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Madonna is said to have received 100 copies of the Stephen King horror film It following reports that ex-husband Guy Ritchie refers to his ex-wife by the name "It."

In case you were wondering, she did indeed receive 50 copies of the book as well. You know the book is always better than the movie!

The books and DVDs were delivered to all of her multiple homes, leading Hey Madgesty to suspect that they come from someone familiar.

According to a source, Guy has taken to comparing his ex to the film's villain, Pennywise the clown, who kills children. "Even towards the end of their marriage, he [Guy] would call her 'It'. He told people, 'We can't make 'It' angry'. Or Guy would say, 'Oh, 'It' is in a bad mood today'. There is absolutely no love lost between them."


[Madonna image via WENN.]

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  1. 101

    Jesus Luz…"Gaydar is on overload"…have u seen his "Porno/video….gaygaygaygaygay

  2. 102

    we all float down here………..

  3. 103

    i used to be a die hard madonna fan but she has gone off the deep end. there is no doubt she is a evil greedy person…. but you got to get the devil her do.. she is the greatest talent of the 20th century

  4. 104

    That's pretty funny :) and i can understand why guy would call her that, she would be very very scary just like… IT

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