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Kitten Hot-Boxed By Cat Bong!

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An Omaha, Nebraska, man has been charged with animal cruelty after stuffing his 6-month-old kitten into a smoke-filled homemade bong made out of a plastic box and garden hose!!!

Poor pussy!!!

20-year-old stoner Acea Schomaker claimed the helpless kitten was "hyper" and he was "trying to calm her down."

We don't think the ganj is quite the right solution for an overactive cat!!

The sergeant who rescued the stoned kitty described her as "just dazed." "She was on the front seat of the cop car, wrapped in a blanket, and never moved all the way to the humane society."

Stick to catnip next time!!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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141 comments to “Kitten Hot-Boxed By Cat Bong!”

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  1. 1

    poor kitty

  2. 2

    wanna get high, kitty!?!?!


  3. 3

    this is so fucked up. you make it sound sort of like a joke, perez.

  4. 4

    haha first

  5. 5

    that was the best night of that cats life

  6. 6


  7. 7

    OMG! That Asshole! I hope he goes to jail for that!

  8. 8

    What an idiot. He needs to be locked up. When you are 20 years old, you know the difference between right and wrong. We don't need idiots like this roaming around and hotboxing other animals.

  9. 9

    people liek this absolutley disgust me, to do this is a poor defenseless animal is just sick and wrong.

  10. 10

    wth! really?
    thats ridiculous

  11. 11

    he sucks. how sad!!!!!!! that poor kitten!

  12. 12

    and i feel bad for the poor kitten

  13. 13

    i love my life

  14. 14


  15. 15

    FOURTEENTH..lol. (O_O)

    stupid stoner. he should go to jail for that.
    there's nothing worse than preying on helpless animals.
    that scum should be hotboxxed himself.

  16. 16

    what an idiot.

  17. 17

    such a dummy!!!!

  18. 18

    high kitty! man that's jacked up!

  19. 19

    wat the fuck is wrong with people!
    poor kitty=(

  20. 20

    WTF????? is Fu^%ing right

  21. 21

    Re: Modesto – it kind of is a joke.. i laughed.
    i'm sure the poor poor poor horrible mistreated abused god damn cat is just fine. it probably wants to go back home

  22. 22

    That's sick! Some people are fucked up!

  23. 23

    the humane society is will probably kill it. where was it really better off??

  24. 24

    ya know what you douche perez…this is sick and it's not a joke. nice idea to give all the dumbass idiots out there ideas! no need to put this up…cheese hole that you are!

  25. 25

    lol cat nip is like crack for them it gets them even more hyper

  26. 26

    Re: blubbershambles – i'm sure he'd love to be hotboxed

  27. 27

    this guy gives stoners a bad rap. This guy is just a dumbass. I can't believe he did that. I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest. some people are so dumb, it amazes me.

  28. aj says – reply to this


    just horrible. fucking dickhead.

  29. 29

    OK um what the hell???

  30. 30

    I feel so proud of my city right now. Way to go, Omaha. Way to go.

  31. 31

    Let's stick a pipe up his ass and do the same thing to him to see if he likes it.

  32. 32

    i live in Omaha and just saw this on the news!! The kitten will be ok and is up for adoption after it recovers. Poor thing! This guy should be shot! I wish you could of seen his mugshot.

  33. 33

    This is pathetic. You posting this just gives other pot heads an idea. So sad and disgusting.

  34. 34

    um…last time i checked…kittens are supposed to be hyper. idiot stoner.

  35. 35

    Absolutely disgusting. People these days…. grotesque.

  36. 36

    Perez- FACT CHECK. It didn't happen in Omaha, it happened in Omaha's retarted little brother LINCOLN. Don't give my city a bad name!

  37. 37

    who knows what diseases he caught when he inhaled that cats dander..

  38. 38

    i hope he burns in hell, good bless the little kitty. poor thing

  39. 39

    Schrödinger should sue for copyright infringement.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    That guy should burn in hell

  42. 42

    My mother gave her cat catnip and the cat went crazy tearing up all the furniture …

  43. 43

    Re: SaraStar – "recover" from what!!!? it's just pot.

