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Twilight Actress Is A Major Bitch!

| Filed under: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is such a twat!

Even more evidence of her douche-y-ness (above).

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347 comments to “Twilight Actress Is A Major Bitch!”

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  1. 201

    She's replacable lolol

  2. 202

    Pattinson is the huge drw for these flms. I coudlnt give a toss about Stewart and Lautner. You care about Pattinson but the other actors are crass and third rate. Stewart could have bene replaced by any number of actresses.

  3. 203

    I wouldn't recognize her if I were sitting beside her.

    She's (physically) unattractive and her attitude makes her even more unattractive.

  4. 204

    Dear Kristen,




  5. 205

    ahahaha, he is my fucking hero!
    loved it.
    she completely rolled her eyes!
    it's your job to answer these questions you slag!

    i really wanted to adventureland because it has some of my favorite comedic actors in it, but i won't because she's fucking in it.

  6. um says – reply to this


    anyone else want to point out that jessie eisenberg responds the same way to the question? bashing stewart is getting old. it really makes perez and the mtvca vj just look jealous of her.

  7. 207

    What do u expect kristen to do??? JUMP UP AND DOWN FOR JOY AT THE MENTION OF ROBERTS NAME?
    ur all such assholes - especially that guy who called her a bitch for no reason
    fucking twat he is

  8. 208

    Huh? Kristen NEVER rolled her eyes! The questions were stupid. Maybe she was having an OFF day, who knows? Regardless, the host, Dan, should not have called her a bitch. They seemed like they were looking for things to pick on. Give me a break.

  9. 209

    They're just making something out of nothing and all those idiots who call her a bitch are just jealous because she got the role of bella that probably every teenager (including me) would dream of having….but least I admitt she was a decent choice for bella and that u guys are trying to make a big deal out of shit-all

  10. 210

    OHH COME ON!!! how can u call her a bitch? she has to answer the same questions over and over again…just because she pulls the slightest face of "i don't know what to say" doesn't immediately mean she is rude or thinks she is better than everyone else! Kristen Stewart is one of this generations best actresses and she should be given some credit as she plays some difficult and inspirational roles, just watch 'Speak' or 'The Cake Eaters' to see what i mean! Everyone should STOP SLAGGING HER OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 211

    seriously leave her aloneeee she's not good in interview
    and sooooo what's the problemmm.. I do like herrr and she don't five a fuck about all your hatingggg… get over itttt!!!!!

  12. 212

    I agree with the first comment, she is an ungrateful bitch.

  13. 213

    You know I had to watch that shit again I'm glad he called her out on her BIATCHASSNESS!!! Good Job!

  14. 214

    o and FYI i dont think she was even rolling her eyes!!!! she looked to her side

  15. 215

    i think they should just replace her in New moon , like he said she's replacible

  16. 216

    HA! True, She really is replaceable.

  17. MP says – reply to this


    Dan Levy (who is he??) shouldn't have called her a bitch. I think he got his point across when he said she was replaceable.

  18. 218

    what a brat. she doesn't deserve to be famous, and she should stop ruining the movies!

  19. 219

    Re: um – Agreed.

  20. 220

    most eighteen year olds are bitches. im sixteen and I can be a bitch not even gonna lie. But I love Kristen.

  21. 221

    she just seems awkward and uncomfortable doing interviews.id say thats just the way she naturally is and its not ment to come off as bitchy.just cause shes not some over excited girl who is a natural at doing initerviews dosnt mean shes an ungrateful bitch.

  22. 222

    the video is deleted. fail perez.

  23. 223

    go figure, the video has been removed from youtube and mtv *rolls eyes*

  24. 224

    Fucking video is gone.. :(
    So I haven't seen it, but no matter how rude she was or wasn't, I still love her and you people need to give her a break. Becoming so famous so suddenly would be really overwhelming, specially for an 18 year old.

  25. 225

    fuck! I wanna see it sooo bad… PEREZZZZ UPLOADD AGAINNNN!!!!
    I cant give my opinion about this, but she's always rude in enterviews anyways, nothing that surprise me at all. I don't love her but I don't hate her either.

  26. 226

    Re: claucast

    All you missed was Kristen Stewart being a stuck up bitch. See any number of Kristen Stewart interviews its par for the course.

  27. 227

    Re: AgentGiggles.
    Mm. Yes I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Kstew shouldn't look like someone killed her cat the whole movie… I mean SHIT she got to rub up against MR. PATTINSON for god sakes.

    KPooo needs to get a real job where she can learn humility, & I'm SO sick of her trying to use big words in interviews when she doesn't understand the shit that's coming out of her mouth. What happened to that Exiled show on MTV? send her to botswana.

