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K-Stew Is Not A Fan Of Twilight!

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Now we know where Twilight star Kristen Stewart gets her douchebaggery from!

When asked why his daughter wasn't presenting at the Oscars along co-star R-Patz, K-Stew's father, John Stewart (not Jon, the Daily Show host), responded she would present "When it's a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money."

Really now??

Don't burn your bridges too quickly, you still have two more sequels to go, sweetie!!

[Image via WENN.]

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641 comments to “K-Stew Is Not A Fan Of Twilight!

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  1. 501

    Re: enen – Actually, most people don't have a problem with his acting. There were far more problems with the director and Kristen than Rob. If you watch videos of him being interviewed, you'll see how different he is from the character he played. I thought he played Edward convincingly. Kristen, on the other hand, played herself/ the same character she seems to portray in every single movie she does.

  2. 502

    shes a huge beoch i hate her so much r-patz its too good for her how cant you love the twilight series

  3. 503

    the books are way better than the movie
    she's a lame Bella, i don't think her or rob can actually act…

  4. 504

    even if that was true… which its not… you don't say that when its your daughter's big break…. she needs to get over her self, we don't like her anyway

  5. 505

    it IS a great movie, fucking ungrateful bitch

  6. 506

    it's nice to know assie-ness runs in the family.

  7. 507

    uhhhr she is an ungratefull bitch who doesnt deserve the role! :@

  8. 508

    What the fuck!
    I hate her.
    She's a good Bella though.
    But seriously, why is she being so bitchy about it?
    Why would she do the film in the first place if she's whining about it now?
    She really is ungrateful.

  9. 509

    The movie could of been way better than it was. This girl got my nerves. She always look like she was trying not to shit her pants. If there was an award for great nostril flaring then she would be a winner!! What dad said was right but, that doesn't mean she had to turn it down. I don't remember any where that she returned her fat pay cheque?!

  10. 510

    Kristen Stewart is a horrible actress…the only reason she is so famous now is because of this movie. She needs to get over herself and be happy she has this opportnity and her dad needs to shut his mouth and get a hair cut!

  11. 511

    I would firstly like to say, besides the terrible stunts/quality of the twilight movie she was the next thing that ruined it. I don't think shes a very good actress, just because someone looks the part definitely does not mean they can act it. Kristen, is so flat, blunt, boring, monotonous..Etc The sound of her voice makes me want to sleep of boredom. I really do wish they would have picked someone else, a no name actress maybe, at least that way people wouldn't see her and associate her with other terribly done movies, and she would at least be grateful for her role in the Twilight movie and not abuse it and trash talk it like K-Stew. Man, I wish they'd make like a soap opera and get change her character to someone more deserving of it.

  12. 512

    shes a dumb whiney bitch who should be fired…the only reason why the movie wasnt that great was because she doesnt know how to act and low budget!! in interviews they were saying that she changed 'bellas' script becuz it sounded "too cheezy" they need to call for a recasting immediately she sucks at life..get a new actress to play bell who can actually act!!

  13. 513

    i dont like her at all….they could have done a better bella. its too late to change her now

  14. 514

    umm i dont if you noticed but she neva said that her father did and im a huge twilight fan myself but the movie isnt oscar wining

  15. 515

    shes an amazingly talented actress, and she said it herself that she really wanted to do these movies, but her and robert have both said that they both tried really hard not to make it this "teen movie" and thats what it turned into. as much as a twilight fan i am, i understand her point even though i did think it was a great movie.

  16. 516

    Re: cblongirl – Her point of view about Twilight does not excuse the fact that she has no verbal filter.

  17. 517

    wtfff! shes an insensible bitch

  18. 518

    I think people need to re read what was written it was her DAD that made the comment not her! People really, do we believe everything we read anyway ???? I mean half the stuff is all bullshit, make that 95% of it is LOL!.

  19. 519

    bad actreesssss!

  20. 520

    un-greatful beeoaaa …I'll replace her ….what a hooker

  21. 521

    omg who cares any dad is going to stick up for their daughter so let it go, its not her saying it. Shes great!

