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Miley Parking In The Handicapped Spot, Real Classy

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Why does Miley Cyrus continue to break the law and get away with it? Does she really deserve all these free passes?

As we've mentioned before, Slutty has been spotted several times riding her bicycle without a helmet. And according to California law, it is ILLEGAL for a minor under the age of 18 to do so without wearing proper headgear. The same way it is ILLEGAL to park your car in a handicap space without a permit.

Sunday night, Cyrus and her "straight" boyfriend Justin Gaston decided to go out for a bite of sushi. Afterwards the two and a friend decided to stop by Millions of Milkshakes for some dessert.

That's when wildchild Cyrus thought she was entitled to park in a handicap parking. Cause she can do whatever she wants, ya know.

Sorry Miley, but being mentally handicapped doesn't allow you to park in that spot! Especially without a permit!!!

And, seriously, how did this girl even pass her driver's exam? What should have been a very easy backing out in her small Toyota Prius took Miley several attempts to properly leave the spot. To which she then told the paparazzi, “I’m just saying, that was some intense backing up!”



Check it all out (above).

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396 comments to “Miley Parking In The Handicapped Spot, Real Classy”

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  1. 301


  2. 302

    Re: the last star – Hey Star. Friends in need buddy . . . (o:

  3. 303

    Re: Pixie Dust and Beer – Hey Pixie - I was wondering for a second too - but I knew the beer was an integral part to you - LOL
    My kinda girl. (o:

  4. 304

    LOL - Star I missed you again. (o:

  5. 305

    Re: Mistress
    You are so right. One must never forget the Beer. Come on - what good is Pixiedust without a Beer chaser - LOL :)

  6. 306

    FUUUUUUCK THAT STUPID SLU!!!! she has the worst perspnality…. and the worst voice?look EVERTRRRRRR

  7. 307

    Leave her alone, seriously Perez. I don't even like her or her music, but your posts on her are beyond ridiculous.

  8. 308

    because she wants to!

  9. 309

    I can see why Perez hates Miley, but she is funny as hell. You gotta give her credit. It takes balls to make it in Hollywood, even if your daddy does help you out.

  10. 310

    You kiss ass to two of the biggest sluts around … Madonna and Britney Spears. I think you're jealous of Miley. Mmm hmm.

  11. 311

    what a bitch

  12. Cas_ says – reply to this


    Love the generalisation of "cripple"….my neice is 4 and has a disabled permit for her cerebal palsy and other things but she is definatly no "damn cripple"….Your as much of a twunt as miley, lets hope you never have an accident and become one yourself ey….

  13. 313

    I don't know what she did to you but for gods sake she's a teenager - grow up Perez.

    Having said that, my son has a disabled parking badge and it is infuriating when we can't get a space because it's being used by someone without one.

  14. 314

    This is a 16-year-old girl you're continuously attacking. Could you at least wait until she turns 18? It's really sad to see someone take joy in verbally attacking and demeaning a child.

  15. 315

    nobody should park in a handicap spot even tho a lot of people do, it wouldnt hurt anyone to walk a bit and park furthur away

  16. 316

    Re: PixieDust and Beer – You're just gorgeous in any language! Where in the US do you hail from?

  17. 317

    Geez louise Perez - I understand that now you've personally become uber-famous and are being feted by celebrities everywhere and just have NO time at all for your blog anymore - but couldn't you at least pay someone else to update for you so we dont have to pop in and out over a period of fucking HOURS only to see the same story sitting there.
    The only reason you've had more hits thru Sitemeter is the added publicity that your site received with your media tour - but fuck me, why would people stay? Why do we stay? I may have to ponder that further.
    Update Perez - your twelve and a half minutes were up fucking hours ago.

  18. 318

    Re: Mistress

    I live in Madison Wisconsin, USA. Since Milwaukee, WI. is the Beer Capitol of the USA, you can see where my love of the brew came from LOL

  19. 319

    lay off these young girls, do you really think they are fair game??

  20. 320

    -shes a tard!

  21. 321

    Let's see if the police give her a citation seeing how it is on tape that she was in a handicapped spot.

  22. 322

    At least shes not running red lights like someone else we know…..

  23. 323

    Re: LizardKinG – Don't forget the part with her kids in the back seat.
    Good point.

  24. 324

    She's awesome

  25. 325

    an update to your lame ass site would be appreciated..ass

  26. 326

    im pretty sure she slept with her driving instructor to get it
    but what else, its how they roll in LA

  27. -liz- says – reply to this


    The more I see her the more I like her! And as for Justin Gaston…can you say smokin'!!!! To be honest who cares about her parking in the disabled spot…they got their ice-cream to take away so they were probably parked there about 2 minutes!
    She seemed to be cool with the papparazi as well! She was chilled and totally normal there.