  44. 44


  45. 45

    ok that's bad…..how the fuck do you get caught doing something like this though?

  46. 46

    That cat will more than likely be okay. Weed is not dangerous to humans or animals. I wouldn't go about putting an animal inside a plastic box and filling it with smoke though.
    I find it interesting that Perez always seems to be bashing weed, yet there is a quote from him on the famous weed book "Pot Culture".

    "Pot is hot. And this book is smoking'!" -Perez Hilton.

  47. 47

    shot through the Pot and you're to blame!!!! darling you give potheads a bad name!!!!

  48. 48

    I find it bizarre that so many people are freaking out over pot. "..burn in hell." "…be shot." He should be punished (minor, if so) for putting an animal in a plastic box w/smoke, that's just not smart. But IT'S JUST POT. Calm down.

  49. 49

    Wow! That has Phelps written all over it. I hope it was the good stuff…


  50. 50

    ppl like that should be shot, worthless waste of human, I have no desire to share the world with him

  51. 51

    wow the guy is fucked. one, stupidest thing ever.. two, why waste it on the cat.. did i just say that? oops..

  52. 52

    wow thats sad, of course its hyper its a kitten… & 6months is too young to be getting it high, + thats a really cruel way to get a pet high!! Animals dont get the same high humans get, things affect them differently bc their body's chemistry is very different, so dont do it… unless of course your dog begs for the smoke, then its ok. haha

  53. 53

    thats messed up, poorkitty

  54. 54

    Modesto is right, Perez. Did you think this was sort of a cute story? Jesus, this guy DESERVES jailtime for animal abuse. A friggin kitty cannot make an informed choice to get stoned. This guy is lower than pond scum.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    all you assholes who think this is funny, are complete and utter piles of shit. The poor kitty!!! this guy deserves a serious ass beating, and I am the girl for the job.

  57. AMO says – reply to this


    We used to get our cats high all the time when we were in college and they loved it, but one would jump in the fireplace afterward (when there was no fire, of course). Now, the same cats from college react as such, one will steal our joints/sack and the other one is scarred for life and closes her eyes when we smoke and runs away.

  58. 58

    Sick bastard. Shame on you Perez for making a joke about abuse. Maybe we should put you in a 55 gallon drum.

  59. 59

    what an asshole.

  60. 60

    Re: tina503 – a pile of shit i may be… but i'm not the one advocating violence. that's all you.
    Re: meezermom – i'll go in that drum, if you promise to make a bong out of it!

  61. 61

    wtf?! it's a kitten, of course it's hyper! what a moron. at least he didn't have access to harder narcotics, you can see where that would have gone.

  62. 62

    Are you fuckin kidding me perez!?!?!? Catnip is like fuckin CRACK to a cat, ESPECIALLY a young kitten! When you give them catnip they go loco and start bouncen off the walls. But seriously, it's NOT cool the way you made this into a joke, stuff like this is SERIOUS!

  63. 63

    He is the new reason to stop smoking weed.

  64. 64

    Re: Mike_Rotch – at least you aknowledge you're a pile of shit! I am not a big fan of heartless douche bags who treat animals w/ no respect

  65. 65

    Re: tina503 – you're acting like he set the cat on fire or cut it's ear off. it's just pot. i'd hardly call it animal cruelty. . there are bigger things to get upset over

  66. 66

    F-people who don't know how to treat animals… This makes me SICK!

  67. 67

    Re: spiffymint

    um actually it can kill a kitten. its like giving a baby weed, they just don't get over it. i've seen grown dogs die from complications of inhalation or consumption of weed. others endure painful seizures when coming down from the high….its not pleasent at all.
    oh, i work in a vet clinic btw. thats how i know this.

  68. 68

    i live in omaha, and i'm disgusted someone would do that.
    (and fyi: it happened in lincoln, not omaha.)

  69. 69

    Poor Kitty…I LOVE all DOGs and all BIRDs…BUT I hate TEENAGERS…they are so Fukin mean.

    I'm glad Teenagers are going to inherit this fukked-Up Debt Ridden AIG of a counrty…serves them right!!!