  22. 522

    she didn't even make a good bella. what a waste of a character.

  23. 523

    Whether the movie succeeded or failed, her father should notr have said those words in public anymore. And it would have been better is she attended the Academy had she been invited. Those Stewarts acted like uneducated, uncivilized hobos. How shameful. They should go in a cave and hide their fucking asses.

    The father should have zipped his mouth and respect the movie that gave her kid a break.

    It's called ETHICS.

  24. 524

    When I first saw her in In the Land of Women, I just thought that the character was awkward. Then I saw Twilight, and at first, I hated her for Bella. I couldn't get over it. I saw Bella as a shy, clumsy, slightly awkward girl, but not a bumbling, shaky fool! Then, I tried really hard to like her -and the movie. I can say now that after seeing Twilight a few times, it's not bad. It won't win any awards, but it's not horrid. I even started to like Kristen Stewart, quite a bit truly. I thought that her ridiculous awkwardness added a sort of charm in a way.
    But now, after hearing what she's had to say about her role and the movie, I'm entirely disgusted with her attitude. I mean, no, Twilight wasn't the greatest film in history. But it wasn't the worst either, and besides, it's the biggest movie she has even been in, and she should be f*cking happy and grateful she got into it with her nonexistent talent. She's constantly spitting in the face of her role, the film, the books, the fans, and now the OSCARS?! Honestly, does she want to be an actress? You don't insult the Academy by refusing to do a simple task of presenting if you want to be an esteemed actress of any sort.
    I'm absolutely disappointed with her, and think she needs to learn to grow up and realize what the hell she's doing and how damn lucky she is to have what she does.

  25. 525

    she was in that movie? i only noticed robert pattinson..

  26. 526

    It doesn't matter if the movie wasn't the greatest and ok so she isn't the one who made the comment but she does act like she's better than anyone else in the movie. So she's been a couple of movies.. She acts exactly like she is in real life. She's quite boring. Rob's had nothing but praise for her and she doesn't return any of it. She just needs to face the fact that these movies will be the biggest thing she will ever do. So she can act like she doesn't want to be known for these movies but what has she really done up to this piont? I completely forget that she ever did Panic Room..There are other people from this movie that have done way better movies that she has.That have actually been memorable. She needs to get over herself. She'll never get any other movie acting like this… I think I'd be a little more grateful if I were her..I'm just saying…I think she hates the fact that Rob has gotten so much attention for his part in this movie and good for him..I guess this shows who really deserves it..

  27. 527

    i wish she would just not be an actress.. every movie shes in she ruins. she can't act, she plays the same person every time.. look at every movie shes been in and then tell me she isn't the same person in every film. she needs to just stop and go away.

  28. 528

    I hope that she realizes that when her Dad speaks on her behalf, that it reflects on her. I understand that she doesn't want to be known only for her work on Twilight, but these movies will make her millions so she doesn't need worry about a paycheck so she is free to do whatever she wants regardless of the money involved. Nevertheless, the comment makes her look like a douche and implies that Rob is a sellout for appearing at the Oscars like any mormal actor would have done.

  29. 529

    hmmm I'd totally take her place and be grateful

  30. 530

    I definitely would have cast someone else to play Bella, i don't think she did a very good job so maybe she should be a little less judgmental. I'd love to take her place…who knows I'd probly be able to do a better job with no experience.

  31. 531

    Get a new Bella…. She just doesn't fit the part. Alexis Bledel would have been perfect!

  32. 532

    why do you hate on her so much? sheeeesh!
    you guys are all overeacting…yet again!

  33. 533

    Re: Marissa11

    or ellen page, and emily browning would of been a better pick..i think any actress would of been better…someone who shows more emotion!!

  34. 534

    What a stupid bitch! She wouldn't have made gobs and gobs of money if it weren't for Twilight. DO NOT bite the hands that feeds your no talent ass Kristen Stewart!

  35. 535

    Re: Marissa11 – I absolutely agree with you. Alexis Bledel would have been the ideal Bella. She is alabaster skinned, big eyed, heart shaped face, brunette hair, and a shy yet warm personality. Not like the cold fish Kristen Stewart.

