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Lily Allen Severely Attacks Paparazzo!!!! U.S. Tour in Jeopardy!!!!!

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Oh, shit! She did it again! She's gone and stuck her foot in her mouth on somebody else!

An animalistic Lily Allen viciously attacked a paparazzo in London on Thursday, punching him, kicking him repeatedly and even throwing a bottle of water towards him.

What set off the hard-pAArtying Brit???

Well, the photog "accidentally" drove into the back of Lily's car and that set her off. She got out of her vehicle and went on a rampage against the 'razzo!

Authorities are likely to look into the attack - as there is photographic evidence - and Lily may be arrested very shortly.

The singer was set to embark on a tour of America soon, but - like Amy Winehouse - Allen's visa may now be in jeopardy because of any legal troubles that may arise from her assault.

CLICK HERE to look at photos of Lily attacking the paparazzo!!!!!
CLICK HERE to look at photos of Lily attacking the paparazzo!!!!!
CLICK HERE to look at photos of Lily attacking the paparazzo!!!!!

Violence is never the answer.

Lily, you are such a disappointment!

P.S. Allen has BEEN ARRESTED BEFORE for assault. She needs to work through her issues other ways.

Maybe yoga?

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159 comments to “Lily Allen Severely Attacks Paparazzo!!!! U.S. Tour in Jeopardy!!!!!”

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  1. 101

    Leave the girl alone! I am sure if your story had any truth to it, the Pap deserved it. hitting her car and invading her space all the freaking time! We have our tickets and I am sure she'll come through this time.

  2. 102

    all i can see is an ad for a tom cruise website. dont be a tool perez, the paps probs deserved it.

  3. 103

    WHy does that link go to Tom Cruise's website?

  4. 104

    why is this a link to a tom cruise site?!

  5. 105

    fuck that. most people getting rear ended
    would be pissed as hell.

  6. 106

    I wonder what Perez's pet Katy Perry would do in this situation. I'm sure if she had a similar reaction, he would have his head up her ass defending her for protecting herself against the 'vicious' paps. There is sooo much bias on this blog and it is getting ridiculous, what the hell did Lily Allen ever do to you Perez????

  7. 107

    I would go off too!! I don't really like Lilly Allen - but what right does the Paparazzo have??? Thay make the stars lives hell in some cases & then they cry like babies when they get some water thrown at them or get pushed over! If they don't like it they should change professions….preferablly one which doesn't involve leagally stalking other people.

  8. 108

    Make cupcakes
    Not war

  9. 109

    Re: tweetie bird

    mario is gay and outs other gay ppl so what would you expect. he even outs ppl that ARE'NT GAY just because he wishes they were.

  10. Shark says – reply to this


    Soooooo? you have scumbag photographers causing flashes to go off as you try and drive and you can do nothing for it as a celebrity, then to add insult they rear end you risking your neck and health, so they get fucking pissed at that…and you say they have anger issues?
    you're a douche mario

  11. 111

    As much as I loathe the paparazzi and think that they are bottom dwelling maggots I have an even higer dislike of the skanky whore that is Lilly Allen.
    She's feral.

  12. 112

    how boring are these lily posts that clearly show how much perez is bitter than his ass isn't being poked by lily's former manager that she fired. get a life. no one likes razzo's and everyone thinks their asses deserve every ass beating they get.

  13. 113

    I actually like Lily Allen…cuz she's not afraid to be herself!…some celebrities are still human!(good to know…)

  14. 114

    I usually don't care for this chick or her shit but this time I have to say that I can kinda see why she got pissed. I really don't think she needed to flip out and attack the guy, really, what is that going to change??? Nothing………..but I am sure that this is not the first time that they have damaged her vehicle by following her or whatever so I am sure that she is reallllllllllllllllly frigen tired of them jacking her shit up. I just think that she should have kept a lid on it for the simple fact that if she gets charged with shit now she may not be able to come to the States and she will be letting down umpteen people that have already purchased their tix and that sux for them to have to be let down for that. Really, she needs to think ahead a little bit more for the sake of others. She is just way to spoiled for her own dam good.

  15. 115

    where's the picture ???

  16. 116

    Are you stupid again Perez? Do you not think being hounded by a pack a wolves that you obviously support by paying them so you can place these photos on your website and the fact the paparazzo made their own news by being fucking idiots and driving in to her car being distracted by taking photos of her…do you not think under the BEST of circumstances you wouldn't be angry at that? She is human, not super-human and I'd be just as angry. Of course you would be. Are you not a complete HYPOCRITE? Or just a little one? I'm banking, big fat assed one.

  17. 117

    wow- she went all britney on that dude!! lol… wahhh -p.s. the pictures wouldnt open for me , they are on on zimbio.com

  18. azz0r says – reply to this


    I imagine being followed around by rats must be pretty annoying, but to have one smash into your car must be infuriating.

  19. 119


  20. 120


  21. 121

    Fucking Pap scum shouldn't have been driving up her arse. Go Lils!

  22. edaj says – reply to this


    Can't beleive how many "poor Lily" comments there are on here. She constantly gets her tits out for photogs and goes the opening of an envelope if she'll get her photo taken. Her entire career is built on publicity cause she can't sing for sh*t can she?! GET A PROPER JOB IF YOU DON'T LIKE HAVING YOUR PHOTO TAKEN you stupid tramp.

