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Twilight Actress Is A Major Bitch!

| Filed under: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is such a twat!

Even more evidence of her douche-y-ness (above).

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347 comments to “Twilight Actress Is A Major Bitch!”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    what an ungrateful bitch. she makes movies for a living, so why does she need to constantly act condescending and spoilt? god karma will do its work when she's living in the streets a couple years into the future.

  3. 103

    she was funny and so is her co-star. You guys are just hating on her cuz she is a chick who is doing it. Throw her a freakin bone and leave her alone, she's just bein funny for god sakes!

  4. 104

    hahahah wow funniest shit ever!! my god Kristen just fucking humor her for the sake of getting the interview over with! I thought all that stuttering and long pauses she does was just for the twilight movie…I didn't think that's ACTUALLY how she talked!

  5. 105

    She is not going to last in Hollywood.
    She is soulless and aloof.
    People are done with her already.
    She can go party with Avril Lavigne.

  6. 106

    Ive seen so much interview from her. She alwayss seem so. rude. like . she soo seriousss.

  7. 107

    The Twilight series is great, but i don't think they could have chosen a worse actress to play Bella! everywhere she goes and everything she does makes her seem more and more like a bitch…i can't believe that she is acting like this considering the grossly large amount of money that she has made from the movie!

  8. 108

    I think someone has been reading you!

    this was paaaaahhhhhhaaaaahaaaariceless

  9. 109

    I understand that she probably gets sick of answering the same shit over and over and over and that everyone asks her about Twilight/New Moon when she's promoting other movies and I'm sure it gets irritating. But she needs to try harder to deal with it. :( I truly don't beleive she's a bitch but her interviews just don't go very well.

  10. 110

    What an awkward question to ask in the first place, I mean he didn't have anything to say about this either so I don't understand why everybody is hating on Kristen Stewart. If she wasn't going to be able to handle being a movie star then I don't think she should have taken on the role in Twilight but then again, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Perez needs to give her some credit for all the craziness she's currently involved in, and maybe she needs to work on giving less harsh face expressions, I doubt she means to look like a bitch. Its just who she is, and nobody cared until she became really famous.

  11. 111

    She just looks like she can't think of what to say,

  12. 112

    hahahah dave levy is hilarious, what a hot bitch. kristin is an ungrateful bitch, get over yourself babygirl. it would be excusable if she was talented but she's not. even if you don't like the questions you still have to be polite and treat the interviewer like they're a human being.

  13. 113

    I remember when R-Pattz was cast as Edward and all the people were so upset. I think a petition was started to get him fired. People didn't want the Harry Potter kid being their Edward. What changed their minds was R -Pattz's personality. He isn't comfortable with interviews but his personality makes up for it. If you want people to see your movie, selling it is part of the job. I think she best skip the interviews and let R Pattz sell New Moon!

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  15. 115

    Dear Dan Levy, Will you be my BFFnE? Please? I think I love you. A lot. Smooches, Nat

  16. 116

    I have never liked her. HOWARD THE DUCK could play a better Bella than her, and ANNE COULTER is less of a bitch.

  17. 117

    eww that little bitch pisses me off! ugggg someone needs to check her ass. i hate that she is in movies that i want to see like adventureland

  18. 118

    LOL Love this guy…and yep she's ungrateful, learn how to give a dang interview and not be so standoffish otherwise you will not last past your 21st birthday in LA.

  19. 119

    I didn't really think she was being stuck up or thought she is better than everyone else. I think those guys just interpreted it wrong. That's what she does in every interview! She just looks that uncomfortable answering any kind of question all the time! Did anyone watch her on Letterman, because that interview was worse! It was so bad, it was painful to watch because of all the awkward silences and pauses and lulls in conversation. The same thing kinda happens to Rob, but because he's a guy, everyone thinks it's annoying/cute. Rob always brushes the hair out of his face! Not only is it an annoyance to him, but it's a nervous thing people do! It's like stuttering. Doing what she does in an interview doesn't make her a bitch, it just makes her appear uncomfortable. Maybe it was the quality of the video, but I didn't see her roll her eyes once! The look on her face was just like, "These questions are kinda stupid, and I feel weird answering them!"

