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Natasha Richardson was not able to survive the brain injury she suffered while skiing in Canada on Monday.

The British actress' husband, Liam Neeson, has officially confirmed the tragic news, issuing a press release that reads:

"Liam Neeson, his sons, and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha. They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time."

So sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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424 comments to “R.I.P.”

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  1. 301

    To the family, you're in my prayers.

    To Natasha, you are truly talented and will be greatly missed.

  2. 302

    I have never been skiing or snowboarding in my life and I've been invited countless time on some fabulous trips, but I'm afraid of it and this pretty much insures I will never, ever go…ever! How tragic :(

  3. 303

    Its so very sad.I can't stop thinking of Love Actually when Liam played a heartbroken widower- it will be very tough to watch now.

  4. 304

    That is just crazy how random these accidents can occur. I remember this funny actress on The Parent Trap and now shes gone =( that's terrible. I give out my thoughts to Liam and her family.

  5. 305

    My condolences to Liam and family, may she rest in peace

  6. 306

    Well, this is just sad. Rest in peace…

  7. 307

    She was a real Lady… Can`t be true… RIP

  8. 308

    RIP, that is a shame. She is a mother of two. She is only about 45. I use to ski back country fast around trees and rocks. I never wore a helmet. She was a beginner on a easy slope? WOW who would have thought. FOLKS wear helmet on a BIKE or Motorcycle, 4 wheeling and Skiing.

  9. 309

    So sad - especially when the young die…like Heath Ledger. I loved Natasha (and her name). Such a kind, graceful, smiling beauty. No wonder her marriage lasted so long. The movie I loved most, which she starred in was, "Waking Up In Reno". A quirky, offbeat movie that didn't gather a lot of attention but she was adorable in the role.

  10. 310

    So tragic.

  11. I.Z. says – reply to this


    Really terrible, sad news. :( She was a beautiful woman and a fine actress. She'll be very missed.

  12. 312

    RIP Natasha, respect and peace goes to her family at this time.

  13. 313

    Saddened to hear of Ms. Richardson's passing. She was a wonderful chameleon-like actress and down to earth. I am particularly a fan of her mother, Vanessa Redgreave, who has always been actively involved in human rights and so forth. The entire family is obviously dealing with a lot of grief and my thoughts are with them. What a tragic and un-heard of injury; a bump from a fall while taking a ski lesson, which quickly let to death. Perhaps the first of its kind in North America. If anyone knows of an official site where condolences can be sent, please advise. Regards, B

  14. modo says – reply to this


    You write like a three year old and they can't write! How can suffer brain surgery while did the doctors attack her on skis?

  15. 315

    this is so sad, i'm so sorry for her boys and the whole family*
    things like that happen every day we should keep that in mind
    a few weeks ago a woman died while skiing in a ski-region in germany
    when a man wo was going way too fast crashed into her. she died on the spot, she was 41 and left 4 young children behind, the youngest just a baby.
    so we should remember that accidents like this can happen always and to everyone and be thankful for every day we have here on earth

    (@people critizising perez: there is no difference between being dead and being brain-dead. brain-dead is not like a coma where there is a chance of recovery. there was absolutely no chance for her to wake up again, as sad as it is)

  16. 316

    Just can't tell you how so sorry I am, Liam… May God hold your family+friends together, and keep Natasha in a better place, in peace.

  17. 317

    So very very very sad :

  18. 318

    Rest in peace…

  19. 319

    That's so sad, RIP Natasha.
    Prayers to her family and friends*

  20. 320

    An unspeakable loss for her family, and yet another profound loss for the world of film and theatre. Once again I ask, Why not PARIS or BRITNEY?.

  21. 321

    R.I.P. and may God bless her family and loved ones.

  22. 322

    I also believe there needs to be a moratorium on Hollywood stars, especially those with great talent, to please, please please avoid the ski slopes, private jets, private helicopters and anything else that might shorten your lives. We need more living idols, than ones whose faces will only gaze back at us from a moment frozen in time forever.

    May the Angels lead you home Natasha.

