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New Couple Alert!

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Multiple sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Kyle XY star Matt Dallas is dating fellow Z-list actor Jonathan Bennett, whom most of you probably best remember as Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls.

"They've been dating for a while now and are very happy," a friend of the pair tells us.

Before Dallas, Bennett was previously linked to Lance Bass.

He gets around!

But, then again, so does Matt.

And, yes, we're just a little bit jealous. Ha!

[Images via WENN.]

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192 comments to “New Couple Alert!”

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  1. 101

    I used to do community theatre with Matt Dallas back in Phoenix, AZ and he's the gayest person I've ever met…no surprise here! Too bad 'Kyle XY' got cancelled, that was a real piece of work, LOL!

  2. 102

    they are probably the hottest people ever.

  3. 103


  4. 104

    Sources? Are they the same ones that told you about Castro's death? Stop spreading rumors Fat Ass!

  5. 105

    i didnt know Jonathan Bennett was gay!!!..
    lindsay is a gay follower lol!!!

  6. 106

    He cant be gay!!!
    he just cant!!!
    now i have to change my celebrity to fall in love with…
    cause he doesnt even seem gay!!!

  7. 107

    I thought they just recently broke up?

  8. 108

    he was also seen leaving a party with Zach Quinto a while back
    and it wasnt just for a lift home

    cant say what happened though just that they left together

  9. 109

    i had no idea of thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!

  10. 110

    in January, i saw both of them out at the same bar in Hollywood.

    jonathan is definitely gay. my roommate and some of her friends went to an after party last year at his place. instead of chatting it up with the girls, he disappeared for the rest of the night, on a mission to be with a guy.

  11. 111

    idk mat dallas was gay=O

  12. 112

    why are all the hot guys gay! grrrr :( lol

  13. 113

    i DID see them at the same bar in Hollywood back in January! they weren't "together" but they were all in the same clique of friends.

    jonathan is definitely gay. last year my roommate and her friends went to his place for an after party. instead of chatting it up with the girls, jonathan disappeared for the rest of the night. he was on a mission to get with some guy he met that night.

  14. 114

    Matt Dallas is gay? Since when? *cries* I'm sad now LOL

  15. 115

    I had no idea they were gay!

    Good for them. (:

  16. 116

    I didn't know Aaron Samuels was gay… :(

  17. 117

    i didnt know either of them were gay…especially matt…interesting coupling

  18. 118

    WHAT? Aaron from math class was gay? Who in La La Land isn't gay these days? ooo wait- no one!

  19. 119


    Matt Dallas is a homo???

    who knew….?

  20. 120

    OH MY GOD!!
    I didn't know he was GAY….!!!!
    I had a crush on him when I first watched Mean Girls…=(

  21. 121

    Re: Charisma

    LOL! Thank you! They are both very cute. If this is true, they look nice together.

  22. 122

    THEY'RE GAY ?! WHAT ?!

  23. 123

    They are both too gay looking for my taste.
    But I had no idea the guy from Mean Girls was a homo. 0.o;;;

  24. 124

    i had to idea they were gay!

  25. 125

    wait what? aaron samuels is gay?? =( booooooo

  26. 126

    Jonathan Bennett is gay?!?!?! I had no idea…

    They're both really, really hot though. They make a cute couple =)

  27. 127

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain't so!!!! Matt Dallas comes off completely straight to me! This breaks my heart a little.

  28. 128

    NOT FAIR!! All the hot guys are gay!

  29. 129

    Wow I didn't even know these two were gay….

  30. 130

    NOT FAIR! All the hot guys are gay!

  31. 131

    God I love Matt!!
    Cute couple!

  32. 132

    Oh my god are you kidding me?! I watch Matt Dallas's show "Kyle XY" every night on ABC Family! WOAH I did not see this coming… I thought he was completely straight along with the Mean Girls guy! But they do make a cute couple :]

  33. noemi says – reply to this


    haha they're gay? oookk

  34. 134

    wow, i didn't know they were gay, hahaha! they make a pretty sexy couple :3

  35. 135

    he's gay?!
    my life is ruined D':

  36. 136

    they're both gay?!?

  37. 137

    Perez Hilton is a fucking liarr!!! at least, i hope so.

  38. 138

    THEIR GAY???


    hahahaha. wow

  39. 139

    sry. in denial…

  40. 140

    NOOOO wey. Wellll…did you see Dallas on Entourage????

  41. 141

    no freaking way.
    call me naive, but i NEVER though those 2 were gay.

  42. 142

    OMG NOOO! jonathan is gorgeous!! he can get any girl he wants then y choose him? : s

  43. 143

    this is false…it has to be, because Matt Dallas is totally in love with ME!

