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New Couple Alert!

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Multiple sources close to both reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that singers Josh Groban and Katy Perry are dating!!!!!!!!!

"They've been trying to keep it very low profile," a source familiar with the relationship tells us.

Those sneaky little fuckers!

[Images via WENN.]

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239 comments to “New Couple Alert!”

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  1. lims says – reply to this


    REALLY??? are u kidding me???

  2. 202

    josh groban is cute in a weird-ish way. and at least he is talented, unlike some other male 'singers' around.

    just hope katy's oddness and occassional sluttiness doesn't rub off on him.

  3. 203

    Definitely an odd pairing…

  4. 204

    i can see this…Josh groaban is a mac-daddy (that's a joke haha) they are both very strange individuals with great music talent i can see it.

  5. 205

    This might actually help her 15 minutes of fame last to 20 minutes.

  6. 206

    i lol'd when i read "those sneaky little fuckers!"


  7. 207

    ha she could get any guy she wants shes katy effin perry why choose him??? just joking around idcare?

  8. 208

    yay i think this is cool i remember him saying she was a really good friend of his and they've known each other for years on Never Mind The buzzcocks
    they go together cos opposites attracts-

  9. 209

    HAHAHAHA that's so funny! (not possible)

  10. 210

    Josh could do so much better than HER! I'm sick of your Katy worship … really, she sucks live and can't sing for shit.

  11. 211

    Really? what an odd pairing.mmmmm we'll see where this goes…

  12. 212

    if that's true then she definitely

  13. 213

    weird couple alert!!!!

  14. 214

    Josh Groban deserves Classy.. Not trashy!!

    I bet its a fucking hoax by Perez.. Whats the matter? Adidas not paying Katy enough for her exposure on this site?

    Katy is a whorebag who probably has nasty diseases..she better not fuck groban up

  15. 215

    …what a weird couple..

  16. 216

    lucky biatch…

  17. 217

    what an odd couple but when you think about it, it kinda makes sense

  18. 218

    Both singers? If she does a duet with him, I'm off…..
    Katy, come back to Europe, and stay!

  19. 219


    He's far too talented to waste his time like this.

  20. 220

    C'mon surprise my ass!! Was only matter of time since they were together at a party in your house, weren't they?, and they were spotted dining out even when she was supposedly with the Gym Class guy like a year ago; so, surprise, really??

    P.S. Don't like her, stop WHORESHIPPING her, she's as annoying as Miley and she can't even sing live.

  21. 221

    He's FUG

  22. 222

    Come on, Perez … when are you going to "out" Groban?

  23. 223

    Ummmm I think it's true. But who knows… Awwwwwwwww if it is :)

  24. 224

    He is way too good for her!

  25. 225

    check out markus molinari's myspace blog.. its a total fucking hoax…the title of his blog is OLD Friends: Josh Groban and Katy Perry..

    Then in the blog Markus says that "
    Josh is mine and Katy's great and close friend! Most of you already know that. So does Perez!"

    This to me says that Perez blew a whistle on a POSSIBLE relationship but for now Josh and Katy are just friends…

  26. 226

    what a fucked-up combo. how can someboy of his caliber talent-wise have enough respect for that no-talent, overrated poser to even date her? can you imagine them singing a duet together????

  27. 227

    No, they don't go together well.. please find a handsome dark feller girl! ;)

  28. 228

    That's hot. Lol, "sneaky little fuckers."

  29. 229

    Very bizarre pairing!

  30. 230

    fuck that shit, this just shattered my day.. im going to see katy in 6 days and now im pissed off.

  31. 231

    Ah, so GroPer it is.

  32. 232

    ewww hes ugly,
    katy can do MUCH better

  33. 233

    People.com says a Groban rep denied the rumors… From what I've seen Groban and Perry's fans have been supportive.. so why deny it if its true… UMMM because its NOT TRUE!!

    Perez your a terrible friend to them!

  34. 234

    OMG. Not right at all…

  35. 235

    Of course it wasn't true. That's because Groban is GAY!!!

  36. 236

    Hey, don't throw Groban under the bus. WB did a spin job on your story. JG didn't diss Katy. no way.

  37. 237

    Good for Josh and Katy. Josh really needs someone in his life. I really hope he and Katy are happy. I love his music and always will. Hope they both respect each other enough to have their time together as well as their separate careers and lives. God Bless them both.

  38. 238

    I agree they do seem like opposites. But i really hope this isnt true IM IN LOVE with KATY haha Katy plzzz tell us its a rumor!!!!

  39. 239

    I'm suddenly in the mood for a "Pint of Sangria"

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