  28. 228

    'm kinda worried that Dan got suspended for that comment because he was mysteriously "off" yesterday on the after show…..Uh oh…lol Mybe he crossed a line calling her a bitch on t.v. He's bosses are probably freaking out because they might not get a New Moon interview from her or the whole cast!

  29. 229

    perez be a doll and find and repost this video. it's been deleted from that youtube account and i can't find it anywhere and i really really wanna see it.

  30. 230

    perez be a doll and find this video and repost it. i really wanna watch it, but it's been deleted from that account and i can't find it anywhere.

  31. 231

    Im a huge twilight fan and I hate this BITCH. She has a bad attitude and can't even answer the dam question correctly. Gosh she doesn't know how to do an interview correctly. Thanx to this SLIMY bitch lol..her upcoming movie probably won't top the box office. And for the record, twilight, is only famous because of the ultimate hottie R patz sooo K'StweBitchhh don't get tooo happy

  32. 232

    Wait…the video is deleted!I never got to see it!!! Dang it!

  33. 233

    Honestly, I just think she's better scripted than she is when she has to think of something witty and clever off the top of her head. She could stand to be at least a little more personable though. Her agent or publicist should really help her out or something.

  34. 234

    aww the video is removed :(

  35. xnf says – reply to this


    i LOVE dan and jesse!! :)
    and kristen stewart's constant superior attitude is really starting to wreck twilight for me.

  36. 236

    I am sooo glad that someone agrees with me.The po po's hasn't done nothing about her smoking weed. I can't watch the video cause ny computer is being stupid but i agree. And dont listen to al those haters Perez.You r awesome and u can express ur fellings in any way. I love u perez!!!!

  37. 237

    ugh i wish i could see this, but the video was taken down. i can't stand kristen, she is bitchy and ungrateful and spoiled. if my daddy was a producer and could get me roles in movies, i would certainly try to be a little happier about it.
    the thing about the whole "omg these questions are so stupid i'm tired of hearing the same shit over again" issue is, i'm sorry, it's your JOB to PROMOTE your film. yes, you don't have to fake being sweet and funny and everything, but cmon, show a little bit of happiness. you have a career you DON'T deserve doing something that thousands of other people wish they could be doing. she is getting great opportunities (not saying all the movies she does are great, but you know what i mean). she has a lot of money and a great job. she DOES have something to be happy about. her "i'm an angsty teen who hates the spotlight" act is getting old and tired.

  38. 238

    ughh like nobody likes this girl. Wow she's just another lindsay to me, a future drug addict with no jobs, it's coming up don't you worry she's still young.
    Except lindsay was at least pretty and sweet.

  39. 239

    ok seriously u guys she is not a bitch….she is actually just really shy and she even gets nervous around fans plus its gotta be pretty tough to be shot into stardom like she was

  40. 240

    the video is not working

  41. 241

    it doesn't matter what he was asking her or how annoyed she got, i think she should remember that she does these interviews so her fans can fell closer to her. and all celebrities get a stupid question now and again and they handle like they should, like professionals

  42. 242

    i fucking hate kristen
    she's a bitch

  43. 243

    The video is gone! Find another one! I must see it!

  44. 244

    I can't see the video either, but it's such a shame. I never cared for Kristen Stewart. Her acting irritates me. But most importantly, even though she was shot to stardom with Twilight, she doesn't seem to realize that she asked for this. When one becomes and actor, and I don't care who you are, you're also signing onto publicity. Whether she likes it or not, she could be a little more GRACEFUL and GRATEFUL for what she has. I agree, her "teen angst" is utter bullshit. Shy or not, she could be a little bit more humble. It's a part of her job. The more cold you are, the less people are going to care about you and see your movies. If you're a bitch, no one wants to support you! I think she needs to wake up and smell the real world and see that it doesn't revolve around her. She won't get any further in her career if she keeps this shitty attitude up.

  45. 245

    yeahh Kristen Stewert can be bitchy at times but seriously shes doing an interview about adventureland or w/e and the idiot interviewee asks her about twilight? now thats rude to kristen stewert and her costar…and i can see why kristen stewert was rolling her eyes everytime she would try talking her costar interrupted and answered for her even when it was about twilight soooooooo Jesse needs to relax and so does dan they are both 2faced they talk about heidi and spencer then when they see them they kiss their asses and i bet when they see kristin again they will kiss her ass too

  46. 246

    She is an incredible actress. She's brilliant at her job but I think she probably hates the celebrity bullshit that goes along with it. LEAVE HER ALONE

  47. 247

    well okey, Pattison is hot as a bonfire, but he isn't so good with words either.
    So Kirsten isn't the only one who has problems with interviews. And my opinion still is that calling her a twat or a bitch is really cruel.