  20. 120

    Haha she is not at ALLL bitchy; and i'm not being sarcastic.

  21. 121

    somebody kill him please!. and his ugly fucking glases.

  22. 122

    Who are those people and what are they wearing?

  23. 123

    First off that interviewer is a fucking moron. Stupid questions. Kristen is sick and fucking tired of answering the same damn questions. I don't blame her for not answering. And no where did I see her roll her eyes. that is called looking away. I love her as an actress and as a person. She's not like the typical actress who kisses people's asses, and I admire her for it. For being 18 she's very mature. Watch Speak, Fierce People and Panic Room some of her best work. she's gonna be Bella for the long hall so you haters better get used to it. Hopefully she'll give it more effort for the next films. Her on screen chemistry with Rob in inexplicable, undeniable, and truly uncanny!! She just has trouble articulating herself. I've seen really great interviews with her and Rob, it all depends on the interviewer, and the research they do before hand. It's quite obvious that ditz is the twat. and don't even get me started on that flaming fudge packer! ***rolls eyes twice*** Oh I'm such a bitch.

  24. 124

    I don't think she's a bitch, ungrateful, or thinks she's better than anyone.
    She starred in a crappy movie that got WAYYYYYY too much attention. She's HAD to go to way too many interviews where she's asked the same stupid fucking questions all the time. Can you blame her for being a bit annoyed? She's obviously not into the whole super stardom role, she likes to act. So that's what she does. She didn't ask for a bunch of vampire freaks and geeks to bow down and worship the ground she walks on, for stupid tv hosts to ask her the same questions she answered just hours before.

    I think she's smart and isn't letting all of this fame go to her head.

  25. 125


  26. 126

    hes a fuking douche !! who the fuck is he ?
    he can go fuck a cat !!
    kristen keeps it real…..those were stupid questions immature interviewers…..

  27. 127

    I love Dan and Jessi.
    For some that don't know, Jessi was doing the "Showdown". They always do it on their show and they do it in interviews. They just give random topics and guest has to talk about it in a limited amount of time. They do it so the guest doesn't get bored and the other actresses and actors that they have done that to, have loved it and it cuts the tension. That is obviously not the case here.

  28. epic says – reply to this


    …. and the male host ist definitely gay. and thats whats wrong with you gays - most of you are sexist bitches - show a little more respect (for women), will ya?*
    though women - do not always think that gays are harmless and pitiful - most of them are not.

  29. 129

    She acts absolutely ungrateful, not to mention there's nothing but air in between her ears!

  30. 130

    Awh, I couldn't stop laughing. Love them!
    "I don't think she liked my face!"

    She is a very awkward, bitchy, un-appreciative girl. She really should remember that she IS replaceable, Twilight fans aren't co-co Banana's over her.
    Plus, personally I thought The twilight Movie sucked ass. The book pones it.

  31. 131

    Re: mpalla9 – You are SO right! Don't these people go to media "training" - if she is a professional, she should answer any questions with a smile on her face. Yeah, she is probably bored senseless answering TWILIGHT questions, but geez, girl, it's your job!

  32. 132

    ahahhahah o man kristen…..do your job!!!!!

  33. 133

    SHE is not an actress. she's a Wannabe-Actress, just like Miley is a Wannabe-musician

  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    She can't stand Stewart's face? I can't stand the interviewer's face, OR her voice. If she had asked a proper freaking question regarding Pattinson, maybe their faces wouldn't have looked blank like they did. She is a poor, poor interviewer, at least on this piece, IMHO. I would have turned off the T.V.

  35. 135

    I've never seen Twilight but I gotta say I LOVE this bitch!

