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The Real Housewives Of NYC: CURSED!

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Even the "celebs" of The Real Housewives of New York City are feeling the effects of the recession. Alex McCord, one of the wealthy housewives has just confirmed that she lost her "real" job last month.

McCord apparently worked in visual merchandising for Victoria's Secret, aside from doing the show. She was let go, she claims, when the company had to cut 10% of its home-office workforce.

Guess she was part of that expendable percent!

McCord tells Life & Style, "It was definitely a very big surprise. My own immediate supervisor didn't even know it was happening."

But that won't stop her from trying to find another job. She adds, "It's really interesting to see where to go from here. I've been making calls, updating my résumé, and sitting down with people and chatting. I'm exploring all of my options."

Thankfully her family isn't hard up for cash. McCord's hubby is a general manager for Hotel Chandler, and they can still afford many of the luxuries others can't.

She adds, "If I'm not able to replace my income by the time my severance runs out, discretionary expenses and our nanny are where we'd have to cut back."

Getting rid of the nanny? You mean, she'll actually have to care of her kids on her own????

Damn this recession!

[Image via WENN.]

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86 comments to “The Real Housewives Of NYC: CURSED!”

  1. 1

    Her taters look a little lop-sided.

  2. 2

    Re: harrybalsac – Well touch my ding dong!

  3. 3

    Jeez, most "reality" shows are stupid!!!!

  4. 4

    I know her outfit is for a charity gig but I'm disturbed by it

  5. 5

    I have no sympathy for that woman

  6. 6

    she's not really a "wealthy" housewife… for goodness sakes, she lives in brooklyn in a town home that is a torn up mess and has a weirdo husband.

  7. 7

    hahahah wow, how incredibly sad.

  8. 8

    i love this show because it's so bad, but this bitch is the WORST one to watch. she's a wannabe social climber who's ugly and stupid as hell, and incredibly annoying. they thought going to the hamptons was "too tiring and laborious" for them, so they took their "real vacation" in st. barts. i hate classless know-it-all rich people.

  9. 9

    That is one ugly bitch..shake the ding dong Harry?

  10. 10

    ewww, what the heck is she wearing?!

  11. 11

    whats with the 2 vain's on her forehead?

  12. 12

    Lady has it rough.

  13. 13

    Re: DaniJay – Anybody steal any of your oxygen lately?

  14. 14

    That is an ugly dress she has on

  15. 15

    Re: guilty of being white – I agree!! so true. the show is trashy but these people re not wealthy at all - and she acts like euro trash.

  16. 16

    I cant stand stuck up bitches like that…..fuck her and her nanny

  17. 17

    Re: harrybalsac – and a little fury too!! when you can see body hair on a pic that small, WHOA!!

  18. 18

    I hate this social climbing whore. Just remember, no money, no honey. It takes alot of scratch to keep that metrosexual hubby of hers in call boys!

  19. 19

    Re: AdGab16 – people that are not wealthy do not have nannies…….

  20. 20

    Visual Merchandisers at Victoria's Secret only make about $15 an hour…

  21. 21

    Is her shirt an offical request for foodstamps????

  22. 22

    Re: LizardKinG – She's doing a "Scanners" on the pap taking her pic!KaBoom!

  23. 23

    She and her husband never had money.
    They were the faking it till you make it couple.

  24. 24

    you can see through her effing skirt

  25. 25

    WHAT in the F CK is she WEARING?

  26. 26

    Re: DikinCider – Fuckin' shave her back while your hittin' it doggy style!

  27. Ofra says – reply to this


    From the looks of her outfit, she's already cut back on discretionary expenses!! Hey.. maybe she could go to work for Luanne.. I mean Countess!

  28. 28

    she greasy as heck Ewwwww crisco face!!

  29. 29

    her dress is see through
    get her a stylist someone..

  30. 30

    Great…so now it will take even LONGER for she and her husband to fix those god-awful floors in the townhouse?!?

  31. dd says – reply to this


    My god what a hideous shirt.

