hollywood and who cares if she smoked pot, it's not like any other actor or actress in hollywood hasn't

  80. 480

    Well that's fine with me, she's a terrible, bland, boring Bella. Cast me instead!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. 481

    Omghz COME ON! Damn give my ass the damn role of Bella and I'll do it 10 times better than that untaleted girl did!. Look honey you can talk shit when you are actually GOOD! She was the whole reason why the movie wasn't good damn!

  82. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: New Yawk Punk – Why shouldn't you? It just irritates the hell out of me because I really wanted to like her. And she obviously doesn't care if people like her. I don't care if people like me either, but I didn't choose to become an actress where you have to have fans. Their opinions do matter. I tried to see it from the edgy, artsy perspective, but she just acts like a jerk-off and it's hard to see it any other way than the way it really is—she's a twit.

  83. 483

    I'm so sick of people blindly defending her. She does NOT care about her fans and she hasn't for a long time. If you look at her entire movie career, she plays the EXACT SAME CHARACTER in every, single movie. People who just see one or two of her movies think she's really edgy and controversial, but really she's just flat, dull and plays the same character in every movie. She's had everything handed to her in the movie industry, she is ungrateful, and I really wish fans of the twilight series would be able to see the truth instead of just defending her because she plays a character who's likeable in the book.

  84. 484

    Re: New Yawk Punk – Ahh finally! Someone got it right. Introverted, alright plenty of good people are. Pot-smoker, hey whatever floats your boat. But yes, her immature actions, complete disrespect, and her wayyy to big ego make me wonder what the hell happened to good old Hollywood when people actually loved what they did and didn't just do it for the money they got to roll around in later. Whatever, good luck Kristen, I have a feeling just about NOBODY gives a shit about you anymore.

  85. 485

    DAMN DID SHE really said that??..wht a B I A T C H

  86. Haylo says – reply to this


    Re: New Yawk Punk – Fuck the soap, she's get it dirty.

  87. 487

    shes so ugly.
    i hate her.
    shes lamee
    and smokes too much pott
    getttaa new bellla!

  88. 488

    Re: elleeee – Seriously, even in the book I wanted to punch Bella. Haha, good job. Horrible actress to play an obnoxious character.

  89. 489

    she is a bitch!! >:( she sucks as an actress! AND I LOVE TWILIGHT >:(

  90. 490

    she sucks as bella anyway

    they need to replace the bitch

  91. 491

    Re: Haylo – HA.
    Kristen Stewart: She talks so much shit she could get a bar of soap dirty.

  92. 492

    Now what I want to know is,
    how on earth did R-Patz supposedly
    fall in love with this moron when
    it is quite obvious she has about
    zero redeeming qualities?

  93. 493

    She bitches out of one side of her mouth, and whispers "How much will you pay me?" out of the other.

  94. Haylo says – reply to this


    You know wat, Am getting sooooo fucking pissed off at her stupid flat ass and smoking weed. She's not cool to be smocking pot. have some respect bitch!!! If anything, she does Acid or LSD-25. Weed is only for the coneissuers not dumb ass bitches who think there'll all that. Fucking moronic stiff ass bitch. She's always looking like a fucking skank who thats never used a fucking shampoo or water in that shitteous bird's nest of hair she has. The fucking moron has no sense of professionality and act with grace and show diplomacy for the shitteous films she fucks up (acting). The dad is another fucking idiot, no wonder she's so stupid-its fucking genetics. He should shut the fuck up and act like the adult he looks to be. In short, THEY'RE BOTH FUCKING IDIOTS.

  95. Haylo says – reply to this


    Re: lalalana08Re: lalalana08 – Dang girl, if that's you wit fuck face there, girlfriend you're in serious need for a make over. Sun light wouldnt hurt either. You should buy a pair of sneakers and hit the gym. and watever you do, DO NOT SMILE!!!!!! trust me girl.

  96. 496

    Re: amylynn – umm nahhh… they might not focous on there work wink wink =D

  97. 497

    Re: Scrappy-Doo – #496
    "She bitches out of one side of her mouth, and whispers "How much will you pay me?" out of the other. "

    –>While taking repeat puffs of a cigarette to look cool, damaged and rebellious

  98. enen says – reply to this


    I find it funny how everyone on here is bashing this girl for being a bad actress yet Rob P isn't so great himself. I mean really, he isn't a good actor at all. If it wasn't for millions of hormonal 13-16 year old girls the movie wouldn't of been as big of a hit as it was.

    Yes, critics said the acting was awful but they also said the movie was terrible in general. Rotten tomatoes that shit!

  99. Haylo says – reply to this


    Re: Nataliae – you're my new best friend. Amen to that. Those two bitches need to step the fuck out the big screen all together. Has anyone else noticed how every time the media asked something about the movie, she would start prattling about the edward dude. She cant stop talking about him. the fucking moron must know that when she speaks about the edward dude, her name, and perhaps even her picture too, would come out in the papers

  100. 500

    What the fuck?! are you serious???!!! who does she think she is?? or he… whoever made her not to go..

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