  36. 136

    Your so right Perez….., she is soooo ungrateful and a joke as a actress, she needs to grow up and appreciate life as an actress. I can't stand her attitude and she is only famous because Robert Pattinson was in Twilight…….she sucks as Bella and she needs to be replace asap, there are so much girls out there who can play a better Bella…your not cool Kristen….get over yourself…..learns some manner……do your damn job…

  37. 137

    I don't think it's unfair at all… That's how she seems to act in EVERY interview she gives… I think she's a good actress and I think that Dan Levy has every right to stand up and express his opinion of her being a bitch to a very legit question.

    He's right too, Twilight is paying her bills. I certainly wouldn't act that way.

  38. 138

    I wondered if her twitter account (It was kstich but was shut down TODAY) was real or not because she was SUCH a bitch on there. I thought, no way can this be real. What celeb would be so rude to her fans.

    After seeing this video, I think it may have been 100% legit.

  39. 139

    I LOVE that that guy wasn't afraid to say how he felt about the situation.
    Best video clip. Ever.
    Stewart was probably high.
    Couldn't collect her thoughts fast enough, or at all.

  40. 140

    i would have reacted exactly the same way.

  41. 141

    Regardless of whether the questions are stupid or not, she shouldn't be so rude to the interviewer and in some ways rude to her younger fans that may care about what she has to say.

  42. 142

    god that guy is fucking annoying. It wasn't just her being weird in the interview, her costar was as well, and of course she's going to fucking roll her eyes when you mention R-Patz in a movie he's not even fucking in!!! These people are retarded and I would pissed if they were interviewing me as well. Team Kristen!!

  43. 143

    She's obviously too cool for school. Serious attitude problem.

  44. 144

    Dan's right, kristen stewart is a bitch. She is acting like a spoiled brat. Boo hoo she doesn't like the questions jessie was asking. Grow up. Answering them is the least she can do for what her fans have done for her.

    and dan is totally right - she is 100% REPLACABLE.

  45. 145

    I've seen her in a couple other movies and she always plays the same character. The angsty teen with issues, the only difference being the situations she's put in. The thing that bugs me is that both in Twilight and in Speak (another movie based on a book), the characters she plays aren't really meant to be like that. Bella is far from angsty (at least in the first book) and is supposed to come off as endearing. To which Stewart is not. In Speak, the girl gets raped so she's angsty, she's full on going through a transition and fight to get her life back but just comes off as a whiney teen which is ridiculous! You shouldn't be annoyed by a rape victim but Stewart pulled it off! I really think execs (who are older and probably don't get the fuss over these different books) saw her pouty face and thought it would work and honestly, their bet failed because she was the worst part of the movie with her incoherent babbling and dear in the head lights face that never seems to change. But hey, if she want to alienate the die hards (who will actually pay out the ass to get all the merch with her face on it) she can go ahead and do it so that the rest of us won't have to deal with it anymore.

  46. 146

    Think I'll skip Adventureland and the Runaways now, oh wait a minute I was going to skip them anyway.

  47. 147

    it's a job right? she gets paid to be there and do the interview and answer questions. remember what they say, be nice to the small people on the way up because you'll meet them again on the way down!

  48. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Not dead after all – High Five.

  49. 149


  50. 150

    Re: faredooz – thank you for being so intelligent and awesome. you're my new best friend!

  51. 151

    she ain't shit! she is ungrateful and totally replaceable. she def needs an attitude adjustment but she is also like 18 or something. she has a lot of growing up to do.

  52. 152

    Has any one noticed the Bella character in the book by chance? She is kind of an awkward bitch! She makes every thing difficult and about her. She hates gifts and birthdays. She is a bit of an ungrateful whiner. I think Kristin Stewart is a perfect fit and fits the description above to a tee.

  53. 153

    This looks fake. even the other guy in the interview barely says anything.