  28. 328

    We are not communists here in North America. People who constantly rat out other people in the name of the law are communists - see Germany & Nazi's on yahoo for a refresher. Sure this is just a little thing but even Nazi's had to start somehere. You go a little too far. This young, underage girl you continue to harass was polite and sweet on camera and wasn't harming anyone. So Miley insulted you once - get over it. Seriously, you are offended by her not wearing a helmut, get over your self and false sense of importance.

  29. 329

    ew. i hate her..

  30. 330

    I love Miley. You have a stick up your ass, PH.

  31. 331

    16 Perez! Give the girl a break not a fricking complex. Me thinks that there's some pent up homophobic bullying one might have received as a teen that needs to be vented at one's next therapy session.

  32. 332

    ewwwwwwwwww shes is a slut

  33. 333

    Indeed she is young, but that is precisely why someone needs to reel this girl in fast. The bike helmet infractions may be a bit much but there is no excuse for parking in a handicapped spot and for not adhering to the limitations imposed on young drivers. She seems to think she is above the rules and may one day find herself in far greater trouble than a potential fine for parking where she shouldn't.

  34. 334

    Yeah, that really pisses me off!! Growing up, my best friend's family had a handicapped boy. He had muscular dystrophy and was confined to a wheelchair. His mother had to do everything for him and, it may not seem like much, but having that closer spot really helped this grossly over-burdened and angelic woman.
    No matter who you are, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO USE THAT SPOT WITHOUT DISABILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 335

    Sodomy is also illegal you crazed buttfucking beaner.

  36. 336

    I don't care if she's "only 16" - there's NO excuse for parking in a handicapped spot for even 2 minutes. The people who are defending her have obviously never been affected by a handicap. Spoiled brat.

  37. 337


  38. AMO says – reply to this


    What a bitch! I have no tolerance for able bodied people that park in the handicapped spots. It doesn't matter if she was there for a few minutes; a person who was disabled could've needed it. She's proved time and time again that she's a brat and inconsiderate. She's right up there with Blohan as far as I'm concerned. Wait til she turns 18; she'll give Lins a run for her money…

  39. 339

    riding her bike without a helmet?
    are you serious perez? really?
    grow up and talk about something interesting besides a 16th yr old ur crazy jealous of.

  40. 340

    I didn't think that she was THAT bad. It was a very small parking lot. I probably would have been just as cautious about it and I've been driving for 10 years…

    And I thought her comment was cute, too. She seems friendly w/ the paparazzi and that's kinda refreshing since one hand does wash the other.

  41. 341

    She needs to watch that Seinfeld episode and see what happened to George when he parked his car at a handicapped spot.

  42. 342

    Man Perez,
    I see being dissed by her really stuck in your craw!! It still stings huh : )
    As for the parking, some of you self righteous pple need to STOP. I've seen folks with nothing the matter with them park in handicapped spaces plenty enough to know many are guilty of the same thing.
    GET OVER IT PEREZ! No Matter how much you support her "RIVALS", Miley is still kicking ass, making money hand over fists. Selena Gomez: Failure, Demi Lovatto: failure, Jonas brothers: Failure. LOL! My nieces all still love MILEY : )

  43. 343

    Seriously people need to stop being such assholes with miley.what did she do?! I mean seriously who wears a helmet anymore?!

  44. 344

    She's being a lazy teen like most teens are these days. Why should she have to walk far when she's Miley Cyrus!?!?! Just goes to show that hollywood thinks they are better then the average person……if you have a child under the age of 10 that loves Miley Cyrus, you are an irresponsible parent and obviously don't monitor what your child watches. I'd never want my pre-teen (or teen) looking up to that trailor park trash

  45. 345

    She should be allowed to park in the handicap spot.
    She IS retarded.

  46. 346

    i cant wait till her 15 min of fame is up!

  47. 347

    This girl is such a dummy, lol … OH WELL.

  48. 348

    You can call her an idiot all you want. Fact is, this 16 year old girl makes more money and has more fans than Amy, Selena, Miranda Cosgrove, and all those other teeny bopper girls combined. I'm not a fan of Miley, or those other girls (I'm too damn old for that crap), but it's the truth.

  49. 349

    Jesus! Why the fuck do you hate miley? So she parked on a handicaped spot! Give it a rest. It's kind of annoying that you critizise every fucking thing about her!

