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Trent Reznor Takes A Swipe At Former Soundgarden Singer!

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A feud's a brewin'!

The latest tweet from Nine Inch Nails' frontman Trent Reznor's Twitter?

He's talkin' mad shit on former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell!

Says Reznor: "You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell's record? Jesus."

Ooooh, the claws are coming out!

We're on your side, Trent!

[Image via WENN.]

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109 comments to “Trent Reznor Takes A Swipe At Former Soundgarden Singer!”

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  1. 1

    that's funny!

  2. 2

    Trent Reznor turns me on.

  3. 3

    Fucking right on…………..Mario needs to be bitch slapped…..

  4. 4

    It's fun when has-beens fight and think people care.

  5. 5

    …he's fat so who cares what he says. Black is usually slimming, but not in this case.

  6. 6

    Re: _Alice_ – Guten tag miene grosse frauline…. Kiss ….

  7. 7

    Re: Spindoc – *smile*

  8. 8

    Chris Cornell has the chops–but not the licks. More Temple of the Dog!!

  9. 9

    Re: _Alice_ – Boo says hey dirty girl! Chris Cornhole has a record out, who knew?

  10. 10

    Oooh. Well, they're both fucking hot.

  11. nigra says – reply to this


    well at least he's being honest!

  12. 12


  13. 13

  14. 14


  15. 15


  16. 16


  17. 17


  18. 18

    Re: Spindoc – has beens???? are you retarded trent's been working and famous before ur mom took your dad's loads in face and twat!

  19. 19

    Fight bitches fight!

  20. 20
  21. Lene says – reply to this


    wtf? Chris record is awesome!!

    *scream* :D

  22. 22

    Re: OBAMA 08 – indeed lol

  23. 23

    I am sooo not taking sides here I like NIN and I love Chris Cornell's voice, it is amazing!!

  24. 24

    Hit the fuckin' refresh and 8 outta 10 posts just disappear, fuck Mario is that a server or a fuckin' time machine?

  25. 25


  26. 26

    Aww I recently saw Chris perform, I thought he did a great job.

  27. 27

    Re: harrybalsac – Haaaaaaaaaaaa time machine…..

  28. 28

    Re: Spindoc – Even funnier when they play the "Do you know who I am? " card.

  29. 29

    Is Chris Cornell in such need of a hit that he will whore himself out to Timbaland!?
    The Hives maintained their dignity at least when THEY did it - Cornell's record sounds like a dance album for crissakes!!!

  30. 30

    Funny, Trent…That's exactly what I thought when I heard the latest NIN cd.

  31. 31

    I'm gonna go on Twitter and set up a user account using your name Mario and bad mouth Lady Ga Ga….

  32. 32




  33. 33

    He's got it spot-on. That record is horrendous.

  34. 34

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  35. 35

    Treant Reznor perfectly described how I felt when I heard the new Timbaland/ Chris Cornell crapola. My god is it bad/embarassing. This is the man that brought us Outshined!

  36. 36

    Re: joeyjoey
    This is not Soundgarden vs NIN you retard. Do NOT call Chris Cornell's current pile of steaming shit solo record Soundgarden, it is NOTHING alike, and 90s Chris Cornell is embarrased for him right now.

  37. 37

    Who the heck is Trent Resner?

  38. 38

    I was so ready to bitch Trent out for being a dick cause Chris Cornell can do no wrong in my eyes… but then I decided to listen to the Chris' new record before opening my big mouth. I still love Chris for his effort and because I'm a die hard fan of his since back in the day but if you are not don't bother listening to this album because I am afraid you may never be able to appreciate any this else Chris has done in his career because of how truely, gut renchingly awful this new record is… I am so sorry Chris, Trent is right.

  39. 39

    Geez Trent, that was pretty cnunty of you.

  40. 40

    Re: cynthiah1031 – Not such a die hard fan is you agree with this douchebag. You might not like the new song, but to agree it's "an embarassment"? Chris Cornell is one of the best artists out there, you cannot compare to the bunch of media no-talent whores running around in the industry these days.

    Down with haters.

  41. Emz says – reply to this


    Oh no :(
    ahha i love Chris Cornell AND Trent Reznor.
    I remain neutral :)

  42. 42

    Re: Spindoc – Has beens? Crawl out from the rock you've been hiding under. Dumbass.

  43. 43

    nice belly Trent! ha ha ha ha ha! lame-o

  44. 44

    jeez. okay. i kinda agree with trent reznor bc chris cornell? hip hop? collaborating with timbaland or whatever his name is?

    what happened chris? i'm all for experimenting with different genres etc, but chris cornell is the motherflippin KING of grunge. is nothing sacred anymore?!?!

  45. 45

    OH Twitter, I love that that's where you're getting your news now Perez.

