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We Think This Is A Fake, But…

| Filed under: AnglophiliaRobert Pattinson


It's damn hawt!!!

This new poster of our beloved Robert Pattinson has been making the rounds on the Internets.

It's probably not real. Does it matter?

We want more!

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361 comments to “We Think This Is A Fake, But…”

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  1. 301

    what sexy beast of a man
    too bad hes as stupid as he is handsome

  2. 302

    omgg he luks so sexciii =]

  3. 303

    Looks great!

  4. 304

    yummm is right. ohh my gosh robert pattison is the hottest vampire evahh (: id get bitten any day

  5. 305

    thats better than the 1st movie poster…..he normally looks high but this pic is hot!!!

  6. 306

    LOVE R-PATZ :)

  7. 307

    i dont thinkk its him but FUCK SSOOO HOOTTT :O

  8. 308

    Wow. He's adorbale.

  9. 309

    flawless :)

  10. 310

    Yummmmmm. Someone's sexy. Yuh, I seriously want this poster, and If it's not a fake, I'll be getting it, no matter WHO I have to dismember. ;) RPattz is one sexy son-of-a-bitch.

  11. 311

    fucking flawless

  12. Neal says – reply to this


    The background and the bare chest read straight out of the New Moon final chapters so it wouldnt surprise me if it was real atleast it was nice of them to provide it for our viewing :-)

  13. 313

    I don't think this is fake cos in the movie where he shows Bella his skin, his body looks the same… only thing is his hands look smaller…
    He is gorgeous!

  14. 314


  15. 315

    Guys, it's totally fake.

    But we can dream. :)

  16. 316

    yum is all i can say!!! he is just so hott

  17. 317

    YUM is right!

  18. 318

    GOD THIS PICTURE IS SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 319

    im sure it is fake, b/c ive seen dozens of New Moon Posters on the net claiming to be the "official" one… No wonder this poor guy dosent want to live here,, too many people have photoshop..lol….. but i must say to who ever made it… WELL DONE! MEOW! He is such a beautiful man!

  20. 320

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – oh cmon! ok peter but kstew is just crap.. and the rest of the guys are HAWT

  21. 321

    W O W

  22. 322


  23. 323

    Fake or not, it's fuckin' sizzling hot!

  24. 324

    do me on it.

  25. 325

    DAMN!!! I pray that this is real! hes sooo hott!

  26. 326

    DAMN!!!! i PRAY that this is real! he is sooo hoottt!! I

  27. 327

    *sighs* mmmm amazing x

  28. 328

    I hope they do a similar poster for the film. We want Pattinson not the kid Lautner

  29. 329

    HELL YES WE WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! He is so chocolate to every woman in the world!!! Thank you Perez, you are a GOD!!! More Rob please? ;) Can we just pay someone to follow him around with a camera please…oh yeah, I guess that would be the paps :) Why don't we have any footage from Canada though? I heard Megan Fox is there with him?

  30. 330

    It's soo photoshopped. Robert doesn't have a six pack in real life, he's a skinny little thing.

  31. 331

    AHHHH hes soo hot !!! i love him !!

  32. 332

    Thats deff. fake! haha But i don't care! I love ROB! =]

  33. 333

    He is gorgeous!!

  34. 334


  35. 335

    LOVE IT!!! More please ;)

  36. 336

    More please! Always wanting more.

  37. 337

    OMG That is fucking Hot.

  38. 338

    probs fake. team jacob is in full force for New Moon - I see Robby being the smaller face on the poster for our next vampire installment. With Taylor front and center heyayyy

  39. 339

    F WORD!!!!!

    love robert
    hes so damn sexy
    sexier than nobody in this world!!

    down to reality
    and the best!… he doesnt act like a "hollwyood crap star"

  40. 340

    He is so sexy(:

  41. 341

    I agree, Fake or real, still SMOKING HOT!!!

  42. 342

    It's a fake… Fan made for a contest.

  43. 343

    OMG. He's so freakin hott! I want more!! :) )

  44. 344

    Omg this is so fake!
    look at the head
    Way to small for the proportions of sexy Mr.Cullen (David Pattinson)
    And the edges of his head are to clean cut for a natural shot. It's photoshopped.
    Sorry ladies.
    But I'm sure the actual poster will be much more creative…especially with what the books about. (i'm reading it now and I don't see how it would relate to the book other then Edward being alone…pfft)
    Try again

  45. jshaw says – reply to this


    it may be a fake but i really hope it is not cause that is just hot yummy i will probably have really vivid dreams now of this picture.

  46. 346

    Love it! He is truly yummy!

  47. 347

    why is he so damn gorgeous. honestly? it's intoxicating

  48. 348

    You read his latest interview about his not existing love life?
    He said: "I´m fu__ing Joe Jonas!"

    Ben Affleck? No! …
    Matt Damon? No! Better! …
    Not Camilla Belle….
    Not Kstew…
    He´s fucking Joe Jonas! On the bed, on the floor, on the table, at the door…
    :o) LOL

  49. 349

    Could be fake but who really cares. We'll take him anyway we can get him.

  50. 350

    he probably the sexiest crackhead-looking man-beast ever!!!!
    LOVE YOU ROB!!!!

  51. 351

    Re: superwomen68 – UGH!!!! I HATE JOE JONAS!!!! haha

  52. 352

    is this real or fake??!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!

  53. t_x3 says – reply to this



  54. 354

    Re: HoneyLatina – you look like a crack head you whore. rbbert pattinson is fucking HOTT!! specialy in this pic!! this should so be the poster for new moon cuz even tho hes no in the book but for the beginning and end the end is the best and main part of this book i think and this poster shows edward in italy where he goes at the end of the book. so keep it!!! make it the poster for the movie!! OMG r-patt your so fucking hott!! i would so do some bad and naughty things to that boy!!! *sigh*

  55. 355

    Re: Small Lady – umm maybe you should get the actors name right. its robert not david, duh. loser

  56. 356

    Unreal. Fake or not, I'm ready for more!

  57. 357

    SEXII!! I am SO stalking him in Vancouver! LMFAO! Does anyone else here want to join me, does anyone else live in Vancouver BC?? I hope he's staying at The Hotel Vancouver, my friends dad works there.. HEEHEE! Damn my best friend's dad ALMOST worked on New Moon, but it was a false alarm :(

  58. 358

    OMG it is so gorgeous…I would pay good money for this in a heartbeat! The fans at least know what they want ;) Bring on more Rob I say!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!! Great job Perez!! Thank you :)

  59. 359

    wow is all have to say. too bad acoording to the book hes only gunna be in the movie for like an hour total

  60. 360

    yum :D
    he is so sjghbjhla gfhjgdshfgjhkfgsjda!

  61. 361

    I would love to follow that happy trail….

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