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Play-By-Play: How Chris Beat Rihanna Down

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This makes us sick to our stomach!

Thank goodness Ike Chris was just charged with two felonies.

LA's Fox 11 News was able to get its hands on LAPD detective notes from a search warrant in the Chris Brown case that provides disturbing details on the Rihanna beatd-own.

After Rihanna read a text message on Brown's phone from a woman, he tried to force Rihanna out of the car, but couldn't because she was wearing her seatbelt.

Brown then allegedly slammed Rihanna's head against her window, and when Rihanna turned to face him, he punched her.

The notes said blood spattered on Rihanna's clothing and the interior of the Lamborghini.

Rihanna also called her assistant, according to FOX 11, leaving a message saying, "I am on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there."

Brown then reportedly replied, "You just did the stupidest thing ever. I'm going to kill you," and proceeded to punch and bite Rihanna. He allegedly put her in a headlock so long that she almost lost consciousness.

Chris Beat Her Down is expected to appear in an LA court on Thursday - at approximately 3:30 P.M. - to answer the charges brought against him.

Hope he'll get more than what he deserves for the pain and suffering he inflicted on RiRi.

[Image via WENN.]

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247 comments to “Play-By-Play: How Chris Beat Rihanna Down”

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  1. 201

    I really don't get it… she actually don't realize that he is a douchebag, idiot jackass :l

  2. 202

    Re: carolineyy – yah sure… whatever makes you feel better. So you're not abusive at all are you? Hmmm, with a mouth like that I'd expect you've served some time, or getting real close to it.
    Ranting about ME being abusive.. LMAO, ok sure sure… that's why i have a gf and a life… if you want to tell yourself she's imaginary suits me fine. ;) I ain't a hater like you. Now run back to your petition before someone else takes a dump on you. Have the last word as I'm not going to be entertaining a retard with a verbal problem. Enjoy your petition its going to full of surprise ;)

  3. 203

    He deserves to rot for what he did to her! She needs to stay away from him!

  4. 204

    Re: Kate27 – its not my site you fucking dumbass . . .

  5. 205

    Re: Kate27 – sooooooooooo true! well said… hopefully she'll go somewhere else, and unleach her tongue there. Shameful, and she says she's advocating for the abused.. please skanks protecting ho's… that's all we need.

  6. 206


  7. 207

    Ok and she went back to him…what an idiot! It is NEVER EVER EVER ok for a man to hit you girls. If he says he won't do it again, don't listen to him because he will. Once an abuser always an abuser!

  8. 208

    Re: carolineyy – LOL… again projecting how people feel about you on others in a sign of an abuser. Honestly, just give up. I have on you.

  9. 209

    Re: carolineyy – LOL… again projecting how people feel about you on others in a sign of an abuser. Honestly, just give up. I have on you.

  10. 210

    Re: P.Hilton – I don't know who you are P Hilton but no woman ever deserves to be abused. It appears that you are an abuser yourself and as such I would suggest that you seek help. You disgust me!

  11. 211

    Re: carolineyy – You are the dumbass promoting someone else's site… tell me why you wanna force Rihanna to dump CB if she is obviously in a comfortable position with him??? She is a control freak and she has what she deserves… The only way to help her is to leave her alone you idiot so stop hallucinating and get your ass in things that matter like reading a book or tap dancing!

  12. 212

    OH GAWD, I am so disgusted she is taking him back. What is wrong with her to want to help someone that beats women? What kind of role model is she being to young girls?

  13. 213

    Somebody should just fuck him up. Period. He belongs in jail.

  14. 214

    Re: eye luv perez – i TOTALLY agree!!!!! yay!!

  15. 215

    Re: P.Hilton – 1) nice job posting twice 2)it is not a sign of an abuser you are a dumbass and maybe you should educate yourself before you wreck yourself 3) i knew you would check back!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are SUCH a loser!!! hahahahahahaha 4) I HAVE ON YOU is not a sentence. bahahahahaha BITCH.

  16. 216

    i knew someone like you would consider tap dancing cool. i imagine you are really fat and thats probably why you want to take it out on rihanna. guess what bitch hes going to jail! and his career is over. you have so little compassion for someone i can only imagine you have not been shown much kindness in your life . . . pathetic fuck.

  17. 217

    The real question is -

    What's wrong with HER?

  18. 218

    Holy Mfkn shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!! AND THIS IS WHAT SHE'S REPORTEDLY ENGAGED TO FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE…. I've heard domestic violence is like a disease for the one getting abused. They are paralyzed and isolated…. he's doing this to her also… RI RI.. PLEASE GET AWAY FROM THIS MONSTER!!!!!

