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Getting Married - If Only It Were Legal Across America!

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Congratulations Marc Jacobs!

The fashion legend and his Brazilian boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, are engaged!

The two have been dating for about a year now and have decided to make it official. They're both currently headed to Brazil to celebrate Jacob's new store there, which opened in January.

Jacobs and Martone, an ad executive, will go public with the news today.

No news has been released on when or where the happy couple plan to get married, but we doubt it will be in California. Cuz, you know, Cali doesn't treat gays as equals.

[Image via WENN.]

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76 comments to “Getting Married - If Only It Were Legal Across America!”

  1. 1

    If only it were legal….you'd still have no takers, rhino.

  2. 2

    gotta throw in some political bullshit dont you

  3. 3

    Awe the make a handsom couple :)

  4. ReRe says – reply to this


    Why are they both George Clooney clones???

  5. 5

    who would marry you anyway you fat fuck

  6. 6

    Congrats… Moving on.

  7. Hole says – reply to this


    Ontario…where you can't smoke a fag but you can marry one.

  8. 8

    Your site sucks today fatty - get you c*ck out of teddys mouth and give us gossip

  9. epic says – reply to this


    congrats, but marrying someone after going out for 1 year may not be the safest bet.

  10. 10

    Congrats to them!
    P.S. Practice what you preach, Mario!!! Equal rights for everybody…
    miss you harryb!!!

  11. 11

    Re: DikinCider – Funny. He wasn't at any of the anti Prop 8 marches yet he's so 'active' about this cause.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    they should come to Toronto!

  14. 14

    oh shut up perez. just because things dont go your way doesnt mean you need to dwell on them. suck it up.

  15. 15

    Congratulations! Very good looking couple. They'll make pretty babies. ;-)

  16. 16

    How sad that gay couples do not have equal rights in the US…..:(

  17. 17

    Congratulations Marc!!!

  18. 18

    Re: ReRe – lol

  19. 19

    shut the fuck up. Then why do you live in CA and pay taxes there if you don't like how they treat the gays? Give me a break!

  20. 20

    i wish marc jacobs was straight…so he could marry me and make me lots of pretty dresses..

  21. 21

    Re: Jubilee sings *If U Seek Harry* – the only thing he is active about is banning people who speak the truth, harry may be gone but will never be forgotten

  22. 22

    Re: MissCaramel – are those real?

  23. 23

    Give it up P. love the blog but America has spoken and we don't want "gay marrage". you're out numbered boo!!!!

  24. 24

    Wow, Perez…the people really seem to love you here…

  25. 25

    Uff these guys are hot!

  26. 26

    Gayboy, When are you getting married?????????

  27. 27

    Re: MissCaramel – O my, thats one fine RACK… :o )

  28. Hole says – reply to this


    Re: DikinCider – of course they are real…they sag down to her belly

  29. 29

    They are both gorgeous…they make me wish I was a boy….lol

  30. 30

    Re: Long Dong Connery – #26 It won't be anytime time soon Teddy's on the fence about it…..

  31. 31

    What a waste of a fabulous-well built hot male. Should have stuck to what God intended for humans

  32. 32

    Its like twins getting married. I dont care that there gay but they look too much alike. Thats the gross part!!

  33. 33

    I think it is awesome.. would be so much better if it were legal!

  34. 34

    WTF r u talking about Mario? This was all over the news yesterday and all over the internet. Do you want us to believe that Marc Jacobs gave you a "scoop"? If that's the case,
    News flash……… everybody else was in on it also.
    Honestly sometimes you are such a tool.

    You are such a fucking HYPOCRITE talking about equal rights, YOU BANNED HARRY you fucktard..

  35. 35

    What a hot couple. People should be in love and marry with whoever they want to !

  36. 36

    HEY for cali!!!!!

  37. 37

    HEA for cali!!!!

  38. 38

    Congratulations to them! :)
    They make a great looking couple ;)
    I hope Lorenzo is 'The One' for Marc and not a gold digger like that Jason Preston looser he used to date :(

  39. 39

    It should be allowed globally. (And I am a very strong Christian, we aren't supposed to judge)

  40. 40

    Re: BBBoricua – Couldn't have said it better myself - equal rights, bring back Harry & BBD!

  41. 41

    thats disgusting……get back in the closet god damit, i dont want my kids to see this

  42. 42

    I wish this country would just legalize gay marriage. I don't see anything wrong with it. Gay people in love should have the same rights as straight people in love. It's a shame that this country is so closed-minded.