  50. 350

    I think it's kind of funny how you have to pick on teenage girls … really Prez, grow up a little.

  51. 351

    good lord, what did that girl ever do to you? bicycling without a helmet??? parking??? are you SERIOUS?

  52. 352

    I'm not a fan of her but I see no need to hate on young Disney girls like her and Vanessa Hudgens, but then I guess Perez has the hots for their boyfriends… jealousy and woman hating are ugly UGLY traits don't you know?

  53. DaLa says – reply to this


    Make up your mind, Perez… Is she a slut sleeping with an older guy or is she his virginal beard? You are so blinded by your weird hate-envy of Miley that your insults aren't even making sense anymore.

  54. 354

    Re: DaLa – Don't worry though, that won't stop him keeping them coming /sigh

  55. 355

    Re: JoeJonasluver – Hello duh!! are you dense? The same people follow her around on a regular basis! Of course she knows who they are. If the paps keep their distance and aren't yelling out obscenities or stuff about her personal life…why not be nice to them?!!??

    Perez…you made her backing up seem much worse than it actually was. It didn't several times and geez she's like a teeny bopper…give her a break!

  56. 356

    oh god. she probably thought that "handicapped" meant people who give good hand jobs, thus, she was entitled to win the space. and justin's line "man, i've got a brainfreeze" is brilliant. poor (?) boy doesn't know that it's the melting of his brain that causing him to feel some cerebrial pain.

  57. 357

    I am a fan of Miley Cyrus i do love her… but on a serious note i dont think anyone even knows that law about having to wear a helmet while riding a bike if your under the age of 18. i dont think anyone follows that law at all. As for her driving she's an idiot. She's not even old enough to drive with her boyfriend yet. She still is young but there's no reason for her to park in a handicap spot. I mean id she was just running in to get a milkshake for two seconds thats fine what ever but thats not a good way to start out driving. And if she was doing it just because she thinks she can get away with it then she's just being a dumb bitch. But its fine because it was probably a small parking lot so she can get away with it.

  58. 358

    Re: ck2010 – in california if she only has a permit the person must be 25 or older..if she were 18 then the person could be 21 or older…

  59. 359

    Why does she act so grown? She acts like a 27-year old. Enjoy your childhood you moron. And wake up to see that your boyfriend is GAY and USING YOU!

  60. 360

    slutty should get her licence taken away

  61. 361


  62. 362

    Re: womanizer-baby – Why does everyone look at parking in a handicap spot as a bad thing because you can get a ticket or get towed? How about you start thinking about that they're there so that someone who is disabled can park. Many people need that space so that they have enough room to get their wheelchair out. Others use them because they have limited mobility and need a close parking spot. Those people are supposed to wait until you can move your car because you're too lazy to find a different spot and walk a few extra yards? Stop looking at handicap spots as a luxury for those who are disabled but more as a necessity.

  63. 363

    She actually seemed really cool! Talking with the papz and stuff….I don't know…she went up 1 cool-point for me =O)

  64. 364

    As a Prius driver - they are hard to back up - the back window is split and it's hard to see out of. There's a backup camera but it's a fisheye so things look a lot closer than they actually are. Added to that Toyota felt it necessary to add an incessant BEEPING while you're backing up incase you forgot you were in reverse.

  65. 365

    what a bitch.
    what gives her the right?

  66. 366

    wow it seem that miley gained a few pounds!
    stop eating ice cream at night!

  67. 367

    Perez I love you but your frikkin obcessed with Miley Syrus. Let it gooooo!

  68. 368

    Re: -liz-

    You too are an asshole. What she did was illegal… and it DOES matter.

  69. 369

    It took her one try to back up, are you stupid?
    You are so annoying, Perez.

  70. 370

    I honest-to-God HATE this TALENTLESS, OVERRATED, BUCK-TOOTHED, skank, but will you PLEASE stop posting shit about her?? It's bad enough 9-yr-old, J-14 reading wannabe tweeners with IQs lower than 60 worship her, but do you really have to talk about her so much??
    Look, i KNOW she's a stuck-up bitch who thinks she can park wherever she wants just because she put on a fake wig and badly lip-sang to tweeny songs since 06, but this only gives her MORE media coverage, which is pretty much what every fame-whore in Hollywood wants.
    So will you PLEASE do us all a favor and ignore this skank and her super-gay boyfriend/"Christian" pal/fuck-buddy so she can finally just disappear and never be seen again??