  46. 46

    NICE!!…NIN all the way…And he's right…Chris Cornhole's album totally sux ass…Ans wtf do u mean by has-been??..I saw 2 shows of his last year…Know ur shit b4 u talk, ya ass.

  47. 47

    That's fuckin funny…I've heard Cornell's album sucks.

  48. Cora says – reply to this


    Trent can do or say no wrong in my book.

  49. 49

    im sorry but i love chris cornell! this album may not sound nothing like audioslave or soundgarden but at least he is evolving, and there is nothing wrong with trying new things it doesnt mean he is selling out…. I admire him for doing this album! ITs strange at first because its like not that common of a combo, the beats w/ his style voice but its different and the more listen to it the more i love it!

  50. 50

    I bought Cornell's album. I love Cornell, but Timbaland "ain't my bitch"
    I want Audioslave back.

  51. 51

    ok, first. trent reznor is not fat and he's not a has been.

  52. 52

    trent reznor ftw……forever and ever

  53. 53

    hey i like chris cornell! i used to love audioslave.

  54. 54

    I'm the biggest Chris Cornell fan on the planet…for more than half of my life, but even I agree with Trent. It's sad. F you Timbaland!

  55. 55

    And Temple of the Dog is still, to me, the best album ever made. Ever. But that's just me.

  56. 56

    I used to love Cornell.
    But lately he's not himself! Someone needs to smack the bitch back to senses.
    Team Reznor.

  57. 57

    Trent Reznor is a has been. His last album SUCKED ASS

  58. xxx says – reply to this


    it would be kind of funny to see Trent kick Chris' ass. although Trent was a lot more amusing and I liked his music a lot more when he was on drugs

  59. 59

    Chris is awesome! And Trent's a dick.

  60. 60

    Fuck that piece of shit Reznor. I can't stand his music. Chris, on the other hand — yes, yes, yes. Mmmm hmmmm, yummy.

  61. 61

    No, he's not fat… He's OBESE.

  62. 62

    HELLO! Trent Reznors latest album was NOT ANY GOOD!!! at least chris is trying to put more music out… i stand beside him

  63. 63

    Happy to read some Chris Cornell defenders!! Great to see a lot of comments for him!
    I like some of NIN, but I am definitely BIG fan of Mr. Cornell…and always will be! He is THE voice!

  64. 64

    Chris Cornell's album may not have worked for him but Trent Reznor did not have to say anything. Like his opinion should have any impact on what the music does. This story kinda of reminds me of that Radiohead/Miley story earlier this week. It's like since when were singers of the 90s the superficial snobs? Arn't they supposed to be depressed? I think if Kurt Cobain and Britney was around during this era, it would all be friendlier than this I'm a better artist than you crap. I love Trent Reznor but if he holds himself like this than I am so turned off.

  65. 65

    Re: Serena83 – you are right temple of the dog kicked ass, i like listen ing to their songs more than pearl jams at times.

  66. 66

    Re: SheHasBigBoobs – you will burn in hell for such blasphemy !!!!!

  67. 67

    O.K see I am a die hard Reznor fan all the way BUT glass houses people!!!O.K. So Reznor's latest album is pure geneous.. he has put anything that incredible out since the perfect drug let's face it. So just cause he is back on the path doesn't mean he hasn't had his own bumps on the road…

  68. 68

    I'm sure it's difficult for Trent to see someone evolve.

  69. 69

    trent is sooo secksy. Robin is mighty finnne too :)

  70. 70

    Re: LizardKinG – dooo itt!! lady ga ga is a focking weirdo

  71. Emz says – reply to this


    I reckon Chris Cornells new stuff is good tbh.
    And i love NIN's last album.
    And Trent Reznor is not fat you dicks you're probably all just anorexic.
    EAT it's good ;D

  72. 72

    Re: cynthiah1031 – I agree…totally. I saw him in concert with Timbaland here in Seattle. I REALLY wanted to like this stuff, but wow. I'm sure I sound like an old-timey from the 90's, but I didn't care for it at all…especially with his encore of ONLY Temple of the Dog songs. (shaking head…)

  73. 73

    jesus christ trent reznor is hott (w/ 2 T's)

  74. 74

    I love NIN and Chris Cornell, but I have to agree with Trent. Chris Cornell has the greatest voice in rock music, so why does this album sound like it should be in the R&B section next to Neyo? His last album was alright but this one just upsets me.

  75. 75


    Trent Reznor is an egotistical, condescending, overrated fucktard of a musician. He can suck Chris Cornell's dick.

  76. 76

    Aside from "Ground Zero", the new Chris Cornell album is unlistenable. NIN's last had four great songs, an instrumental intro that doesn't count (but is cool), one terrible song, one decent song, and two decent instrumentals. A winrar is Trent.

  77. 77

    I love them both! But yes I don't know what Chris Cornell is doing with Timbaland. Yeah he is a hit maker but all the songs his produces are starting to sound the same…Cornell needs to get back with Soundgarden ASAP!!!!

