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Miley Parking In The Handicapped Spot, Real Classy

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Why does Miley Cyrus continue to break the law and get away with it? Does she really deserve all these free passes?

As we've mentioned before, Slutty has been spotted several times riding her bicycle without a helmet. And according to California law, it is ILLEGAL for a minor under the age of 18 to do so without wearing proper headgear. The same way it is ILLEGAL to park your car in a handicap space without a permit.

Sunday night, Cyrus and her "straight" boyfriend Justin Gaston decided to go out for a bite of sushi. Afterwards the two and a friend decided to stop by Millions of Milkshakes for some dessert.

That's when wildchild Cyrus thought she was entitled to park in a handicap parking. Cause she can do whatever she wants, ya know.

Sorry Miley, but being mentally handicapped doesn't allow you to park in that spot! Especially without a permit!!!

And, seriously, how did this girl even pass her driver's exam? What should have been a very easy backing out in her small Toyota Prius took Miley several attempts to properly leave the spot. To which she then told the paparazzi, “I’m just saying, that was some intense backing up!”



Check it all out (above).

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396 comments to “Miley Parking In The Handicapped Spot, Real Classy”

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  1. 201

    Re: justtfax
    Amen to that! NY has a program thing like that??? That's good! Ohio needs it too!!!!!!

  2. 202

    seriously leave her alone. i love miley.

  3. 203

    Re: Original.Flavour – they have to be in the passenger seat next to you when you have your permit im pretty sure–in case you lose control of the vehicle/need help with something.

  4. 204

    Whatever, grow up Perez. I mean, the biking thing, it is the law but sadly.. not many in general use a helmet anymore. And that is not because of Miley. It's not her fault, it almost never is. And this parking issue.. well honestly, I understand but this was at like a milkshake place at night. The parking lot was probably empty anyway.

  5. 205

    Re: justtfax – there are bigger things to get your panties in a bunch over….

  6. 206

    she would

  7. 207

    I NEVER park in a handicapped parking place because it is where most coloreds like to park an I hate to take their space. You see it many times everyday some big fat black woman with a smoke hanging out of her grisly mouth or some droopy drawered darkie retard about 17 taking one of the spaces. To them it;s like an Acadamy Award to have a Cripples Parking Tag?

  8. 208

    start picking on her when you cn spell handicapped you dumbfuck!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 209

    Unless it is a medical emergency, there is NO EXCUSE for taking a handicapped space away from someone in a wheelchair or on crutches, etc. — certainly not to get a milkshake. I think she is so self-centered because she has been raised that way. It's obvious to me that she, the little cash cow, wears the pants in the Cyrus family. She is therefore totally selfish and can't comprehend that other people have needs/feelings, etc. She has been raised to be a little horror and seems to be losing her fan base, so things should get real interesting, real quick.

  10. 210

    To BritneySpearsCAN'TSing: For some reason I cannot reply to your comment. When did this become an issue about me? This is a post about Miley Cyrus! I don't care if you think I have greasy hair, look stupid, look ugly, and 14. Because I know I am none of those things. Please resist the temptation to post malicious, hurtful things about others on the internet, when they are merely trying to state their opinions–however right or wrong they may be.

  11. 211

    Okay it was rude of her to park in the handicapped spot, but really don't make fun of her for not being able to back up. She's just learning how to drive!
    Also, She seems way sweet and at least she's friendly to the paparazzi unlike some d-bags in hollywood.

  12. 212

    Perez you need to find some better news then that… I'm sure you speed right? I'm sure you get dirty in a public bath…well we all know as long as you don't get caught it's not illegal. she knows what's right and what's wrong and if she's willing to take the risk and I'm sure she can afford the penalty so be it. Don't hate cause she gets away with it. find some newsworthy stories like why does ANGELINA JOLIE is looked like as a hero when she adopts all these foreign kids when there are sooo many children here in america that need a parent? It's sad that it's become a fad among the rich thanks to her. How about you call her out on that. I'd be proud of you then!!