  71. 371

    Oh wow! I love the girl and all but really? I agree its not fair for celebs to park where ever and do whatever without getting in trouble. And she couldn't back up right? Oh my!

  72. 372


  73. 373

    U frekin idiot!Wheres da cops wen u need them?

  74. 374

    someone just call chris handson on her gay bf!!! someone needs to bring that down to earth n put that law breaking pathetic ego bitch in her place :)

  75. 375

    wait didnt she just get her permit? and you have to drive with someone over 25?

  76. 376

    i cas u didnt notice that parking lot looks totally full!! so where is she supposed to park??

  77. 377

    I absolutely agree with you she is an idiot!!! along with her achy breaky heart dad Billy Ray.I like how she promised to "ruin" the "radioheads" because they don't care enough about her to even want to meet her.I say go radioheads!!! ;-)

  78. 378

    in exactly 25 secs.
    yu hear her say
    right here bby wen
    justin is finding
    her keys!

  79. 379

    please perez, tell me you've never rode a bike without a helmet(it's actually hard to believe if you've ever rode a bike judging by how big of a fat ass you are) or parked in a handicap spot when you're in a hurry. grow some balls, man up, and stop picking on a 16 year old girl, you pig.

  80. 380

    everyone sucks at driving when they're just starting to learn…hence LEARN.

  81. 381

    Her voice is so unattractive.. I do like some of her songs tho!

  82. 382

    okay. there have been plenty of times when i have parked in a handicapped spot. especially to get something quick like drop off my brother at soccer or even get ice cream. i was the same exact way at 16, and i even drove before i had my permit. and NO ONE i mean NO ONE rides a bike with a helmet on. for realz.

  83. 383

    Who gives a shyt? She's only human.

  84. 384

    i can only say i HATE HER SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! she doesn't deserve the succes she's a whore and slut!!!

  85. 385

    wtf? does she not realize that befriending the press IS A BAD IDEA! gawd she's an idiot, know the press on a frst name basis, she deseves all the crap she gets from them for not even trying to keep her life pivate *rollz eyes*

  86. 386

    Also, she is technically illegally driving with Justin. Isn't he 20 or 21? For a 16 year old with a permit, she is not allowed to drive with someone under the age of 25. What a dummy!

  87. 387

    Okey , i ' m 12 'nd i thought that when the Hannah montana show came out , she was not a slut . the sluttist thing she wore was prolly a reaaaaly tight undershirt , and shorty shorts . thats not THAAT bad , as what she is today . Today , she weres the LOWESST shirts that make her f*ing boobs pop out .. :S and now she wheres shorts that u can see her underwhere .. :S . if she stayed the waay she was before , i would probably mabeey like her . But now , she should saay sorry to all her ** YOUNG ** faans , for being slutty , and then go back to how she was .

  88. 388

    you really need to get a life perez! your just jealous that so many people love miley and that nobody likes you!

  89. 389

    she's not even supposed to be legally driving her boyfriend, and i doubt she can legally drive whoever was in the backseat, either.

  90. 390

    Perez, don't try to talk her into wearing a helmet. If you succeed, she might survive a crash. Besides, cops have better things to do than hassle people about being stupid. Now, the handicapped parking thing - she deserves to be pounded for that.

  91. 391

    I think she should be ashamed of herself for actually saying she is going to "ruin" the radioheads for not wanting to meet her.What a shame she was snubed I hope more people snub her and deflate that big head of hers.Let's all remember she is the product of Achy Breaky heart Billy Ray the Chip N dale dancer.he is a s gross as she is. If she is so popular and loved why has her junk flooded the discount stores?

  92. 392

    I wish she would just go away.Her music is stupid and her show is stupid and now that she wants t o "ruin" the radioheads I really really wish she would take her immature ragged pants and just go away!!!! She is sooooo grossssssss yuck nasty hag with way to much money and time on her hands.

  93. 393

    She's dumb.
    That's simple. She's dumb, I can't believe she's dating a 20 year old underwear model…I'm disappointed.

  94. 394

    i mean yah she should have parked there btw
    maybe there like werent any other parking spots
    and who cares if she doesnt wear a helmet riding her bike, no one does
    and she did a fine job getting out of her parkiing spot, you cant even tell anyways and at least she was nice to the reporteer like jeez

  95. 395

    oh my go that actually makes me made! like my grandparents actually need handie capped spots and that just makes ma made when ppl who dont use them! especially her just cause she is a "star" doesnt give her the right..and that was not intense driving!! what a twat!!

  96. 396

    when justin is getting her keys from her purse miley says "right here babe"
    something IS going on between them!

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