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Pete Wentz Drinks His Own Urine!

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85 comments to “Pete Wentz Drinks His Own Urine!”

  1. 1

    But does he drink Ashlee's urine??? Maybe he Ashlee gives him golden showers???

  2. 2

    who cares, where is harry and bbd?

  3. 3

    Re: LizardKinG – and BBD

  4. 4

    Alice… are you still around?

  5. 5

    Re: Redd Bolls – who cares, this site sucks without harry and bbd

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Re: LizardKinG – Hey, do you think Perez has a good spam filter?

  8. 8

    what a loser

  9. 9


  10. 10

    testing 1 2 3

  11. 11

    This douche will do anything for attention…what the fuck happened to Harry and BBD????????? FUCK YOU BALL GARGLE…BRING THEM BACK!!

  12. 12

    Re: Redd Bolls – ahaaaa

  13. 13

  14. 14


  15. 15


  16. 16

    OMG. His wife is so lucky! He is such a winner. Oh boo effn hoo. IDIOT!

  17. 17

    Why? why would he do that… Gross!

  18. 18

    Re: DikinCider – Judging by the rest of this site….No

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Re: guilty of being white – this site sucks without them, gonna loose a lot of money mario

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Re: LizardKinG – you know there are spam services that can take down a mail server if someone was to say give them your email address. they can do something like 6000 messages in a minute

  23. 23

    its gross to show that but I heard it is sterile and won't hurt you. if you are actually lost in the woods you can drink your own urine for survival….

  24. 24

    Oh, please… what an attention-whore!!!
    and you know you love his ass, Mario!
    Re: mamajud – You are OK, mamajud! :)
    harryb and BBD have been banned!!!!!

  25. 25

    Re: DikinCider – YES BBD TOO….

  26. 26

    And you call yourself a FIT PARENT????? Let me doubt about that!!

  27. 27

    who gives a shit he's freakin hot.. id drink a tub of his bath water

  28. 28

    he's still amazing.
    perez sucks!

  29. 29

    thats disgusting

  30. 30

    Re: LizardKinG – what happend to harry?

  31. 31

    BTW… Does Ashlee know what are you doing??? since i doubt she´d like to kiss you in that MOUTH after a zip of pee!!!


  32. 32

    Pete- what are you thinking! Nasty!

  33. 33

    Re: Redd BollsRe: Redd Bolls – HAHAHA. gotta love those golden showers.

  34. 34

    check 1 2

  35. 35

    Maybe he's into urine therapy….
    or he's just an idiot.

  36. aj says – reply to this



  37. 37

    psshh thats old.
    if youve seen release the bats youll know petey does that all the time.

  38. 38

    he should do that but with his sperm

  39. 39

    Re: BBBoricua – what a little shit fucker…..i thought i'd been shut off too……but i had been replying to harry

  40. tori says – reply to this


    And he's someone's father……..enough said. All I can say is poor Bronx Mogli.

  41. 41

    oh my gosh.

  42. tori says – reply to this


    And he is someone's father……enough said. All I can say is poor Bronx Mowgli.

  43. tori says – reply to this


    Sorry, double post.

  44. 44

    SO FUCKIN STUPID……………………..

  45. 45

    he actually did this years ago. any fan of fall out boy that has their dvd titled release the bats knows this. so pete drinking his own urine hasn't been "news" since 2005 when the dvd was released.

  46. 46

    pete drinking his own urine hasn't been "news" since 2005 when he did it on a dvd the band released. yes it's gross, but nothing new.

  47. 47

    Re: mamajud – Good to see you are O.K.
    I hope Mario brings harryb and BBD back soon!!!

  48. 48

    drinking your own urine has nothing to do with good or bad parenting skills.

  49. 49

    Who could be bored in France!

  50. 50

    That was gross and I'm still fighting the urge to puke. According to that Survivor dude Les Stroud you can not drink your own piss. In survival mode you have to filter it first. Chick above that thinks it's safe if she is lost in the woods is wrong.

  51. Reecy says – reply to this


    What the hell is wrong with this guy? SERIOUSLY. First his wife's braest milk and now this?? Get this dude some help fast. Joe Simpson is probably now realizing that Nick Lachey wasn't really so bad after all.

  52. 52

    he is quite possibly the dumbest person on earth

  53. 53

    THAT WAS DISGUSTING!!! Seriously, if his piss is really that color, he needs to put more water in his daily routine or he needs to see a doctor for that. Something is just not right. Ugghhhh! That was nasty. I barfed every time he took a drink! To think I used to think he was hot at one point.

  54. 54

    wow, he thinks he's so cool…how sad for him

  55. 55

    I can't believe he did that !
    But I love him anyway =P

  56. 56

    His body's craving sodium. Maybe some potato chips should've suffice.

  57. 57


  58. 58

    I'm fully aware that this video is about Pete drinking piss but I'm going to make it about Patrick. Patrick is BOSS!!!

  59. 59

    that's not the first time he's done that!

  60. 60

    show more patrick stump…. he's fucking sexy.

  61. 61

    Wow. Who would think that drinking pee could be so cool and cutting-edge? Pretty sad.

  62. 62

    Take that wig and show ur real AFRO, we're so tired of the same shittious hair…c'mon ur a GRIFOa and u don't accepted..always with ur "hats" and shittystyle (Perezito explica que es esto a los gringos).

    By the way…drink WETF u want..that's pretty COOL and MATURE…..DADDy

  63. JCPR says – reply to this


    urine tastes very salty! LOL :D

  64. 64

    EWW he is the grossest thing i have ever seen. i bet papa simpson is sooooo proud. ashlee sure picked a winner. shes a fuckin idiot too. she should have stayed with ryan cabrera or josh henderson. at least they were smokin hot. not she has a complete tool. yippee!!!

  65. JCPR says – reply to this



  66. 66

    For the encore he will discern brownies from his own poop.

  67. 67

    He did this in his movie Release the Bats. Drinking his own piss isn't new for Pete. This is just a bit more complex.

  68. 68

    OMG Ashlee has to kiss him! Worst thing I've seen since Stiffler ate dog poo.

  69. 69

    thats fucking gross!

  70. 70

    He's a winner, man. Man Asslee is one lucky woman.

  71. dE'jA says – reply to this



  72. 72

    OMFG! Niiiiice man, Ashlee. Real winner. *gag*

  73. 73

    well he anit gonna die from it cuz pee is sterile, but that is still disgusting

  74. 74

    he looks wierd like that

  75. 75

    Why don't you also tell your readers that in India, drinking your own urine is very common, very very common? Check it out on Google :
    urine theraphy is what to type in. Indians (India) Love a Tall Warm One with chips?

  76. 76

    he reminds me of one of those kids who you wanted to smack in class in highschool for not just shutting the fuck up and trying to be funny.

  77. 77

    thats disgusting.

    and he has a child?!

  78. 78

    Re: JessJess31 – Amen to that :)

  79. 79

    How do people buy into this shit?

  80. 80

    Your child will love these stories when you, er he, grows up petie.

  81. 81

    I heard its medicine when you are sick and dying, it's got stuff to heal you when sick

  82. 82

    I mean drinking your own piss is one thing (some monks do it I think) but everyone else's??? X__X

  83. 83

    Wtf is he thinking thats nasty ?
    and how thee fuck is his…
    pee that dark haahaha ?

  84. 84

    He wishes he was Jimmy Urine Mindless Self Indulgence.

  85. 85

    He wishes he was Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence.