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Nick Carter And His Boyfriend Gal Pal

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As we mentioned last month, Nick Carter has allegedly removed alcohol and drugs from his life.

The results have left him looking like a hottie once again.

And although the Backstreet Boy has been able to upgrade himself, it seems he hasn't been able to upgrade his girlfriend!

Nick was spotted yesterday shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles with his manish gal by his side.

And we've got to say, she's looking quite fugs!

Can't he date one of the Kardashians or something???

[Image via MJJ Photos.]

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152 comments to “Nick Carter And His Boyfriend Gal Pal”

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  1. 101

    Yeah, good call - have you ever seen Kim Kardashian without the 7 pounds of makeup or the professional hairstyle? You can barely recognizer her. I feel bad for the men who think that these starlets actually look like their photos first thing in the morning. You would be in for a frightfully rude awakening!!

  2. 102

    Perez, once upon a time your comments were entertaining, a little mean and funny. Now they're just plain ugly….just like you.

  3. 103

    That's funny …Mario, you really know how to get people posting. Good one.

  4. 104

    Jesus. I want him to rub his dirty ass-crack all over my face and ride my chin with his butthole.

  5. 105


  6. 106

    Stop being mean everyone..
    It think it's awesome that Nick is still
    down to earth enough to go for a walk
    with his grandma! :)

  7. 107

    That is so wrong! And so unnecessary!

  8. 108

    Gee, maybe she's good for him or cares for him. Maybe it isn't even his girlfriend. You can be such a pig Perez!

  9. 109

    I think Nick looks great….going as far as calling his date (or whoever the woman is ) fugly is a little bit too far

  10. VGirl says – reply to this


    you know….growing up I was in LOVE with nick carter !! but I thought He would NEVER look my way (if we ever met) but dayum! I look better than her!!!! (and I have pretty low self steem so imagine that!) so this kinda makes me feel a lil better about myself

  11. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: VGirl – btw I don't mean to offend her or anything it just nice to know he is not looking for perfectly looking girls with probably 0 neurons

  12. 112

    Yeah yeah whatever! I am sure Paris wrote this for you… anyways this gal is a bigger upgrade after Paris Herpes Hilton!

  13. 113

    I agree with Perez. When Nick was big, he dated thin girls. Now that he's in shape, he wants someone bigger and manlier than him? What gives? This girl is FUG - way worse than Mario. Nick even knows it - that's why he's hanging his head in shame - it's called "The Walk of Shame" for a reason. He cannot be off drunks and alcohol if he's with this!!! This chick is TOTALLY trying to be his girlfriend and is latching onto him like a lost puppy.

    I'm not a Paris fan by any means, but this "girl" is manly. And they weren't just working out - they were at a bookstore. She's wearing skinny jeans, except she's not so skinny. If she's going to bring back the 80's, she needs to do it right! The only way we know she's a girl is there's pink on those hideous hightops!

  14. 114

    Re: HotHBoil – I meant drugs and alcohol, not drunks. LOL

  15. 115

    So because he was a pop star (or something like that) he's supposed to date only plastic-playboy-type girls? Do you think that the "real beauty comes from the inside" thing is a lie? I don't think so… Just let him date whoever he wants to. Poor girl.

  16. Kakza says – reply to this


    Do you want those beautiful and shallow women ,who will problably make him relapse?

  17. 117

    Again fatass, you have NO ROOM TO TALK about someones looks, have you looked in the mirror in the last week? The last YEAR?
    You're no diffrent from Chris Brown, you both abuse women just in differnet ways. You always say your precious "RiRi" isn't being a good role model for young girls, well why don't YOU start on your on damn site,fatass
    Theres nothing wrong with this girl, not a damn thing, and I bet shes a whole lot sweeter then you

  18. 118

    your just an ugly vile person on the inside and out
    now i'm done :)

  19. 119

    Dude, Lauren makes Nick happy. It's also good to see him date normal girls, instead of dipshits like Paris and Willa.


  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Maybe she's smart. Maybe he needs a smart mate. Maybe she's kind.
    If relationships were just about perky 'tittays' as you put it, they'd all be over in 5 minutes.

  21. 121

    I don't think she's ugly! Who the hell is he? She is probably too good for him!

  22. 122

    what's the point of dating a woman that has the looks but not the brain.

  23. 123

    wow mario.
    just because she fugly she dont deserve someone tht is quite good looking?
    u said dont disriminate people and all that stuff, ut u just did that yourself..

    and i dont think she's fugly
    she looks nice for god sake!
    i can see she's not thin.. whats the problem?

    suddenly i felt like i hate u perez hilton!

  24. 124

    He should date… SURPRISE SURPRISE! ME!!!

  25. 125

    Maybe she is really nice and supports him. She isn't ugle either. Most of the time I can laugh at you Perez, but sometimes you truly disgust me!

  26. 126

    i agree 100%!!! Nick is way too fuckin hot to be datin that thing, what the hell! find urself someone as hot as u nick!

