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Why Are People Still Supporting This Monster?

| Filed under: Music MinuteChris Brown


This is pretty incredible!

Despite the smell of shit all around him, Chris Brown's "career" is not over yet and is seemingly unaffected by the whole Rihanna despicableness.

According to Soundscan, sales of Brown's most recent album, Exclusive, have remained steady in the weeks both before and after the alleged woman beating.

The album has been moving a steady 3,000 copies a week in the U.S. since late January.


Do people really wanna support abuse????

Just download that shiz illegally if you must have it!

[Image via WENN.]

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544 comments to “Why Are People Still Supporting This Monster?”

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  1. 101

    this turd won't make a single dollar off of me! i bet he's buying his own cd 3000 times a week

  2. 102

    Perez get over yourself!
    Clearly your sad attempt to ruin Chris Brown has failed, his fans still love him
    how bout you get off Rihanna's nuts and smell the fresh air!!
    She's not exactly innocent herself! any retard who gets abused yet goes back is an idiot. Why haven't said anything about how dumb she is for a change.

  3. 103

    publicity :\

  4. 104

    PERVez you can't hold real talent down. The kid is talented and people recognize that. You're more upset than Rihanna. You must be mad because only 10 people showed you at your book signing in your home town. They should have sent you back to Cuba while you're out there.

  5. 105

    people shouldn't be supporting rihanna either, but they are.. if they want to support him, let them. who gives a shit.

  6. 106

    first of all…he looks like a monkey.
    secondly, whats the matter with people today?!
    how can you not support his actions but still buy his CD.
    by buying his CD you are still supporting him.idiots…
    hasn't ANYONE seen that infamous picture of Rihanna?!
    that animal had clearly beaten the crap out of her!
    as for moi i personally refuse to listen to any of his songs
    violence is not the answer people!

  7. 107

    Okay, yeah him beating her was TERRIBLE and not excused in anyway… HOWEVER, she allegedly would get very physical with him as well. The abuse went both ways. Yeah, you shouldnt hit women. But he is human too and you should hit men.

  8. 108

    his label is probably buying them up to make it appear like all is good

  9. Break says – reply to this


    Re: blackbeauty – Re-read what I wrote. I did not say that a woman who has been raped never has sex with another man. I said no woman who has been raped has sex with another man AN HOUR LATER! The matter was settled outside of court and we don't know if she was paid off or not….she likely was….but that does not make him guilty. He had everything to lose and nothing to gain by not paying her off.
    It is wrong to label him as a rapist.

  10. 110

    Re: blubabiecutie – WOW, you're a fucking loser. Perhaps one day you will b e lucky enough to be in an extremely abusive relationship; let's see how you feel then, alright? You're so dumb, you'd be the chick who keeps going back because you don't know anything else! Dumbass hoe bag! Your from Texas, huh? Figures.

  11. 111

    i still support chris.!!–hes my fav.!!!

  12. 112

    Because his music and his personal life are seperate.

  13. 113

    Everybody !
    Shoul stop buying his shit people.
    He sucks balls.

    p.s Chris brown is a docuhe & he should pick on somebody his own size.

  14. 114

    Re: BettinaB
    Do you live in America??

    it's based off of violence!

    it's not right to single one person out for something that happens everyday to people that we will never hear about

    both of them should drop off the face of the earth

  15. 115

    I still support Chris Brown and his music. I still support Rhianna and her music. (Rhianna is FIERCE and her swag is off the charts :) ) We still don't know the whole truth and I am not sure if I believe the statement that she gave the police. I dont think Ms. Rhianna is a punk or that stupid or that whipped. THey are both young and this stuff happens daily unfortunately. Maybe real people can get the help they need from these two. OH and don't go and bootleg music! DOing stuff like that cause prices to go up and it ruins music as a whole. BOOTLEG PEREZ'S BOOK!!! See if he likes that!

