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Only The Most Expensive For Mariah

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So remember how we told you that Mariah Carey and her personal straw-holder husband Nick Cannon were planning their hostile takeover of California?

Well it looks like it's gonna happen because the Mimoo has supposedly made an offer on the world's most expensive mansion.

The Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills is listed at a whopping $125 million. Built by Texan billionaire David Saperstein the five-acre was inspired by the Vaux le Vicomte palace outside Paris, and features "15 bedrooms, Italian marble walls, French limestone floors, gold-embossed leather wall coverings, gold-leaf crown moldings, a ballroom with ceiling frescoes, a library complete with rare books [Mimi doesn't read!!!], two kitchens and a screening room with seating for 50." The palace is completed with "rolling lawns, ornamental gardens and mature trees, a 3,000-square-foot manager's house, staff quarters for 10 people, a spa and pool with a pavilion, a championship tennis court, and a lavish garden folly."

Nothing less for our Mimoo!

It is unknown what Carey offered for the home, but whatever it was, we're sure it was just pocket change to her.

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223 comments to “Only The Most Expensive For Mariah”

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  1. 101

    what does she need with a house that big.
    god, she's spoiled.

  2. 102

    Fucking bitch! Who gives a fuck?

  3. 103

    ya know.. bestiality IS a crime..

  4. 104

    so is necrophilia… and pedophilia…

  5. 105

    Re: DikinCider – maybe i'm wrong, but this is sooooo funny!!! i know it's immature, but this guy is making me laugh!

  6. 106

    but people need to stop being twats a calling perez names. where else could we get such kicks on a thursday night? oh, and if mariah wanted to spend $125 mil on a bag of poop, let her do it!! it's her fuckin money! if you are lazy you ain't allowed to be jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 107

    Re: Mike_Rotch – teddy should be imprisoned for fucking that gorilla!!

  8. AMO says – reply to this


    I'm not even sure what half of that stuff is in the home's description; so I KNOW Mimi and her boy toy don't either!

  9. 109

    So according to Forbes she worth around +200 million

  10. 110

    Your source got it wrong. It is NOT the world's most expensive mansion.

  11. 111

    Re: swinter27 – awh you want me, just hope i dont get the top, hell i'd pancake you

  12. 112


    she writes all of her own songs, so that helps her bring in extra money

    would love to see how she decorates it! her nyc apt is amazingly beautiful!

    she has great taste..

  13. 113

    Re: DikinCider – hey butt plug, little heads up, tr night,dane cook, don, mario, chris, Gretchen, tom, sam, shit you will read it om z m t, gotta put the letters in backwards since you censorshit on everything fagboy.

    cant wait for you to be 12-24 hours late!!!! lmao

  14. 114

    Re: swinter27 – fuck that mario sucks teddy's dick, come on, you dont know what a moron he is, censoring fucking everything. fuck you are missing 90% of what i write, and he bitches about other people, fuck him

  15. aj says – reply to this


    Re: Isabella – his source is his mom. shes always wrong. love you for fact checking though!!

  16. 116

    Re: DikinCider – hell id tell you to suck my dick, but i havnt seen it in years if not decades, not sure if it is still there, hey mario, wanta look???? wait send teddy instead, he's use to looking for missing dicks

  17. 117

    Re: aj – cant sleep???

  18. 118

    I'm jealous the house looks awesome!! You go Mariah and fuck the haters.

  19. 119

    hmmmmmm, what is wrong with this picture, i can download 3-6 meg a second, but this site hangs and half the time dont come up at all, hmmmmm, just glad I have the best spam filter, spyware and anti virus, just saying

  20. 120

    Re: Isabella – nice cherry!! :)

  21. 121

    looks like teddy's in for a long night.. and not the good kind.

  22. 122

    People that are saying its disgusting, shes greedy, she should give it to charity etc. are morons. She earned her fortune and is allowed to do what she pleases with her earned money. If she wants to spend 125mil on ping pong balls who cares? It doesn't hurt us.

    I am sure shes given more to charities and organizations than Perez has, and any one posting complaints on here.

    The upkeep of this huge house might even create jobs for others (maids gardeners etc.) who knows?

    Im no Mariah Carey fan and buying a house this expensive creates problems, but its her money and she can do what she pleases. Besides the property tax on this will be substantial, thus feeding a family on welfare

  23. 123

    Re: leafcake – so true :)

  24. 124

    Re: leafcake – well said!!!!

  25. 125


  26. 126

    Re: Hot Buns – shit your ass aint as hot as mine, and fuck you are on here more than i am you asswipe. cut the shit, got it?

  27. 127

    Re: Hot Buns – awh come on, you gotta be perez, trying to get control of the comments back, why else would you give a shit????

  28. 128

    Re: Hot Buns – ok, you must be mario, blocking my comments, stop trying to immitate people and control the comments!!!!!!

  29. 129

    You're really slacking Perez…fucking update this shit!