  23. Low says – reply to this


    Peace and love to her family. :(

  24. GWB5 says – reply to this


    OMG OMG - sooo sad

  25. GWB5 says – reply to this


    Re: dililmyss – OMG can you tell me the exact place so I can go take pictures

  26. 326

    wow im reading some of the comments and this is the first time ive ever responded. some of you are just cold hearted. to wish death on perez or anyone else is uncalled for. who raised you. if you dont like his site then dont come here. i mean i dont agree all the time but i like the site. id never wish death on someone. that is sick and wrong on any level and i dont care who you are. the sad thing is this women is a public figure and she has died. lets let it be about her and not about you. RIP. prayers for the family.

  27. 327

    Wear Helmets……..
    She was a hott Milf………
    So sad……..

  28. 328

    So sad so unexpected! I feel for her friends and Family

  29. 329

    rip :(

  30. 330

    her poor family :(

  31. 331

    Last night Air Canada Centre…..

    Before Spears took the stage an army of little people, magicians, jugglers, contortionists, acrobats, and gymnasts performed on two smaller circular stages on either side of her impressively large, in-the-round stage.

    Then it was time for the main attraction as her mostly young female fans chanted "Britney! Britney!" before Spears' arrival.

  32. 332

    A golden heart stopped beating
    hard working hands at rest
    God broke our hearts to prove to us
    He only takes the best.
    Rest in peace, Natasha….

  33. 333

    Re: sianxoxo – Morning Hottie… :o )

  34. 334

    R.I.P. (L)

  35. 335

    I really liked her. She was so talented and gorgeous. My thoughts are with her family and friends. Sad..

  36. 336

    Awww no :(

    wasnt she in Love Actually?

  37. 337

    Re: the last star – Beautiful words… Amen.

  38. 338

    Just think of all the young hot girls Laim is going to get now. How long is he going to have to wait.

  39. 339

    it’s been all over the news all night, including larry king. they made it a big point how she was not wearing a helmet and refused medical attention after she fell. i mean it was the bunny slopes, not the double x run, so i could understand her not wearing a helmet. i can’t imagine what could have happened, as bunny slopes are pretty tame and flat in several parts. maybe there was a rock under the snow that she hit when she fell? if the ambulance was called surely the ski patrol and instructors had cause to be concerned so i’m not sure why she would refuse to get checked out? i can’t believe how fast it was, ya know? i haven’t been in that situation, but maybe i might have waited a week just to make sure there truly was no hope of recovery, but i know liam and vanessa brought in all the top doctors and all that and that was the diagnosis. so sad! i hope liam, michael, and daniel take comfort in the good memories of the past years. :-(

  40. 340

    So so sad. My thoughts are with her family x

  41. 341

    I am very saddened by this event. She didn't deserve this type of death. Why couldn't it have been Lindsey Lohan or someone more deserving? :(

  42. 342

    Natasha was beautiful on the inside and on the outside.
    I loved the way she lit up whatever movie scene she was in.
    So very, very sad.
    Rest in peace, Tasha, knowing the world loved you.
    Not many people can say that.

  43. 343

    She was such a wonderful person. I love her
    What a stupid accident, I feel so bad for her husband and sons
    I just can't believe it, I just saw her a couple of weeks ago on BBC on QI and she was hilarious there. I'm going to miss her

  44. 344

    So, so sad!! My thoughts go out to her friends and family… Such a shame we have to lose a great actress, you will be missed… R.I.P. Natasha…

  45. 345

    poor thing!

  46. 346

    Re: eternalcanadian
    all bunny slopes arent the same. i found that out at sundance and i quickly walked back up to get help down the mountain after i knew i wasnt going to risk my well being. now put me on a roller coaster or bungy jumping and im fine.

  47. 347

    Re: wwwwttttt
    you are an idiot. its sad someone lost their place in life and someone like you gets to stick around and act stupid.

  48. 348

    So very, very sad. Natasha was a true star, incredibly talented, but never let it all go to her head, a rarity these days. I had the pleasure of meeting Natasha last year, while I was on my way to a job interview, and said to her that I too was a Paulina (an alumni of St Paul's Girls School in London, the school Natasha attended), and we spent several minutes comparing our experiences of the school. Natasha had attended the school 20 years before I had, so plenty had changed, but some things were still the same. Natasha wished me well in my interview (she could tell I was nervous), and told me to do my best, adding that "a Paulina can achieve anything if she puts her mind to it." Natasha - you were proof of what a Paulina could achieve. As for me, I got the job, and I just wish I could have had the pleasure of meeting you again so I could have told you in person. Good night, God bless my fellow Paulina. The sisterhood of Paulinas will never be the same again without you. xx

