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The Next Robert Pattinson?

| Filed under: TV NewsIan Somerhalder


Robert Pattinson better step up his game and take a shower, because there's a new vampire hottie hot on his trail.

Lost alum Ian Somerhalder is joining the cast of The CW's Vampire Diaries as Damon, "a smug vampire who can go from playful to evil in a split second."

Like Gossip Girl, the series is being adapted from a series of books published by Alloy Entertainment. The series centers around a woman who falls for vampire brothers who represent either ends of the moral spectrum.


We love us some vampires!

[Image via WENN.]

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302 comments to “The Next Robert Pattinson?”

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  1. 101

    mmm I love him. and ok robert is hot, but come on ladies, he is NOT the hottest guy out right now.

  2. 102

    FIT!! but is he gay??

  3. 103

    boring queen

  4. 104

    is perez paid to say this

  5. 105

    this dude has gayface
    he needs to butch up to even be compared with robert pattison

  6. 106

    NOW…HE'S HOT!!!

  7. 107

    still drool over R-Patz. yeah i agree with jenpattinson — he looks gayy.

  8. 108

    this guy is actually gorgeous unlike that patterson dude who looks dirty and english. write more about ian somerhalder and less about rp

  9. dd says – reply to this


    Soooooooooo much hotter than Rob. Wish he was in Twilight instead of Rob.

  10. 110

    Oh my!
    He's like a hybrid of Zefron and Robert!!
    That's actually quite scary! fingers crossed he bends the other way!

  11. 111

    eh.. okay he is gorgeous, but Robert Pattinson is drop dead gorgeous!!

  12. 112

    saw him in some random movie on tv and i thought he was chace crawford @ 1st!

  13. 29 says – reply to this


    looks just like rob lowe. hot, but no edward!

  14. 114

    Vampire's aren't real y'all…lol

  15. 115

    Yes please.
    He's no Robert Pattison, can't really compare them even when they're playing the same creature.

  16. 116


    you have no business liking him!

  17. 117

    Ian's a cutie, my son looks so much like him same eye and hair coloring.

  18. 118

    He has nice eyes but Rob is 10 000 times better

  19. 119

    He is so much hotter than Robert Pattinson! Beautiful eyes.

  20. 120

    swweet jesus there is NO COMPARISON! ughh seriously nobody can even compare to Rob!! that guy is soo eww!

  21. 121




  22. 122




  23. 123

    Sorry Perez but he looks kinda gay. But he has nice eyes! But Robert Pattinson is wayyy better and wayyy hotter!

  24. 124

    ohh i lov him….his kinda my type…
    but i like better with brown eyes !!!

  25. 125

    he's hot

  26. 126

    hell to the fuckin' no!
    listen this dude is hott!
    but he is no WAY as hott as Robert Pattinson
    sorry perez.
    i still love ya though!

  27. 127


  28. Nenns says – reply to this


    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Rob is in a league of his own! No copycats allowed! Ha!

  29. 129

    he looks like chace craford

  30. 130

    He's too generic looking, just like zac efron, chace crawford and all those shit. give me rpattz, please

  31. 131

    *M*-E "freakn"O*W*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ! hot hot hot hot hot!!!!
    Id like to be in a Rob n Ian Sandwich! Wholey hell where do they find these men? I live in LA and they are no where in sight!

  32. 132

    BOONE! i hated when u died in lost… he's super hot, but I think robert is sexier… I'd like to get BOTH =)

  33. 133

    Ill still take stinky Rob Paterson i dont care how he smell, hes still hot.

  34. 134

    Nah……..He might have some pretty eyes but he is no where near as sexy as Rob….

  35. 135

    His eyes are beautiful i've been a fan of him since he was on Lost! fuck me he's hot and those books are pretty good!

  36. 136

    Thanks but no thanks. You will never find me on the opposite fence from Rob's. Ian will never be as god damn hot as Rob. I may will watch that show but I def won't waste my drool or panty pudding for a guy like Ian. Mmm no thanks! I need moar Rob news!

  37. 137

    RPattz >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ian WHO?!

  38. 138

    is he the gay guy from "rules of attraction"???

  39. 139

    Ian is hot!

  40. 140

    Re: EyesRadioLies – it isn't going away soon………………………………..