  13. 213

    Re: sassygirl8302 – ohio has bigger things to worry about…such as hooker teachers, rampant murder and violence and, my favorite, the father that commits murder/suicide to his family every other week. handicap parking offenders seems a waste of time in my opinion.

  14. 214

    Re: the last star – Hey, my bff/love! I did miss you today! I am home, but almost falling asleep as I type this. Hopefully we'll talk more tomorrow. :)
    I can't believe how jealous Mario is of this girl.
    Have a good night!
    Mistress, hello! I hope you and your loved ones are fine. Talk to you soon. :)

  15. 215

    She is the biggest idiot I've ever seen in my life.

  16. 216


  17. 217

    at least she was kind of nice to the guy. i'll give her that one.

  18. 218

    so i don't even really like miley cyrus but at least she was really nice to the paparazzi. i mean she was hella chill and that's respectable-even if she is a lil re re when it comes to driving.

  19. 219

    it makes me really sad that so many people are posting saying that it's okay to park in a handicapped spot, if it's only for a few minutes. IT IS NEVER OKAY TO PARK IN A HANDICAPPED SPOT YOU ASSHOLES!!! The reason people like me need those spots is not because they're close but because there's a lot of extra room for us to get our wheelchairs out of our cars. And when disgusting inconsiderate people park in those spots, people who actually need them suffer. it's bullshit. don't park in handicapped parking spots unless you need it. that's ridiculous and LAZY

  20. 220

    What right doies this stupid little BITCH WHORE think she has paking in a handicap spot? someone needs to turn this into the police and they should ticket her ass

  21. 221

    What right does this stupid little BIIIIITCH WHOOOOORE think she has paking in a handicap spot? someone needs to turn this into the police and they should ticket her asssssss

  22. 222

    What right does this stupid little *****think she has paking in a handicap spot? someone needs to turn this into the police and they should ticket her

  23. 223

    Re: SnowAngel1224 – Actually its the front seat. They have to be able to easily reach the wheel. And if shes hanging out with people over the age of 25 then that is just creepy.

  24. 224

    turn the video into the cops and demand they do something. Who does this skank nasty think she is parking in a handicap spot

  25. 225

    is it really necessary to be so effing obsessed with a 16 year old girls life? so what she makes mistakes… TONS of other celebrities make mistakes FAR WORSE then "parking in a handicap spot" or "not wearing a helmet" (ps wtf? really? miley should be punished for not wearing a helmet? good god, what a terrible crime. i think this one takes priority over everything else that's going on in this world.) however they're mistakes are not magnified to such a level where EVERYTHING they do is wrong.
    just leave her alone, man. you remember being 16? yeah, life wasn't so perfect, I'll be you made a lot of mistakes too. get over it and find something more important to talk about.

  26. 226

    Wow perez lighten up a little we know that you are jealous that miley is a rich young girl and she just got her license so maybe it was tricky for her to back up you just find every little thing to pick on about her! Back off!!!!
    TEAM MILEY!!!!!!

  27. 227

    this pisses me off BIG TIME

  28. 228

    Re: carolineyy – Thank you at least someone agrees with me i love miley and that spot was hard to back out of she is a new driver! demi has the sluttiest pics on the web yet perez loves her!!!

  29. Rick says – reply to this


    my only concern for this girl is that she is driving a Toyota Prius!! I mean, really? If you want to go for that whole green image trend, at least give it a few years after you've owned some fabulous cars and are trying to appeal to yuppies. This girl may have millions, but she is being deprived of having a real car all for the sake of image…and that Prius isnt going to help in selling her albums, so, it's a waste.

    What a shame.

  30. Tonka says – reply to this


    "WHO the HELL parks in a handicap spot ANYWAY!?!?! I thought those were for celebritards? I mean OMG! Those spots are like in all of the best places!!!! It is only fair that like some of us get to like you know use them. Man you are like so judgemental." -Whatever! You some some of you duchewads think that way just because it is Billy Ray Trailer Park's brat. The Cyrus brat is just that. Get a life. The space is marked for the handicaped leave it for them.

