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Natasha Richardson was not able to survive the brain injury she suffered while skiing in Canada on Monday.

The British actress' husband, Liam Neeson, has officially confirmed the tragic news, issuing a press release that reads:

"Liam Neeson, his sons, and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha. They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time."

So sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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424 comments to “R.I.P.”

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  1. 201

    RIP Natasha ♥

  2. 202

    Heartbreaking!! :( :(

  3. 203

    So sad. I pray her family and friends find comfort during this difficult time. She was a beautiful woman with a tremendous amount of talent. I'm so sad she had to leave this way and so soon. I can't imagine how her family feels right now. :(

  4. 204

    Re: Veuve Clicquot
    Agree with you.
    So terribly sad.

  5. 205

    Re: redhead – Too classy? So why are you on this website…so you are NOT Classy? Post it elsewhere babe. So much, to little time. It is what it is. We all want to be Classy?

  6. 206

    My heart goes out to her whole family :(

  7. 207

    She was such a classy and talented lady. Why couldn't it happen to someone else?

  8. 208

    RIP. How depressing, and so sudden :[[

  9. 209

    I can't help thinking of Liam's role in Love Actually, how it opens with his wife's funeral…My heart absolutely breaks for the family, especially her sons. They've been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. I hope she is at peace and pray they are able to find some as well.

  10. 210

    this is so incredibly sad. she was so beautiful ! & an incredible actress ! RIP. my thoughts are with her family.

  11. 211

    RIP Natasha, you were such a classy lady.

  12. 212


  13. 213

    That's so sad.

  14. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: Mike_Rotch – (#144) You and me both.

  15. 215

    it's sad that some people are more worried about getting 'first' on your blog. this kind of news goes to show you that celebs are REAL people too — and can die just like anyone else. It's very sad how this happened. My heart is with her family.

  16. 216

    why her, such a beautiful talentend actress and wife and mother, it should be Lindsay Lohan….the bottom feeder

  17. 217

    Tragic. Who knew how sensitive the temporal artery was to a light tumble in the snow? Her refusal to accept immediate medical help within that "golden hour" was the beginning of her unfortunate demise. My heart goes out to her family - such a beautiful person, a great loss for the film and stage audiences. May you rest in peace Tash.

  18. 218

    LINDSAY MUST DIE!!!!!!!!

  19. 219

    perez is ALWAYS late with the news

  20. 220

    That's some seriously fucked up shit. How horrible! I totally feel for her family.

    Sadness… :(

  21. 221

    Perez was too busy writing about Zac Efron to update on Natashas death, what a fat loser this guy is

  22. 222

    This is insane! I can't believe it, my thoughts really are with Liam and family. This is terribly sad.

  23. 223

    wow this is so sad when i first heard i was on twitter and i was shocked i mean u just don't expect something like this to happen they way it did my heart goes out to Liam and his family and close friends and i hope they don't grieve to long celebrate Natasha's life for what it was im sure she would have wanted that x

  24. 224

    Any news if Mont Tremblant is going to get sued for this? I am from Montreal and that is a great ski hill.

  25. 225

    dang this…wow!!!!!!!! it's speechless…i still can't believe it. i was actually for some weird reason i was thinking about her since last week…it's fucking unbelievable how it happened. REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!

  26. 226

    Re: angelia – Perez did report the fact that Liz Smith found out that the family had taken Natasha off of life-support March 17 @ 1:30 pm. Clearly she was brain dead a fair while before that, so, it is safe to say that she did in fact die yesterday, but the "official" announcement only came from the family today, March 18, 2009.

  27. 227

    Re: omgggg – PLEASE! This really isn't the time for that kind of shite.

  28. 228

    this is very sad..way too young and her poor children :-(

  29. 229

    I loved Natasha Richardson in Maid in Manhattan…so seamless and perfect. Her passing is so very sad..she will be missed. I wish comfort and peace to her entire family. RIP dear Natasha.

  30. 230

    RIP so sad

  31. 231

    :-( So sad.

    RIP pretty lady.

  32. 232

    R.I.P Natasha! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!

  33. 233

    British theater lost one of it's brightest stars.

  34. 234

    This is SO terrible. I feel so bad for her family, esp. Liam and their children. Happily skiing with her kids one day…gone 2 days later. HORRIBLE. What a nightmare.

  35. 235

    Such terrible news, my thoughts and prayers are with her husband and two sons. Hope she is watching over them. Rest in peace.

  36. 236

    Perez just can't win…people jumped all over him when he announced her as brain dead 2 days ago, so he backed off a little, and now people are complaining he waited too long to post an announcement today!

    Darling Perez - you posted a beautiful photo by which to remember Natasha. Such a senseless loss. Life is too precious and too short.

  37. fiona says – reply to this


    Thank you Natasha. See you on the slopes of the other mountains. My best wishes to your family.

