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Why Are People Still Supporting This Monster?

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This is pretty incredible!

Despite the smell of shit all around him, Chris Brown's "career" is not over yet and is seemingly unaffected by the whole Rihanna despicableness.

According to Soundscan, sales of Brown's most recent album, Exclusive, have remained steady in the weeks both before and after the alleged woman beating.

The album has been moving a steady 3,000 copies a week in the U.S. since late January.


Do people really wanna support abuse????

Just download that shiz illegally if you must have it!

[Image via WENN.]

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544 comments to “Why Are People Still Supporting This Monster?”

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  1. 501

    I personally have lost all respect for Chris Brown as a singer and as a human being in general after this attack. He is a complete piece of shit just like any man that would beat up a woman or anyone that would continue to support him after that…

  2. 502

    CHECK OUT CHRIS BROWN DISS SONG" at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/THE804CLIQUE. These guys are from Tappahanock,Va and are cousins and best friends hear their story!!! www.myspace.com/the804clique

  3. 503

    F**K YOU CHRIS! Ihateyou for touching rihannaa

  4. 504

    I have heard a number of African American women in our office actually come to this shithead's defense. Their comments are along the lines of "There are 2 sides to every story"; "She went back with him, how bad could it be?"; " She was hitting him with her stilletos and he popped her for good reason- after all-he was driving and she could have caused him to crash"; etc. Hate to say it, but, I think it is a cultural thing. Remember OJ? Slapping women around is acceptable in some quarters among men and women. sad, but, true.

  5. 505

    Ugh, that is utterly horrible. The fact that he would even do that is freaking fucked. 'Fucktard' would be right. Yes, I like a few of his songs, not many, but him as a person, has a strong hate. I'm so against abuse, and that's taking it too far.

  6. 506

    I will never by Chris Brown’s music again. Nor will I spend my money on anything Rihanna related. I believe by putting money in their pockets you are enabling…no you are rewarding such behavior. Amy Winehouse’s mother pleaded with the public not to by her daughter music. This situation should be no difference.

    Also, when is domestic violence a cultural difference? It’s not and shame on anyone who tries to pass it off as such.

  7. 507

    Re: spiker59

    Spiker, could it be the women in your office are a bunch of idiots? You hear a few women in your office talking, thus you deduce that all African American's feel the same way. Thus it's a culture thing? Come on.

    You need to remember that OJ was African American but Nicole was white. Was it culturally acceptable for her to go back to him for years? Was it culturally acceptable for her white family to turn a blind eye to the bruises and the abuse?

  8. 508




  9. AsIf says – reply to this


    maybe he should date Brit next, she has her whip and some big ass lion from the circus set if he ever gets out of hand again…
    just saying..

  10. enen says – reply to this


    Re: blubabiecutie – Yea, I am fully aware that none of your uneducated "words" were directed to me. I can't even categorize them as sentences because of how poorly they were constructed. There is a huge difference between typos, using internet lingo, and just being plain fucking stupid. By the looks of your poor grammar and absolute disregard to the spelling of almost every word you try to type out I'm going to go with you just being plain fucking stupid.

  11. 511

    So sad. he seems to be a spoiled brat. He lives a life around "yes" people. I hope they really don't get back so soon. She has a career to get on with and that should be her priority.

  12. 512

    Re: enen – excuse me biatch im i knw how 2 spell but whn ur typing fast,which i do do,that what happens..another thing,why u gota disrespect me??i didnt ask for ur comment on call me stupid.did i call u that??i hope chris brown kicks ur ass!!u dnt evn knw me lk that,no offense.LOL

  13. 513

    What a dirt bag. Do not buy his music. It is the music of a sick evil man who hurts women and even has Oprah mad at him.

  14. 514

    Re: SheHasBigBoobs – in slumdog mil-o-nare fashion

    "……youre ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!"

  15. 515

    yes this guy did something stupid and horrible but for god sake he is only 19 and if he is all that bad then why has she taken him back?, worse of all it took her only 3 weeks. You sympathize with her but do not ask what she could have done to provoke him? its not as if she isn't beautiful and wealthy or can't do better or he has a hold over her. She is older than him and can make her own decisions so stop calling him a fucker she is just as bad as him. We do not know the whole truth and you may never know, there is always something more to it!

  16. 516

    Okay…WTF is WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?! I can understand being a fan before, but people still like him after beating up Rihanna? Really? That is such bull crap! I didn't like chris brown much before but now with this new stunt I REALLY can't stand him. Dumb women beater.

  17. 517

    I bet his pu$$y ass wouldn't have beaten on Queen Latifah, Monique or Oprah! Oh well, maybe next time he'll finish the job…

  18. 518

    Re: shucks
    Yeah beacause most 19 year olds beat people up. Im Freakin seventeen and none of my older friends have ever beaten me up or anyone else in that matter. So that is NO excuse! He was abusive and assaulted rihanna! There is no excuse for such behavior.

  19. 519

    Geez, He is only 19! If we were all judged by the shit we did when we were 19 we would all be up shit's creek…. I guess you guys didnt get the memo "Only God can Judge" SO!

  20. 520

    Perez, you are really a hateful person, you have used Britney,you call Miley slutty, you can't get of Chris's back. I know you can't relate but woman will say things that cut to the heart (yes I am a woman). You show such anger in 85% of your blogs. Why so angry. Yes Chris was wrong but we all do wrong things if the dude can learn from it ok. If RiRi forgave him whay can't you

  21. 521

    What he did was horrible, but that does not affect his performance aas an artist. i totally agree with CoDy A!

  22. 522

    who cares about this anymore. i still luv chris brown and will to continue to support them both.