  49. 349

    Skiing is a dangerous sport. But the thing is, she was on a beginner's run and could not have been doing anything extreme since she was in a lesson. She fell. She must have fallen in the most random way to direct such a blow to the head. Professional skiers, who race, go much much faster and have accidents and recover, save for a few. But we are talking skiers that train for it and go 80 mph down the hill and physically can take a fall at that speed. When they downhill race, they do wear helmets, but not in regular skiing. When they ski "casually" which is still at 50 mph, they don't wear helmets. So, it's not a guarantee of anything, though for the less experienced, it would help. People forget how extreme the sport is, because they have gussied up the resorts and promote them as family vacations. But it is quite dangerous.

    She could have gone nearly that fast, so her fall was a real freak accident.

  50. 350

    Such a classy woman. I loved her as Elizabeth James in Parent Trap. My heart goes out to her family.

  51. 351


  52. 352

    damn !I hoped that she would recover somehow cos at first I didn't think it was that bad.and why did they turn off the life support so fast?this is very tragic.natasha was only 45 yrs old.my sincere condolences to her family.may God rest her soul and help her family during this very difficult time.

  53. 353

    So sorry to hear this.

  54. 354

  55. 355

    Suck my harry bals Mario.

  56. 356

    Re: aj – honk, Love Muffin!

  57. 357

    This is all very sad.

    I'll bet plenty of the people who are "crying" about this have never seen a movie of hers.

    I wish the best to her family and friends.

  58. 358

    so sad

  59. 359

    So sad.
    Rest in peace Natasha
    Many prayers for her family. Bless them .

  60. 360

    Its sad when any one dies in a freak accident. But lets be truthful, I've skied and the instructors always ask to wear a helmet. Where was hers? Did it not go with her outfit?

  61. 361

    this is so sad.
    I hope her family is okay… she was so sweet.this was all so fast, i can hardly believe it

  62. 362

    They call it walk/talk and die syndrome……..

  63. 363

    Re: LaDiva – Morning Hottie….. :o )

  64. 364

    Very sad, one minute she was ok the next gone. RIP Natasha and God Bless Liem, the kids and the rest of the family.

  65. 365

    So very sad. My heart goes out to Liam, her boys and all her family and friends. If only she had been seen at the hospital, this might have been avoided. No one can say for sure. R.I.P

  66. 366

    so sad for her sons to lose their mom at such a young age rest in peace natasha

  67. 367

    Re: BBBoricua Re: LaDiva Re: .perezhilton.comRe: Long Dong ConneryRe: sianxoxo – Hi Everybody!Hey Connery….Haven't seen you in a couple of days.Shit-I haven't really been on here much lately either.Did you see where on Monday Mario BANNED Harry?Did you also see two days ago how badly Mario handled this horrorible story?He really f'n dropped the ball on this!

  68. 368

    This is so sad i cried when i found out! and i feel so bad for her 2 boys and husband! What a tragedy!

  69. 369

    This is such a shame. She was beautiful, talented, classy and down-to-earth. Unlike so many of the asshole celebretards today (Lohan, Hilton, Reid, Simpson). Too bad it wasn't one of them instead of this gifted woman.

  70. 370

    oh and p.s all those people that are saying shit about this in comments you should feel terrible!! A poor woman has died at such a younng age so for all you haters… Fuck you!
    didnt mean to be a complete bitch but please people have some respect!

  71. 371

    So very sad for her family. They had a marriage that lasted, and I feel terrible for Liam and the boys. She was beautiful.

  72. 372

    Re: RedWingsFan – Morning Dude….Thats crazy about Harry….WTF happened…Was it something Harry said…..???
    Or just Mario being A FAT HOMOTARD????? I have been on days off…..On now for 4days……Great… Later

  73. 373

    Re: hotlikeb – thank you totally agree some people really need to get a heart!
    RIP Natasha

  74. 374

    My heart goes out to her husband, sons, mother & rest of family… God keep her in your arms…

  75. 375

    this is corny but i loved her as the mom in Parent Trap with slut Lyndsay Lohan. She was such a mom mom! I wanted her to be my mom (in the movie) I wonder if a-hole Lohan will pay any respects to Natasha now that she is gone.

