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The Other Woman Was Twitter

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Here's a lesson to all you tech lads out there: if you're going to be Twittering, make sure you also set aside time for your girlfriend.

Because apparently it was a Tweet (or 2 or 3 or 4…or 500) that broke the camel's back in Jennifer Aniston's relationship with John Mayer.

Mayer constantly claimed that he was "too busy" to spend time with Maniston, but he wasn't too busy to Tweet. He even Tweeted "This heart didn't come with instructions" following the phone break up.

Although it seems a little petty of Man!

We think girlfriend's got some insecurity issues to work out!

[Images via WENN.]

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97 comments to “The Other Woman Was Twitter”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    you're an idiot, this post doesn't even make sense!

  3. 3

    "We think girlfriend's got some insecurity issues to work out!"
    uh… really, can you blame her?
    or have you forgotten about "do-no-wrong" Angelina?

  4. 4

    Re: Shakermaker – two weeks isnt that old, except when it comes to news…

  5. 5

    YAWN - Boring

  6. 6

    I don't know, I don't like Jennifer Aniston, but twitter is pretty motherfucking annoying. People get addicted to that shit thinking people care about their every waking thought, when oh wait, no one does.

  7. 7

    SOO OLD!

    And maybe John Mayer is the asshole, not Aniston.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Either that or she needs a real man and not some mellow rock pencil dick like Mayer

  10. 10

    It isn't insecurity if thats all the guy is doing. I mean he must have an amazing ego if he thinks that people are that interested. Then again, she is probably high maintenence too. She needs to try dating somebody who isn't famous for once, but she's probably way too hollywood to try that.

  11. 11

    Damn you're late with this one dude.

  12. 12


  13. are13 says – reply to this


    From JM Twitter—

    "I'll shake in my boots at the blogger who has 12 million site hits a day and refuses compensation. That's hate.12:06 AM Mar 24th from web

    comments on internet = repeat site hits = advertisement revenue = encouragement for comment. RT @adimagory Example?12:04 AM Mar 24th from web "

    referring to Perez??

  14. 14

    He doesn't have his priorities in order, and I doubt the Tweet issue was a shock to him, he just didn't care…I don't blame her….

  15. 15

    Why don't you just keep your focus on your angelina HOME WRECKING WHORE and leave Jen alone. She hasn't stolen anyone's husband!

  16. 16

    WOW Perez… you are slipping when it comes to getting the gossip out there. Maybe you are just a little too into yourself these days…this was reported DAYS ago on every other gossip website.

  17. 17

    Mayer is a tool! and so are you perez! you call jenn desperate for being with mayer and then you call her petty for breaking up with him! she just can't win with you, and its all because you are obsessed with that slutbag angelina!

  18. 18

    John Mayer is SUCH a playa!!!

  19. 19

    I'm about to divorce my husband over World of Warcraft

  20. 20

    please people apart from the old news issue, you dont break up with someone cos their spending too much time on the computer/phone. the woman clearly just didnt want to be with him any more. people in holloywood well in fact famous people in general just need to get over themselves.

  21. 21

    What is this world coming to??? Phone break ups and splitting over TWITTER?

  22. 22

    I would have security issues too if my husband left me for Angelina Jolie.

  23. 23

    well this is a week old . . . and just so ridiculous

  24. 24

    Jennifer Is A Needy Girl!

  25. 25

    Re: the last star – how is LG?

  26. 26

    Love her, but she needs someone closer to her own age. Mayer still has lots of growing up to do.

  27. 27

    This was out two weeks ago. Listen, either be a gossip guy, or do your celebutard thing. Obviously you can't multitask.

  28. 28

    i heard this on irish radio 3 days ago

  29. 29

    Maybe she was just tired of his girly big mouth. On the other hand she should have known what she was getting herself into when she decided to date him.

    Also maybe she should try to date somebody that isn't in the entertainment business. I'm sure there's somebody out there that will marry her ass. Trouble is I think she's trying to recreate the soapy drama she had when she had her fairytale wedding to Brad.

    Time to move on Jen and make a new memory with someone that actually loves you more than they love themselves, unlike your ex Brad.

  30. 30

    "We think girlfriend's got some insecurity issues to work out!" Pft! *flips you off* Honestly, if your man has time to bullshit online or play some video game then he has time to spend with you (if he wasn't wasting it)! I don't blame her for dumping him then. I'd want a guy who knew where his priorities should be. If you're too immature to be in a relationship, to put time and effort into keeping the others person's needs met and spending quality time with them, then don't get into one.

  31. 31

    mario you said yourself it was "the straw that broke the camels back," so obvz there were other things going on. sometimes a thousand small issues can add up to a breakup. she's right! if he can tweet 500x per day why couldnt he call her back (which is the story most other sites have been saying for days now, he wasnt calling her back while she was promoting her film but he had time to tweet). youre slipping every day, mario.