  23. 523

    People make mistakes and one should not determine your whole career. They both should seek help and counseling. And perez nor us should be the judge, you cannot change what happened but you can change yourself

  24. 524

    ….because people supported Humphrey Bogart, Elvis Presley, and Christian Slater after doing the same thing. People still support Woody Allen and he married his daughter!

  25. 525

    Re: RachelLani – People still supported Elvis Presley after he beat up Priscila. Dont cherry pick what is in the minds of people. We still celebrate Humphrey Bogart and he beat the hell out of his wife and he wasnt 19 when he did it. Just say no to hypocrisy!

  26. 526

    Re: laceandleather – Lace if you read on further…you would have noticed that i stated I have never purchased a Chris Brown album. That aside…Chris B is a 19 year old BOY who made a horrible decision. I am going to ruin him and right him off over this…NO. Give him a chance. I am more dissappointed right now in the fact that Rihanna may be going back to him or back with him. That should not happen.

  27. 527

    What bothers me is that I was with the father of my daughter for years brfore I left him beating me and all. twelve times at least the police took him away and at times I looked just as bad and he never did any more then a year all together for the six times I locked him up. What bothers me is Stars seem to get it worst then us normal people. in my case there was our child who suffered as well and mn did nothing like what ca is doing to CB. Dont get me wrong I in no way feel soory for him. I am just pisted at how different we normals are treated compared to hollywood. Mabye we should look into that more and not the case of CB Hell my ex when I left for good damn near kiled me first and he served three months-Jennifer Been just an ex beaten woman

  28. 528

    Re: ObamaistheMessiah
    "It is not possible for a Black Man to be racist."
    I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. in that case, it's referred to as jealousy.
    Rihanna grow a pair and get out of their love! You will always be subconsciously afraid of your man instead of trusting. FAIL

  29. 529

    he's got a pretty mouth, just made for prison gang-bangs.

  30. 530

    agree with cody A
    he has some good songs
    we all know he's an asshole and stufff but seriously
    i couldn't stop listening to his song poppin even if i tried
    just sayin!!

  31. 531

    This 19 year old boy is not some monstor that runs around beating woman up!! For grown ups not to remember young love is stupid!! And Perez, why aren't you mentioning the times before that she attacked him and he left!!! Or how about her beating him in the head with her HEELS!!! Tell the whole story not just half of it or maybe… MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS!!!!!

  32. 532

    Re: DivaDog – AMEN GIRL!!! I was in the same situation and nobody talked about boycotting my ex-husband's a**, Get the F**k over it and let these people move on with their lives!!!

  33. 533

    Re: JustSayin – In many states, such as MO. and KS, they are gathering up all the pit bulls in the counties and killing them. But Micheal Vick deserves to have his life ruined as well as his career? Not to mention this man in New York that has stolen what 80 billion dollars from people but he's still living at home!!! Come on now… Let's just try to keep it real sometime!!!! There are two different justice systems at work here and depending on what color hue your skin is depends on which justice system you get!! KEEP IT REAL!!!!

  34. 534

    That punk needs a good azz whoopin', Jay Z will do it

  35. 535

    Although I think what Chris Brown did was disgusting and Rihanna shouldn't go back to him, I think boycotting his music is ridiculous. How many artists that we still listen to were known to be involved in illegal activities, T.I., 50 Cent, and how many people are on drugs when they perform concerts. I think if we boycott Chris Brown's music for him committing a crime then we should do the same for everyone else. We can't choose between which crime is the worse…

  36. 536

    Re: claireylou


  37. 537


  38. 538

    Re: ObamaistheMessiah – Look you self riteous ass hole… excuse my spelling… racism is the belief that your own race is superior to other races, or the unjustified hate of another race. So, sir you are indeed a racist. AND you're a sexist chauvenistic PIG. it is NEVER ok to hit a woman and i want you to know that your hate will lead you to hell and you are a fucking hypocrite. Obama is about unity, how DARE you even attempt to associate yourself with his vision. AND btw I am a black woman, not a white devil. Go to hell!

  39. 539

    All you people who are all like, he's 19 what does he know, are fucking morons. It's not like he stole a candy bar from the store, cheated on his girlfriend, or beat up one if his guy buddies. Those are things that could be excused… but no. He beat his girlfriend up so bad she passed out. He bit her fucking ear off. Ok so none of yall -those who are blaming his age- see a problem with that? It'd be a different story if it was someone you knew. If it were your sister, or friend, or cousin, you'd be pissed off and you'd wanna kill the bastard. But since yall aren't close to it, you don't see it. What he did was wrong, he should be punished, and people should stop making excuses for him. Was Rihanna totally innocent? No. But did she deserve what she got, definately not. Yes she's weak and stupid for going back to him and yes she's just asking for it to happen again, but don't get it twisted. Chris doesn't deserve any of yall's sympathy for what he did and what he'll probably do again. And when he does do it again, I wonder how many of you will say 'Oh he's young and it was just a mistake." Remember, this wasn't his first offense, just the first time he really got caught.

  40. 540

    who care about his damn career
    his crap

    come on ladies you dont support him because of his career
    he actually dont care about people as u see…. why we should care about him!


  41. 541

    Re: BobFreeman – LMAO!!! :D :D Hayl naw!!! Funneh!

  42. 542

    Re: carolineyy – Yeah I wouldn't buy his stuff ever.
    I had once enjoyed the one song that goes like: "double your pleasure, double your fun…" now I don'tn anymore…

  43. 543

    this is disgusting chris needs to learn beating a women is gross and supporting him is just saying it's okay beat some more women and that nickelodeon stuff is crazy i really believe he should be put in jail and why would she even go back come on now

  44. 544

    Ugh, I don't get it.

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