  16. 116

    fuckk you chris brown you'll never have my support ever again

  17. 117

    How much Chris Brown hate are you going to spread? Come up with something new already. I'm tired of seeing his picture or hearing about him to tell you the truth. Maybe you should stop talking about him because you're just making him more famous by putting his name on this site every freaking hour!

  18. 118

    perez stop it!!! RiRi went back with him!! stop feeling sorry for the girl she doesnt respect herself. plus chris brown is a good artist

  19. 119

    I don't blame the people buying his music as much as I blame Robin. By getting back together with him, she kind of told the world that what happened to her was okay, and Chris is a good person. If she stood up for herself and declared that what he did was completely unacceptable, then Brown would be Public Enemy #1 right now. She's probably one of those girls who think she had it coming. That's so depressing.

  20. 120

    Re: Punky B! – im no dumb ass ho bag..u r for hating on m,i have my opinion,so respect it bitch…another thing i WAS n an abusive relationship & i got my ass out of it..took 4 yrs out of the 8 yr relationship,but i got out of it..i fought back whn he did hit me.i left for the sake of our kid.by the way my x boyfriend is WHITE,so race dnt have ANYTHG to do with gettn ur ass beat..im not gona judge chris cuz we knw 1 side not his side another thing she prob likes 2 fight just this time they were caught up n a public area & happened 2 get caught.so SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH & respect peoples opinions,i could really care what the fuck u think.

  21. 121

    um perez just cuz he beat a woman doesn't make him a bad singer and dancer.

  22. 122

    When Kobe raped someone and still had people cheering for him, I knew we were effed. So why should it be any different with Chris. People need their idols — even if some are lower than pond scum.

  23. 123

    Re: Kittencaboodle – 100% right!

  24. 124

    karma will catch up with this douche bag soon enough. man's a fucktard 'aright

  25. 125

    Re: blubabiecutie – and i thought my english was bad. but at least it's not MY native language.
    to what you wrote (as far as i was able to decipher): she may love the drama, but drama mostly isn't about getting killed, right? and as far as the judges, police and we know he tried to kill her. so, yoou may call her dumb for being back with him but look at all the other celebs who were beaten by ther husbands, such as tina turner, cher and madonna. they all went back. and i don't think that all of them enjoy being beaten. don't know if you were ever in the situation these women were in, but i DO think that you've got no clue. violence is never the answer and supporting artists who are violent won't make the world a better place.

  26. 126

    Wow! I don't listen to his music, but if I did, would I stop listening to something I enjoyed that is seperate and apart from what the kid does on his time? No. Do I support violence in a relationship? No. Do I think the guy on stage is a the same guy that walks the streets? No. He's a performer. This can be equated to acting. How many assholes do you think are actors? …we know quite a few and continue to watch their movies and television shows! Let's seperate fiction and reality. His reality is he'll be charged as Chris Brown, and then get on stage and be another Chris Brown. The one that some still like and that's ok. However, I do repsect those that want to boycott, choice is a great thing, ew;re lucky to have it. Railroading someone because you haven't the sense to make a rational decision and seperate fact from fiction…very sad. it's okay to like his music, the music didn't hurt a very beautiful girl.

  27. 127

    well Perez I'm with you I will never ever purchase his music….you retards that say you buy his music doesn't mean you support his actions, how dumb are you, how do you think he gets money…his music…duh!!! so if you buy the music you suppory him…

  28. 128

    …and by the way, not supporting this particular artist, doesn't make the world a better place either…

  29. 129

    So you are telling people to commit a crime?? Real responsible Perez.

  30. 130

    Chris Brown's dumb. And i lost all respect for RiRi when she got back together with him. Maybe there meant for eachother, their both dumb.