    I also agree with everyone that says Kristen is the same actress in every role she plays. She is pretty good when all the role calls for is a one dimensional depressed emotionally deprived young girl/woman.

    We still have three more movies. Let's get rid of her! Do it now, it's not too late!!! Let Summit know your feelings!!!

  36. 536

    Re: Kperry – "i wish she would just not be an actress.." sweetie, you didnt have to wish too much for this, this wish was granted from the moment that fucktard ever stepped into a film's studio. I really dont care about her but, she definitely not an actress and if she does really want to be one, she needs to work on her would be craft. In addition, her fucking attitude towards her work would need to change. First of all, she is NOT cool. She's a very awkward teenager who has not discovered how to work her brain. Not to mention the fact that she is completely inarticulate whenever she opens her mouth to deliver bullshit after atrocious bullshit. For someone to be seen as real and opinionated, she does not need to be ungraceful in order to be real and opinionated. There's a little something called DIPLOMACY and most EDUCATED folks have that instilled in their mannerism.

  37. 537

    Re: Kelly Cullen – no sweetie, if it weren't for RP, this fucking imbecile would not have made huddles of money. If RP would not have done the film, that shit would have sunk deeper than the titanic. btw, TWILIGHT IS ONE OF THE, IF NOT THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a way to fuck up a book.Thanks ppl

  38. 538

    she has no talent..
    pfft her.

  39. 539

    get off her back!! thats what her dad said not her! shes always nice to the fans and is honest! wouldnt you rather that then some other bullshit celebrity tryig to make themself what they think we all want! she is an awesome actress. And for all you Robert pattinson fans the only reason he did the movie is because kristen was in it! Doesnt that say something to you??!?!
    and if you watch interviews she never once says that she is ungratefull for the film she says she feels so lucky to have had the chance to play bella!

  40. lolli says – reply to this


    What a fucking TWAT!

  41. 541

    Not the best movie thanks to that pot head.

  42. 542

    Re: Hollyclaire – "get off her back!! thats what her dad said not her!"….so let me get the straight…because it was her father who said this, it makes the fact that it was completely uncalled for to say this less harsh?!?!? am….NO!!!! In any case, I think this fact makes matters worse because that was HER FATHER opening his stupid mouth to utter that statement. Am sure that he, being her father, could know what his daughter feels regarding this film. He must be another desperate asshole who wants the stupidity that is fame off his mentally and orally challenged daughter.

  43. NJK says – reply to this


    fine bitch, we'll find a new bella instead if you don't like it so much.

  44. 544

    they're just pissed cause she probably wasn't even invited to the oscars…

  45. 545

    it's so weird cuz I never liked her as Bella—–she was too stiff, no personality—-she brought herself to the film—In the book Bella was supposed to be sarcastic, full of emotions but Kristen was just———— She sucked in twilight and she is not above everyone else because they are better actors than she is—except for Taylor Lautner—His acting sucked in twilight—–I was really hoping they'd replace him—-

  46. 546

    She is a really horrible actress and very ungrateful. she makes a terrible bella and she really is a bitch…

  47. 547

    seriously! dumbass.

  48. 548

    I like Kristen as Bella… Although that hospital scene at the end is definitely cringe-inducing. She's only 18, I think people should give her a break. She'll live and learn! It was her hobo dad who made that comment too, not her. It would be pretty hard to have all of the crazy fame stuff thrown at you. I hope it doesn't affect Rob too badly. Or her. But especially Rob ;)

    Can't believe they will be filming in Vancouver and I don't live there anymore! Argh!

  49. 549

    Ok so honestly all u guys are a bunch of dip shits cuz clearly he dad said that shit NOT KRISTEN!!!!! why do u guys dog on her all the time….i mean like seriously Perez r u just jealous cuz R Patz loves KStew more than you Perez??

