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Angels In Waiting Turn A Little Devilish!

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So after it was announced that Octo-Mom was receiving aid from Angels in Waiting, the Angels said "Aw hell naw!" and posted the following statement on their website:

AIW Home Care is NOT and HAS NOT been connected in any way to Nadya Suleman, the Octuplets' Mother in California who gave birth to 8 additional children.

Angels in Waiting Home Care is NOT donating or supporting Nadya Suleman in any form.

Angels in Waiting Home Care has NEVER been associated with Ms. Suleman in any form.

Any company or persons using ANGELS IN WAITING Home Care is in violation of TRADEMARK LAWS
and AIW Home Care will pursue legal actions against anyone violating them.

Something SHADY is going down!

When will this damn soap opera end???

Update: Seems like there are more than just two "Angels in Waiting" orgs out there. This one is way pissed!

[Image via WENN.]

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65 comments to “Angels In Waiting Turn A Little Devilish!”

  1. 1

    Oh dear. Looks like Octo-Mom's on her own!

  2. 2

    WOW!!! Those are the kind of Angels that I love!!!!!

  3. 3

    It will end when you stopping posting about it

  4. 4

    Sounds good to me! Let her work for something

  5. 5

    Them babies will never go home with her. NO WAY!

  6. 6


  7. 7


  8. 8

    Also, there are multiple companies called Angels In Waiting. This isn't the one that offered care to Nadya.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    oh dear. those poor babies stuck with her.

  11. 11

    Maybe they ment Angels in the Outfield will be taking care of her children? Easy misunderstanding.

  12. 12

    poor poor babies

  13. 13

    unstable women =best sex

  14. 14

    please stop posting about this woman. you're enabling her.

  15. 15

    harry knows what im talking about

  16. 16

    Re: RedWingsFan – You said it whats next Jade Goody…

  17. 17

    She pulled the old Michael Jackson thing. She said that they were donating the time to her hoping that they would go along with the lie because of the publicity just like Michael Jackson used to say "Oh, I'm working with Justin timberlake on my next project" hoping that Timberlake would go along with the lie because Jackson used to be somebody. Guess it didn't work for either of them.

  18. 18

    It is Angels in Waiting USA not Angels in Waiting Home Care. Sorry I wish this bitch wasn't getting free nannies and nurses. I wish all those kids could go to a home or homes where the mom is not crazy but Angels in waiting USA is helping her. Angels in Waiting Home Care is a home healthcare agency in Ohio with a similar name.

  19. 19

    it'll end when you stop talking about it…

  20. 20

    When will this soap opera end? When idiots like you STOP GIVING HER FUCKING PRESS!

  21. 21

    Looks like they have her number… I hope that this is true and they aren't going to change their mind and help her. She is the one who CHOSE to be sperminated with the litter, I mean the babies… let her take care of them. I'm sure the agency has people they help that REALLY are deserving of it. She found a way to sucker her father into a house, maybe she can sucker him into providing a nanny service too.

  22. 22

    Has anyone else noticed that that WHORE called Dr Phil has been totally up this woman's ass lately? I thought it was he who got this deal together. He managed to get away with the Brittany fiasco, hopefully he'll crash and burn on this one.

  23. 23

    Re: guilty of being white – #11 HAHAHAHA!!!

  24. 24

    This is the email I sent to Angels in Waiting USA, who states its mission is to help FOSTER CHILDREN:

    Dear Ms. Confroti and Peebles,

    I am writing because I am infuriated to read reports that your organization is planning on providing nanny care for Ms. Suleman. I went to your site and was shocked to see that your mission deals with helping FOSTER CHILDREN, because last time I checked, Ms. Suleman's litter of children were in NO WAY FOSTER CHILDREN. Your organization should save your money to help forgotten foster children and the wonderful people who take them in. You should NOT waste your money on this idiot. $135,000 a month can help A LOT of deserving foster children.

