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Jesse McCartney Says Too Much

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Singer Jesse McCartney says that despite all the dramz, he would like to work with both Rihanna and Chris Beat Her Down because he "loves what they do professionally."

Which is sort of fine, but then he opens his head some more and lets the verbal diarrhea flow, telling TV's Extra, "From what I’ve seen and from what I know of [Brown], he's always been a gentleman. I've always known him as just a really nice guy. He's always been supportive of me too. Even in the early years when he was on top and I was just building my way up. He's always been really supportive…I think he'll be okay."

Um, last time we checked, Chris isn't the one with healing multiple contusions!

Jesse, it's hard getting mad at you, but even with that adorable gayface, we just can't agree with you!

[Image via WENN.]

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72 comments to “Jesse McCartney Says Too Much”

  1. 1

    STFU Malcolm and get back in the middle.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Attention Seeking much?

  4. 4

    hes talking sense.

  5. 5

    Fuck Mario,who's little pee pee wouldn't you gobble? I doubt this one even has any hair down there!

  6. 6

    Get off the Rihanna train…choo choo…my train is about to be boarded!!!

  7. 7

    that's the thing about abusers … the most unlikely people can be one. so as much as a "gentleman" chris brown was it doesn't matter. he can get through it if he takes appropriate accountability for his actions. a half assed apology and a plea for misdemeanor is not enough.

  8. 8

    help rihanna.


  9. 9

    Mario his nose is browner than your's and that's quite a feat….

  10. 10

    i cant believe this guy. what a deuce. maybe he should have some sympathy for the one who got beaten-i.e. rihanna.


  11. 11

    you know what though…i cannot feel sorry for riri anymore..she chose to go back to him..she even admitted to this happening before,,1st time shame on him 2nd time shame on her..

  12. 12

    Re: harrybalsac – Old enough to pee…old enough for me!

  13. 13

    He Just Trying To Get Attention…But I Like THs WiggEr…LMFAO

  14. 14

    Geez, Perez. If you were that concerned with domestic violence, you would have hopped on this train a lot sooner than after such a public occurence. Domestic violence occurs everyday…and everyday before Chris Brown and Rihanna. Stop judging people because they are having positive opinions about the situation. Call Chris Brown, tell him how you feel and let it freaking go!

  15. 15

    I'm sure Chris Brown was really nice to hang out with (before he beat up his gf)and really good at what he was doing professionally, but the thing is… USING his gf to start "re-building" his career because of what he did to Rihanna… it's just WRONG!! The only two person who spoke the truth since the incident is Oprah AND Donald Trump. At least, them, they are not scared to watch their words OR even take it back (right USHER?!?)

  16. 16

    Ok Wee All Kow Why He did That…..AttentIon On His much Need Career….But I fucks Wit This WiggER…LMFAO

  17. 17

    Fine, so will he be working with OJ simpson next because he loves what simpson did on the Football Field? Or Michael Vick?

  18. Dana_ says – reply to this


    Re: harrybalsac
    thats not frankie muniz you retard

  19. 19

    Don't let that violent slut Rihanna ruin your brains people. Fuck the double standards, if that bitch wanted to be such a strong woman and hit a man, expect to get slapped the fuck back. Why would you hit him while he's driving a fucking car? Now people want to cry how unfair the trial is going, you know what's unfair when stupid women like her can get away with fucking both physical and mental abuse and still get back with her supposed "beater" we all know why they got back together. Bad publicity is still publicity and the bitch knows what she did wrong. But now she's the angel for taking him back LOL

  20. 20

    Ugh I love Jesse So Much! Way to Much! I hope he stops saying such lame things.

  21. Dana_ says – reply to this



  22. 22

    he'll be o.k.? what??? fucking shit for brain musicians

  23. 23

    Jesse loves terezowens.com

  24. 24

    His face definitely isn't adorable… but compared to Perez he's an Adonis.

  25. 25

    Re: Dana_ – Fuck Dana, thanks, I never would have know that except for the fact it says Jesse McCartney right at the top of the page! But It does kinda look like him don't you think? One other question Dana, how's my ASS taste FUCKTARD?

  26. 26

    Why are people so niave???? The music industry is based on "who you know", do you think Chris Brown is going to tell the world Hey i like to beat women and i have anger issues, he's just going to be nice to everyone professionally to move ahead.
    These retarded girls who think because hes on stage saying " hey I LOVE YOU TOO' hes some nice guy??????????????? He just wants you to buy his fucking CD. Be SMART people. Hes a big douche, and the sooner you realize that we can move on.
    People like jesse only wants his professional relationship to continue with brown so it may help him move forward in the industry!! so get a grip!!

  27. 27

    The Rihanna / Chris Beat Her Down saga exemplifies why mostly undereducated entertainers should not serve as ethical barometers, they are truly vacuous.

  28. 28

    ye chris will be fine i love chris and jesse and i'm glad he said this…..Perez I think you need new readers your readers all sound like they need a bit of anger managment themselves there so MEAN about everything! seriously where did you find them???

  29. 29

    how would it be ok for him to say he wanted to work with chris brown??? these guys are both doucebags.

  30. 30


  31. 31

    i find it so hard to believe he's not gay…or that he's not ten years old…especially with that squeaky voice

  32. 32

    and i love how he says "when I was building my way up"…as if he think's he's on top now…HAHAHAHAHAHA funny

  33. 33

    WTF-"gayface"? More like pimple face! (Maybe Jessica Simpson has a cure for that!) And what is all that innuendo about Chris Brown being on "top"? Well, of course Jesse you will have to be the bottom, or as Chris no doubt puts it, the "bitch." Just watch out for those choppers - he bites!