  31. 231

    you mispelled handicapped

  32. 232

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons… – I was chatting to HM and asked to pass on my details to you (o:

  33. 233

    this is still up? have you heard of updating?

  34. 234

    Oh please Perez, leave her alone… if it was anyone else you wouldn't of said anything.. it's just cause your jealous of how many fans she has and that she has justin & you dont'!

  35. 235

    Re: Jezzebelle is Bold – you seem really upset. Go have some sex then log on again and comment :)

  36. 236

    who gives a fuck? no one wears a helmet.
    she didn't even do badly, that was a narrow spot.
    yeah, she shouldn't have parked there, but other than that, who GIVES A FUCK?

    GET A LIFE PEREZ! DO SOMETHING THATS GOOD FOR THE SOCIETY! instead of contaminating the internet with this garbage.

    This is like harassment, If I were her, I'd slap your ass with a lawsuit. Freedom of speech my ass, this is pathetic. Your pathetic.

  37. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    "Miley Parking In The Hadicapped Spot, Real Classy"
    Put your spell check on Mario!!!!!!!!!!
    Now who's the idiot?

  38. 238

    what are you talking about Perez you psycho "tried multiple times"? I only saw her back out once. sure, she backs out slowly, but she didn't "try multiple times". Do you lie often like that in your column? I have a feeling you do. Better watch out, what 'credibility' you do have will evaporate if you keep up crap like that. You come off as seriously unhinged "she didn't wear a helmet! she broke the law!". you really are psycho, you know that? She's a teenager. and who the hell wears a helmet riding a bike. Seriously Perez, get a fucking grip. It's getting creepy.

  39. 239

    i know right perez.
    why cant we regular 16 year old girls
    get away with so much shit like miley can

  40. 240

    Her boyfriend is gay… btw where she parked is not illegal at the time she was there, every other homo in weho parks there after six when the citibank is closed… they usually come back there around midnight and start bolowing each other after a couple of drinks at the abbey… I should know it's my Saturday night routine.

  41. 241

    Yet she still drives better than Britney!! Yee Haw!!

  42. 242

    Ohhh please perv-ez Hilton leave Miley Cyrus alone… It's just unbelieveble that someone as old as you is that jealous for a teenager girl… Get a life and stop being so Stupid… listen to me: ((((((LET MILEY ALONE))))))

  43. 243

    Re: BBBoricua loves Angels & Demons… – sorry I missed you a friend came over and he's going thru a seperation so I couldn't blow him off.I didn't think he would stay that long!!!

  44. 244

    For some reason I finally decided to make an account and include myself in this "Miley" discussion.
    One thing I really have to comment on is the handicapped parking. I do realize that it was "at night" and it was "really fast" but it's the ethics of the matter. It's rude and disrespectful to park in a spot specified for those who need it. Handicapped people get milkshakes, too, and they aren't all over the age of 60.
    Also, that's kind of embarrassing that she was incapable of backing out of a spot like that. She really does need to work on driving. You would figure she's had SOME practice…
    And those out these bitching about Perez and how he has no life: you guys aren't really doing much for society either commenting on an article about a mishap by Miley Cyrus. The world today is obsessed about celebrity life, it's just how it goes.
    I just happen to be bored, maybe that's your excuse.

  45. 245




  46. 246

    Re: Mistress – HEY MISTRESS I'M BACK!!!!

  47. 247

    Re: Hot Buns – WELL HELLO SWEET BUNS!!!

  48. 248

    heres something else thats illegal…when you first get your license as a minor, its just a provisional license. sooo, since its still provisional, shes not allowed to drive people around that are under 25 and don't have their license for one year. stupid miley.

  49. 249

    Re: elvisray – blowing is your Sat night routine? lol be clear on your comments lol

  50. 250

    Sometimes I park in handicapped spaces
    While handicapped people make handicapped faces.
    -Denis Leary

  51. 251

    If it wasen't for handicap spaces .I would never find a spot to park!!!!