  43. 43

    Look. Gays will NEVER be able to get "married", ok?! The church (any and all of them) simply will not allow that. Ever. I say get over it because you will exhaust yourselves arguing it til the end of time. Of course, I think they should let gays marry…hell they have every right to be just as miserable as the rest of us.

  44. 44

    Good for them, hope it works out.

  45. DVTG says – reply to this


    Thank GOD it's NOT legal. Homosexuality is unnatural to begin with and "marriage" between same-sex partners is an assault on the sacrament of marriage.

  46. 46

    One of them looks like they are showing clevage. I guess it is the woman of the relationship?????? What kind of pants it that. Is it a skirt????? And we wonder why the world is in the shape it is. Some people just don't have a clue. Perez is one of them. The world wants to take God away and see how the world is without God.

  47. 47

    ah come on perez, it's not all cali…just the hillbillies in the boonies. We love the gays!!!

  48. 48

    Never mix pleasure with business….

  49. 49

    They look like they are going to tip toe through the tulips in that picture.

  50. 50

    aw i love marc
    congratulations to them both!

  51. 51

    Equal rights for all! Congrats to the lovely and beautiful couple.

  52. 52

    oh good :)

    fuck prop 8!

  53. 53

    aww. congrats =)

    im sad marc jacobs is gay tho, he is so f'n hot. i love him.

  54. 54

    aw, congrats =)

    i f'n love marc jacobs. bummer hes gay tho, hes sooo f'n hot!

  55. 55

    aha. i posted twice. sorry. im kinda 'tarded…apparently.

  56. 56

    YOU are supporting Prop 8 by working with Dell. They have donated thousands of dollars in support of Prop 8.

  57. 57

    Spencer Wheelright, Marketing Manager for Dell in Austin, TX donated $25,200 in support of Proposition 8.

  58. 58

    Mario talks the talk but he dosen't walk the walk. You never see videos of him at any Prop 8 rallies, just clinging on to his z-list friends who's coattails he wants to ride to the top.

    He's made a career of taking shit and taking advantage of other people's misfortunes. Worst of all, he spreads hate and makes women feel horrible about themselves. He spreads INtolerance (though he preaches tolerance.)

    Perez Hilton is the Epitome of Hollywood scum and everything that is wrong with the world.

  59. 59

    Re: Bdizzle – He doesn't give a shit, it's a paycheck to him. Such a hypocrite, huh?

  60. 60

    congrats! such a cute couple!

  61. 61

    Re: You Wish – you're ignorant "boo"

  62. 62

    Re: KEEFER – then cover your kids eyes IDIOT!

  63. 63

    haha i love all your ignorant fucking people who get so upset over gay marriage. . GET THE FUCK OVER IT!! gay people getting married does not somehow make your straight marriage invalid. and it doesn't mean that they're going to "take over,” giving gay people equal rights in every sense is perfectly understandable and NOT the end of the world.. fuck you if you don't like their sexual preference but it in NO WAY effects your life!!! oh p.s. i don't know if you knew this, but you're religiously reading a gay guy's blog, better watch out, his gayness might be contagious. . i hope your kids don't turn out to be gay! now THAT would be the end of the world!

  64. 64

    Handsome couple ! They should get married in Canada, the most wonderful country in the world ! People here - except rednecks from Alberta - accept gay marriages, every poll or survey is a proof of that. So happy to live here in a free country.

  65. 65

    I can't tell who's who…am I the only one who thinks they look like twins?!
    Congrats, none the less. :)

  66. 66

    Re: DVTG – Get over yourself dumbass

  67. 67

    Congratulations… Wish I had a hot man. 8~)

  68. 68

    Super Cute!!! I am happy for them both!!! Now only if I could find a fashion designer to marry. :(

  69. 69

    Of course all the sexy ones are gay.
    I'm so happy for them.
    Adorablee !

  70. 70

    Aw! I'm happy for them! :)

    Also, they look quite alike!

  71. 71


  72. 72

    Geez…who knew Marc Jacobs was as hot as his clothes are? Congrats to them!

  73. 73

    they look alike. if those guys wanted to try some fish they can call me!

  74. 74

    Good for them! Now, get him to sign a pre nup and I will be happy.

  75. 75

    DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!! gays eat shit-lick asses! Must burn in hell!! :)

  76. 76

    i think that they should get married in floripa , if it happens i'll go to the party hahahha