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Twilight Actress Is A Major Bitch!

| Filed under: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is such a twat!

Even more evidence of her douche-y-ness (above).

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347 comments to “Twilight Actress Is A Major Bitch!”

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  1. 301

    when she was in panic room, it wasn't until her diabetic meltdown in the middle that I could tell she was a girl.

    also into the wild

  2. 302

    Re: playwithshay – HAHAHA I completely agree. Since she is "such a GREAT actress" to all you people, she should be capable of putting on a happy face and answer a question politely, no matter how annoyed with it she is. Poor Robert Pattinson, he has to work with that everyday.

  3. 303

    who the fuck is dan levy

  4. 304

    AND i fucking loved her as bella…she is one of the only actors in that movie that can actually..ACT. you guys are just haters..

  5. 305

    Kristen Stewart is very ungrateful!!
    All I have to say about this girl is that yes she is an OKAY actress, but not one that deserves to be apart of Twilight and the next films..
    It is very sad because Twilight is a great movie, if she keeps this "attitude" up all thats going to happen is they're going to lose fans..
    So as Dan Levy would say.. whos going to pay for your bills after that Kristen?

  6. 306

    nooo! perez they removed it!!!!

  7. 307

    Ha, ha, I see the video is pulled today but I saw the After Show on Tuesday when they aired Dan Levy calling Kristen the "B" bomb. On Thursday's show Dan apologized for saying that. He must have been forced to apologize by the "man!" Whatever, we know how Dan really feels so it's too late now, baby!! You can't unring the bell or the b____ word either. Nice to see a Canadian with a backbone, even if it was only for two days. : (

  8. 308

    Woooooooooowwwww! i just saw the video..what the hell was the big fucking deal?!?! she didnt SAY or DO anything wrong.. gay guys are so overly dramatic. …and those canadian aftershow retards should get fired because i can not stand them.

  9. sim says – reply to this


    Dangg, I wish I saw his on tv when it happened. For those of you wondering this is the After Show on MTV Canada

    Hosts: Jessi Cruickshank & Dan Levy.

    Dan is the son of Eugene Levy (American Pie anyone?)

  10. 310

    omg why are you guys hating on her soo much?? seriously if you were being CONSTANTLY compared to someone wouldn't you be tired of hearing about that person all the time?? okay so I agree she shouldn't have rolled her eyes but helloo!! when your annoyed you might get a little pissed off and make a face like that. I really don't blame her maybe you guys need a serious reality check!

  11. 311

    well lets see if every interview you had asked whats it like to be with robert pattison are you dating robert and then in another movie yet again this is the fourth adventure land trailer I have seen and they have all asked about robert not twilight robert and I mean how rude is it to the other actor

  12. 312

    The video's been removed.

    And stop bitching about Kristen, she's fucking awesome.

  13. 313





  14. 314

    Re: Jess_L2 – omg thank goodness someone understands!!

  15. 315

    someone can send me the link of this plz? coz for me the video doesn't load=/

  16. Lmt24 says – reply to this


    you cant see the video..

  17. 317

    DAN WHO!? what a douche! no one talk to our kirsten like that!!!

  18. 318

    These people really have nothing better to do!!!! so rude to the other actors in any interview to be asking about another movie, maybe one question is good but a stupid one??!!
    Perez really stop it!!!!!!!

  19. 319

    the video was taken off. Does anyone know where i can watch it?

  20. 320

    NOT FAIR! I didn't get to see the video. Is Youtube the only site that hosts videos?! I even googled it…jeez..

  21. 321

    geez. give her a break. she's young, is content with herself, and seems too humble to pretend like she cares about stupid nonsense. you can tell she takes her job seriously, so she is grateful. kristen grew up with a bunch of brothers, and she was the youngest kid, so that's probably why she doesn't fit into the "just like every other girl" category and that's why people call her a "bitch". why is it called "being bitch" when you're a strong woman? fuck that.

  22. 322

    cant anyone leave her alone.she says wat she wants.OK!!!!!.its exactli the same if u say something like that.

    so ur just letting her get tortured bcuz if that was u,people would react the exact same as u r .SO LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!