  31. 131

    you say don't support chris brown
    sean penn just won an academy award for "Milk" and he was charged with felony domestic assault
    and there is many more celebrities who have been accused and charged

  32. Break says – reply to this


    Re: sparkys nemesis – Kobe Bryant DID NOT RAPE ANYONE!!! He was NOT found Guilty of that and as the details in that case came forward it became clear that the woman who accused him was responsible for one of the most despicable and evil acts imaginable - Which is to falsely cry rape. NO woman who experiences something as traumatic as rape has sex with another man an hour later! The real tragedy here is that poor Kobe Bryant all these years later is still getting labelled as a rapist by some misinformed people.

  33. 133

    I hate him and I am from CHILEEEEEE!!!! He is not so famous here
    I used to love his music and dancing but afet what he did to riri ugh!!! i hate him so veryf***ing much!!! hope he goes to jail and have their special treatment in there!! a**hole!!

    by the way LOVE YOU PERECITO JILTON!!!

  34. 134

    People doesn't support abuse…they just don't care (meaning they support abuse passively)…unless they are a victim they just don't care

  35. 135

    Re: tomahawk – o whatever,my ENGLISH is just fine..u must b british??ANYWAYS i been n a worse situation then RHIANNA ass..ok? the final straw for me leaving my x is he tried 2 choke my ass & said he was gona kill me becuz he didnt want any guy 2 ever fuck me…ok?this was AFTER we broke up(we were still living n the same place at the tm)so dnt go there lecturing me..i TOTALLLY understand.u just need 2 realized that there r women that LIKE to fight with their men REGARDLESS.so u can shut the fuck up 2.NEXXXXXT.

  36. 136

    Rihanna is giving him more support than anyone, seeing as how they're back together. People are still buying his music to hear a catchy song…. she's going back to him to catch a few more fists to the mouth.

  37. tabym says – reply to this


    All of you ignorant losers on here saying "support Chris Brown" need to get your own asses beat. Seriously, what's wrong with some of you on here? By now we've all seen THAT picture and read the police report - how can you still support that pathetic monster? The abuser IS the artist and vice-versa - there's really no difference.

  38. 138

    Re: tomahawk – I dnt think rhiannas dumb just RETARDED to try 2 play the victim whn she isnt clearly..thats what im trying 2 decipher..im no idiot so dnt think i dnt understand what that word means..and another thing quit trying tell this grown woman she cant b with chris.he probably can fuck for all we knw or he might have a BIG DICK.thats prob why she can look past all what has happened.its sad but true.

  39. 139

    The people who are musically uneducated enough to appreciate such audible TRASH are most likely also illiterate and lack the amount of brain cells necessary to even comprehend Chris Browns' actions. His music makes kittens cry. It's fucking terrible. To be honest, I don't know if it would be worse to be beaten by Chris Brown or to be forced to listen to one of his albums in its entirety.

  40. ps says – reply to this


    Re: blubabiecutie – #138 Dear God I hope you are joking with respect to that "british" comment. If not… damn.
    Re: audiowhoregasm – tell 'em.

  41. 141

    2+2 = banana

  42. enen says – reply to this


    You know how many men out there beat their girlfriends/wives? Does everyone in the country boycott these people too? While what happened is very wrong it just pisses me off that people care so much about it when this has been happening since the beginning of time. Nice to see this country is dictated by celebrities and their actions. Pathetic.

  43. 143

    The whole thing is fake..they just wanted attention. If you believe the whole story then your fuckin retarded! lOl Why would she be with him at a hotel a few nights later after he "beat" her so bad? Fuckin Dumb shit. =)

  44. 144

    I am shocked that a beautfiful talented RICH woman needs a jerk like this in her life

  45. 145

    Don't buy EITHER of their music. She is a moron for taking him back! They are a wreck; The next Bobby and Whitney. Let them destroy each other and fade away.

  46. 146

    Couldn't agree with you more, Perez. People have to be sick to see those photos of Rihanna.

  47. 147

    you're right perez. he is a fucktard.

  48. socha says – reply to this


    gosh…can't you leave him alone already ????? everyone knows that what he did was wrong…but he's human and humans make mistakes, even celebrities!!!!!!!!! and just because he did this horrible thing it doesn't change the fact that he's an amzing singer and extremly talented !!!!