  23. 123


  24. 124

    Looks staged.
    The pap is SMILING in the 'kick' photo.

  25. 125

    Why are you calling her a 'dissapointment' Perez? It's about fucking time somebody beat the shit out of the paparazzi, the majority of them are rude and in your face assholes who deserve what she gave one of them.

  26. 126

    Go Lily! Paparazzi are such scum. Good for her! Now give it up with this "i hate lily allen' shit, Perez. It's really lame.

  27. 127

    The link isn't working!!

  28. 128


  29. 129

    So the paparazzo smashed into her car because he was being a douche and following too closely, so she gets out and gives him a beatdown, and SHE is the bad guy?
    .Fuck that
    Take out a few more Lily! I love that chick.

  30. 130

    If you can read this Lily, you're a fucking whore and I hope you get what you deserve, you untalented bitch!

  31. 131

    Now I'm disappointed! They both are smiling in those pictures!! How can I take that seriously? What a waste of time. I still hate her though.

  32. 132

    Re: fairydust22 – lets find some pics of katy perry playfully hitting someone and post them as perry oging nuts and throwing her career away. what will perez do when katy does get arrested, coz she is a fucking psycho sometimes

  33. 133

    Is it just me, or is she morphing into Amy Winehouse?

  34. 134

    if ANYONE went up in the back of my car i'd be pissed too

  35. 135

    Who would win a fight between Perez and Lily Allen? Hmmm….

  36. 136

    Is this the fat-ass who sings that awful "The Fear" song? I heard it once and it's horrible. She must be eurotrash.

  37. 137

    um, is it just me or does the whole thing look kinda staged-and poorly so at that

  38. edaj says – reply to this


    Re: randysaho – YES. But she hates attention, didn't you know?

    And y'all hate the paps. Thats why you visit Perez!

  39. 139

    Maybe she's so angry, because she's just REALLY HUNGRY…

  40. 140

    Lets see. The greasy fuck rear ends her car while following her around trying to invade her privacy and she is expected to take the high road. He didn't get near what he deserved. All those asshole paparazzi need to get real jobs.

  41. 141

    LOL well scenes like this will prob happen more and moreas celebs get tired of the paps. who knows what he said or did to key her up - i doubt it was just walking there.

  42. 142

    Honestly if a pap had drove into the back of my car whilst he was following me trying to take pictures i would of kicked off too, and in the pics she just gave him afew swift kicks and threw a PLASTIC water bottle towards him its not like she did a chris brown. you made it sound 100 times more tragic than it was just coz u dont like her to fat ginger fuktard

  43. 143

    Dumb, drunken, trouble-making, portly, cokehead dumb bitch who makes crappy pop music! Die, Lily, and soon!!!

  44. pomme says – reply to this


    chris brown out of her body! she needs Christian Bale method to lose well her temper!

  45. @v@ says – reply to this


    Some paps will intentionally run into the back of a celeb's car to instigate and garner big bucks for the over the top photos. This practice is disturbing. Lilly stupidly took the bait.

  46. 146

    Fat girls getting angry = so unattractive.

    Lily's a fucking waste of space anyway, who gives a shit

  47. 147

    WHat a fat, ugly, disgusting COW

  48. 148

    she should have just exchanged names, addresses and insurance details ;-)

  49. 149

    They need to lock her up. I guarantee that once she's spent some time in jail for assault, she'll think twice about ever doing this again. People act like this when they think they aren't subject to consequences. Normal people don't act like this.

  50. 150

    she is a disappointment since she born! like many whores in the media…jail is not big enough for them ;)

  51. 151

    she kicked him with ugg boots on… like that hurt.

  52. 152

    The pap seems so chill in those pictures. I think he's laughing in one … hahahah

  53. 153

    READ IT HERE FIRST! No, Perez, once again you're wrong and I guarantee her tour will go on just fine. This is just another excuse for you to bash her cause you're still hurt she OWNED you so quit being a hater Perez. Don't be a hypocrite as usual. THAN, once her tour is said to be alright, you'll just use that to bash her in another blog post. So typical and predictable of you Perez. I'll be back to write, "I told you so."

  54. 154

    sorry, forgot, its only ok to court the press and have pictures taken when it benefits her. stupid stupid. attractive, that face she's pulling whilst swinging a girlie punch. not.

  55. 155

    omgggg she totally was NOT violently attacking the guy.

    he was smiling! she couldnt hurt a fuckin fly. laaaame.

  56. 156

    paps are scum

  57. 157

    i feel sorry for celebs for being constantly hounded by these people it wouldnt be so bad if they were at least civil but they shoult abuse just so they can get a reaction like this. i seen lily last night live in glasgow scotland and she was amazing so back off perez your just jealous because you are a skinny woman trpped in a fat mans body and jealous because lily is everything you want to be

  58. 158

    That guy looked like he was verbally harassing her. Why was she going for no one else if it was just a random act of aggression? It almost even looks like they're playing around…

  59. 159

    lol i love her so much

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