  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    It wasn't petty of Man. It was juvenile of Mayer. A mature man has his priorities straight, and toys come after the hearts of the people you love. Rather than state that she has some insecurities to work out, it could be that she is secure in knowing what she wants, and what's actually most important. To him, according to his Twitter statement, it's furthering him.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    That said, what he was doing is about right for his age, give or take a few years.
    That's why they weren't ultimately suited. They're in a different place in life.

  34. 34

    he twitters way too much, just like you.

  35. 35

    Re: RiRi12 – hahahaha yessss!!

  36. 36

    This is real old news - over at least a week. She has no insecuirty issues - the entire point of having a relationship is spending your time with the other person, maybe not every moment but this guys an idiot AND/OR he's just not that into her!

  37. 37

    She did the right thing… if a man isn't giving you the respect you deserve, you simply move on. He says he hasn't got time for you, but he's twittering away? There is no reason to put up woth that, especially when you are hot-as-shit Jenn Aniston!!

  38. 38

    John is a media whore ! He hooked up to Jennifer to BE SOMEONE. He's back to ZERO here hahahaha. He was severely beneath her. Good for her - she cut the silly kid loose. Leave him moaning in the weeds outside your door, Jen.

  39. 39

    Honestly Perez…..you hate for Jennifer is getting played out….move on honey…..start picking on someone else like Angelina who according to the STAR magazine…won't allow Brad in the bedroom after catching him w' the nanny…how come you don't report on that?

  40. 40

    We think boyfriend's got some immaturity issues to work out!

  41. 41

    I read this somewhere a week or so ago. Reading you blog is like reading a history book.

  42. 42

    Jen should have known this guy was trouble. Her friends are trying to be sympathetic but they warned her about this blabbermouth player! Gawd, I hate to see her look sooooo desperate and clingy- maybe she thought she could change John Mayer but that's obviously not gonna happen. Maybe she oughta try being a lesbian for a while. But what she really needs to do is get some major counseling and understand that Brad ArmPitt is gone, not coming back and that she needs to move on and realize ArmPitt was a cheater and a scumbag man-whore and that she deserves better.

  43. 43

    omfg perez if the assholes always on twitter you can't blame her for feeling upset and also angelina? of course she's insecure,
    you're not that stupid, are you?

  44. 44

    Mario, you could take this advice as well. You're website is suffering from your Twitter addiction…

  45. 45

    i dont really understand ur problem with jennifer aniston!
    the other day u were talking about how he dumped her, now u hear its the other way round and shes got issues!!

  46. 46


  47. 47

    i read this on the superficial last week

  48. 48

    she's soooooooooo lame.

  49. 49

    ummm, this has been running the net for weeks…. who made this crap up? and we are to believe it because…..?

  50. 50

    hahaha it's so maniston to freak out about less than 75 characters per post on a social networking site! she's what, 40? bitch probably can't even type with two hands…"ohhhhh john mayer…stop twittering and come lube me up!" and when he was like, totally grossed out, she broke up with him

  51. 51

    HE IS UGLY! Come on and give us some news for once Farkwad!

  52. tk77 says – reply to this


    Re: k_lala – Amen.

  53. 53

    omg! how many times do I have to say this - THERE WAS NEVER A RELATIONSHIP - she did this for publicity…everytime brangie decides to have another baby, Man starts another VERY PUBLIC "relationship."

  54. 54

    Perez, GET ON YOUR SHIT~ THIS IS OLD!!! Your site sucks now, by the way.

  55. 55

    He just wanted to bwn Jennifer Aniston. Let's not kid ourselves… John Mayer is no where near ready to settle down… When a guy is "too busy" to hang out, then he's just not that into you… Duh, watch Sex and the City again! :)

  56. 56

    He is a waste of space and airwaves. His music sucks, he look stupid in a tux, and he needs to get over himself and MOVE ON. Besides no one could love John as much as John loves himself.

  57. 57

    okay mayers a COMPLETE loser- why does anyone date him? you literally could not PAY me enough . . . gross.

  58. 58

    he cannot even keep a relationship together for more than a month PATHETIC

  59. 59

    hes a pathetic famewhore whose been made fun of my justin timberlake MULTIPLE TIMES- even though he professes to a comedian and has even rented out comedy clubs to try his comedy he has never been asked to be on snl, even though timberlake (who makes fun of him) has been on it TWICE and has multiple popular digital shorts/popular youtube videos and mayer has NOTHING, has struggled continuously with his weight, and cannot keep a relationship together for more than a couple weeks. and hes old- in his 30s.