  27. 127

    I think she's the 1st GF he has that isn't blonde and looks kinda bimbo. I see this one as a normal girl tough. She looks very pretty when she's all dressed up. So I guess this one is a keeper for him. :)

  28. 128

    I Don't Know!
    Bad Angle For Her Maybe?
    She Is Not ugly Is Just That
    She Is Not All Made Up, Plastic
    Like Others, She Is "Real"

  29. 129

    Yeah, well, exactly how much luck has he had finding real love with one of those superficial, spoiled-assed, fake everything bitches anyway? Uh…NONE. So she's not Willa Ford or whatever that crazy wannabes name was…Jesus, Perez, you're ugly too. Somebody's gonna love you anyway. Hope he finds what he needs from this girl to keep him clean and happy.

  30. 130

    ugly or not, it's a matter of taste

  31. 131

    Don't be such an asshole perez, i doubt you look like a beauty queen when you leave the gym. Cut them some slack, so much negativity is not good for your complexion.

  32. 132


  33. 133

    Maybe he isn't as shallow as you Perez. Some people like to judge people on the insides instead of the outsides. One of my friends said that what's on the inside is the most important and a hot body is just a bonus, nothing more.

  34. 134

    Well, I think she's cute, and appears to be a healthy girl that's NOT ON DRUGS! Well done Nick! Hang in there! Stay away from the HOLLYWOOD PHONEY BOTS!!!

  35. 135

    sooo mean, one minute your trying to tell girls to stand up tall and be proud of WHATEVER you have to offer and the next your singling a girl out on her looks alone. sooooo mean and hypocritical

  36. 136

    LMAO! u r such an ass Perez…

  37. 137

    Loves them =]

  38. 138

    Yeah Perez, that was not nice. Just because your all used to seeing starving, botoxed, siliconed, liposuctioned bitches with fake hair, teeth, nails, boobs and lips who have people to do their makeup and tell them what to wear. Don't hate on REAL people. I am admiring Nick for dating a real person.

  39. 139

    Who cares what she looks like? Though I am a devote backstreet boy fan for eternity, I did think Nick became a bit of a train wreck and shallow… He just proved me wrong and thats great… so what the girl isnt a super model? it shows he looks for more in a person then just appearance and that he's able to pick himself up from a destructive life style… I'm proud of him :)

  40. 140

    And damn!!! He looking hott!!!

  41. 141

    He should be with me. End of story :D

  42. 142

    ma cagati perez…e prima di tutto comincia a guardarti tu che nn sei na cima di bellezza

  43. 143

    if you people hate perez and his gossip so much why the fuck do you spend your time reading through all the gossip and commenting on everything you read!?

  44. 144

    Re: love.love.love
    I agree!!! It's one thing if Perez ripped on Nick, but he ripped on his flavor of the month and said Nick is a hottie! Why do these Nick fans blindly defend this chick just because Nick is dating her right now? They weren't defending Paris nor Willa when they were dating. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you don't want to be judged, then don't be a celebrity nor date one.

  45. 145

    wow she is a fat-ass!
    haha…i guess Nick is not shallow. So seriously people don't get mad at Perez for speaking the truth. She is fat and ugly! Or maybe it's a bad picture. Whatever! In THIS pic she looks like a Hippo! lol

  46. 146

    Re: TheWench – are u fuckin kiddin me

  47. 147


  48. 148

    She's so ugly…

  49. 149

    OMMMGGG i always had this crush on nick carter since i was 16,i always wished i could possibly bed him..he look so hot now..but the girlfriend wtf???? he hittn that?well nick you might as well fuck me cuz that chick is hidious no doubt..LOLLLLL i look SOO much better,im a nice grl 2.:)

  50. 150

    Re: sexyjenny – I'm retarded? Sorry I don't know that much about them - I have a life. THAT doesn't make me retarded. That makes me a fully-functioning human being.

  51. 151

    Re: sexyjenny – BTW, what is it I DON'T know? How Nick lies to girlfriends about how much he loves them while he cheats on them behind their backs? How he brags to random fans about his private plane? How he prefers women with no jobs or school to follow him around while he tours? Heaven forbid they have lives that don't revolve around his. He was mad Paris Hilton had her own money which she spent! This chick is 25 and is a "photographer," according to one website. Besides that, there's nothing on her. She's quite inconsequential. What about her apartment lease or house payment? She can't just leave her life and follow him to Puerto Rico and anywhere else BSB may still be touring - like South America. So I don't know anything about them….yeah, right! Even I have to work 20 hours a week to keep my health benefits. And atleast I have kids, friends, etc. And you shouldn't throw around the term "retard" like that - it's offensive to actual learning disabled people. I think from your spelling and poor sentence structure that you might have your own "retard" issues with which you're dealing!

  52. 152

    I love myself some Nick Carter but not so much his new 'thing'… I meant 'fling"

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