  76. 376

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Yea I guess it was something harry said.Weird that mario would be so thin skinned considering he always drawing dicks in celebtards mouths.

  77. 377

    Sad….and strange….seemed like she just bumped her head at first….

  78. 378

    Re: aj – HONK!HONK!HONK!

  79. 379

    Re: pheorama – Just had to say that Im from Norway and there is an old saying that norwegians are born with skis on. Basicly everyone over here goes sking. And my point is Ive never put a helmet on, never.
    Neither has any of my friends or family or most people on the slopes. And Ive been skiing countless times. Regardless of how steep the slopes are. Only ones wearing helmets are kids 3-6 starting out or tourist. So I cant fault her for not wearing a helmet, most dont.
    This really is a freak accident. And I dont think placing blame is has any point.
    Very tragic and a great loss to her family, friends and fans. May she rest in peace.

  80. 380

    Heartbreaking…I hurt for Liam and his sons…

    This is just tragic!!!

  81. 381

    This is so tragic and so scary, now I'm going to take my kids to the hospital everytime they bump their head. My heart goes out to her family and friends..

  82. 382

    My prayers go out to the family, in this tragic time

  83. 383

    Re: RedWingsFan – Harry should give Mario a Roman Helmet…… Give this site another year and it will go under anyways….
    Morning Harry if yer reading, Letty and Alice as well………

  84. 384

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Hey hot stuff…
    Re: RedWingsFan – hey red, come one now, u know perez gets his info from other sites but never takes responsibility for copying n pasting errors…
    Yea it sux that harry was banned. Guess perez had his bloomers on too tight on monday which accounts for his stupidity on banning harry…

  85. sushi says – reply to this


    I"m surprised this Pigez isn't pimping that he predicted her death before it happened.

  86. 386

    Wow, Perez, you called this what, 2-3 days ago? And people were giving you shit, saying you didn't know what you were talking about, and since the major media outlets weren't reporting it that it wasn't true, but you were right and they were wrong. But you took the high road, you just made a respectable tribute to this lady's life and didn't say I told you fuck head's so! Way to go. You are a good man, Perez Hilton.

  87. sushi says – reply to this


    Re: Scandal1 – Hey dickhead, SHE WASN'T FUCKING DEAD YET. Maybe that doesn't matter to you but that teeny little detail is important to some people. So he reported something incorrect and then had the fucking audacity to say the other news source he copied and paste was wrong and to fucking flood the company with letters of complaint.

  88. 388

    The entire family is a talented, class act! Our prayers to all.

  89. 389

    soooo sad

  90. 390

    Such a heartbreaking tragedy. How lucky though for them to share such a deep and affirming love.

  91. 391

  92. 392

    Come on, this is Perezhilton dot com, let's keep it trashy, like he is! I hope all celebrities self- destruct and drop dead.

  93. 393

    So sad RIP :(

  94. 394

    that's awful. my best wishes to her family and friends. what devasating news.

  95. 395

    So sad!!!

    RIP Natascha…

    She seemed so nice

  96. 396

    this has really touched me.
    i wonder what she would have done/said differently
    if she knew she only had a few more days to live.
    who could know when our time is up?
    farewell to a lovely person.

  97. 397

    so sad! :(

  98. 398

    My heartfelt condolences to her husband, sons, sister, brother and especially her mother, the elegant, extremely gifted Vanessa Redgrave. I saw her perform in the Year of Magical Thinking where the character loses her husband and then her daughter and finds herself alone. Now it seems to have come true for her. But, she has her sister and her grandchildren and especially her other children to lean on. Natasha was a true star in every sense of the word and she will be fondly remembered, always.

  99. 399

    My heart just aches for this family. Our family had the exact same experience 4 years ago with my little sister who was 35. One day she's here alive, beautiful and vibrant, the next she had a freak accident and was in a comma on life support. Three days later after the doctor said she is brain dead and will not come back, we pulled the plug. Seven minutes later she was gone. It was so sureal (still is) and so painful. I don't care how it sounds I am going to write her family to give my support. IF they read my letter, I hope my experience can bring them some comfort. The pain never goes away but it gets easier.

  100. 400

    BOY ARE YOU SLOW!!! Ooold news.

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