  52. 252

    Perez, do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
    I mean what kinda 30+ year old bashes on a 16 year old?
    We all know you're jealous and envious that people like her more than u.. keep thinking you're loved, perez. But seriously, you're just sad.
    At least she has motives and beliefs unlike you who sits at his computer eating cheeseburgers and tacos from the mexican grill down the street. Just STFU.
    I love the jonasbrothers too, but I gotta admit you piss me off even when you start praising them like their Gods. They act just the same as Miley… and they're good friends with Miley. Just get a life, please?

  53. 253

    day n nite at the background
    i love that song hahah

  54. 254

    Re: Giselle_ – More idiot posters who love big fat queers with bad hair named Perez.

  55. 255

    Re: the last star – hiya QTPie! Sorry to hear about your friend going through hard times. How are you doing?

  56. 256

    I really don't care how rich you are, or how famous you are, or how "adorable" you think you are. If you park in a handicap space, and you're not handicapped, I'm gonna be there waiting for you when you return, and I'm gonna punch you right in the mouth. And you won't say anything, because you'll know you deserve it. Bitch.

  57. 257

    u no perez, I think ur a pretty cool person, but I think ur crossing the line here, yes u r a blogger, and keep ur thoughts to urself plz, I am not a fan of Miley cyrus, but calling someone else who's not even considered an adult mentally handicapped ain't gonna help u very much in life, I believe she hasn't done you any wrong to deserve that type of accuse from u. act your age perez!!!

  58. 258

    WHY ARE YOU SO NEGATIVE! I mean seriously…who hasn't accidentally parked in the handicapped zone? It happens to just everyday regular people and when one realizes it it's usually like "omg shit…I didn't see that" so it's understandable if a celeb does it considering that a MILLION paps are fallowing her everywhere.

    Why do you continue to gang up on a poor teenage girl. As if she's not allowed to make mistakes. That's apart of growing up. I don't see why you continue to pick on children for gods sake. You are like ancient compared to her and yet you go out of your way…constantly to attack a teenager.

    PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN AGE. YOU are famous for attacking FAMOUS people who earned their way to where they are. You are nothing but a flea on a camels back…purely along for the ride, sucking their blood to survive and really not having much if a purpose.

  59. 259

    They're this generation's "Beverly Hillbillies." The Cyruses are worse than the Hiltons, and I never thought I'd say that about anyone.

  60. 260

    this site is so messed up

  61. 261

    Another indicator that Miley really is not that smart- you don't need a key to get into a Prius- or to drive it. My family has a Prius, and as long as you have the key on your person/in your bag, you will be able to start the car. Then to start the car, all you do is press a button!!! So Miley- what was the point of getting out your key? A longer photo op? Or did you really just forget how high tech your car is?!?!?

  62. 262

    I've been there a few times and when the parking lot is full, the valet guy lets me park in the handicap parking as long as I'm out within ten minutes. Besides, the handicap spot is only useful if the customer is entering the bank because the parking lot is definitely unsafe for someone handicap. Its steep and bumpy. My daughter tripped! By the looks of it, the bank was closed.

  63. 263

    Re: TaylorJordan – so your saying she so fucking stupid and blind she can't see the sign right in front of her.
    Hopefully someone will run over this self absorbed little bitch and paralyze her. Then she can park in the fucking spot!!

  64. 264

    I'm doing fine dear,thanks for asking.I really like ur new avi.With buns that sweet you definately dont need any icing lol !!!

  65. 265

    I'm pissed, but not even surprised. I'm sure karma will take care of the "non-handicapped" part though. I'd steer clear of construction sites, and avoid wearing heels if I were her…

  66. 266

    Re: ms. wheelchair mass – I agree with you!!! May I ask what your SN means? Im guessing Like a beauty pagent for ppl in wheelchairs? That'd be sooo kewl!!!

  67. 267

    Perez You Are Such A HATERR.
    I Honestly Dont See How your Even "Known"

  68. 268

    Re: Pixiedust – Did you just change your Avi?