  78. 78

    Sexy Trent is always right.

  79. Zip says – reply to this


    Trent is right, Cornell is vacant, as an artist. His singing is even bad…but at least Cornell is daring enough to try new sounds, which Trent is not!!! Trent and the Nine Inch Nails are caught in a time machine…constantly repeating themselves, and repeating the same songs, over…and over again. Trent needs to expand his sound to new vistas, instead of wasting his time attacking Cornell–that is like shooting fish in a bucket…it is too easy; forget about Cornell, and work on yourself and your music! Trent is technically brilliant as a musician, and writer, yes…but his music has become like the movie Groundhog Day…it is just the same thing repeated, one after the other…like a xeros, but the copies keep getting more and more degenerated from the original, as Trent and gang go along???

  80. 80

    Why the hell is he knocking him for wanting to try a new sound? Cornell has the voice for it. Being a successful artist is about trying new things and growing. Maybe he should recycle the same tired ass sound year after year with different lyrics? Yeah.. thats a good idea.

  81. MC30 says – reply to this


    First of all trent is great! He is not fat. Mario here does not know how to
    pcik a better picture. Anyhow Chris is very good at what he does but his new CD does suck. Trent is very honest and saying what everyone is thinking!

  82. 82

    trent can suck it! scream is an amazing album! sure. it's a huge departure from chris's previous stuff, but he's trying something new! expanding his musical horizons. =p

  83. 83

    Trent Reznor turns me on too. hardcore.

  84. 84

    They are totally my threesome fantasy

  85. 85

    1stly, Trent is not fat, you fucking idiots. He's buff as hell. 2ndly, it's just a person saying his honest opinion. Since when is that forbidden or offensive? And for the record, CC's new album DOES suck ass. Timbaland needs fuck off before he ruins any more albums with his generic, bland, cliched commercial hiphop sound. CC is the definition of a sellout: hiphop is big now, so he hires a "hit-maker" dude and produces the kind of lame-ass crap that the masses crave these days. Wasted talent.

  86. 86

    Haha. You suck Chris Cornell.
    I love Trent. (Gorge 2009!)

  87. 87

    Trent knows what he's talking about
    Did anyone here Chris Cornell's attempt at boy band style pop? It's god awful

  88. ACB says – reply to this


    My Swedish grandma has a word for that feeling when you're so embarrassed for someone that you're cringing: "framps" (with dots over the a), pronounced "frempse". It's a verb–you framps for someone. Used in a sentence: "Trent frampses for Chris."

  89. 89

    um yeah, he's right, Chris Cornell has sold his fucking soul to the Scientologists or some shit, he needs to stop tainiting the memories of Soundgarden, back when he still had talent…but Trent Reznor is still on Twitter…so…

  90. 90

    I agree with hiim chris turned into a lil bitch!!!!NIN ALL THE WAYY BABY!

  91. 91

    Too old guys arguing through twitter… BORING!

  92. 92

    Re: Kate27 – Two ;)

  93. 93

    lol wow, u guys are funny supporting a guy who cant even stay in a band.
    Who has to pull a use timberland and get a hit gag… I mean ill admit i love his voice, and i think he should be doing something with that much talent. But, i think trent reznor has the right to talk smack if thats what he wants to do, hes VERY experienced, and defintely not a has been! Trent reznor encourages people to download his music for free! how genus is that!? I mean if hes doing that well to encourage people to steal his music, he music be a Great musician and not a has been. I still bought the CD! Anyways, Trent has been in NIN since before half of you people have been born, and can actually make his own music and it will be AMAZING. besides hes sexy, who cares if hes gained some weight he still fine as hell =]

  94. tetzy says – reply to this


    Chris Cornell has 1,00,000 times the talent that weak voiced ass reznor does.

  95. 95

    ouch. Although amusing.

  96. 96

    I love Chris Cornell. Haven't heard the new album. A collaboration with Timbaland, though? This makes me leery. Trent is a dick but he's put out alot of good material over the years, too. That being said…where the hell does Trent get off judging Chris Cornell? Not all of Trent's work has been great either. The goal is to challenge one's self artistically and clearly Chris is trying to do that; it can be expected that sometimes it won't work for the best at which point one goes back to the drawing board and tries another tack. At least Chris is still putting himself out there.

  97. 97

    So a man who snarls emo lyrics against pre-programmed GarageBand beats and blips is criticizing a formerly credible rock singer who came out with "Sellout Album Of The Year" courtesy of Timbaland?

    Is it just me, or is this like Perez calling Pete Wentz a fag?

  98. 98

    r u kidding? Chris Cornell is the man. Trent Reznor can suck it.

  99. 99

    who is this trent reznor… LOL loser….

  100. 100

    I have listened to your music since I was like 11-
    Fragile SUCKED
    so shut your fuggin mouth

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