  34. 34


  35. 35

    This douche co-wrote one hit (bleeding love) and now he thinks he's the new timberland. He's a 1 hit wonder.

  36. MP says – reply to this


    Yeah, and most serial killers are charming nice guys too. Wake up Jesse.

  37. 37

    Re: carolineyy – honey…learn how to spell before you make annoying and ridiculous posts….
    douche, not deuce.
    and another thing, stop with those fucking posts about your little "petition".
    Rihanna is a HUMAN who controls what she does. Your little petition means nothing, she's not going to listen to 4,000 dumbasses who want to make choices for her.
    Stop being so ignorant and annoying. However, if you want to do something about domestic violence, I suggest you find another way.

  38. 38

    I love jess but i cant agree with him one this one, i hope chris wont get away with all this and deep down i think jesse knows the kind of person brown is

  39. 39

    ewww… whats happening with his skin???? :S

  40. 40

    IDIOT! He is obviously refering to his career and not the physical consequences… DUH!
    And stop calling straight guys gayface you just contribute to diminish the term gay!

  41. 41

    A leopard doesn;t change their spots and neither does j-Mcartney… A few months ago he spit on my friend and tried to get his friends to kick his ass. He is such a piece of white trash, FINALLY the world is getting to know this. I wish you had run the story when I told it to you P. Oh well, you see now!

  42. 42


  43. 43

    chris brown sucks!!!!

  44. 44

    Ok Perez, enough is enough. I dont agree with what Chris Brown did either, but you are trashing EVERYONE who says ANYTHING remotely positive about him! All the guy said was that Chris Brown has always been nice to him and that he would like to work with him professionally. Give it a rest….

  45. 45

    Yeah My ex Always made him self Look really good out in public until we got home then it was madness take good advice always get out while you can

  46. 46

    jesse mcCartney is a douche

  47. 47

    what a fucking douchebag.

    professional talent doesn't negate being a wifebeating


  48. 48

    First of all, things that you read are always taken out of context.
    Jesse has every right to say what he thinks.
    If that's his opinion, that's what it is.
    Personally, I can no longer feel sorry for Rihanna.
    Yes, I think its wrong to hit a woman.
    I think its wrong for any people to fight physically.
    But she went back to him.
    You're making it out like Jesse is a bad guy here, but he's not.
    I agree with him.

  49. 49


  50. 50

    its his opinion

  51. 51

    he's talking like chris brown is the victim

  52. 52

    hahahhaa jesse is so cute,perez why u gota fuck up his face lk tht??o well HE knws chris…nt U perez..lol so stop.

  53. 53

    Re: harrybalsac – LMAO!!!! Malcolm!!!
    Yeah McCartney sounds like he's talking outta his a$$! lol

  54. 54

    If his career ever goes really sour then he could be a spokesperson for Pro Active.

  55. 55

    dumbass sounds STUPID!

  56. 56

    Hey puberty!!!You would think that with all that money you should be making you could hire a make-up artist so she can charge you tons only to tell you to use Proactiv….hell I will do it for free use Proactiv and get your brows done son…

  57. 57


  58. AMO says – reply to this


    When Hollywood is asked about this, they tend to try to convince themselves that it didn't happen in their answer. I don't get it! But then again Rihanna did go back to him as if it didn't; so…

  59. 59

    what a bullcrap

  60. 60

    i don't see anything wrong with what he said.
    he's just making the point that he's as surprised
    as everyone and that's not the Chris Brown he knew.
    he's not condoning violence.

  61. 61

    Whoa, where the fuck did he come from all of a sudden?!
    Ha ha, I haven't seen two people's domestic problems bring so many other people into the lime light.
    That is just crrazzzy, I haven't seen Jesse McCartney in years, and I think the guy is great, but where the fuck did he come from?

  62. 62

    His cheeks are always puffy because they are filled with sperm.

  63. Colls says – reply to this


    Last I heard Rihanna is stick with Chris. Last I heard they are working together as well. Obviosuly Rihanna NEVER called in any complaints about her boyfriend, in the past or with the most recent. How about WE ALL stop giving her a PITY party, lets be honest if the witness didn't call to report it in than this wouldn't even be an issue or all Perez talks about anymore.
    Its wrong what he did to her but she is just as bad for allowing it to continue. I do feel bad for Chris and what he did was wrong but if Rihanna really wanted to press charges she would of but she didn't.

  64. Laxer says – reply to this


    I agree with Perez…Jesse should just smile and look pretty. Never talk, J

  65. 65

    seriously!!! how can ppl still try to support chris brown no matter how rich or w.e they are

  66. 66

    He is cute..I love his songs..

  67. 67

    = )

  68. 68

    i lubb his songs!
    their awsome!

  69. 69


  70. Cj. says – reply to this



    You all need to stfu. I am so tired of hearing about Chris Brown and Rihanna, shes so dumb she fucking went back to him. Your only hating on Jesse because he doesnt agree with YOU! He had every right to say that. And yes that is a bad pic of Jesse, but so what you want to tell me you dont get acne, or you take perfect pictures everytime? Your just JEALOUS. Get over yourselves and give him a break. ESPECIALLY YOU, PEREZ. You want to say GAYFACE? your the one thats gay.

  71. 71

    Excuse me?! Gayface?! Whatever.

  72. 72

    Leav him alone perez…hes not the bad guy here…and really guys? Jesse is an amazing singer and actor. Yeah this is a bad picture of him…but do you all take perfect pics?