  54. 154

    Re: DonPhilip

  55. 155

    She's an actor and she's good at it… I couldn't care less if she was a bitch or not. She's still does her job and get the gigs and she will be working for a long time.

  56. 156

    Finally Some honesty on MTV that guy hit it on the head, shes is very ungrateful and is easily replaceable.. PS she isnt a very good actress just watch the scene where she and edward are in the car and stop infront of the police station [robotic voice]"oh what is going on?" WTF AHH !

  57. 157

    Oh no she di'en't!!! But hellya she did. There goes her future in the biz right out the window. Eeeek!

  58. 158

    Re: Divinesally – you're awesome!

  59. 159

    What a bitch, it is because of the media and fans you get paid.

  60. 160

    ew how bitchy.

  61. 161

    Re: @v@ – High Five!

  62. 162

    Re: Soulbutter


  63. 163

    Wow! haha! I think this is funny! She shows no expression in Twilight at all and nobody does go to see her. She should probably stop bein such a bitch!

  64. 164

    I understand she's just honest, and that she gets tired of talking about the same thing over and over and over. But that's how this fucking business works and she should have realized that. I understand Twilight has become something she never expected, but she needs to suck it up like a professional and do her job. Part of her job, unfortunately, is talking to the media. Answering childish questions a gazillion times. People twice her age who work on tween movies like Twilight have to do it, and they don't take themselves to seriously to do so. You just go with the flow. I understand she might be shy, or nervous, or uncomfortable. But seriously? She makes these "I'm way too good for this" faces ALL the time. She needs to take that rod out of her ass quickly.

  65. 165

    what a bitch.

  66. 166

    I think that's just her overall outlook on life… She needs a Coke and a smile in so many words! Get that girl a Starbucks, stat!

  67. 167

    Leave her alone Perez…she's only 18, she gets asked the same dumbass questions all the time…she's just quiet and private. Don't be such a jerk. It's a nice change to see a quiet, shy girl; not the typical drunk, partying sluts you like to glorify!!!!

  68. 168

    Wow……..a little harsh though…

  69. 169

    you should have seen her on Jimmy Kimmel this week… it is like it is below her to do press… I do not like her attitude AT ALL!!!

  70. 170

    i love love love jesse and dan!!!! but that girl….took it WAY to far…thats her careerr…she should learn how to do it!!!

    dumb bitch

  71. 171

    Please, give the girl a break. Nobody's perfect.
    This twat/bitch thing is gettin so old. change the subject already.

  72. 172

    Re: Divinesally – I second that!!!!!!!!!

  73. 173

    Re: Lisa1023 – She's a host for mtv canada and does the aftershow for the hills and the city. climb out of your hole, douche.

  74. cwik says – reply to this


    I still LOVE her Perez

  75. 175

    Honestly, the 2 interviewers are obnoxious too. Not sure I would answer them in an intelligent way either. Both Stewart and Pattinson need help with lame interviews. Steward says nothing , while Pattinson rambles non-stop. Both of them are young & inexperienced and obviously uncomfortable & nervous speaking randomly.
    PLEASE, Hollywood Weasels, don't just make money millions off them … help them!!!

  76. 176

    if she wants to be taken seriously then she should only take serious roles.. twilight is a teenage girl fantasy book, i'm not criticising it i love it, but it's certainly not in the oscar winning realms.. she knew that when she took the part.. so don't act the prima donna.. chillax!

  77. 177

    I feel that KStew probably thinks that questions like that are trite and bullshit, but it is her job to promote her movies. She could TRY to be cooperative! Maybe over the years she will get better at not looking so lost for words all the time. She wants to be taken seriously as an actress, that much is clear, but she needs to be able to talk to people and be somewhat articulate. That was just uncomfortable and embarrassing to watch.