  30. 130

    Re: Hot Buns – clicking on your name gives… "This profile is private or does not exist anymore." yeah ok mario, cut the shit and get real, fuck you calling me shit you fucking asswipe

  31. 131

    Re: DikinCider – I'm on here more than you? LOL You're crazy fat ass cow!! I don't spend all damn day here commenting like you and your silly annoying club do! where the fuck do you get off saying I'm on here a lot? haha sorry loser not me I have a life unlike you and the rest of your perez bitches!! yup bitches because every time you idiots refresh to check your messages lol he makes money!! moron

  32. 132

    DAYUM. That's almost the price of 3 Oprah houses!

  33. 133

    i'd rather live in a cardboard box. the taxes and maintenance will make it much more expensive than that.

  34. 134

    Re: DikinCider – sure I'm perez hahahahaha paranoid much? Is this really your life and your friends? Don't you fuckers have shit to do? Guess not. I comment from time to time I'm not glued to the site or protest perez's decisions like you and some mental cases do lol GET A LIFE! SOON!

  35. 135

    Re: DikinCider – retard several profiles say that! I clicked on yours and some of your retarded buddies and got the same message so I guess you're Perez! f'ing idiot!!

  36. 136

    she might as well spend all of her money on a house since she isn't making any and has no career

  37. 137


  38. 138

    P E R E Z S U C K S . T K

  39. 139

    i think a more important person should live in that house

  40. 140

    finally perez changed his fuckin backround from twilight. that shit was pissing me off….too dark

  41. 141


  42. 142

    goodness that is a big house. Now I know that it's not the best thing to spend money, but it is her money and that doesn't mean she has to donate to charity do you see many rich people donating to charity and do some of you who say to donate even do that yourself? Now I really think people are going ridoculous on what SHE spends HER own money on.

  43. 143

    Re: peacesignindexdown

    Isn't it interesting how much of a fuss he made over Miley, yet no mention of the Jonas brother. Screams hypocritical twat, not "queen of all media" to me…

  44. 144

    Re: oodles – Amen :) Re: magentapyramid – I have no idea if you're guy or gal, but i really like you. You say so many intelligent things ^_^!!!!

    I have always believed this woman is a retard, narcissist bitch that believes the whole world spins around her. this rumor just confirms my belief. She is pathetic and an complete idiot.

  45. 145

    what a waste,there are starving children in the world,and she needs a 15 room house,thats just dumb.

  46. 146


  47. 147

    that's seriously disgusting… instead of buying that stupid ass mansion she should donate that money to charity, or to people who are less fortunate than she is, which is just about the entire world.. what a careless piece of ass

  48. 148

    That's pretty obscene and filthy of her. Maybe she should purchase a new hubby who will love her unconditionally instead of hearing CHA-CHING in his ears all the time.

  49. Jekka says – reply to this


    Nice Mariah, buy a house fit for octo-mom and her army of children.

  50. 150

    I like Mariah, always have. She is kinda cooky, but in a really good way. The way she LOVES her fans is unique. She has a really strong relationship w/her fans…which is very unusual!

    I love her!

    I loved her butterfly room on her cribs show. Amazing taste.

    Her hubby is lucky..

    And she shouldn't have to give away her money just b/c our GOVERNMENT has failed us.

  51. 151


  52. 152

    Tacky. It looks like a hotel. Just a lot of stucco, mortar and drywall. She is stuck in the 90's. Nobody watches Cribs anymore. No one cares about bloated houses and no one is going to think she is special for buying one. What a waste.

  53. 153

    give it to OCTOMOM!

  54. 154

    Good for MARIAH!! Her legendary career has given her a legendary fortune!! Let her buy what ever house she pleases!!

  55. 155

    could she really have more than 3 billion TOPS??? even THEN that'd make her as rich as oprah which doesn't sound right.

  56. 156

    Perez Congratulations!! You are getting rid of the scum on YOUR site! :) They are haters if they thought you were shit they wouldn't help you make money!! LOL xoxoxoxox

  57. Lmt24 says – reply to this


    it really upsets me that there are people starving in this world…and yet celebrities go and spend millions of dollars on a home when they could be helping people out. I understand that they earned their money and have every right to do what they want with it, but it really does upset me.

  58. 158

    she must need the extra space so the LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG pole stuck up her ass will be able to fit

  59. 159

    Cool house, if she wants to buy it with her money then she should. I didn't realise she was that rich. Don't they shoot movies at that house?

  60. 160

    I want that house! It's too big for my family, but it has a pool and is gorgeous. I'll offer them $100,000.

  61. 161

    Re: bongo – lmfao. And them be sum nasty ass pies!

  62. 162

    Mariah doesn't read?? I thought she had a degree in creative writing! Oh I guess she can write but not read right? Stupid.

  63. 163

    WTF are you talking about fatass? Maybe most expensive on the market, Bill Gates home is worth about another 25-30k, and hes paying a lil more then a million in taxes a year on it. Only difference is Bill Gates is going to be able to keep paying the taxes on his house, and he does give and give to those who need. Oh and he does have kids, something that this spoiled bitch will never have

  64. 164


  65. 165

    As I am probably the only one here who has a job (and being from Amsterdam, Holland, bring it on with the anti-foreigner remarks) I think its a great thing shes spending it! Support your local economy and let the dollars role Mimi…

  66. 166

    Where can you bury the bodies of the stupid paparazzi and the ruthless bloggers that are HYPOCRITES and censor what their readers write???