  50. 550

    This bitch practically RUINS the movie…I'm pretty sure that Bella was supposed to have some kind of a personality. If she hates the fame so much, she should take a hike because there are 20 other actors who can do what she does and most likely do it better and they'd be more than happy to answer questions about kissing Robert Pattinson…not every interview you do is going to warrant "Inside the Actor's Studio", honey. And so what does that mean about Rob, since he did present at the Oscar's? That his standards aren't as high. Someone PLEASE get this girl and her father to shut the fuck up

  51. 551

    SHE'S THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  52. 552


  53. 553

    Re: New Yawk Punk

    I agree with everything you have posted!!

    Did anyone over the age 15 read this book series????

    Stephanie Meyer did not write this series directed towards “teens.”

    If you haven’t read the book how could you understand the passion and longing they have for each other. How they feel one could not live without each other and the physical pain each of them feels when apart? I do think there were lots of rushed moments and poorly shot scenes.
    Very disappointed.

    Kristen Stewart’s lack of personality showed threw out the movie. She is a beautiful girl but definitely is in need of professional guidance. She really has a lot of damage control to do. I did see in an interview where she said' "she wants to go to college." Personally that’s what she should do.
    I can’t stomach the thought of her getting paid millions of dollars for the next sequels.
    By the way where were her parents when she was smoking out of a pipe of her front porch on the day "Twilight" was released.
    Why this being wasn’t investigated she only 18?

    Robert Pattinson didn’t come into this movie has a big actor. He’s working at getting better like ever one else in the Hollywood community. He definitely knows how to market himself. Way to go Rob!!


  54. 554

    OMG if she didnt want all the attention of the Twilight fans, then she should have NEVER agreed to play BELLA i mean HELLO its TWILIGHT its like the most obsessed book&movie ever she just needs to get over it or LEAVE

  55. 555

    bad move kristen!!! the twilight series is an amazingly popular books and movie(s)!! you're up against alot of die hard fans (including myself), be careful!! dont ruin your success with flippant remarks when your just weeks away from shooting New Moon!! read the books… you might surprise yourself!!!

  56. 556

    Shes Not Ungrateful..She Is Telling The Truth. I Lovee Twilight..But Everyones Ruining It,…Madonna The Big Cow Is On Now!! :( VANESSA HUDGENS? :( :(

  57. 557

    Re: Longing – Agreed. Kristen shouldn't be getting paid more than some people make in an entire lifetime for a film in which she will inevitably deliver the same old flat performance she.
    I also agree that the Twilight series explores a lot of mature experiences and feelings that young teens can't comprehend as well as older fans because they haven't lived them. Twilight may have been placed under the YA genre, but the themes are completely adult.
    Kristen should take a break from acting to finish school. She's far too self-important and immature and obviously doesn't understand the responsibilities that the job entails. I really appreciate Rob's honesty and hard work. He never snubs fans or the industry and he admits to his flaws and areas he needs to work on. He was completely humbled by the Oscars invite, which is exactly how he should have felt as a young actor.
    I hope Chris Weitz does some maintenance and makes the sequel more solid and tight than the last.

  58. 558

    Re: xlollyxE – Actually the Vanessa Hudgens isn't in it. If Madonna contributes anything it'll just be a song. I don't understand how your point is relevant to her being a royal ass. By saying it would be wrong for her to appear at the Oscars to represent Twilight, she's insulting Rob, who was mature and gracious enough to accept the invitation. He probably got a lot of press and exposure out of it, so it was a smart thing to do.
    Kristen really knows how to crap where she eats.

  59. 559

    What the Fuck!! This movie is making her career take off! She's owes twlight

  60. 560

    I can understand where she is coming from! Like I wouldn't be happy about the insane fans of Twilight everywhere! And they are just trying to make money with the movies instead of giving Stephanie Meyer's amazing books justice! So it's a little bit ungrateful, but she is right!!

  61. 561

    something about her pisses me off. it's cool to be unique and be your own person, but don't be a total ungrateful bitch to your fans and to the movie that really got you known. she thinks she's so different from everything else that's out there, she honestly just needs a reality check.