  49. 149

    ehh, i really dont like him, but i love his music.

  50. 150

    Re: Break – For christ sake Break….are you related to Kobe. Settling out of court does smell really fishy to me.

  51. 151

    He doesn't deserve any success after what he did. Perhaps he could redeem himself a little by donating LOTS of money to batter womens' shelters.

  52. 152

    3000 units a week is nothing, he will never have the incredible sales numbers he had before he beat the crap out of Rihanna. I would think it's safe to say that most of his female fanbase is gone. Especially since he has now been charged.

    Plus, some people get interested in artists when publicity hits the fan. It's a passing thing. I do think his career, after his last album, is over. I know I would never pay money to listen to music from somone who is a woman beater. No thanks!

  53. 153

    Re: blubabiecutie – OHHHH, IT ALL MAKES SENSE THEN!!! You were one of those dumb bitches who got caught up in a long abusive relationship, it all makes sense why you feel this way! Obviously you didn't fight him that hard, cuz any woman who RESPECTS HERSELF would have showed it by getting the fuck out of there once the abuse begins!! A few of my family members were in abusive relationships, you begin to have no sympathy after awhile. But this NEVER makes it okay for a man to beat the living daylights out of a girlfriend/wife (or a child); she ain't his property! Fuck trying to fight back, you leave that motherfucker THAT day. Boom, it's done. You are only condoning being abused by staying, which you obviously enjoyed. Move the fuck on, kid's or not. Especially with kids! You know why, those kids are either going to hate you for putting them through that, or they will grow up to be just like their daddy! Good luck to you and those kids.

  54. 154

    I never liked him and never saw the appeal.

  55. 155

    Put him in the slammer and forget the keys!

  56. 156

    Re: ps – NOPE im not joking..chris brown? please.he is tame compared to my crzy white guy of an x.hahaa so race dnt have ANYTHG to do with this bullshit.

  57. 157

    dude calm down with the whole women beater thing!

  58. 158

    I wouldn't give either one of them a dime. ITA with you Perez. They are both a bad example, what he did was horrible & he should pay. If that was anyone else we would be in jail. As for her I wouldn't want my young teenage daughter looking up to her. She needs conseling. The whole thing is a disgrace. JMHO!

  59. 159

    Oh wow.. I love how everyone gave britney a shit storm when she was going through personal demons, while not hurting anyone else, but when this piece of shit beats up on his girlfriend no one even bats an eye, people actually say he is "an amazing dancer and performer".. HA! I just find it funny the double standards of the world.. FUCK CHRIS BROWN, I will never buy another one of his songs every again… They were all pretty shitty anyway..

  60. 160

    Re: blubabiecutie – All whilst your child was watching, right? Good. Let the cycle continue through him or her. Do you realize how bad of a parent you were to let your child endure what he/she had to watch during that time? What was it, 4 years? Wow, I hope that poor kid has been going through therapy since then. You know what…you seem like the kind of chick–in addition to sticking with that lousy motherfucker–that would let your kid over his daddy's house every day after school, right? Unsupervised? Oh man, good luck to this poor kid.

  61. 161

    Princess riri IS so why the hell NOT!!!!
    She probably posted his bail.
    Told the DA she wasn't going to cooperate
    and still wants to have his babies

  62. 162

    She took him BACK! I don't get it. My daughters love Rihanna and this is hard to explain. Other than she's an idiot!

  63. 163

    shut the fuk up perez! u just want him to fail because you suck. seriously, so what if ppl still buy his albums and shit. they like him for his music and might not support what he did but he is an artist.

    ppl still like michael jackson and he rapes little boys. SO WHAT???? shut up perez… ur just mad cuz no one likes you and u didnt even do anything but be born fat n gay.

  64. 164

    Deleted his music and haven't really listened to him on the radio where I live. =o Oh well, there are other artists out there!!