  67. 167

    Re: Hot Buns – #131 "every time you idiots refresh to check your messages lol he makes money!! moron"
    If that's the case then WHAT THE FUCK is your problem? Buy your panties 7 sizes larger so they don't ride up your ass crack and make you so FUCKING BITCHY!!!!!!!!
    Ever try granny panties? And, before you think about typing it, the answer is NO.
    I go commando………………..

  68. 168

    I don't get this, always the same with americans, buy huge expensive houses which actually contains very few rooms, 15 rooms is nothing for a house of this size and prize i'd say. And you always have like 300 bathrooms… wtf?

  69. 169

    Re: Hot Buns – #156 Are you still here????
    Stupid bitch. You're too dumb to realize how silly you're acting and how ridiculous you look right now. It HAS to be past your bedtime!!!!!
    GO TO BED or I'm going to call your Mommy.

  70. 170

    I love how people keep calling her "spoiled". She's had 18 #1 hits in the US, has sold over 200 million albums worldwide, and has worked herself to a near breakdown at one time. She's paid her dues; she deserves to spend her money however she wants. It's not unlike any celebrity. As far as all the starving children comments…give me a break. She's not responsible for them. What are you all doing to help the poor and disadvantage? That's what I thought.

  71. 171

    Re: Hmm.. Where is BBD and Harry?? – Hey secksy - was just going to remind HotBuns/Farticus what a germ she is.
    She was only in here a few weeks ago proclaiming long and loud that she had "won" and that the she "owned" the posse. LMFAO
    We're still here.
    How's your evening?

  72. 172

    Re: Hot Buns – Remind me again honey - what was it that you won???

  73. 173

    Re: Mistress Says Bring Back Harry – Morning Hottie.. :o )
    Did ya see Obama on Leno last night???? How was the BBQ party????

  74. 174

    Re: DikinCider – R u still here?

  75. 175

    she worked hard for that mess

  76. 176

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Mariah baby, can i clean your pool??????

  77. 177


  78. 178

    This story is false, she never even looked at this house. Sorry.

  79. 179

    Wow…I want that house.

  80. 180

    Leather-covered walls? *yuck* Just goes to schow once more: Money cannot buy STYLE and TASTE!
    A truly Ghetto-trash hom! Wouldn t wanna live in it for free! :-)

  81. 181

    No wonder so many celebrities like her suffer from dEPRESSION and other mental illnesses - I mean HOW do you feel SAFE and comfortable and cosy and "at home" in a house as BIG as that??? Me, I d definitely NOT feel well living in it…I like to have an "overview" of the space i live in…

  82. 182

    Grant ya she earned the money and has a right to spend it-but for 2 people to buy a house that big is beyond belief. She should take half that money instead and invest in some good charities or building some decent orphanages in places like Africa and such. I mean come on-that price is crazy for a house. There are tons of nice homes that don't cost that much.

  83. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: Hmm.. Where is BBD and Harry?? – (#168) I was thinking the same exact thing. She needs to shove it high and hard. ;)

  84. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: Mistress Says Bring Back Harry – (#172) Thanks for the reminder. I forgot "hotbuns" used to be "farticus". I was never a fan then and I'm sure as shit not a fan now. P.S. Good morning to you :)

  85. 185

    wow! must be nice!

  86. 186

    WAKE UP HOMOTARD!!!!!!!!!

  87. 187

    Morning darlings…. another day in the pink room. lets see if it's worth a peek today fat ass…

  88. 188

    So Forbes says she is worth $200 millions. That is not pure cash, it includes everything she has. So if she buys a mansion for $125, she only has 75 mil left! I guess that's for the maintenance. Her latest album tanked. It only sold over 1 million copies. And plus, she is not the best selling female artist of all time. Miss Celine Dion is. Go check! It's her money so let her do anything she wants with it. Just remember people, your riches won't carry your gasket to the grave, your friends will.

  89. 189

    Re: LaDiva – Morning Hottie….. :o )

  90. 190

    i'm not wearin' panties

  91. 191

    There are people starving in the world - Hell there are people starving here in the USA! Shame on her!


  92. 192

    wow, she has the much money. no wonder why she's so spoiled and has totally forgotten where she came from.

  93. 193

    Re: atiaofthejulii – agree with you on that. she has completely forgotten where she came from. it's obvious by the way she acts that she could care less about where she came from.

  94. 194

    Sounds to me like Mariah and Micheal Jackson have the same problem over spending and thinking the money's always gonna be there.

  95. 195

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Morning hot stuff. How are u doing….

  96. 196

    buy a regular four bedroom house for you and hubby and donate the rest to a good cause. A house like this leads to divorce.

  97. 197

    it looks like oprahs house

  98. 198

    Untrue, she never even visited the place.

  99. 199


  100. aj says – reply to this



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