  38. 238

    This is so sad. My heart goes out to Natasha's family:( RIP

    and Perez, it's funny. You care more about a reality star than a real actress. Your lack of sensitivity is shocking, to say the least

  39. 239

    i wanna cry….this is so sad

  40. 240

    I remember her from the short-film "Gothic". She played Mary Shelley, was so beautiful! Also a bizarre movie. RIP

  41. 241

    yes this is so sad she was a funny and wonderful actress.

  42. 242

    RIP beautiful woman. Weep.

  43. 243

    I'm reminded of the movie Love Actually when Liam Neeson has to give the eulogy at his wife's funeral. It made me cry… and it still does whenever I re-watch it. Unfortunately now, it will be for real.

  44. 244

    Absolutely heartbreaking. : (

  45. 245

    i know she is working it in heaven because she was TOO beautiful for this earth.

    love you girl!

  46. 246

    Liam and any and all of Natasha's family if by chance you are reading this, i am so incredibly sorry for your loss, i'm very sad to hear this i cannot nor would i want to imagine what you all must be going through :( times like this one doesn't know just what to say, i am so very sorry i will pray for you, my thoughts go out to you, and i think natasha was of great talent, and seemed so sweet and down to earth, she is in my mind in a better place, although she was taken away from you, i would try my best to be thankful to have her in my life, and the time and memories you all share, let's all just be kind to one another, and live each day to our fullest as much as we can, stop hating on each other on this site and just life in general, natasha was a woman of love and honor, ladies lets try to be more like her, r.i.p natasha♥

  47. 247

    Rest in peace, Gorgeous. : (

  48. 248

    this is so very sad. RIP NATASHA YOU WILL BE MISSED!

  49. 249

    God bless you, Natasha and loved ones.

  50. 250

    that's nuts, a life lost in 24 hours. RIP natasha, you will be truly missed by your loved ones, and your passing comes as a shock to celebrity community and its fans.

  51. 251

    so so so sad. r.i.p. gorgeous

  52. 252

    So very sad. I saw her on broadway doing Cabaret when I was 16. I'll never forget her and my first broadway show.

  53. 253

    i dont understand why ppl take the time to write negative comments to you , when they can just ignore this website exists and not read your blogs.

    they are hypocrites and are just hooked on your blogs- which by the way are hilarious.

  54. 254

    Re: the last star – Wow Star that's beautiful. That almost made me cry. (o:

  55. 255

    What a horrendous bummer. Such a sweet, bright, charming lady!

  56. 256

    My love and thoughts and prayers go out to her family, especially Liam and the boys. RIP Lovely lady.

  57. 257

    first to report it when she DIDN'T die and last when she does. Ive never been critizing of you Perez but to me this was below low.
    **Instead of people coming on here to critize Perez…just dont go on this site anymore. You are giving him *hits* everytime you click on this site to insult him. The biggest insult would be to ignore his ass.**

  58. 258

    I work in a hospital as a nurse in Montreal, I am somehow super saddened because of this loss for the Neeson family, despite losing patients every day. I have somehow taken this death personally, she was so vibrant. I feel so guilty. Nothing could have been done and I have total compassion burnout……so sad, as lest she did not linger with breast cancer like other patients….messed up to say but I am trying to salvage some positive energy….I am sad. God bless this family.

  59. 259

    I find it extremely tasteless that you reported this days before it was actually true/confirmed. I'm sure you are submitting yourself for awards because you can blog about someones death while their family struggles to make decisions regarding life support. Your level of class has sunken even further than I thought possible.

  60. 260

    Re: the last star – Beautiful and meaningful because it comes from your heart. Thanks - The Last Star - Peace

  61. 261

    Love Natasha….Hate this blogger

  62. 262

    This is just so sad.

  63. 263

    Re: DoggyDaddy – He reported that she DIED two days ago…THEEEN she was brain dead. Look back retard. He fucked up big time this time.

  64. 264

    The whole thing is soooooo Bizzare! I don't understand why shit like this happens. It just seems like there had to be something else that contributed to her death. Maybe she already had a fragile brain stem or something to that effect because it just seems odd that she died so suddenly, especially after she fell and then there was such terrible swelling etc.. I am not as informed as I could be, I am sure that there is more to know about the whole incident than what we have been told as far as her injuries go. I just feel so badly for her immediate family right now, they are probably in such pain and sadness right now. It was obvious that she was a very unique person and I am sure that she will never, ever, be able to gotten over. It sux so much for her children. Her boys will be left without a mother now and all for skiing. I will be praying for her family every night. RIP Natasha.

  65. 265

    That is incredibly sad.

    But I still want to know how anyone can hurt themselves during a skiing lesson at Tremblant. That "hill" for beginners is so incredibly tame and idiot proof.

  66. 266

    Wow! You just never know what can happen to anyone, life is short. God bless she and and her family and friends. 45 is waaaaaaaaay to you to die, and in such a shocking way.

  67. are13 says – reply to this


    Re: moralesgal03 – I posted a comment saying about the same thing, but yet it was erased…hmmm…Perez messed up a tragic story even more than possible. And no i have never been critical of him until this story.

  68. 268

    May God Bless her and her boys. She was such a wonderful human being. Why her?

