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Yes!!! Harvey Milk Day

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Oscar winner Sean Penn is pushing for the late, great gay politician Harvey Milk's birthday, May 22nd, to be recognised as a 'day of significance' by the state of California.

Penn won this year's best actor Oscar for his performance as Harvey in Gus Van Sant's Milk.

California state senator Mark Leno plans to reintroduce a bill with Sean by his side designating Milk's birthday a 'day of significance.

The governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, vetoed the same bill last year.

Arnold said Milk should be honored in San Francisco but not statewide.

Hopefully, Arnold will be less lame this year and will show support for the bill!

[Image via AP Photos.]

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55 comments to “Yes!!! Harvey Milk Day”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    firsdt woo

  3. 3

    Arnold's right. Are we supposed to have a day for everyone who ever did anything? Like I've said before, most people don't even know who this guy is or what he did. I never heard of him before the movie came out.

  4. 4

    damn — in any case, that's cool news

  5. 5

    how gay

    when can we celebrate being straight?

  6. 6


  7. 7

    No straight person outside of San Fran heard of him before the movie and nobody really care about him since the movie. If that's the case, I want a day to celebrate Ruben "Hurricane" Carter because there was a movie made about him as well.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Re: Pwn3d! – #7

  10. 10

  11. 11

    Sean Penn is a douche bag…he's a bloody actor that's it!! why does he feel because he won an oscar he can change state laws!!??? He can't even obey the laws…at the Toronto International film festival a couple of years ago there was a clearly marked signed of no smoking at a press conference and he didn't care, just kept on smoking…because he's Sean Penn…ya right, so over him…was years ago…next

  12. 12

    Re: brandidid – EXACTLY

  13. 13

    I was born on May 22, and I say no.

    do we need a "Milk does a body good" campaign?

    anyway, Milk has a book, a screenplay, a movie. Not even Arnold has a movie about him (a biography movie), not since he Mr. Universe movie anyway. Harvey's avatar won an Oscar, that's a pretty big deal.

    May 22 is my birthday. I don't want to be reminded of it.

  14. 14

    Heres an idea, why not actually have one of the 10 or so major roles in the movie go to an openly gay actor?

  15. 15

    Re: Pwn3d!

    and a damn good Bob Dylan song lol

  16. 16

    Arizona voted against Martin Luther King, Jr. Day because having another holiday was going to put a strain on resources.

    California is already bankrupt, with state workers being forced to have reduction in hours and pay. Another holiday will just be a drain. There are other ways to honor Milk; this isn't one of them.

  17. 17

    sean penn

  18. 18

    I like Harvey Milk and all - but it's not a state event, any more than it's a national event. Local recognition is great, though. I'm with Arnold on this one.

  19. 19

    Fuck San Francisco. Fuck California, The Holiday Should Be NATIONWIDE

  20. 20

    I'm definitely all for gays being allowed to legally marry but disagree that this man should have a state holliday. Don't reduce his sexuality down to being the thing that makes him "unique" and then hand him a holliday. We'd have to have a hattie Mcdaniel day just because she was the first black to win an oscar and so on.

  21. 21

    Sean Penn is the world's biggest tool! He even modified the script to inlcude extended kissing scenes in a bid to get the Oscar. He wanted to Brokeback what was a serious and moving documentary. He made it a cliche and won an OScar for a cliche reason. I HATE SEAN PENN!!!

  22. 22

    Sean Penn needs to push PErez's stool in!!!

  23. 23


    if Milk's city wants to take a day off
    in his honor, that is perfectly fine

    but the entire state….?

    more "gay" agendas trying to be forced upon
    the rest of us who aren't feeling the cause

    city workers already have enough days off

    no need to slow the city's work system down even more

  24. 24

    Ummm NO that's already National Merrytime Day!!! And Sean Penn is a douche.

  25. 25

    Re: contrarianchick – hey its my birthday too…
    I would be honored.

  26. 26

    i fucken hate Arnold Schwarzenegger… damm foreinger…

  27. 27

    Its my birthday too.

  28. 28

    Oh pleaseeee.. a day of significance!? LAME LAME LAME!!!

  29. 29

    Go for it. I think it would be great!

  30. 30

    Just because he doesn't have your same agenda it doesnt mean that he is a douche! There are more important things in California and having a celebration for this guy at this time when California is on the rocks is just not appropriate…

  31. 31

    Are you suddenly British?
    Recognized is spelled with a Z not an S.
    How are those ESL classes coming????

