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Miley Cyrus Is Hazardous To Your Health!

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Slutty Cyrus must have sprinkled some of her belly lint all over that shiz because Miley's Hannah Montana Chocolate Granola Bars have been recalled due to suspected salmonella contamination!!


The Canadian recall was issued last week after discovering the granola bars contained peanut products that were part of the widespread peanut recall that hit the U.S. and Canada earlier this year.

Slutty was then seen at Katsuya on Sunday night requesting an order of salmonella sashimi.

[Image via WENN.]

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231 comments to “Miley Cyrus Is Hazardous To Your Health!”

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  1. pabst says – reply to this


    (#199) LMAO! I found that cluster screw's attempt at telling you off amusing as well. I'm PBR-ing ya right now :)

  2. pabst says – reply to this


  3. 203

    Re: pabst – AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got it. I'm all better now!!! Well, sorta
    I still need my BIG BLACK DICK and HARRY BALSAC!
    How am I supposed to sleep without them?

  4. 204

    why the hell do u call her a slut???

  5. 205

    i asked u that perez

  6. 206


  7. 207

    Yeah cause she personally did it! Its all her fault… shut the fuck up and leave her alone…damn

  8. RUu says – reply to this


    people here don't realize Perez is making a joke.
    obviously Miley didn't make the granola bars.. like duuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrr ……

  9. 209

    She does not make them. Again do not call her slutty. She is a child.

  10. 210


  11. 211

    Re: careless – IF you don't give a damn about me then why the fuck do you bother to respond… Stop being a hypocrite and grow some ballz asshole..

    @181 thank you. So go suck my ballz bitchface…

  12. 212

    I'm no fan of her but really? Calling a young teenage girl a slut is pathetic Perez. Sound like you're the one slutting out the negativity…………………

  13. 213

    Oh my god how is this her fault! Get off her back

  14. 214

    IF U HATE PEREZ SO MUCH GO MAKE YOUR OWN SITE!!!! i wish u would stop calling her slutty shes too young for the title maybe stupid or moronic but not reall slutty

  15. 215

    i didnt know she even had granola bars to make them pop stary she must put her own sweat in them

  16. 216

    Seriously, a vendetta against a teenager is extremely sad. Your site is generally entertaining, but it's a shame in many ways that you can't be charged for bullying for stuff like this.

  17. 217

    She doesn't make any of the Hannah Montana products, dipshit.
    Grow up and stop harassing a fucking 16 year old teenager girl!!!!!

  18. 218

    Re: Productboy – LOLOLOL

  19. 219

    If only SHE would go die. D:

  20. Delsy says – reply to this


    how the hell it is her fault she doesn't own disney

  21. 221

    Shes a sluttttt and a skank. not even PLAYBOY wuld want her ugly ass. she needs to get of diseny before her show goes to hell and her with it. shes not pretty and needs to stop thinking she is. her parents raised one hell of a WHOREEEE!!! Billy Ray u got sum problems

  22. 222

    Re: LaDiva – srly grow up.

  23. 223

    First off, there are Hannah Montana granola bars now?

  24. 224

    she makes fucking cereal bars now??!!

  25. 225

    wow, I see you are still making fun of the little girl…

  26. 226

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDD What a loser! Disney can't even feed her tweenies properly! Now if only she had one of her vomit-bars…

  27. 227

    Shut up fat homo mario, I'm sure you baught half of them and ate them while getting bum fucked by you greasy sausage fingers

  28. 228

    Re: careless – Enjoy my knob.

  29. 229

    Omg, why do you call here a slut? I don't even like Miley but is just so wrong off you to call here a slut she's not a slut. She's stupid and all of that but she's not a slut.

  30. 230

    really, its not her fault that the bars are yucky.
    but everytime i go to the supermarket, everything is fucking hannah montanna. hannah montanna party plates, hannah montannah clothes, hannah montannah sleeping bags…eff off! what happened to pooh bear and the innocent disney characters and stuff? its almost sad :'(

  31. 231

    Re: fredfigglehorn – actually lol hugh hefner wants her to pose, but she obviously rejected it lol. but yeah she is ugly. VERY.

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