  65. 165

    buying his album and supporting abuse is two totally different things.
    i loooove chris's music but i deffinetly do not agreee with what he did.

  66. 166

    you have so many fucking blogs about him on your site its soooo annoying.

  67. 167

    I am with Perez on this. I don't care if you do drugs or you're an alcoholic, but when you beat the shit out of a woman, it's time for people to STOP supporting your "art." I can't wait for Chris to go to jail - lots of cons HATE guys who beat women and children. He will get what he deserves and his money won't be able to protect him.

  68. 168

    We live in a disgusting uncaring society, thats why

  69. 169

    Re: Punky B! – UM FIRST OF ALL I HAVE 1 KID,not kids…ANOTHER THING IT TOOK HIM AFTER OUR BABY HE PUT HIS HANDS ON ME,HE NEVER B4.this was 4 yrs after we were together.he didnt beat me for 8 yrs,we were together a total of 8 yrs.before u tlk shit u never been a a situation lk that but if ur in love with a person & thats the ONLY person u feel lk that strongly it isnt always easy.easy for ur ass 2 say cuz u havent been there.STFU ALREADY.we r tlkn bout rhianna not my opnions.so get over it,my OPINION isnt gona change for ur sake.

  70. 170

    I don't believe that 1 mistake should ruin his career………
    that said I wouldnt have bought his CD anyway……. If I wanted any song I would go to limewire and kipe that shiz

  71. 171

    i hate him, and why would Rihanna go back with him!!!??? uhg, she makes me so mad!!

  72. 172

    i'm really not going to combine his social and professional lives, so fuck off if you do.

  73. 173

    i deleted all his music from my comp. i have never spent a dime on his ass anyway. o well. fucktard

  74. 174

    Re: Punky B! – bitch!! my kid didnt c us fight!!! he always fought with me whn my daughter was asleep at nite or late,cuz he was always drunk & tried 2 fight with me after being out.u dnt EVEN knw im not a lousy mom & her dad loves her 2 death.this has nothing to do with him being a father…so thats OLD NEWS,im not with him anymre,im single & CUTE &LOVING IT…been for a yr & hlf now..o yeah chris needs 2 b single 2..he is 2 young 2 get serious.

  75. 175

    no support here.

  76. 176

    People can support who ever they want to he is a great artist

  77. 177

    never heard his music, never saw him dance. Don't know who the F*** he is beside a women beater. and those who still buy his shit and put money in his pocket should be ashamed of themselves. ya know I never heard a song by Rhianna either.

  78. SJB says – reply to this


    I think people can separate his personal life and professional. I'm not a fan of either of them, and based on recent events even less likely to buy EITHER of their cds. They had a great opportunity to show kids the right way to handle things and they didn't.

    Ah well, still a war going on I believe.

  79. 179

    I dont think what he did was right but why bash him? Hes human and humans make mistakes. Its not always a right choice but hes paying for it and thats enough toture. if we were in his possition then we would feel bad aswell. remember he has to deal with it his whole life. And it must have been over done because she did get back with him and if it did happen as she said it did she must be really dumb! I support chris 100% not what he does but as a recording artist. So stop with the name callin!

  80. 180

    i will always support Chris no matter what.

  81. 181

    Chris Brown needs to be locked up and get some seriuos therapy

  82. cal16 says – reply to this



  83. 183

    next!!!! im sick and tired of this shit now

  84. 184


  85. Break says – reply to this


    Re: blackbeauty – ….and having sex with a guy AN HOUR after you have supposedly been raped DOESN'T sound suspicious to you? There was NO real evidence to support that she had been raped. It was her word against his. In these matters it will often come down to who the judge or Jury happen to believe. That is often a 50/50 coin toss. If he was found guilty his career would likely NOT have recovered. A lot of people like to think our justice system is infallible…but it isn't. Innocent men do get found guilty and do go to jail. If you were in that same situation and knew you could avoid having ANY chance of your career getting destroyed and going to jail you would likely do the same thing. I took great interest in this case when it came out as a friend of mine in college went through something similar. He settled out of court as well by signing a peace bond. He didn't want to sign it…but his lawyer told him that he had "Nothing to gain and everything to lose" by not signing it given info i've already stated above.The sad part is that although he was innocent the stigma from the accusation alone has effected him to this day.