  62. 562

    She does seem stuck up, and she is a bad actress. Twilight definitely showed us that. I enjoyed the books for the romance of it all, and was really excited for the movies, but was disappointed in the acting (KS). Robert Pattinson is a great actor. He portrayed Edward the way he was supposed to. Kristen Stewart, however, ruined Bella. I think Alexis Bledel should have been cast as the teen who falls in love with a vamp. I know she's older than the character, but at least she can act. I agree with most of the comments on saying that Kristen seems like she plays the same role over and over again with a stick up her ass. She seems like a cold bitch. Even though her acting is dismal, I'm still going to watch the other films because it will be cool to see how they adapt the rest of the books.

  63. 563

    her dad said that not her, youre just constantly finding excuses to attack the poor girl

  64. 564

    Was the poor girl even invited to the oscars? The producers said there would be a twilight presence, but the only one present was RP. Perhaps daddy's bitterness stemmed from that snub. His comments regarding twilight were still completely inappropriate and he needs to learn to watch what he says. But think about it….why wasn't Dominic Cooper presenting with his Mama Mia costar Amanda? He was in the musical number with her onstage. Did Dominic get bumped as a presenter to make way for Robert? Afterall, RP was a late addition, right? So I think K-Stew was not invited, and I think she should have been presenting with R-Patz.
    By the way, she was a great Bella! It's not her fault that we're completely jealous that it's her job to kiss HIM. Give the girl some credit…she's the one who picked RP. Without K-Stew there would be no R-Patz. Plus, she remained true to her boyfriend under IMPOSSIBLE circumstances. Clearly the stress of instant fame is getting to her and she needs to keep her daddy quiet. She hasn't dissed twilight, and she is right, us twilight fans are insane….she's really not exaggerating that much.
    Perez gave K-Stew her own celebrity spot, so she must be doing something right.

  65. 565

    I think this is terrible. You got it right HOW UNGRATEFUL. I love twilight and I thought she was a good Bella but this just pissed me off. What an idiot.

  66. 566

    what the hell ever happened to freedom of speech!?
    the movie sucked big time.
    all of the acting was horrible and the only reason it made as much money as it did is b/c of the little girls/older woman who actually think that Edward Cullen is the perfect guy for them.. um yeah last time I checked he's a fucking fictional character! Grow up and get over it the movie did the book no justice what so ever and if she doesn't like the Twilight saga then so be it b/c that's her propagative

    oh and if she did get re-casted the next movie would probably bomb so don't hold your breath on that one.

    so stop bashing her and go inform yourself about real things in life like the fact that our country is in a major recession and the shit's only going to get worse before it ever gets better

  67. 567

    Re: brandidid – Did someone have a bad day? Anyway, people who say Twilight fans are either young girls or middle-aged women are mistaken. There are loads, trust me, loads of women in their twenties (such as myself) who like Twilight, who know that the book isn't the best written, but appreciate the themes and characters.

  68. 568


  69. 569

    robert isnt acting like that!
    perez is right she is ungrateful!
    its ok.
    shes not even that good of an actress anyway!

  70. 570

    First off I HATE her as Bella, she's not pretty enough and she's a terrible actress.
    Plus she's always going around like she's bored and she looks like she's on crack!
    Then she tries to pull this diva shit when in the long run nobody actually likes her in the first place!
    This just gives everybody else even more reason to hate her!
    She never fucking smiles and it doesn't even seem like she appreciates this role that she's in when she's getting paid millions!
    Plus she her voice sounds like a fucking man's!
    They need to hire Ellen Page for her part or Alexis Bledel, either one of them would be a hell of a lot better then this slut!

  71. 571

  72. 572

    Re: brandidid
    Isn't this the whole idea of this web page "Freedom of Speech"
    Yes, there is more impotant thing in life then how much Kristen Stewart sucks at acting but, I bet we all don't go to work and say this F'N Sucks!!
    Very unprofesinal - Go watch Disney!!!

  73. hqg says – reply to this


    She's not wrong.

    Twilight is SHIT, at least she admited.