  32. 32

    she's an idiot. her husband can't possibly be making very much money being a general manager. maybe she could sell some of the expensive clothes she's always buying. maybe she'll get rid of her gay husband while she's at it.

  33. 33

    Re: AdGab16 – really? How did she end up on the show? do tell I love gossip lol

  34. 34

    Fake boobs in a potato sack–retch!

  35. 35

    isn't she a social climber plus the broke one with a house was still under construction for a long time? plus she's the ugliest. who cares bout her??
    she n her husband r just plain WEIRD.

  36. 36

    The most annoying housewife of them all….and her husband is a prick!

  37. 37

    Re: NickJonasIsMyMan
    i saw that episode too. i looked at that hampton "house" (if it's even qualified..)
    and i was like… she might as well just stay in ny. it was pathetic.

  38. 38

    OMG! She might lose the nanny???? noooooo!

  39. bjs says – reply to this


    ive spent some time with Alex, and despite how the show portrays her she is a very nice lady, professional and sincere. I think people are so jaded for believing what they "see" and "hear"…especially when they follow the judgments of people that make a living off JUDGING people… and P.S. why hate on people that are actually IN love….there is enough hate in the world….

  40. 40

    Who fucking cares? I can't stand this bitch. She needs to take her nasty horse face back to the barn and die already. YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PERSON

  41. 41

    knew you would love her, she is married to closet gay and lives in piece of crap house.

  42. 42


  43. 43

    Perez - you seem to be a little off base - she is such a loser. You must watch this show. Her husband is totally gay. They are the biggest posers you could ever imagine. She has already had nude photos of herself leaked. You must get up to speed on this one.

  44. 44

    gee perez push the classwarfare a little bit more its not white peoples fault that all you ethnics are drug addicts and on welfare…get a real job

  45. 45

    OMG, I used to work for them, I actually was one of their au pair. ou one that little foreign thing you can exhibe because it's so upper class to have somebody coming from another country working for you. Anyway, it's not a big loss, they still can live on the hubby's black Amex, the one they show off during an episode. They're not wealthy, they live in Brooklyn which is a really nice area and very expensive too but definitely not like the upper east sire, and they only live in 3 story of the house, the fourthe one being occupied by the old ladies. Their appartment is a wreck, a real mess….
    No hate just the reality

  46. 46

    This person does not live anywhere in Manhattan, let alone the upper east side. She's Brooklyn maybe part of the Bronx or the island. Never Manhattan.

  47. 47

    She is such a wanna-be! They have some $$$ but nothing compared to the others on the show. Even if they had as much $$$ as the others, Miss Thing is so brainwashed by her sooo gay husband Simon she doesn't know if she is coming or going. The crepiest couple on all of T.V land!

  48. 48

    She's a bubble-headed wannabe with the gayest husband ever. All they care about is what others think and have no idea who they really are…I feel bad for the kids. Future fuck ups!

  49. 49

    WTF!! She is wearing a "Feed the children" bag as a top! I have that purse, it's amazing, I love it. It looks like shit as a blouse though…I mean the tits are lopsided and the suspender straps are just obnoxious!

  50. 50

    SHAM! Victoria's Secret does not have "visual merchandisers". My sister-in-law is a manager there and the girls that work the registers do all the window dressings as well. These bitches should check the facts before they start yapping about fake jobs.

  51. 51

    She and her husband are CREEPY!

  52. 52

    Maybe she should cut back on PUBLCIITY fees! her husband is so gross. i almost threw up in the massage episode. these people ARE NOT CELEBRITIES!!!!

  53. 53

    YOU HUSBAND IS GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 54

    lol i love that crazy bitch.

    yes yes yes more news on the housewives of NYC!

    i love them xoxo

  55. 55

    That outfit…WTF?

    I find it somewhat insulting for very rich people to bitch about possibly not having a nanny. How about the people who can't feed their children?

  56. SCAP says – reply to this


    whatever, bethennys better than her anyway

  57. 57

    This woman is truly average looking… and that smile… those gums… are really below average. All that money and she hasn't had her horse mouth fixed yet!