  32. 32

    Harvey likes cum like me

  33. 33

    Sean Penn is the man. He's acting in this movie is one of his best. Harvey's history put San Francisco, California on top of what this country always brag about it which is Equality for all !

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Um isn't there already a day in his memory? It's in March.

  36. 36

    Re: calikizzez08 – #34.

  37. T & B says – reply to this


    Harvey Milk is amazing :D

  38. 38

    I have a feeling you didnt even know whothis man was, or his significance before this perez.

  39. 39

    May 22 is also MORRISSEY's birthday!

  40. 40

    Re: jarringxfly – most gays do - i did. My grandfather, who is a heterosexual and never been to California, does. It's civil right history!

  41. 41

    2 days ago, I would've agreed w/arnold. I seen the movie yesterday & it was insanely touching & enlightening. He definetely needs his own day, statewide.

  42. 42

    whoa whoa whoa - lots of haters leaving comments wtf! this isn't a "gay" thing its a civil rights thing - denying people basic civil liberties because of who they are! '

    This totally should be a national holiday, Harvey Milk was martyred and Milk should have won best picture at the Oscars!!!!

  43. 43

    I'm a native San Franciscan and still live in the Bay Area and even I think this is a dumb idea. Yes, the man is to be admired for his accomplishments but if we did this for everyone in the state who has ever contributed anything of significance every day on the calendar would be taken. The man has already been notarized/eulogized/popularized/immortalized for all posterity in the movie. That should be sufficient. I have nothing against him personally and I support gay rights but this is silly and frivolous.

  44. 44

    Okay lets get something straight… no pun intended…. Sean Penn does not own the state of California… he is a moronic idiot that needs to stick to acting.. which I, personally, dont think he is very good at…… I am so, (yawn), bored (yawn) of Sean Penn… he needs to just quit trying to remake himself into an activist… He bores me.

  45. 45

    The movie left out the entire story and didn't show the bad stuff Milk did. Who gives a rat's ass what that douche Penn wants. No one cares what entertainers think…do your job and entertain.

  46. 46

    Yikes when you lool at that MILK he looks like he is gay?

  47. 47

    Cool…will we get the day of work with pay? lol…..I love Harvey

  48. 48

    hellz yes! we need to remember him and his great efforts…but i don't think it should be limited just to california. we should have a national harvey milk day!

  49. 49

    Re: vixposh – thank you for saying that! love you!

  50. 50

    I'm tired of people wanting "special" days for causes. I don't think making a Harvey Milk day is going to change the way some people feel about homosexuality. You don't see them introducing a day to celebrate heterosexuality or a Caucasian History month. It's part of American history or in this case California history. It's a nice gesture, but I don't think Arnold is going to allow it again. He's got more important things he should be working on, like, getting Cali out of the poor house.

  51. 51

    Ridiculous! Being a homo doesn't need to be celebrated. Society is totally going to hell. Let me know when Charlie-the-sheep-fucker day is, so I can sleep in!

  52. 52

    Sean Penn sucks and this is just stupid.

  53. 53

    i hope it passes!!!

  54. 54

    Harvey Milk

  55. 55

    This has very little to do with the guy being gay. Your failure(s) to acknowledge the main reason why this man's life should be remembered shows just how important it is to set aside a day for remembrance. The facts are:
    - Both Harvey Milk and George Moscone were killed in cold blood by Dan White, arguably because of his sexuality(which could just as well been replaced with any religious or political stance).
    - Dan White got off with a slap on the wrists and very little time in jail, FOR MURDER(which, should I remind you, is A LIFE SENTENCE for anyone other than this 'special citizen,' Dan White).
    - Dan White was released back on the streets in '84, 6 years from the murders he committed.
    Would you be 'ok' with being killed because you were straight, democrat, republican, christian, jewish or pro-choice? I don't care to be discriminated against because I am Atheist and I damn sure won't stand by as someone else is being discriminated against for being black, gay, an immigrant, etc; because IF WE ARE NOT ALL FREE THEN NONE OF US ARE FREE. You need to stop feeling so cozy with the freedom you enjoy America. Right now your fellow man needs you to stand up for the rights that you take advantage of, and you're trying to use a 2000+ year old book to justify it. For shame America.