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Oprah Is Learning How To Share

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Did Oprah Winfrey hire a new marketing manager?

The queen of daytime talk is a true multi-media mogul, with her film producing, Sirius radio channel, and, of course, her monthly magazine, O.

Oprah's mag always features momma O on the cover of each issue.

In fact, Winfrey's been on the cover of her magazine, alone, over 100 times. But, that all changed with the April issue when Oprah invited Michelle Obama to share the cover.

And, now, in an interesting yet confusing move, Winfrey has invited Ellen DeGeneres to share the cover of her magazine.

According to Ellen's official Twitter page, she states, "Oprah just asked me to be on the cover of "O" magazine!"

Two people on the cover of her mag in one year? Is Opes okay???

Plus, DeGeneres is the competition!!!!

Wonder who'll be the next person Oprah taps to be with her on the cover?

[Image via WENN.]

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66 comments to “Oprah Is Learning How To Share”

  1. 1

    of course ellen will say yes shes been wanting to get on the cover for weeks now. YEAH ELLEN!!

  2. 2

    Didn't you see Leno?

  3. 3

    Ellen has been hinting around alot on her show that "I want Oprah to put me on the cover of O". Must be Oprah went with it. Ellen was just goofing around but its gonna happen and its cool

  4. 4

    You're next Mario!

  5. 5

    yay ellen! hahah she's been trying to get on the cover of O for the longest time hahaha as iff its actually going to happen . thats hilarious :)

  6. 6

    As if.

  7. 7

    Ellen is my favourite talk show host. I watch her show religiously..and Oprah asked her on today's (Ellen) show if she would be on the cover. It has been Ellen's goal for months to get on O, so of course she said YES!

  8. 8

    I wonder if Oprah even knows who you are.

  9. 9

    "Lezzie" you call her??!!? I dont think thats a respectful way to say that Mario Perez! Watch yourself bud cuz you are no way NEAR in her same class level and never will be. YOu like being called a Queer verses Gay? Prolly not

  10. 10

    Good for Ellen, I know her cover will be better than Michelle Obama's.

  11. 11

    perez, you know ellen has been campaigning on her show daily to get on the cover of O

  12. 12

    Oprah is such a narcissist and she is also full of it.

  13. 13

    she campaigned for it and she won!!!

  14. 14

    The only reason that O said yes is because Ellen has let EVERYONE know that she wanted to be on. If she didnt let ellen on, then O would look tre selfish!

  15. 15

    Lol, only Ellen could ask that and get away with it! She's so cheeky and so funny!!
    I love her

  16. 16

    ellen has been c ampaigning to be on the o cover for months so i'm pretty certain she'll say yes to it.

  17. 17

    this is awesome, although it's Ellen who actually originally initiated the idea. She's been promoting it in a few of her shows over the last couple of weeks

  18. 18

    ellen has been trying to get on the cover of O all week lol… of course she said yes!!! you should watch the show when you have time… its hilarious!

  19. 19

    well well its about time that Oprah learned to share! Ellen must be bouncing off the walls, she has wanted this for a while now

  20. 20

    Nobody wants to buy her mag with her fat ass on the cover.

  21. 21

    Good tribbing to all.

  22. 22

    Who cares…who even wants to read her stupid magazine.

  23. 23

    ellen SAID on her show she wanted to be on the cover!!!

  24. 24

    ellen is great, don't get me wrong, but she will never be true competition for the madgesty that is Oprah Winfrey! oprah will always be a winner and it gives even more credit to her name by inviting ellen to be the Oprah Magazine cover. but no one will ever outdo her. ever.

  25. 25

    oprah is a snotty bitch
    and perez
    is a fag with hairy ass arms

  26. 26

    Oprah could care less about competition. Shes already made her mark on the world. Stop trying to make everything a competition between people.

  27. 27

    Re: Jezzebelle is Bold – You know he is not writing this because now it is gone. Lezzie is anti gay…maybe he saw what his mommy wrote and forced her to take it out. What an asshole.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    You dont understand it, because you live in a world of lack, and you dont get Oprah AND Ellen's world view of abundance and there being enough for all, you have so much to learn Perez

  30. 30

    hahaha she did it!!!! Good Job Ellen!!!!!

  31. 31

    um ellen has been wanting this… she mentions it on her show everyday.

  32. 32

    I love Ellen! I'm so happy she acheived her goal to be on Oprahs 'O' Magazine cover… Oprah made a smart marketing move since Ellen is bringing all of her fans to the magazine…

  33. Stepy says – reply to this


    Im going to miss all the campaigning stuff on Ellens show now, though!! That was some funny shizz!

    But yay for Ellen! making it happen!!

  34. 34

    hmmmm yea kinda old news…i mean i jsut feel like im losing interest in this site all together. i mean the writers for this site are usually 2-3 days late on news or post something that they dont even have the least bit of knowledge about! of course ellen will say yes if u been watching her show she been talking about this for weeks, and this isnt the only wow factor about postings on this site, awhile back on AI auditions when they where in my great state of KY, a guy sang a country song white lightning!!!! Not white light! which was reported on THIS site and was dissing it saying wtf!!>>>??? never heard of this song, well even so if u never heard of it if u watched and had the least bit of knowledge about music or at least the show i mean damn, you woulda kinda understood. This use to be my Fav site for current celeb news, and im not saying im gonna stop coming to the site, just now when i come its more for hmmmm whats gonna be on here either heard 3 days ago or is totally wrong????