  78. 178

    He's sooo right. NO ONE is going to see Twilight for Kristen Stewart! Robert Pattinson is making her money. She might've just been stoned again though too

  79. 179

    Kristen is an ungrateful bitch. She wouldn't even show up to the OSCARS to promote Twilight. Because she herself said. She wasn't going to promote a movie that didn't have great artistic value, a movie that only made her money." Watching this clip just proved how full of herself she actually is and I won't shell out ten bucks to see anything she's ever in. That's MO

    Its funny how all the Twitlight fans are all defending her. quit wasting your time.

  80. 180

    Ugh I can't stand her. What an ungrateful piece of undeserved bitch.

  81. 181

    wow… lay down the crackpipe kristen…

    if she continues this way she will never get hired again…unless shes going all reserve psychology on us so we hate her but talk about her all the time…..

    either way..,., fucking ungrateful bitchhhh

    perez needs to come to MTL!!!!!

  82. 182

    I watched it three times over, bitch rolled her eyes.

  83. 183

    I can't help but love Kristen. I understand where everyone's coming from though. It would probably seem she was ungrateful if you isolate just one interview at a time. But considering the vast amount she does… I for one think its refreshing to see someone who doesn't smile on cue and have a contractually obligated giggle. I've always been a glass half full kind of gal and one to see the best in people. When I look at her I don't see an ungrateful snobby actress, I see an 18 year old with a better sense of self and understanding of the world than most do at that age. She knows exactly what interviewers want from her–to giggle and awe over kissing Robert Pattinson. I think its more indicative a strong personality that she doesn't. Notice none of her costars have bad things to say about her.

  84. 184

    God bless Canadian television and our right to call anyone a bitch on-air.

  85. 185

    Lisa1023 any body who excuses they way she acted….is just like her

  86. 186

    she really is a HUGE twat hate her!!!!

  87. 187

    I agree that the question is dumb and unoriginal, but I just watched an interview with Julia Roberts about her new movie and the interviewer asked her about kissing and sex scenes and she laughed and talked about it and was funny and pleasent and went on to the next question. i don't even know anything about twilight or this girl but she's a total amature-unprofessional and stupid.

  88. 188

    She's awful and so full of herself. she cant even act. People go and see Pattinson and not her. I hope Pattinson isnt seeing her behind Oregnao's back because he can do so much better.

  89. 189

    She's a terrible actress and a cocky arrogant girl. Pattinson is the star of the franchise. No one goes to the films to see her.

  90. 190

    i say start a petition to get her replace on twilight.

  91. 191

    Re: Keautiful
    He's the son of actor Eugene Levy (American Pie dad)

  92. 192

    hahah oh dan levy.
    its true.

  93. 193

    give the girl a break, shes only 18. It seems like she was genuinely stumped in how to answer the question and was waiting her co star to do it. Shes probably just shy and being charismatic doesnt come naturally to her.

  94. 194

    Does no one else get that she is a butch lesbian trapped in a starlet's life? She's Jodi Foster all over again. Do you remember how unhappy Jodi was when she was making the bad Disney movies? They love the work; hate the show pony part.

  95. 195

    yeah, i really dont know who she thinks she is- she is an average mousy brown girl-
    go to Robert Pattinsons myspace, and you will see pics of them together on the red carpet with her arms folded, just such an attitude- you can see the discomfort in the air.

  96. 196

    I fucking hate you Perez (marip)! You are the bitch who cannot help but be jealouse of a 18 year old! Kristen is a billion times better than you, I know that Rob Patt would say so! Wanna bet? ;) I would love to see him trash your ass

  97. 197

    "she can be replaced"

    …. uhhh…. YEA!

  98. 198

    I only watched twilight to see Pattinson. He' a a darling and worked hsi socks off promoting the films. I hope Summit appreciate all he;s done. So many of the cast are shallow and full of themselves. Stewart should have been replaced. Kat Denning would have been good.

  99. 199

    Dan Levy was spot on.

  100. 200

    she should compensate her lack of acting skills with a great personality, but she doesn't have one. What a BITCH!!! I can't stand her, I would slap her stupid face if I had the chance, TWAT

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