  69. 269

    Re: thatguyagain – Or when people that are clearly not handicapped park in the handicapped spots using a handicapped permit. I've seen knock offs for sale at various places…

  70. 270

    hot and sweet buns!

  71. 271

    Re: .perezhilton.com – why do you waste your time coming to the website and writing here if you don't like it?

  72. 272

    Re: Hot Buns – G'night honey buns but I't been a long day!!
    And perez is putting me asleep! See ya tomorrow!!

  73. 273

    You fat sperm sucking father fucker. I seriously think that you are some sort of pedofile. You seem to worry more about what all the little boys and girls are up to than offer any real views about whats realy going on. I realize that you make your living bashing other people just to make yourself look good, but why dont you stick to the older folks instead of continually bashing kids. I can hardly wait for tye day when you will get you just deserts

  74. 274

    it is also ILLEGAL for a minor that hasnt had her liscence for a full yr to drive a car with Sum 1 younger than 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 275

    There was some strange thing on the windshield of the Prius that almost looked like she has the car on loan from the dealer (as a publicity stunt).

    Two things though
    1. Most Priuses have back up cameras. It makes backing up incredibly easy, making it even worse that she had such problems

    2. Most Priuses have keyless entry, which made the "get my key" thing a little odd. You can leave your key entirely in your purse and the car will unlock when you touch the door handle (and you start it with the power button).

    Finding a newer Prius without those two options is rather uncommon, since that would be the base model, which is very rare and even hard to find.

  76. 276

    those spots aren't JUST for handicapped people. they're also for celebrities and jailbait. so, miley has got 2/3 down pat. i must say though, it's really cute how nice she is to the paparazzi. i mean, she knows their names??

  77. 277

    Role model my ass.
    It's like she doesn't realize that she is NOT a normal teenager.
    She WANTS to be a role model but she does some dumb shit.
    She really needs a reality check.
    She is not a normal teen.
    She is supposed to be a role model.
    She is not handicapped.
    Stay the fuck away from handicapped spots, retarded bitch. -_-
    If someone who is handicapped needed that spot I bet she wouldn't have done shit. She would have kept her greedy and ungrateful ass in her car. Or lef her car in that spot.

  78. 278

    Let's talk about what really is important…How many people went to the book store in Miami Beach, for the signing of your book? How many? Very little, uh? That is the reason you haven't mention it.- So you distract us trashing a 16 years old girl. Very "mainly" of you Perez….

  79. 279

    Re: the last star – Goodnight sexy Talk to you tomorrow.

  80. 280

    Spell check Prez.. spell check..

  81. 281

    Oh my god. You guys could find ANYTHING to pick on Miley about! this is ridiculous! I see at least, AT LEAST, one person every day do this and not get a ticket. No one cares to mention how she was so polite to the paparazzi. Totally true, Pwn3d!, by the way.

  82. 282

    her boyfriend needs to be arrested for fucking little girls

  83. 283

    Put a lid on it. Move on. No one is going to be convinced to jump on your hater band wagon? They either like her or they don't. i don't know what she did to piss you off, but you are starting to look slightly psycho .. always bringing her up on the stupidest accounts. Just saying. It's a little more than obvious you are out to get her for some reason? Kind of like the Jen thing. Still pissed she sued you for publishing stolen photos of her boobs on a movie set. Move on dear. Move on.

  84. 284

    I think it;s time for a list.

    1. Ordinary people don't park in handicapped spots. Heartless people do.
    2. We all know she should get fined for the fair $1200 but she won't.
    3. So what if Perez is "picking on" Slutty Cyrus? It's not like she doesn't deserve it. You say he's picking on a CHILD but she thinks she is an ADULT so it's fair game. He can pick on her and she can do it right back. She just chooses not to because she knows everything Perez is saying is true.
    4. She needs to get over herself. She's all " I'm Miley and I can park in handicapped spots and do illegal things in front of children because at the end of the day, when i bend over they all wanna kiss my ass". Stupid country-ass bitch.
    5. I wish she would just fall off the face of the earth.
    6. All of you Perez-Haters are just making him famous. You make accounts on here to bash him? More accounts, more comments, more site views. I'm sure he is thanking you right now.