    I am sorry to say that since you obviously do not hold true to your mission (which I believe is a very admirable mission), I will make certain NEVER to donate to your organization. I refuse to give money to organizations who would waste money on Ms. Sulman. Yes, her children need help, however, that is something she should have thought about before deciding to have a litter. Since she went forward with the pregnancy, SHE needs to be held accountable and responsible for taking care of the children, not organizations who should instead use their money on more deserving families. Otherwise, people are going to use having litters has a meal-ticket and we, as a nation, should do everything in our power to stop that from happening.

  25. 25

    HAHAHAHA oh, this is my favorite trainwreck EVER!

  26. 26

    Re: SAREsq – Tsk I dunno. You've got several grammatical and punctuation errors in there… I SUPPOSE I agree with the message (though I wouldn't give a crap about it enough to write to them).

  27. 27

    I hate this hormonal,crazy,FAKE bitch!
    what i really wanna know IS WHEN IS DUMB ASS DR. PHIL gonna adopt the 8 babies???????

  28. 28

    Re: SAREsq – hey did u write dr. phil? lol he needs a good bitching out!!!

  29. 29

    Hello the AIW Homecare agency knew the media was talking about AIW USA!! They want free publicity and are trying to start drama

  30. 30

    Thats is not what Dr Phil has posted on his website
    " Linda and Jackie from Angels In Waiting break down the realities of what it's going to take to care for these newborns. You'll be surprised to learn every detail they must consider to make the transition a success. Also, the women raise concerns about Nadya's new house. And, a few more angels surprise Nadya and her children with their generosity. You don't want to miss a minute of this show!"

  31. 31

    Forget it they are two different organizations and Angels in Waiting Home Care are not the ones that are stepping in.

  32. 32

    Yes, STOP mentioning her at all - and maybe she'll go away. I think they should make the damn Dr. that put 6 living eggs in her should pay for those babies for the rest of his life. Idiot!

  33. 33

    Re: john holmes – Your a sick fuck…but you are right!

  34. 34

    it was just on dr phil she did take the help wtf they are all messed up

  35. 35

    im watching Dr Phil right now and there are reps from AIW who are offering her help? wtf lol

  36. 36

    That is messed up. I am watching Dr. Phil right NOW and they have AIW representatives on saying they HAVE made an agreement to help her

  37. 37

    this bitch is suppose to be on dr.phil today; i'm recording it and rihanna nd chris brown are suppose to be on larry king live i think i saw the ad.

  38. 38

    They got free publicity be thanksful!! You fallen angels.

  39. 39

    SHe probably put the story out there herself, hoping that they would do it or something.

  40. 40

    this dumb bitch is becoming a usual in perez's rolodex of everyday "celebrities"……..

  41. 41

    perez shut up about this woman..
    the more publicity she gets on your site the more she'll be asking for and the more famous she will think she is

    im here to read about celebrities not a woman whos not right in her head

  42. 42

    I watched Dr Phil’s show today (I don’t plan on watching the second segment tomorrow)and I see no difference in Nadya and don’t have a better opinion of her as Dr Phil Phil said we would. She said that she feared Dr. Phil and his opinion of her and yet a few weeks ago she said the same thing about Orphan being the only one she feared in that respect.

    This is nothing against Dr Phil or Angels in Waiting but Nadya feels safe now because other care givers will be caring for her children 24/7 and not her. I’m still completely disgusted by her, her excuses and actions.
    Angels in waiting will not be there forever and then what?

    I hate to say this but Nadya is playing a game of pretending to be a grown up and it’s an act. The children will need lifetime care not 6 months of it.
    I’m recording the show but need a break because it’s almost too much to watch at this point.

    When Dr Phil asked her about the rumors that she would sell the birth video she admitted she is still thinking about it, she lied about the reason her latest publicist left and also said she lived in her own home while pregnant which is also a lie . She not only lived with her parent throughout all of her pregnancies but they were the ones who supported her and the children and raised them.