  41. 141

    he's got funny ears and not enough hair.

  42. 142

    Robert Pattinson is so much hotter and nicer.

  43. 143

    r u kiddin mehe is so damn hott he is way hotter taht robbie

  44. 144

    i love him! hah.

  45. 145

    Not even close.. RPATZ is unbeatable when it comes to being a vampire…

  46. 146

    oh please. no competition. hes fucking pretty and thats not hot.

    rob needs to not change a damn thing. he is unique, sexy and perfect :)

  47. 147

    Very Hot but no ROB

  48. Dark says – reply to this


    PErez .. Have you never seen RULES OF ATTRACTION ? Ian kills it in that little Film

    SEE IT

  49. 149

    Perez you just made my day!!!!! This GOD is fifty billion times hotter than that disgusting pattinson creature. And this one looks so clean too.

  50. 150

    Re: JohannaSweden – So true, Eric is HOT. I love true blood by the way, trumps shitty twilight everyday of the week.

  51. 151

    Re: dodgerchick – you stupid bitch. The vampire diaries is from 1991, The true Blood books from 2001, stephanie meyer didnt even begin to write Twishit until 2003. Not to mention that she ripped off both of them for ideas, the plots are so similar its disgusting, and that she can't write worth a damn. Twilight is stupid and its yesterday's news….. Oh and by the way, ALL CAPITALS IS FUCKING ANNOYING YOU MORONIC SKANK.

  52. 152

    ummmm not EVEN CLOSE!?

  53. 153

    I remember him from Young Americans. He was pretty then and he is pretty now.
    I mean he is no Rob, but he is attractive. Apparently he is a major dick in real life, too.

  54. 154

    R-Pattz need not worry. He is unique…different than every pretty boy out there.
    That's why he's popular now, because Hollywood needs a true actor with character. Someone who stands out from all the rest. Plus he's such a nice guy and oozes sex appeal! Summitt should take care of him….he's got a great future if he makes the right choices!

  55. 155

    check him out in rules of attraction, so good. he plays a gay college student and hooks up with james van der beek (aka dawson).

  56. 156

    Delish. But no one can replace RP

  57. 157

    Robert Pattinson is the only Robert Pattinson. Robs sexy. This guy not so much.

  58. 158

    dear lord Rob is not the hottest thing on the planet. seriously.

    and this guy is perrrfect for Damon! He's a really great character haha

    oh those books came out waaaayyy before twilight and are 100 times better. News Flash ppl there are better vampire/love stories out there AND they have actual sex scenes lol and no real vampires don't sparkle

  59. 159

    Somerhalder's an improvement on Zefron, but in no way does he compare with Rob, bcos as far as I can tell Rob does not wear blusher.

  60. 160

    Re: Jilly LaVern

    God thank you for mentioning that

    LJ Smith has a serious called Night World and I swear SM ripped those books off with the description of edward. Hell in the first freaking chapters it talks about the character James crooked smile and green eyes… hmm wonder who else has a crooked smile and green eyes… please twilight is garbage when compared to REAL vampire stories

    there's way to many fan girls in this world

  61. 161

    Re: dodgerchick

    you need to get some better reading material

  62. 162

    that is blasphemy.
    this guys tooooo pretty. like gayface kinda pretty.
    robert looks like a grimey - beautiful MAN. it hurts to look at robert he's so beautiful.
    downgrade for you perez. downgrade for you!

  63. 163

    Oh, yeah he played Boone on LOST! This is going to be good!

  64. 164

    Hey to the few girls who actually KNOW the series! I've always been alone in my love for the Salvatores and Elena/Bonnie/Meredith and Matt. Ive read the books so much they fell apart. And yes, Twilight is a rip off of BOTH of those series without the sexual tension or the uh…REAL vampire rules of darkness. I bought the series combined in two books, AND her new one! Im glad it's focusing more on Damon. Bad boys are awesome.

    Ian Somerhalder is hot..but *raises hand* Damon has "Eyes as black as oil". STEFAN's are "green as oak." Ians eyes, while gorgeous, are noticeably and shockingly blue!

  65. 165

    Mmm..he's lovely. But the Vampire Diaries weren't that great…hopefully the show will be better. I'd totally watch just to see this guy. LOL I'd love it if they'd make the Morganville Vampire books into a series or movies. ;)

  66. 166

    Don't get me wrong… I love love LOVE Rob… and this Ian guy is a little old for me …but check out those sexy baby blues!!!!!