  48. Tru says – reply to this


    IT'S MOSTLY ALL THE FVCKING NEGATIVEs creatures who are drawn to POST
    on this hellsITshitsoSINKOpinkoCAKE SITE!!!
    Many REAL fans ARE the the QUIETER majority WHO MOSTLY AREN'T HERE–and THEY GET THAT SHE'S JUST STARTING TO GET THE HANG OF THIS.SHIT. She's reserved -& so much is misconstrued because of that.
    And Wez likes her the way she is……

  49. 249

    Does anybody know where I can find this video? It's taken off YouTube. :( I wanna see!

  50. mstal says – reply to this


    the video is gone now…..anybody have a link to another one? It would be greatly appreciated!

  51. 251

    Get a grip people, she'd bored you would be too, getting asked the same questions over and over again.

  52. 252

    now i really want to watch this video, but i cannot find it on youtube. anyone have a link?

  53. 253

    it said removed by the user..?

  54. 254

    can someone tell me what was the question…. ?

  55. 255

    thats her fucking job to do interviews and answer questions deal with it fucking bioatch!!

  56. 256

    And what is dan levy? He called her a major bitch on televison….asshole!!

  57. 257

    fuck man they took it off i want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

  58. 258

    NO!!! the video says removed by user!!!! damn them
    but i really dont need to see it she is a bitch in all her interviews

  59. 259

    Video isn't up anymore.

  60. 260

    She does seem like a bitch! she's just effin up her whole life with the crap she's doing!!! No One Likes A Bitch Kristen!

  61. 261

    oh yeah she is a bitch. i want to see the video! damnit

  62. 262

    SHE IS AN UNGRATEFUL BITCH!! she is famous because of it so maybe she should pull her shit together, put her crack pipe down, and make some kick-ass movies! she needs to stop effin around! be an adult and be greatful for your fame and that you get to be on R.PATTZ all day!!!

  63. 263

    can they please put this video back up! i really want to check it out.

  64. 264

    im so over her. the movie sucked compared to the book, if R-Patz wasnt in the movie hardly anyone would see it. i would make a better bella than stewart hell i do it for free

  65. 265

    I already commented on this but im going to comment again. Kristen Stewart is eighteen years old your going to get eyerolling and uhms from ANY eighteen year old. You can't catch a smile on someone's face in EVERY picture. And if she was ever replaced as Bella in Twilight then Twilight would go right down the tubes because it would be a totally different movie. Same as if Taylor Lautner would of been cut from being Jacob Black. Unless she quits I HIGHLY doubt there going to get rid of her.

  66. 266

    and to add on to what I was saying…everyone LOVES Rob Pattinson and it isn't even because of his acting it's because he's cute. If it wasn't for Kristen he wouldn't be playing Edward Cullen in the movie because SHE was the one that said he needed to be in the movie. I've seen a couple of her movies and I think she's a good actress. I'm also a big twilight fan and I think she was perfect for the movie. Perez just loves hating on her because he's jealous that he couldn't be Bella in twilight alongside Edward (Rob)

  67. Tru says – reply to this


    Re: HellaGeo

    TO HellaGeo>>>Hellsaway to GO!!! ALL your (4?) comments are SO
    SPOT ON. Thanx for your coolness& understanding here in this Hell thread….

  68. Tru says – reply to this


    Re: xochelseaaaaa

    and YES xochelseaaaaa on "Perez WISHES!!"

    Get over it man, it's NOT ever gonna get any closer or better for you, pink dude.
    Sad, envious dish-wisher…NEVER!

  69. 269

    perez it doesn't work

  70. 270

    aww man. they took it off.

  71. 271

    I just read a story about the director of one of R-Pattz other movies. Some kid asked a question about New Moon. The director politely said he did not know the answer to her question. It was the wrong movie, wrong director but he was very sensitive to the girl and was polite in saying he didn't know the answer. That is what Kristen lacks……class and being polite! Remember who buys the tickets to see your movies.

  72. Tru says – reply to this


    Re: Divinesally

    Accurately spoken Divinesally.
    And one more thing that is so TRU:

  73. 273

    Im SOOOO happy someone actually called Kristen Stewart out! I love Dan and Jessie and totally agree with them. When Jesse said " Robert Pattinson" Kristen should have said " thank you" cause hes the ONLY reason this talentless little girl is getting any recognition! I know 4 year olds that can put better sentences together than this girl! Maybe she needs to chill out on the weed….

  74. 274

    the video was removed!

  75. 275

    LOL@FANS Defending her.

    Twilight was a terrible film.