  43. 43

    For all of us who are worried about her 14 kids - once she gets the 8 from the hospital I'm sure she will accidentally kill at least 2 with her negligence. I wonder what CPS will do then, will they FINALLY get the rest of the kids out of there? Or do they have a percentage of how many kids the mother has to kill before they step in? And somehow I'm sure there will still be brainless twits who will defend her and say how she is "a loving, caring mother who just made a mistake when she killed a bunch of her kids"!

  44. 44

    That's wierd. AIW was on Dr. Phil today with her and agreeing to help her. They had a meeting at Dr. Phils house to discuss the details and everyone agreed. So she is getting help from AIW.

  45. 45


  46. 46

    Thank Goodness they are not helping her. When I read that AIW was "donating" nannies in Octo-crazy's home. I had lost all respect for them. This woman is like a petulant child who has to have things her way. Credible organisations should not give in to her. It's about time somebody puts their foot down to this woman. She is not fit to raise one child, let alone 14.

  47. 47

    Re: john holmes – unsettling, but so true john.

  48. 48

    Re: SAREsq
    I got a reply from Ms. Peebles from my email. It was short:

    These children may very well become foster children and they need the help to be strong enough so another family can enjoy them.

  49. 49

    LOL so this woman is becoming the most annoying woman in the world??? Yet there's people contributing to her cause??? WTF??? She is having probably a better living than any of the hard working americans who are NOT in the news daily because of their stupidity!
    I really feel sorry for us californians cause we have to pay for this foreign brutality!

  50. 50

    Re: PENNSYLVANIA GIRL – yeah I hate Dr. Phil now… what happened to him?? He is more and more pathetic as he gets more bold!

  51. 51

    So sick of her. She's insane. And living off (or trying to) everybody else whilst she sits back and does nothing. She's so annoying. I feel sorry for her children! She should get Brad and Ange to adopt them. hehe

  52. 52

    I just saw her again today, on DR PHIL and HE said Angels in Waiting was going to help her get the babies home. And there were reps from AIW there on the show. WTF?

  53. 53

    Everybody this lady claims is giving her charity immediately and emphatically denies it. I wonder if she's lying or they are? Why offer charity if you are ashamed to be associated with someone?

  54. 54

    Compulsive liar much?

  55. 55

    Somebody needs to check out this "Angels In Waiting USA". Their internet domain is registered to an address on an island off Portugal. Maybe a scam?

  56. 56

    Let's see… first she says a local church was going to buy her a house in an apparent attempt to force them to do so. Now she seems to have leaked information that Angels in Waiting was providing her with free child care in the hope of getting them to do it. Could she be any more pathetic?!?

  57. Madey says – reply to this


    Re: john holmes – No one is having sex with her ! Have you been under a fucken rock?

  58. tinat says – reply to this



  59. 59

    ppl we need to just out thoughts about this, to ourselves… its stupifd ass artivles, like this that keep mking her famous or should i say popular… STOP TALKING ABOUT HER AND SHE WILL BE DYING OF ATTENTION, and prolly get rid of her kids or even sell them for money dhe don thave- hahah, that would be funny, nd great

  60. 60

    mario, where do you get your information? this is obviously all bullshit since angels in waiting were on dr phil today and nadya IS recieveing help from them.

  61. 61

    everyday it is something else with this woman………the media will not back off of her because it is just like watching a trainwreck…..i feel sorry for the babies and her older children….these children deserve to be in proper homes with a safe and clean surrounding….. her 911 call that was on the news was bad plus all of the complaints from neighbors….her home sounds like it is not well managed or safe for kids…

  62. 62

    i just saw her on Dr.Phil today and there was some representatives from angels on there with her… wtf, do we have a hoax?

  63. 63

    haha that's funny

    "seems like there are more than just two "angels in waiting" orgs out there……this one is way pissed"

    love it

  64. Laxer says – reply to this


    It has given Mr Phil a reason to survive with his trash talk show…and I am sure HE is footing the bills. This unlicensed fraud makes my teeth itch.

  65. 65

    She is crazy,she needs to have all her kids in foster care.