  44. 144

    If this is true… it's a damn shame for all straight woman and an amazing day for all gay men! If they are a couple they make a damn good looking one.

  45. 145


  46. 146

    yep… Aaron.. I mean Jon is a cutie and this is old news… my bf and I say good for them.

  47. 147

    You're stupid.. Both of those links go to Bennett's imdb page.

  48. 148

    This has to be a rumor!!!!
    There is no way that Matt dallas is gay!

  49. 149





  50. 150

    holy shit i didn't know the aaron samuels guy was gay o_O

  51. 151

    They're gay?! What a waste!

  52. 152

    he's gay since when?


    wtf wow first shock of my life.

  53. 153

    Didn't even know Matt Dallas was gay.

  54. 154

    Re: harrybalsac

    I know that turns you on hardcore!

  55. 155


  56. 156

    sheeeet! they're homos? i have nothing against homo's but they're hot… way to break a girl's heart… lol

  57. 157

    I didn't know these 2 were gay… anyways less man for us… so glad I have a HOT boyfriend!

  58. 158

    OHHHHMYYYYEFFFFFG. He's gay??? Why do all the cute guys have to be GAY?

  59. 159

    Sorry but my gaydar must be way off - I don't get a gay vibe here at all.
    And congrats on finding the worst possible pics of both of them. C'mon PereZ, give the guys a break.

  60. 160

    lolz @ all the people who are like "they're gay, no way!" how about we go around saying "they're str8, no way!" ;)

  61. 161

    Re: Kate27 – i guarantee if your "hot" boyfriend likes to tap you in the arse he won't have a problem doing so to a guy. ;)

  62. 162

    Re: Kate27 – i guarantee if your "hot" boyfriend likes to tap you in the arse he will have no problem doing so to a guy. ;)

  63. 163

    Re: Kate27 – i guarantee if your "hot" boyfriend likes to tap you in your arse he will not have a problem doing so to another guy. ;)

  64. 164

    Re: eternalcanadian – ooooopppss…my bad for the multiple posts. *spanks computer*

  65. 165

    They are not gay.

  66. 166

    WHy not just start a SECOND PEREZ SITE for all your Gay Crap Mario - NO ONE CARES

  67. 167

    oh gosh….

  68. 168

    Awww how sweet, i love both of them, would love to be in middle though. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  69. 169

    wow i didn't know Jonathan was gay! I know that guy and he is such a flirt with girls NOT guys! this is a real shock to me!

  70. 170


  71. missB says – reply to this


    wow, i did not realize the guy in mean girls was gay. hah. interesting

  72. 172

    OMG hes gay!?!?

  73. 173

    Matt is not gay, i refuse to that rumor.
    He's to cute.
    No !

  74. 174

    aaron samuels! whyyyy.

  75. 175

    friggen aaron samuels can't be gay. i luh him.

  76. 176

    wait, what?

  77. 177

    i went to high school with jon… nice guy… sooo gay. but good for him! r-town represent. lol

  78. 178

    They are wonderfully gay…..

  79. 179

    hey guys so we were JUST KIDDDING when
    we wrong this is, it isnt true. one Mattys bday
    bash he had invited me to, only to make me
    the joke of the bash he told every one that
    we were gunna go streaking, one rule was that
    we couldnt comment on each others parts so
    that we can all feel comfy turns out he lied.

    and i was the only one at the pool without my
    clothes and people were pointing n laughing :[

  80. 180

    let's hope that lindsay lohan didn't make jonathon bennett gay !

  81. 181

    I knew Johnathan was gay…he used to go out with Lance a few yrs back and I know this for a FACT!

  82. 182

    wow. kyle xy is gay.
    never kneww….

  83. 183

    they're too hot to be gay!!

  84. MB! says – reply to this


    man, they're really hottt… i'd never imagine jonathan was gay… but if you say so…!

  85. 185

    Young cute couple !

  86. 186

    omg matt dallad is gay!!

  87. 187

    Re: harrybalsacRe: harrybalsac

    Harrybalsac…you're a bigoted asshole. You'd be so lucky to get a hot guy interested in you. Ugly breeder.

  88. Saka says – reply to this


    omfg since when is he gay?! matt dallas!? WTF

  89. 189

    WHY THEM WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. 190

    omg..that's the first time I've seen MY last name (Bennett) in a celeberity's or on website.
    I so support him

  91. jrad says – reply to this


    omfg no way i total was an extra in van wilder 3 that comes out this summer with jonathan bennet in it and he totally flirted with me haha wish i knew i would have fucked him lol

  92. 192

    Damn it! Why, God, why? Can I just please see them hug? Something?

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