  67. 167

    Pft, scary face. Rob's the better looking vampire hands down.

  68. 168

    Rob is a dog. Period. He looks like someone took a pan and slammed it into his face -REPEATEDLY- until it caved in. (Side profile says it all)

    Twilight also sucked, just like all of those lame-ass books. Rob himself even said it reads like some housewife's fantasies. lulz.

    Ian is a better actor, he DAMN SURE looks better, and we wouldn't even know who Rob is if it wasn't for that movie about vampires that "sparkle" and don't have fangs. >.> I hope his show does well, and for God's sake, please don't DAZZLE anyone.

  69. 169

    RoBeRt pattinson is W3Ird, FUGLY (!!!!), and FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!.
    and this guy is WAY HOTT!!!!.
    he makes such a better vamp!!!!, he should have played edward!!!!!!!!.

  70. 170

    Don't ruin a good book series, television!

  71. 171

    They def dont sparkle, in fact someone burning and turning to dust is part of the story. And Perez, shes not a WOMAN torn between to vampires. Shes a 17 year old girl.

  72. 172

    nope, looks like zac to me. i need dirty, rough, mean & does he have the accent? no. not the next.

  73. Ooch says – reply to this


    OMGGGG honestly I didn't watch Lost but I thought he was sexy in Rules of Attraction…ya for Ian Somerhalder!!!!

  74. 174

    nope he shouldnt be compared to Rob Pattinson thats mean to do so! Robs on a whole other level! Maybe this guy could be hot if you cut him outa this picture and put Rob there hehehe =}

  75. 175

    I hate that now people are all of a sudden trying to make so much money off of vampires just because Twilight did good…… Twilight did good becuase it's awesome not because it's about vampires……though it helps lol :D

  76. 176

    Robet Pattinson ftw!

  77. 177

    Boone!……he was on the 1st season of Lost
    and he really does look similar to chace crawford

  78. 178


  79. 179

    OOOhEEEmGeee!! thissss oneeee'ss really really HOTT!
    im soo over robert :P and in love ,,,

  80. 180

    oooh yummy, way better than Pattinson. I hope this series is good and stays cuz i hate when they cut thing off. (ex Moonlight)

  81. 181


  82. 182

    This guy is fucking hot! Robert whatever his last name is always looks drugged… and he's soooo fucking ugly.

  83. 183

    dang. flip. great photo. incredible eyes.

  84. Oz says – reply to this


    No one hotter than RPattz!

  85. 185


  86. 186

    he is way hotter than robert, he looked so hot on lost, i mean pattison is so messy this guy is hot hot hot

  87. 187

    uhhh sorry Perez.. but this douche has NOTHING on Rob.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee ! no one can come close to the sexiness that is Robert Pattinson !

    & i'm sure that show is gonna SUCK hardcore.

  88. t_x3 says – reply to this


    cute, but hes no ROB!

  89. 189



    WE LOVE ROB hes autenticccccccccccc

  90. 190

    what is up with his right ear????? it looks deformed…. but he does have pretty eyes.

  91. 191

    This sounds like a good show me likes the supernatural but umm.. Re: sciencevsromance

    *PRECISELY -96* AND NOTE* to Perez ur just using Rob's name to get hits on this post b/c there is NO comparison!

  92. 192

    he looks like ROB lowe….. YUK!

  93. 193

    Meh! I hated him on Lost.Rob is totallly hotter than him. The CW bloows ass..who even watches that trash.

  94. 194

    He is so freaking hot! Why couldn't he play Edward. His eyes are stunnnnning.

  95. 195

    he's girlish pretty. its not flattering for him. oh well who cares.

  96. 196

    Ian Somerhalder is "bi-curious" according to a friend of mine that has known him for many years.

  97. 197

    both as sexy :)

  98. 198

    wow. and i bet he showers! bonus!!

    he has sexy eyes.

  99. 199


    Ian is…dreeeeeeeeamy!

    can't wait to see him on the telly!

  100. 200

    OMG - that guy's gorgeous!! I'd watch anything he was in! He kinda reminds me of Rob Lowe when he was way younger (and hotter)

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