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For All You Pervs!

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VaneXXXa Hudgens was caught - unbeknownst to her - bumping and grinding on the floor during her workout class in El Lay yesterday.

Check her work her naughty self up into a sweat (above)!

P.S. Zacquisha is as grossed out as we are.

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109 comments to “For All You Pervs!”

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  1. 101

    um….she's just working out?! how is that pervy? just because you never do nor have seen exercise doesn't mean you have to get all excited about it….geez.

  2. 102

    "For All You Pervs." LOL! Who wants to watch that bush work out??

  3. 103

    Stalkers everywhere. I want one.

  4. 104

    okay i get that the point of your site is to poke fun of celebs but come on… making fun of someone who is working out while you are in such horrible shape yourself?? making fun of someone when you know that you're in love with their boyfriend? i don't know, it makes me like this site a little less each time you poke fun of her… you don't even really have a reason for it!

  5. 105

    It's not unknown. They all keep looking at the camera.

  6. 106

    Re: YODA SPEAKS – thank u 4 talking sense to this guy

  7. 107

    I don't see anything perverted about doing pilates. And I don't see your point Perez. She is working out doing pilates! It's time to grow up..

  8. 108

    omg, she's workin out don't you got any more life then writing about a girl working out on a special way?? agash

  9. 109

    okay first of all
    why is this gross??…
    it isn't, it shouldn't be.
    secondly why the FUCK did someone videotape this. thats so strange to videotape it. you can tell she's annoyed about that.

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