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We Think This Is A Fake, But…

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson


It's damn hawt!!!

This new poster of our beloved Robert Pattinson has been making the rounds on the Internets.

It's probably not real. Does it matter?

We want more!

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361 comments to “We Think This Is A Fake, But…”

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  1. 201

    Yummy! This is the wallpaper on my phone. I about had an orgasm when I saw it.

  2. 202

    really hott!

  3. 203

    yum is right it may not be fake though since there is a part in the 2nd book where he's in Italy I think that entails him ……….. well anyway I'm not going to spoil it. But hey there is a chicken on the top right corner wtf? lol

  4. 204

    He is just PERFECT

  5. 205

    Where's Taylor Lautner?
    New Moon is supposed to be all about Jacob!

  6. 206

    i think tht the new moon poster should be taylor and robert, not jst robert and screw kristen

  7. miab says – reply to this


    i dont feel so welll….

  8. 208

    NOT REAL!!!! robert doesn't have abs!!!

  9. 209

    uh yeah…this is most def. fake, his head is placed on some other guys body! you can easily tell by the neck and head alignment.

  10. 210

    OMG he is so fucking hot!

  11. 211

    perez… really now???
    a movie poster doesn't come out before they begin filming. this is SO ultra fake it's absurd.

  12. 212

    ps. robert pattinson is FLABBY.
    i love him and he's sexy as hell, but he isn't exactly toned.

  13. 213

    damn…that's hot…i hope it's real

  14. 214

    omg omg omg omg :D

  15. 215

    It's soo definately real it's from when he was going to walk out in the sun so the Volari would kill him!!

  16. 216

    Fabulous..does look fake though

  17. 217

    The head and body doesn't even KIND OF match!!!!!!

  18. 218

    Love it. Robert Pattinson is amazing!!!

  19. 219

    I LUV IT!!!

  20. 220

    im sure someone metioned this already but oh well..

    this is definately fake. Edward is barely a main character in the movie. the poster should be jacob and bella with edward flying in the backround or something

  21. 221

    i wish this was real.
    but it's not.
    good photoshop though!
    i love rob!

  22. 222

    who cares if it's fake he is soooo HOT HOT HOT!!!!! def. cant wait for the dvd soon and the 2nd movie in nov!!!!

  23. 223

    FAKE But still looks hot. Gives us some more Rob.

  24. 224


  25. 225

    sadly, it is a fake. it's a fan made poster… but props to them who made it… looks legit and rob looks amazing!

    there's even one with k-stew.

  26. 226

    dammnn. atleast he doesnt look like a hairy powdered donut like he did in one of the pictures for twilight. i dont think this is his real body though.
    who cares? still hot. cant wait until november!! :)

  27. 227

    it looks damn real to me! VERY HOT!

  28. 228

    Very fake but very yummy.

  29. 229

    Hot, but extremely fake.

  30. 230

    HAWT. yummi yum yummmmm!

  31. 231

    whats with the turkey?

  32. 232

    Kudos to the photoshop artist that created this….well done…the belly is real minus a LOT of pubies…and the chest..who got him shited enough to wax him….New Moon advert…they will have invested more into him and

  33. 233

    Def. a fake. New Moon is Jacob and Bella. Edward could possibly be put in the background of the poster.

  34. 234

    LOL. thats the worst fake picture i've ever seen of robert.

    But his head is gorgeous as always

  35. 235

    OMG he looks so gorgeous in dis pic…photoshop much?

  36. 236

    Well…damn! That poster makes me wanna watch that film LOL

  37. 237

    might be fake but he looks

    HOT …. HOT …… HOT ….

  38. 238


  39. 239

    ohhmmyygooddd i love him so much.
    i hope this is realllll!

  40. 240

    yeahh its fake im guessing
    but hes so hot in this pictureeeee.

  41. 241

    It was made by a fan….You must not read all the Twilight forums out there. LOL!!! But seriously…it was fan made….it is awesome….

  42. 242

    Re: cheezluvr – It is completely relevant. Have you read the book?

  43. 243

    Re: inseperable – Edward is still the main focus of the movie tho. The big climax is about him. The whole series is about him.

  44. 244

    god i love you.

  45. 245

    Yeah it's not real, he lose the "transparent" look!

  46. 246

    Rob makes me so damn hott! That fine little fvcker.

  47. 247

    haha fake. Clearly, there are many false lights castings and shadows. But HOT anyways=]

  48. 248

    That boy is so f'ing hot it hurts. I think they need to just have him strutting around shirtless during the next film. They'd probably make more money.

  49. 249


  50. 250

    Oh My Damn!!

  51. 251

    fuck em edward

  52. 252


  53. 253

    it probably is a fake but he is damn fine.

  54. 254

    A fan made this. I first saw it on newmoonmovie.org, which is a fan site. Non the less, Rob is looking sexy as always.

  55. 255

    HIs head is too small

  56. 256

    omfg , thaht's so freaking hot
    even thought i hate him ¬¬ i have to say
    he looks sexy

  57. k8yb says – reply to this


    yeh i agree, it looks fake

  58. 258

    Who the &^%# cares if it's real?! It's damn sexy….