  23. 323

    It's nice to know everyone here taking shots at this girl were so poised and and together at 18. She doesn't do interviews well yet but as she gets practice she will get better. Levy is just being pissy. The questions were stupid and she reacted like a lot of teeneagers would. And all you saying that Twilight pays her bills. it's only one of the movies she has done and as a new actor on the scene she would not have been paid that much money (relatively speaking)

  24. 324

    i'm so sick of saying fire the bitch! What is wrong with Summit? i mean wtf? Are they afraid to get rid of this no talent fk for brains bong head? Is someone from Summit fking her or what? She can't act, she jealous of Rpattz, or of anyone she works with, pleaseeeeeez, give me a fking break!!
    My fking poodle can do more tricks than this no talent ho! And my dog can't read a script, so ppl. what does that say, but what my dog does as good as K Stewart is roll all over the fking bed, but she at least is groomed!!! Kristen, you could really take some grooming lessons from my poodle, lol. And i'm not joking!

  25. 325

    Kstew sucks! Why did she agree to be part of the movie if she doesn't like it?
    I can understand that it isn't her cup of tea,but she could have said "NO".

  26. 326

    whateeever, shes just sick of shitty questions…can you blame her?

  27. Tru says – reply to this


    Re: vendetta

    V- I love you. Rock on.
    Perez: for you baby pinks, TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION!
    Actually, just better for women…really.

  28. 328

    Blah blah blah. Whatever. Get over her. The caps lock and exclamation points mak some of you sound like a bunch of middle schoolers (maybe you are :-| ). This doesn't change my opinion of her.

  29. 329

    She is so lame! I can't believe she would answer questions like that. It even made me feel uncomfortable watching it.

  30. nyc13 says – reply to this


    it's not there anymore

  31. Paty says – reply to this


    Just because she worked in like…3 movies, that does not make her a superstar right? And also, I don´t understant…she wants to be in movies but she doesn´t want to asnwer any questions??? Well, when she becomes Meryl Streep she can have this attitude. For now, I think she should stop treating people like shit because when people started treating HER like shit, she will complain and say that everybody is unfair to her. She needs to ger her head out of her ass and stop thinking that she is awesome…She is not.

    Honestly, how come Robert Pattinson can answer the same question EVERY FUCKING time and NEVER be rude to people and she can´t??? Does she have some sort of disorder?

    I really hope the people from Twilight replace her. She is boring and nobody cares about her.

  32. Delsy says – reply to this


    well she has been in other movies apart from twilight but she did have an extreme attuitude and she should be a little more gratful

    she is getting a reputation as an A Class Bitch

  33. 333

    wow thanx … for there not being a fucking video to watch!!

  34. 334

    omg i want to see the video but it says it been removed!!!

  35. 335

    youve got NO EVIDENCE
    the video doesnt even work you retard
    so lay off her

  36. 336

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its saiys thta the vid its removed..i wanna see it!

  37. 337


  38. 338

    PEREZZ!!! i can't even watch the video
    n i can't find it on youtube

    i'm dying to watch it
    send me the link pleaseee

  39. 339

    she is cool, just leave her alone!!!
    i like her…..

  40. 340

    1) your obsession with hating her is getting OLD
    2) stop stealing 'twat' off us

  41. 341

    Whoa,,,gf tru was right. This IS hellacious boardbiz, VerySucking in NOT good way. NOT fair ASSessment of K.S.. STUPID questions not pertain to movie ASSked. And Perez, I so ,LUV u in many ways man, but your Envious GREEN sheen of K.S IS marring your HOT PINKness. Seriously. Marring.
    GREEN +PINK= GRINK which is a shade of shit. Dump the green. OK?

  42. 342

    She's ungrateful I don't care what you say. She does think she's this big deal, and she sucks as Bella anyway! She can't act, and she's done Twilight and a movie like adventureland and she thinks she's something now? Ha! Right. She needs to expect these questions. Suck it up honey, I know your just upset that everyone loves R-Patz and not you! Too bad your two minutes of fame will be over in no time…lets say, after breaking dawn? Then you'll be broken goods that no one wants! Because no ones gonna want an actress that talks shit about her own movie. Stupid stupid stupid.

  43. 343

    Oh God! Leave Kristen alone! She just a shy, awkward person.

  44. 344

    i dont think she is a bitch! and she never rolled her eyes!

  45. 345

    she is so annoying

  46. 346

    She should get replaced. How many people out here would die to be in the place she is. I probably could have done a better job acting then her.

  47. 347

    your a fag.

    she kicks ass

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