  70. 70

    My question is-how did the cops find out about it? Was it posted online somewhere?

  71. Low says – reply to this


    My cat had cancer and was in pain.. her meds didn't work.. and I would blow a small puff or two in her face. I don't care.. it made her feel better. :( But putting that cat in that box is horrible. I bet that really made the cat sick and could have killed her.

  72. 72

    That's not eve funny Perez…what the fuck?! You wouldn't think it was if it were your fucking precious dog being abused, would you…. Fuck face….

  73. 73

    Actually it was Lincoln Nebraska.

  74. 74

    this dumb motherfucker should be publicly hanged, drawn and quartered.

  75. 75

    Motherfucking asshole. I wish someone would put his ass in a padded cell.

  76. 76

    lol..it's just weed people. Saying he needs to go to jail is freakin funny. You guys should be more concerned about what's gonna happen to the cat at the humane society, the poor cat will most likely be put down now…..and that's sad

  77. 77

    OMG make me pissed off much Mario???? PLEASE don't make light of this kind of thing, it is beyond HORRIBLE and heartbreaking!

  78. 78

    Half the people in PETA are baked 24/7 so, I really don't see the problem

  79. 79

    thats sooooooo wrong

  80. 80

    Asshole, low-life stoner! How would he like my dong in his mouth?

  81. 81

    There is a special place in hell for people that abuse animals like that.

  82. 82

    Re: localsavageAnd half the time you got a dick in your mouth so I don't see a problem…

  83. 83

    Yeah that's kinda jacked… One word that wouldn't have made this a big deal… Shotgun, the safe way to get your pets baked. Please… don't put kitty in your boxy bong.

  84. 84

    Re: spiffymint – hmmm… maybe because its more heartbreaking when you own a damn animal and care for it very much. Yes it may be 'just pot' but just because its a kitten doesnt mean you should treat it like shit

  85. 85

    so, it worked? it calmed the kitty down & he liked it lol

  86. PDuff says – reply to this


    Is it true that afterwards the cat also ate a lot and masturbated while watching gang bang porn?

  87. 87

    The kitty name should be Lit, not Shadow cuz he's bright high! Guess smokin' the catnip out of that poor kitten is the new hillybilly weed? I hope the kitten is ok though.

  88. 88

    By the way I'm 100 percent against animal abuse. So I'm no cat hater.

  89. 89

    OH WOW

  90. 90

    i'm from omaha, and i'm ashamed.

  91. 91

    Sorry for the language about to come out of me but i cannot stop myself
    What a fucking loser, asshole, bastard I hope he gets his ass kicked .I hope someone sticks him in a similar bong/box but it would be the exhaust of a car going in it!!oh i would love to hear that happen to that sick xcuse for a man!!
    I hope the kitty is ok it will have mental problems for sure:( poor, poor kitty!
    Im sorry I love cats well all animals for that matter!

  92. 92


    I never said the kitten was a piece of shit. I never supported putting the cat in there in the first place. Read it again, I said it was a bad idea and he should be punished for animal cruelty for endangering it's life. But everyone is freaking out over the pot part like it's weed's fault. If someone drinks and kills someone during a DUI, does everyone blame Jack Daniels? No, you blame the retard that screwed up.

    I never supported animal cruelty.

  93. 93

    this is sick! he should never be aloud a pet again wanker…

  94. 94

    Thanks why they call it dope.

    That is so wrong on so many levels.

  95. 95

    What a fucking creep. There's an easy way to calm an active young cat-PLAY WITH IT.

  96. 96

    That kitten will suffer severe health damage. Did it ever occur to anyone that their immune system is FAR more delicate than a human being? Let's discuss the SIZE of their lungs, for instance. Prayers for that poor innocent kitten.

    That fuck should go to jail.

  97. 97

    Re: qwerty2468 – exactly! losers…wtf mario just go to hell sooner than later.

  98. 98

    Re: goodvibesFinally someone tells it like it is.

  99. 99

    SO TERRIBLE!!!! I hope it gets upgraded to a felony and he does hard time in prison!

  100. 100

    i dont beleive you…. :-)

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