  35. Ava J says – reply to this


    Perez, you big dummy, you are always slacking on your research. You should have tried to find out WHY she asked Ellen, before posting that it's "confusing".

  36. 36

    YAY!! Ellen has been trying to get on O mag for a while now…. The cover should be HOT

  37. 37

    Wonder who'll be the next person Oprah taps to be with her on the cover?

    Don't get your nuts twisted, I am sure it won't be you Perez!

  38. 38

    she chose her because ellen launched a huge campaign to be on it. everyone knows that, but you you!

  39. 39

    well, perez. if you knew anything you would know that Ellen was making it a goal to be on the cover of O magazine. I hate how you think you know everything when you don't! if you tried finding info out for yourself like watching the actual shows you would know, instead of having people give you the information for you.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    Because Oprah Gained Some LBS And
    Feel Insecure About It So she Is Asking Others
    To Appear W/ Her So The Focus Shift To The
    Other Instead Of Her!

  42. 42

    Ellen has been campaigning to get on O Magazine for a few weeks now…I think she even called it "O Yes I Can!" and even called Oprah's office, it was hilarious! She put it on her vision board and you know Oprah believes in vision boards so she made it a reality LOL Yay for Ellen!!

  43. 43

    Ellen worked HARD for that cover. She been campaigning for weeks-she definitely deserves it. haha

  44. 44

    Uh, watch Ellen's show like a good little girl land you'll see that it's not so "confusing."

    Jesus. And to think that we rely on you for news.

  45. 45

    She'll share it with Tyra banks next!

  46. 46

    Ellen's cover will be way better than GROSS Michelle Obama!

  47. 47

    You obviously don't watch Ellen.

    She has been campaigning to get on the cover of "O".. jokingly, but it worked. Kind of like her George Clooney stunt last season. But you probably didn't watch then either.

  48. 48

    Oh Lord. Do you even do an ounce of reserach anymore, or do you just blurt things out. Besides the amount of typos, now you are just printing stuff without knowing what the hell you are talking about. Oprah is doing this becasue Ellen has been begging. And as far as the whole "competition"thing, it's called gracious living. A concept far beyond your ability.
    My prediction for you, before 2009 is over you will have a huge lawsuit on your hands and you will lose due to your own carelessness.

  49. 49

    It's about time! Putting yourself on the cover of every issue of your own magazine is narcissistic!

  50. 50

    I loved it when Ellen showed her "mock-ups" on her sharing the cover with Oprah! I hope they do something funny and interesting! Go Ellen!!

  51. 51

    YAY!!!!! Ellen after being on hold with Ted for 15 minutes and getting rejected. Her time has come to be on the cover. i hope her story is O yes i can. Ellen congrats and i cant wait to see the cover

  52. ps says – reply to this


    I love both of them, but this maxim comes to mind:
    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

  53. 53

    Maybe Oprah is listening to someone other than herself. Perhaps she's got the message that having your own picture on the cover of EVERY issue of your magazine is a bit narcissistic. Yeah, she has a right to do it, but it says something that's not flattering about her . Then again, there might be another reason. Now that she's balloon up over 200 pounds again, she's willing to 'share' the cover with other people. So maybe her reason for doing this now is just really selfish. Whichever reason, it can only help her magazine; it's has not been doing all that well lately.

  54. 54

    yeah mon. ellen's been putting up crazy shit to get on that.
    like how she wanted clooney to get on the show.

  55. 55


  56. SJB says – reply to this


    If you did any research at all, you'd know this was something Ellen was trying to accomplish on her show.

    I'm so sick of you fishing OTHER sites for stories and too busy to actually do any work.

    I'll just go to TMZ you just copy and paste from there anyway…


  57. 57

    Jeez Perez…Ellens' just been promoting the idea on her show for weeks now. Duh.

  58. 58

    What's that cloth thing around her neck?

    Oprah's magazine is a travesty, it's about 50% ads for things people don't need and shouldn't buy. It is a waste of dead trees. Those same trees could furnish fuel for the destitute. Oprah has become a caricature of herself. Imagine being so self-absorbed you put YOURSELF on every single cover! She could feature aspiring artists, poor people, landscapes, whatever. gawd.

  59. chlyn says – reply to this


    Maybe Oprah will come out.

  60. 60

    WTF perez? haven't you been watching ellen? she's been asking to be on the cover of o for awhile. hahaha i can't believe they said yes. get itttt ellen!!

  61. 61

    I wanna be on the cover.

  62. 62

    SHE GOT IT!!! mission acomplish… what's netx Ellen?

  63. 63

    Watch your back (among other things) Oprah, you know I am sure which team she plays on and she may be looking for a taste of brown sugar??

  64. 64

    mayby lady O reilizes that its not all about her!

  65. 65

    im excited for her to be on O! all her tuff about that on her show was soo funny!!! go ellen!

  66. 66

    Yeah, it's totally because of one of my mom's friends! No, not really. But she did write in telling O magazine that she wanted to cancel her subscription because Oprah's always on the cover.