  19. 219

    People think that they know how a person in an abusive relationship should act, but they don't know. It's called an abusive relationship for a reason! If the abusee left the abuser from the beginning, it wouldn't be called an abusive relationship! Rihanna has some psychological issues right now that make her think that she needs to go back to Chris Brown. Do you really think anyone in their right mind would stay in an abusive relationship!?

  20. 220

    What a piece of shit. He should get a nice beatdown or a gun shot to the head.

  21. 221

    Re: carolineyy – LOL OMG you keep prooving how retarded you are. ummm.. how do I explain grammar to you? let's see… I won't… read the sentence and perhaps you'll get it into your thick retarded head. And now you're giving me kudos for posting twice… like you've pretty much hijacked the site with same thing only said differently… honestly, you keep being a retard and I'll just ignore you. And IF I want to check back, it's none of your business, and if i want to reply to a retard then that's my fault for doing so.

    Kate 27 - you rock!

  22. 222

    Re: carolineyy – still talking to yourself i see. LOL… keep going I'm sure you haven't had this much action in ages. Getting all hot n' heavy aren't ya tard?

  23. 223

    She must love being slapped around - she went back to him. I'd give him a taste of his own medicine - would love to see Chris Brown with his eyes blacked out and bust up lip, right now.

  24. 224

    Re: P.Hilton – haha what a loser you are!!! didnt you say like 8 posts ago that you werent responding anymore??? you just cant help yourself??? and btw, your sentence DID NOT MAKE SENSE. you dumbass, you're not talking to your imaginary girlfriend- if what you're saying doesnt make sense, im going to let you know. why dont you drop in one a first grade class and maybe learn a little about sentence structure, i.e. subject, noun, verb . . . it could really help you in your personal relationships, maybe you'll actually get home. And it is totally your personal business if you check back, which obviously everyone knows you're doing, and its my business if i think you are a loser and i make fun of you for doing that. seriously. YOU. ARE. A. GIANT. LOSER.
    p.s. nice job taking forever to respond and keep checking back/stalking me. i love it, bitch.

  25. 225

    what a dick

  26. 226

    stupid ass chris brown….i hope he gets served justice in jail and doesn't get the easy way out like all the other celebrities. What he did is just plain WRONG

  27. 227

    i i used to like chris brown, but after this, idk what to think of him :(

  28. 228

    that son of a bitch.

  29. 229

    Re: carolineyy – Tisk tisk …. yawn… you're getting lamer and lamer. So much hostility from a retard. To be expected. I'm just replying because I enjoy you're moronic answers which make you seem like, exactly what you are, a retard. Thanks :)

  30. 230

    Re: carolineyy

    Hmmmm check your sentences shmuck.. before you knit pick my sentences. "drop in one first grade…." retards will remain retards

  31. 231

    The fact that he did that makes me kinda like him a little more…… he can beat me anytime he wants!!!

  32. 232

    GOOD! the dumb bitch wants more, let her have it

  33. 233

    Re: P.Hilton – nice smiley face. :) whats funny to me is that it takes you three hours to think up your lame responses. you fat fuck. once you think of anything good, or you are willing to explain your non sequitur of a sentence, get back to me. so im guessing ill hear from you in like two weeks, go away you pathetic shit.

  34. 234

    Re: carolineyy – LMAO what a retard. Did you possibly think that I have a life and can't reply as quick as you'd like me too. So sorry to keep you in suspense for a response you didn't like. You really ought to get out more..

  35. 235

    Re: P.Hilton – what the fuck are you doing in between??? talking to your imaginary friends and girlfriend?? bahahaha.

  36. 236

    Re: carolineyy – HAHA that is just soooooooo fucking funny man. What do you have for me next? I'm just soooooo excited to hear your next wise crack, you've got me riveted and shit.

  37. 237

    Re: P.HiltonRe: P.HiltonRe: P.Hilton – go fuck yourself ugly fuckface. . . you are such a loser.

  38. 238

    I hope he is someone's prison bitch

  39. 239

    I hope they both fall off a cliff

  40. 240

    why do we care so much if she took him back?

  41. NJK says – reply to this


    so that FUCKER did all of that shit because she read his text messages!?!?!?!

    wow, i just hate him even more -.-

  42. 242


  43. 243

    wtf? this can't be real. if this is true, she should stay as far away from him as possible, not get back together with him! wtf.

  44. 244

    I want him to be sent to jail to send a strong signal to stupid men that think this behaviour is ok. Send him down!

  45. 245

    Re: Amanda Says
    Are you for real? with this comment typical whoSo white rednecks dont beat there wives huh?..do me a favour and pack your racist brain in a box and burn it.

  46. 246

    Poor RiRi, my heart bleeds for u. love has blinded u, please don't go back to him, he will never change, once an abuser, always an abuser.

  47. 247

    I hear the message in his phone was from Paris Hilton…really!! no joke!…

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