  74. 574

    Re: New Yawk Punk – You are amazing! Lead this angry mob in New Moon reform. Let's get Bella's part recast. You can do it!

  75. 575

    Re: skuzy4545 – lol, yes I will lead the revolution through my extensive network and Hollywood connections that don't exist. I think I'll write a letter, though I think the best we can hope for is a slap on Kristen's wrist. They probably won't fire her, but maybe if we're lucky, she'll get some etiquette coaching. Others should speak up/write in as well!

  76. 576

    Maybe the answer to why didn't you daughter present at the Oscars is because she wasn't ask!!!!!! The girl has the personality of a wet fart. A tad bit too arrogant for her b film acting ability. She should be thanking her lucky stars she landed the role of Bella or people would still be saying Kristen who?

  77. 577

    Twilight is a creation of pure and utter eviiiiiiil.

    And the movie sucked.
    As do the books.
    I can't blame her for not being a fan.

    And I don't like her much either.

  78. 578

    They both look like total pot-heads man. Wow anyways i hate to concede since i don't really like her as an actress at all but she does have a point that the movie was only a good box office success not a cinematic masterpiece at all.

  79. 579

    her acting sucks :P

  80. 580

    Re: New Yawk Punk – So true. We all need to write letters. We could also get a petition started. "We only need them to witness. To pause for a moment and listen." =D

  81. 581

    Hate her. She's ridiculously cocky.

  82. 582

    Re: skuzy4545 – Yeah, it's too bad this site isn't really ideal for organizing.
    Once again:

    The Gersh Agency
    232 North Canon Drive
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    (address it to Kristen if you want her to read it, or to Ken Kaplan, her agent, if you basically want to tattle on her. I would probably do the latter)
    Summit Entertainment
    Address: 1630 Stewart St, Santa Monica, CA 90404

  83. 583

    oh and, her publicist: Baker/Winokur/Ryder, 909 Third Ave., 10th Floor, New York, NY 10022. I

  84. 584

    Most of you people are retarded. First off, and no offense Perez . . . this doesn’t mean she’s not a fan of Twilight. She just wants to be honored for more than that, and not just known as “the girl who plays Bella in Twilight.” Kristen wants to be respected as an actress and be invited for herself as an actress. The only reason Robert, and possibly she was asked to present is because the film made a lot of money. Yeah it’s good, but it obviously isn’t Oscar-worthy. Kristen doesn’t want to be there as the ratings booster!! She’s just being true to herself and real as an actress, and I admire her for that. Secondly, her dad did say this and the words aren’t right out of her mouth. Everyone should just stop bitching her out, she’s a good actress and she’s real! Kristen did not directly say this and in many interviews she said she liked this role and was proud of the story. People get mad at her for being real, and appreciate stupid talentless celebrities who do nothing but shop and party (i.e. Paris Hilton). It’s not fair. Doesn't anyone get this or agree?!

  85. 585

    She definitely cannot act, that is for sure.
    Also, nobody forced her to sign on to do the movie.
    You would think she would know what type of audience the whole "Twilight" ordeal would bring in, and what would come with it. Doesn't take a rocket scientist…

    And why would you bash the movie that basically MADE your "career".

    As you can tell I cannot stand her…

    But hey, at least we have Rob Pattinson [:

  86. 586

    ok alot of you dont seem to make the connection she was in the movie and she was the main character and for her to say it sucked she is saying her acting sucked. which is done
    personally i think shes being very ungrateful. she didnt have to do the movie and she basically ruined the movie her acting sucked it was like she was monotone the whole time i wouldnt really care if they droped her and got a new bella save the movie while you can the movie suck because of her there is just so much boring you can take and she gave it all she suck plane an simple shes a stupid druggie who needs to just stop wasting peoples time someone who wanted to be bella could have done it but her gay ass took it when she didnt want it. the only reason she upset was because this movie showed that she cant act not only did she dis the twilight cast she dis'ed Stephine and she dised the director. if twilight's not worth her time then she should save us from the utter boredom for watching her act and just drop twilight no one forcing you have fun playing a striper in your next movie thats were you belong

  87. 587

    She is so fuckin ungrateful. I read an article where she called her fans thoughtless and psychotic. I would not even know this girl if it wasnt for Twilight. She is a foul mouth brat. If she doesnt want to do the Twilight Series please get rid of her. She SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. 588

    Her father doesn't seem to realize all of the bad moments in the movie were due to her horrific acting.. Rob was awesome throughout, but her stuttering mess of a performance needs some MAJOR work.