  86. 186

    What about the mental abuse that you dish out Perez? What about all the disgusting lies you spread about people and try and ruin peoples reputations and careers. You fucking disgust me more than 50 chris Browns ever would. Fat C U N T

  87. 187

    Re: blubabiecutie
    You survived a much longer (8 years) abusive relationship the Rihanna with Chris Brown, and you weren't rich and famous like Rihanna, and you actually had a child with the boyfriend who physically abused you. And you still found courage to leave him, despite everything.
    God bless you and your child.

  88. 188

    I want to fuck him and make Miss Thing watch!!

  89. 189

    Using your media powers to tell MILLIONS of visitors to download music illegally, and to commit a crime, is IRRESPONSIBLE AS FUCK. The more you abuse your media powers the less angry I become with Chris Brown and the more angry I become with you for leading a witch hunt/lynch mob. You are just begging for a lawsuit from the music company.

  90. 190

    Okay serious post this time: people support him because his beat down did not effect them personally. Sad but true. I think he's a piece of shit.

  91. 191

    Let this serve as a reminder…if you are famous and fuck up, you've always got a diehard fanbase SOMEWHERE.

  92. 192

    i most definitely am not! but look at the example that Rihanna is setting for her younger fans in forgiving him so easily and so quick. Violence is NEVER ok!

  93. 193

    Hitting Rhianna make me like him MORE as an artist!!! The only CDs I destroyed were my buirned copies so I could go BUY his album. If he beats Rhianna again, I'll go buy his album again! :-)

    Chris you so crazy! I think I wanna have yo baby!! What a man! What a man! What a man! What a mighty good man!!!!! YES HE IS!!!

  94. 194

    Anyone who likes this fools music must be tone deaf because he cannot sing for shit! He squeals like a girl, has bad breathing technique which causes his notes to squeeze out through his neck and nose! He is one of the worst 'counter tennors' I've ever heard! His voice is dreaful! Fair enough he can dance, just like any other boy who grew up in 'da hoodz'! His dancing is mediocre compared with others out there.

    I hated his music before the whole Rihanna saga and will probably always hate his music unless he miraculously gets a voice change. Its sad that little stupid whorebag girls still support this fool!

    All decent parents who don't want their kids to end up womanizers or ike turners need to boycott him and not allow their kids to be worshipping this fool! Even little kids are talking about what he did SMH

  95. 195

    I still like his music. he sucks as a person/boyfriend

  96. 196

    I bought his albums BECAUSE he beat Rhianna's annoying ass!

  97. 197

    I am so sick of hear this Chris & Rihanna banter…Why is everyone more concerned about Rihanna's ass whooping than Rihanna herself?! If shes okay being with a guy that disrespects her that way, than she is as insecure as he is. So we can just rest on the fact that they are perfect 4 one another. Maybe she put the smack down on Chris herself a few times & he finally got even! So how about everyone worries about all the battered women in shelters who actually need help and 4get about "princess RiRi". And Perez stop acting like Chris Brown isnt playing on your ipod as we speak, u just want Rihanna to leave him so you can get dibs on Chris…lmao.

  98. 198

    Perez you are the monster!! How many pnacakes have you eaten today?

  99. 199

    People who delete his music are only punishing themselves.

  100. ps says – reply to this


    Re: blubabiecutie – #159… just so we're clear… British people speak english. Tomahawk said english is his/her second language. You said "o whatever,my ENGLISH is just fine..u must b british??"
    Obviously he/she is not British.
    Frankly I thought all this was just common sense.

    And quit running your mouth about your personal life, and then tell everyone to eff off because this is about rihanna and chris brown and not you.

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