  85. 285

    california law also states you may not drive with someone under the age of 25 your first 6 months of licensing

  86. 286

    Perez - just face it you are mad because 1. You are a vagina even though you don't have one (your stinky anus doesn't count) 2. Miley kindly turned down Katy Perry's offer to kiss a girl -she has taste who would want to kiss a horse face like Katy. 3. You obsess with young successful girls who won't fight with a grown man like you. 4. You are a bully.
    Your obsessing with Miley should land you a restraining order from and her lawyers should sue you for harassment and defamation of character. Any logical person would see you have a vendetta. It's not cute!

  87. 287

    Re: ck2010 – shes 16 not 15, she can drive without anyone in the car, its when you have your permit that you have to drive with someone 21^

  88. 288

    So for the first year you have your license you're not suppose to drive around people under 16 years old? Hmph, well then Miley isn't the only person breaking that law! TONS (most of american teens I bet) of teens are breaking that law… and without knowing. I sure as heck didn't know that, nor was ever told that.
    Miley shouldn't have parked in that spot, but no harm was done, so people need to chill out, this is very minor. What's the worst that coould happen in that situation? The guy waiting in the car calls up Miley and she moves. It's not like she parked in the handicap spot at a hospital… it's and MILKSHAKE spot of goodness sake.

  89. slgee says – reply to this


    Dude, she's only just learning how to drive, and she didn't hit anything or anybody, so it wasn't a bad job.

  90. 290

    Re: ck2010 – I care if she parked in that spot! I have friends who are disabled! When people like her take those parking spaces, my friends can't stop at those establishments because the regular parking spaces are too far to walk without pain or not wide enough to accomodate wheelchairs! I normally don't care what Miley does, but I do care when she pulls insensitive, selfish stunts like parking in a handicapped parking space.

  91. 291

    shes so annoying

  92. 292

    Re: ms. wheelchair mass – It is lazy and rude. We should be happy we are blessed enough to have the ability to walk and show some respect too.

  93. 293

    Re: the last star

    No - Somebody has a name close to mine. I will always keep the same one as that way it is easier for my friends to find me as I am not on here very often.
    Thamk you for asking. Hope that you are having a great night.

  94. 294

    Gotta agree with Perezstein on this one..

    Miley may only be 16, but if she's old enough to drive she should be wise enough to know that it isn't legal to park in handicap spots being a non handicap.

    But you can't expect much from the hillbilly, genes n' all.

  95. 295

    Seriously. Get over it. She's 16. You're only giving her more publicity by talking about her. I hope one day Miley bitch slaps you. I'd love to see that.

  96. 296

    Really, you have nothing better to report on than a 16 year old? Please, get a life.

  97. 297

    i doubt anyone will read this since its like the 300th comment. but my problem isnt with her parking in the handicap spot. its weho, parking is rare and she just wanted to get her milkshake really quick! i would do the same thing if i knew id be in and out really quick.

    my problem is that a 16 year old is driving in weho late at night. i know i know. that sounds really old man and hypocritcal. but still! its a busy place. and a new driver shouldnt be there! that is all exacerbated by the fact that shes driving her boyfriend around. call me old fashioned, but it should be the other way

  98. 298

    I wonder if Miley takes it in the ass. And, if so, does she let Justin cream pie that tight little brown-eye star fish of hers.

  99. 299

    Sometimes I park in the handicap spaces, while handicap people, make handicap faces. I'm an asshole, e-o, e-o-e-o.
    I'm suprised no one else thought of that. Dennis Leary anyone?
    Well, I said it on the first page, and I'll say it again; Leave Miley alone. She's just jamming out as a teenager. I know when I was 16 a few years back I was doing alot worse things- y'know, like stealing, doing drugs, fighting bitches, setting fires in public, and vandalizing the shit out of buildings.
    Miley's pretty awesome in my opinion.

  100. 300


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