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Lucky Gal!

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Perezcious reader Cody ran into none other than Robert Pattinson last night!!!!!

The British hottie was hanging out with the whole coven of vampires on Wednesday at Yaletown Brewery in Vancouver, British Columbia.

But nobody cares about the rest of the cast! Ha!

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127 comments to “Lucky Gal!”

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  1. 101

    Lucky girl!!!

  2. 102

    I don't care if he's drunk or stoned. I'd get drunk and stoned right along with him and take him home and it would be just like that Nine Inch Nails song, "Closer." You know the one I mean, it says, "I wanna f**k you like an animal." Rob is just so sexy and hot, every time I look at pictures of him I have to go take an ice cold shower to cool down! That man is just SEX ON FIRE!!! YUM!!!

  3. 103

    gee, she is lucky! Lucky Duck…
    I care about the rest of the cast, just not quite as much as i do about Robert Pattinson. Gah, although i really shouldn't because i have no idea who any of these people really are…

  4. 104

    Poor guy can't go anywhere :(

  5. 105

    I am sooo jealous..Hihihi…= )

  6. 106

    lucky girl :)

  7. 107

    Haha, indeed, Just RPattz!

  8. 108

    OMG, you have to either love him or hate him according to the comments… The guy has obviously not asked for any of this to happen to him, nor has he asked Perez to post fan pictures on his website… I mean, if there is nothing interesting to say, just find some other person to write about (though I personally really like Rob P).

    I also agree that Perez should not dismiss the rest of the cast just because he is obsessed with Rob, but that's certainly not Rob's fault.

  9. 109

    Pfft. Whatever. I'd take Jasper/Jackson any day over Robert!

  10. 110


  11. 111

    i love yaaa

  12. 112

    Love Rob, and LOVE the rest of the cast, too!! They are a fantastic team, can't wait for New Moon!!

  13. 113

    Don't kind of look like Lindsay and Saman

  14. 114

    love when his mouth is open =)~

  15. 115

    hot, hot, hot! what else can i say

  16. dd909 says – reply to this


    LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!
    lucky girl is an understatement

  17. arghi says – reply to this


    who is that girl???

  18. 118


  19. 119

    Re: carolineyy – First Canada is a country where people live, there is no need for the haste in your comment. A lot of American movies and television shows, such as Supernatural and Smallville are filmed in Canada. Second I am sure he is simply drunk because he's out on the town with his friends, not because he's in Canada. The fact that he and the cast are willing to make an appearance and take a picture with a fan says a lot, by the way…did you know that Rachelle Lafevre (Victoria) is Canadian? I certainly hope that I didn't just ruin your thought on the movie…cause that would be a shame.

  20. 120

    nobody cares about the rest of the cast?well,i do.

  21. 121

    i'd rather see the rest of the cast then him. seriously. Whats so good looking about the dude?

  22. 122

    why cant he drop by in my city =(

  23. 123

    omg lucky hes soo hot

  24. 124

    OMG Robert Pattinson is the hottest man on the planet and is so like chocolate!! Can we please have some more…..pretty please ;)

  25. 125

    Aww he looks like he would be shy, if only i can meet him, i would change that lol gosh perez, when are you gonna have a pic of you two together? i figure you would have hunt him down by now lol

  26. 126

    Lucky gal…but poor rob, not even a minute to be alone…

  27. 127

    He's just perfect… I want to kiss him… LoL

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