  76. 276

    Don't get me wrong, Kristen may no have the best interview skills in the world, but give the girl a break. She's been doing Twilight related things such as actually filming the movie and promoting the movie for a little over an entire year, and when she's finally trying to promote another project she still gets Twilight related questions, maybe, just maybe, she's trying to be respectful to the other project and doesn't want to overshadow it with all the Twilight mania. Also, I just want to say this, I really like Kristen Stewart. I think she's a great actress and stands for a great cause, just recently I saw a documentary she was apart of to being knowledge and awareness to date/acquaintance rape. She may poor interview skills but I still think she's a pretty cool girl.

  77. 277

    the video has been removed are there other copies?

  78. 278

    She isn't even that good of an actress.

  79. 279

    Shes not s bitch in my opinion. she is a realist and i think she loves what does. she's just really thourgh and explicit. she alot more real than most of the hollywood skanks her age.

  80. 280

    She knows what type of questions they're going to ask her. I mean she should expect is and accept it. I mean what does she think they're going to ask her questions about….world politics, the economy? Get a clue dumbass!

  81. 281

    P E R E Z !! God, love your site, hate that your jealous though!!
    Must I remind you something; SHE HAS A LONG TIME BF.
    So she's not after Rob if that can make you feel better! Though you won't have him either lol. Just take it easy and cut her some slack! god.


  82. 282

    teh video was taken down.
    i wanna see!!!

  83. 283

    Can't stand her. Her head is the size of a watermelon and she uses it about the same. THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR PIEHOLE KRISTEN! Pattinson is such a gentleman - a breath of fresh air compared to her. REPLACE HER!

  84. 284

    find another copy of it, it doesn't work!

  85. lil says – reply to this


    Maybe we should all call people who doesn't 'giggle, smile, fake themselves' in interviews Bitches. Because well, we live in a Lollipop world don't we. But wait, didn't the interviewer actually asked the dude the question not K-Stew??? Thats why she shut up.

  86. 286

    she needs to shut her effing mouth before i do it for her.
    She's an ungrateful bitch, who needs to lay off the pipe.
    Kristen, get you're effing act togeth and be grateful !

  87. 287

    Re: Brownsville Girl – SAME HERE!!! Thats what i immediately thought! LOL
    I LOVE THE AFTERSHOW! Dan is amazing and funny!

  88. 288

    like i said, she has a bad attitude and she's jealous because all of the attention is on Robert Pattinson.

  89. 289

    She is a moron in all her interviews. This one she just got called out on and its halarious! If its so annoying to answer questions about a huge movie you are in, then stick to the crap you have been "acting" in before this and let someone who gives a crap do it.

  90. 290

    Um, Perez I love you and everything, but i think YOU are the being the bitch. Because you are obviously jealous of Kristen Stewart. I don't think she's a bitch. I completely understand her cause people think I'm a bitch, just becuase I keep to myself and I'm not all bubly and giggling all the fucking time!So her situation is totally relateable. I think she's a great actress, but not a great Bella. People need to stop judging her without actually knowing her and cut her some fucking slack!

  91. 291

    If this chick is such a good actress, her next role should be to PRETEND she's an actress in a really big fucking movie franchise and ACT like she gives a shit during interviews. If she could just use her skills and ACT interested then maybe everyone could give her a break.

  92. 292

    ewwww… i really dont like her…

  93. 293

    She is a bitch. Honestly.
    But I

  94. 294

    I found it on you tube. she is retarded

  95. 295

    it says the video has been removed :(

  96. 296

    OMG she didn't wanna answer a kissing question shut up you all that is so stupid.. shes not a bitch.

  97. 297

    r there other videos it doesn't work

  98. 298

    Is there another link to this? It says its deleted by the user :(

  99. 299

    I saw this episode of the aftershow. I completely agree with the people who are saying that Kristen Stewart over-reacted to the questions. She is going to set for life from the Twilight movies, and it's her job to answer questions about them. Her attitude, and this doesn't just go for celebrities, but human beings in general, was ridiculous.. If a person acted that way to me, whether they were famous, or some Joe walking down the street, I would be appalled, much like Dan was. It's general human decency to be polite to people AND it's an actors job to do interviews. The job doesn't end with filming a movie.. Promotion is as big as part of it as the actual movie is.
    It would be ridiculous for Dan to get into any trouble over that comment. Jessie was doing her job, and Kristen's reactions/attitude was that of a spoiled teenager who needs to grow up. If you don't want to be recoginized for making blockbuster, money making movies, THEN DON'T MAKE THEM! Seriously.. Did she really believe that no one would be asking her questions about Robert?? So dumb. Jessie didn't ask personal questions about her dating life, or what she does during her off time.. She simply said Robert Pattinsen, and that was her reaction? Really?? Come on.

  100. 300

    its not too late for her to brush up her act.

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