  59. jg5 says – reply to this


    he is perfect!

  60. 260

    that is one GAY poster

    new moon is about JACOB no EDWARD ANYWAY

  61. 261

    Fake fake FAKE! Just look at all of the elements in the pic (the lighting, shading, the way his face DOESN'T match the body, etc)….. Boy, some of you are gullible with a capital "G".

  62. 262

    This looks like its the seen in rome

  63. 263

    if its fake then its a really really good poster

  64. 264

    agree w/ u perez
    i deffinetely want more!!!

  65. 265


  66. cwik says – reply to this


    Why is he even on the cover?? he's barely going to be in the movie

  67. 267

    Hummana hummana hummana………drools!!

  68. 268

    Re: Kate – Ah-greed. But I love this pic! Rob Patt makes up for Kristen's suckishness, so we need him on the poster! lol.

  69. 269

    Re: roxybabie627 – why would anyone want k-stewart on anything, besides..isn't HE THE REAL REASON BEHIND "TWILIGHT"? Who cares if anyone else is in the picture…..and the only one anyone is going to see "New Moon " Is to see him in the beginning and the end, need i say more?

  70. 270

    i could care less if it's fake or not, he's so fking H-O-T! Please keep anything coming in of him, just keep k-stewarts face out! It's not that i dislike her because she's in "twilight" it's because the bitch can't act, she's so ignorant, probably from all the dope…and she's and arrogant a stupid bitch that does bite the hand that feeds her, what a dumb-ass! I was just reading in Life&Style that he's STILL crushing over this bitch! If thats what it takes to get next to HIM, just turn to DRUGS, ACT AS IGNORANT AS YOU CAN AND SAY "DOH" AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN AS YOU MOVE THAT RAT'S NEST YOU CALL HAIR AROUND! Then you can too become a love intrest to RPATTZ! Fk, it killed me to type that!!!!! But like they say , the fking truth hurts :(

  71. 271

    Seriously u gotta give him credit for working his ass off in Twilight. I totally think thats his sexy body :)

  72. 272

    Re: Cynthialust – What does it say in Life & Style It was sold out when I went to get a copy?

  73. 273

    damn hottie!!!!

  74. 274

    ughhhh nasty.he looks lk a straight up CRACKHEAD..i thin u guys been smoking some 2 by the way.

  75. DC3 says – reply to this


    Yummy Yumminson

  76. omfg? says – reply to this


    it loooks reallly fake but reallly hot:)

  77. 277

    he's effing hawt ! =)
    this better not be a fakeee !

  78. 278

    it looks too fake too even agree it's hot. of course, the whole head part………..meeeowwww.

  79. 279


  80. NJK says – reply to this


    looks kindasorta real.
    either way, he is yummm (;

  81. 281

    We could only dream :(

  82. 282

    wow….I need to change my panties now.

  83. 283

    holy shit! he is hawt!

  84. 284

    yea its fake. cause robs head is from a picture on a poster i have on my wall! too bad hott pic!

  85. 285

    I have no idea if it's fake, but hell, it looks good. ;)

  86. 286

    i would SOOO LOVE if this was the poster for new moon!

  87. 287


  88. 288

    Obviously it's fan made, but I could give a shit less because it is so fucking beautiful. I want you Rob!

  89. 289


  90. 290

    Re: roxybabie627 – The girl that made this poster did make one of Kristin

  91. 291

    It looks fake… but it looks great!

  92. 292

    omg … soooooo hoooooott

  93. 293

    He looks friggin HOT in this poster, but the entire Twilight franchise sux!!!!!!!!!!
    For me, Rob Pattinson will always be my dear Cedric Diggory, the hot Hufflepuff quiditch captain.

  94. 294

    Looks very real to me, complete with sexy snail trail down to his …… VERY HOT!!!

  95. 295

    The reason it would be a picture of only edward/Robert would be that he is considered the most attractive of the film and he draws the most attention.
    I have to say that it is much better than the last poster of him where he is glaring… Creepy to think that millions of 13 year old girls (and others who do not fit that majority) kiss good night a picture of a 22 year old who is glaring angrily. Even though that picture does show his jaw line in a wonderful and superb way!
    It would make sense that this could be real, even though he only plays a small role in the movie he should be looking like this in the climax of the book.
    And I agree, what is with the turkey/chicken? A watermark of another site?
    All in all, nice.

  96. 296

    i think its fake, because his head is tooo big for his hands.
    or maybe thats just him lollll.
    i luurrve rob, he is sex on legs.

  97. 297

    yes its him, the chicks at mtv said they were doing the interview and they had an opportunity to see him change his shirt and it was OBVIOUS that he had
    been working out.. OMFG.. he is to die for gorgeous.
    so much for the pubbing rumors he's been busy ..

  98. 298


  99. 299

    It's a fan made poster!!!

  100. 300

    Too hot for words

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