  89. 589

    hahaha w/e I think she should be a little more approachable and she was so into the book and movie when she was doing it. I guess she was expecting something else, but if she is in it already she should just shut up and do what she is being paid for.
    Either way even when the book is suppose to be about Bella haha everybody is more into Edward or maybe more for Rob.

  90. 590

    You people, for the most part, are fucking morons. The book was okay, the movie was shit, Kristen is a great actress, and where the fuck does it say that she didn't like it from the beginning? Nowhere! She doesn't like how the movie came out! It came out cheesy and rushed, as will the sequels! She's right, just admit it, fucking dumbasses!

  91. 591

    ok you guys are pissing me off ive spent the last 2 hours reading your post i loved Kristen s. acting befor twilight but when i saw he in this movie i saw her true acting bella was a really easy person to act and she destroyed it i went back and watched other movies she did and saw in every movie she monotone and boring i just assumed it was the character that was that way but now i see its her she needs acting lesson period and you dont dis your fans no matter how crazy they are there basically signing your pay check and for her to say that her fans are crazy is rude she a bad actor and maybe if she would learn to keep her mouth shut no one would have noticed but she opened it and now everyone see how ungrateful she is it sickens me to think she'll make all this money for horrible acting i feel so for her co-stars they truly are good actors and she basically said they sucked r.p. was great and i cant wait to see more movies with him but come on people shes monotone actor she wants to be famous then she better get acting skills plain in simple for you all who thinks shes a good actor then you must have been droped to many times when you were a baby

  92. 592

    She is a horrible actress, the movie …( can't give a fair assesment since I walked out on it), the books are crap, so in all fairness I can understand her point of view but some shit you need to keep to yourself. This is why "fans" should spend less time worshipping these so called celebs, most of them are arseholes!!!

  93. 593

    By the way I am more interested in reading the comments ppl make than the actual post.

  94. 594

    Ugh the only reason i created an account on this is to tell Perez he is wrong!!!! >:( Gawd leave her alone! she is a good actress and if you ppl want to disagree well how come she got the role of bella if she is a bad actress?? ha answer that. i read all the twilight books and they are brill but the movie let me down a bit because everyone is over-obsessing Rob-Patz…..K-stewart was in the movie too like! perhaps her attitude is because she has been pushed out of the limelight??

  95. 595

    On and her DAD made that comment. and for the other comment SHE made….who wouldn't get fed up of being asked 'What's it like to kiss a vampire?' I'm sure she enjoyed the kissing scenes ;) but like come on! every1 is shittin bou her so why can't she??she's only 18 give her time to get more accustomed to her role as bella.

  96. 596

    What an ungrateful little bitch!

  97. 597

    Ungrateful bitch!!!
    Re-cast pleaseeeeeee!! She is such a bad actress!!
    Perez genio!!

  98. 598

    Everything she says is always taken out context. At least she isnt some fame whore. I don't understand why Perez doesn't like her. She likes the Twilight fans. She kinda has a love/hate thing going for her because she plays Bella. I dont think Natalie Portman or anyone who is super famous would make a good Bella. I like it better when people star in movies whose names aren't too known. Leave K-Stew alone. She is a bad ass.

  99. 599

    Re: harajukusuperlover
    ok are you stupid she doesn't like twilight fans and she cant act and dead person shows more emotion then her

  100. 600

    All the girls wishing she'd get replaced or the ones that hate her should be thankful. If it wasn't for her Robert Pattinson wouldn't be in the movie(s)… since she's the reason why he even auditioned. Just thought I'd throw that out there…
    And if you hate them both… then tough luck.

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