  69. 269

    I remember Natasha in Nell with my favorite actress Jodie Foster. She had such a luminous presence just like her mother. Her and Liam were both in the movie together too.

  70. 270

    Hope she is an organ donor.

  71. 271

    horrible. just horrible. so much talent she had. heartbreaking.

  72. 272

    Re: the last star – That was really nice.

    I got a little teary eyed. may she rest in peace!!!

  73. 273

    This is such a tradgedy… She was a wonderful actress, I especially liked her in The Parent Trap, my prayers go out to her family.

  74. 274

    Re: aj – #2 Honk, Honk, Honk…

  75. 275

    bless them

  76. 276

    God be with them. So very sad.

  77. 277

    So tragic, so sad……….



  78. 278

    Re: LilJoJo – #70 WTF is wrong with dirt? Worse than dirt? You need to think about where you would be without dirt. Without dirt we have no roads, no homes, food…. the list goes on and on.
    Seriously, what a stupid ass thing to say. You act like this is the official site the family has set up for people to leave their condolences. UMMMMM, news flash, it's Perez Hilton dot com!!!!! I think you missed the mark on this one hun, no one is disrespecting Ms. Richardson or her family.
    Worse than dirt? COME ON!! It must be past your bedtime.

  79. 279

    I'm sad…

  80. 280

    RIP to natasha, she sounded like a lovely human being/mother/wife. can only imagine what he family must be feeling right now.

    she was in my favorite movie as a kid growing up, parent trap.

  81. 281

    Omg someone just died and we still have ignorent ppl who chose to leave some of the most simpleminded and ignorant comments u jerkoffs show some type of respect for this poor women who has passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I pray for her and her family!

  82. 282

    Re: the last star – #217 How very poignant, you ARE one of the good guys.

  83. 283

    you dropped the ball on this one P. what r u so busy doing? i assume its the austin thing. i count on you. u have been laggin. remember your roots.

  84. 284

    This is so sad all i can say is i hope for the best for her family and freinds and i know she is loking over us wow so so sad! R.I.P. Natasha Richardson!

  85. 285

    This is sooooo sad. I feel soooo sorry for the whole family. I honestly couldn't even imagine having this happen to my mama. Poor kids. RIP honey! You will forever be missed

  86. 286

    So sad and heartbroken over hearing this news. Will be praying for the whole family. This was so tragic…

  87. 287

    so horrible. i never knew her name but recognized her face… she was wonderful in the remake of parent trap ha, soudns lame but she was hilarious. so untimely.

  88. 288

    My prayers go out to her family. How tragic this is. It also confirms my belief that God never intended us to put sticks on our feet and sail down a hill. Have never skied in my life, never intend to.

  89. 289

    so sad….so young and beautiful!!
    she was an e bay master!
    Found Barack Hussein Obama on there yesterday!

  90. 290

    my thoughts are with her husband and her sons… R.I.P. Natasha.
    you were a wonderful person and so beautiful, generous, smart and graceful… I´ll miss you even though I did not know you in person.

    And some words to perez:

    "so sad"

    is that all you have to say about that?

    if you don´t know what to say, you can - at least - say: "I don´t know what to say"!

    no thoughts and prayers for the family, no nothing. and way too late…

    I hate you for this, it´s respectless!

  91. 291

    it's about time you posted something about this…it's been all over the news for a couple hours now.

  92. 292

    Re: Vanessa LLife is dangerous. You can't be that stupid and say just don't go skiing at all! You can die just by going to the store while driving there. YOu can choke to death while eating all by yourself in your home and no one is around to save you. You can die while sitting too long on a plane and get a clot and it travels to your brain. Sh*t, you can die whenever, wherever, however. You can't go through life being scared, and not doing what you like or love or even want to try to do. I guarantee you will be a very miserable person if you are too cautious b/c you are too scared, thinking OMG I can die doing this! Bottom line, take precaution. Wear a helmet when you ski, or bike, and don't speed when you drive. If you die, it's only cause it's your time to go. THINK ABOUT THAT~

  93. 293

    so sad..they were great together. deepest sympathies to the family

  94. 294

    So sad. :(

  95. 295

    rest in peace rest in peace…

  96. 296

    That's so tragic :-( I kept hoping she'd miraculously pull through. Poor family and friends, just so unexpected.

  97. 297

    This is hitting me so hard. Crying now. Maybe because my cat died today. Had a bloodclot and her hind legs were paralyzed. Dr. put her to sleep.
    Gosh, I hate death. R.I.P. Natasha. What a fine wife, mum, daughter and actress.

  98. 298

    sooo sad, RIP

  99. 299

    Normally I come here to hopefully see celebs self destructing (Lohan), but in this case I am honestly sad. A truly talented actress and a loss to the entertainment world. My thoughts and prayers are with Liam and hers and his family.

    Godspeed and see you in the life!

  100. 300

    Took you long enough. For the latest entertainment news maybe i should turn to another source. Zac wasn't exactly a headline for the last 6 hours (as cute as he is).

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