  58. 58

    Re: girldonegood – I am sure she is not a store merchandiser, she works in the "home" corporate office not in the field.

    But… if she works at VS she should have known better than to have VPL in last years reuinon show!

  59. kacky says – reply to this


    Why does she need a nanny if she isn't even working?

  60. 60

    Bitch should have been fired for wearing that hideous dress! Not to mention that lame purse on her shoulder as well. Is she carrying her own wine? What evs

  61. 61

    Her husband is so annoying…doesnt he have any GUY friends..always hanging with "the girls"..ewwwwwwwwwwww…hes sooooo queer.

  62. 62

    LMAO I hope she comes across this site and realizes how hated her, her husband, and this entire show is. And the BEST is when they have those ridiculous charity events for the needy, when they can't even realize their children are the needy ones… BE A F'ING MOTHER FIRST!

  63. 63

    Ironic… a feed bag on a horse… look at that fucking face. EWWWWW. See, money doesn't always buy looks.

  64. 64

    Perez you don't watch this show do you? She is not rich, in fact the show goes out of it's way to mock her because she is actually pretty freaking poor and a joke on the show. Her and her husband are fakes.

  65. 65

    She looks like Frankenbride!

  66. 66

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – i know plenty of people that are not wealthy that have nannies… most of them let them be live-in nannies with no rent in exchange for nannying.

  67. 67

    f her and her fag husband!

  68. 68

    I cannot believe he is a hotel GM Look at the Hotel Chandler Site - She is featured in the press pics - SAD

  69. 69

    If she cuts out the nanny, maybe then she can afford dinner. Good lord that bitch is skinny and not in a good way. She and her husband look like pasty swizzle sticks!

  70. AMO says – reply to this


    It's about time you commented on this show. More please… LuAnn is a huge bitch, Oh excuse me, I mean Mrs. de Lesepps!

  71. 71

    She needs a date with Chris Brown, he knows what females love?

  72. 72

    It sounds pretentious but think about it. Her nanny needs a job. If she fires her, how will the nanny pay rent and support her own kids?? I think it's admirable Alex sees that as a last resort.

  73. 73

    Duh Perez, getting rid of the Nanny is bad…that means the nanny losses a job and probabaly has way more money problems then her employer.

  74. 74

    I looooooove this show. i love Bethany is that her name??? i don't remember

  75. 75

    Haha, good one Perez.

  76. 76

    They are nuts! Makes us Southerners appear normal. LMAO!

  77. Laxer says – reply to this


    Irony is a real kick in the ass. Two episodes ago Alex and her pretentious husband strolled into an East Hampton boutique and dropped $8,000 in an hour. They commented that they are greatful not to have to worry about bills, etc.

  78. 78

    Just looking at her makes my skin crawl.. The only half-way normal people on the show are Jill and Betheny… The Countess used to be a man, Ramona is f*ing psycho (just look @ her eyes!) and the new girl just beat up her fiance!

  79. 79

    Re: Laxer – nice profile pic

  80. 80

    could she be ANY UGLIER?! ewww

  81. 81

    Resume parents thats what I call these people. They have children to enhance their resume but they have no plans to either raise or be parents to the kids. Its like saying "Oh I have a house in the hamptons, one in NY and London, 3 cars and 2.5 kids along with a nanny. But ask these parents anything about their kids and they draw a blank. Someone cooks for them, cleans for them, and watches them.

  82. 82

    awwwwwwwwwww…. LMAO

  83. 83

    Maybe with alll her extra time, she can help her husband Simon find a boyfriend.

  84. 84

    oh yes… don't forget the hamptons house. who rents a house without knowing what the outside looks like? such bullshit. when the pulled up in front of it they weren't even surprised. they spend their time "trying" to be something they are not. her: socialite. him: straight.

  85. 85

    These Housewives shows are totally worthless. Who gives a rats ass about these fucktards.

  86. 86

    The should put a vagina on all these womens heads and let someone fuck some sense into them. What a bunch of ugly fake broads.