  60. 60

    Why is it you slam on Jen every chance you can? She is a good woman and is looking for love. What is wrong with that? She was so very wronged when the sluts Brangelina screwed her, and I see nothing that she has done to be scrutinized in the manner you do!
    Angelina is a Skank, always has been, always will be, if anyone should be denied children it is her!
    Brad is the one that fucked up, and he is now paying the price…LOL I hope he and Devilina live hppily ever after in hell!

  61. 61

    i cant even bring myself to read the blog. WHO EFFIN CARES!!!! seriously perez, you have issues. we all know you are trying to work through the traumatic pick on ugly gay perez days in high school but…its getting old and obvious. how about we try, we're too cool to care attitude. it suits you more. esp since you are still fugly…

  62. 62

    Re: RiRi12 – Couldn't agree more!!!!

  63. 63


  64. 64

    Twitter is 100x better than COLD HEARTED Aniston. At least friends follow you LOL! This is the woman who declared ON PRINT that her then husband Brad wasn't the love of her life. This is the woman who yaps and yaps about how she loves to be a mother, lip-servicing her delusional and blind minions. No man who wants true love and relationship should go anywhere near this FRAUD.

  65. 65

    Mayer is so strange and self-absorbed–she's better off. He should go sit and twitter.

  66. 66

    Serious? Wow Jen is such a loser that her boyfriend would rather twitter then be with her. Wow. I can't even believe Brad had anything to do with her. This say a lot about Jen. Why can't she keep a man. He took her back and still paid more attention to Twitter. Well twitter is probably tighter.

  67. 67

    Twitter was the excuse, not the cause. He didn't want to be with her;if he had he would have found a way to do it. What a lame excuse at that. I'm not saying Aniston is a bad person, these people who leave her KNOW her and we don't. Most likely they have little in common. Even Tate Donovan said that. About her he said: ""She likes top notch hotels and luxury. I like bed and breakfasts and riding my bike. That's the most shallow version of it, but it's indicative of our personalities."

  68. 68

    why should she settle for less? if he wasnt making time for her isnt that grounds for dumping? hes too immature for her anyways.

  69. 69

    why did he want to date her if he couldnt stand her? why do guys go out with women or girls they cant find and each moment equals more and more annoyance just stay away, right?

  70. 70

    Re: Jenfraud – YOU'RE A SAD PATHETIC PERSON! I truly feel sorry for you its obvious you're obsessed with jennifer aniston and its very creepy. Please get a life and stop worrying about jennifer so much you care way to much.

  71. 71

    John Mayer is a jerk. I am glad she finally can be herself and go out with a REAL MAN. She deserves better. I have NEVER liked John Mayer.

  72. 72

    well she was good enough for brad pitt for a while but shes not good enough for john mayer??? WHAT? the only person john mayer should date would be rosie o'donnell. anyone else is waaay too good for him!!!!

  73. 73

    It's always funny to see two complete narcissists in a relationship thinking they can make it work (Mayer clearly more so than Aniston…but still…). HAHAHA!

  74. 74


    what kind of fuckery is that?!?!
    coward material right there. i don't know
    the whole nickname theory behind "maniston"
    but she is a beautiful and smart woman and the media
    can warp her image in however which way they want to,
    including you Perez, although it doesn't change my perspective
    of her. Every woman deserves a face to face breakup,
    from a MAN at least…..what kind of insecurity, fuckery, nonsense
    is that. & its true. if you got time to text twitter, you got time to
    make a phonecall to you woman and tell her your thinking of her.

    so suck on it mayer.

  75. 75

    Somehow you just know that there is more behind their break-up than this lame Twitter story.

  76. 76

    John Mayer is a DOUCHE..I used to like him, but now I think he's lame

  77. 77

    It's ok, he can come home with me any day. Twitter or not. ;)

  78. 78

    this doucebag doesnt deserve her . . . trying dating cameron manheim she is more on your level . . . or maybe tom selleck.

  79. 79

    Maybe John found Twitter more interesting than her; thought that talking to her was like talking to a rock!!!

  80. 80

    I don't think so..I totally disagree. If Jen is going to be involved with someone, at her age-and not saying she's old, but she's not going to waste her time with a fling. If she's going to invest her time in a relationship, it better have the potential to actually develop further and go some where. Mayer was prob just too much of a Lamer. Why should she settle for anything other than exactly what she wants and deserves. A person does not need a husband or wife to be "complete." Jen is completely self sufficient and wants a partner to complement her. She's not this lonely old maid, people try to make her out to be. She's smart, rich, has fun, has great friends, a solid career, and has GREAT genetics. This is what happened to Mayer…alone..he couldn't get any cool ass chicks (except the gold diggers, who really aren't any quality at all) - Jen had dough, so didn't need his, & was trying out the 'younger boy toy,' but as soon as he gets a girlfriend, esp. Jen, he automatically becomes more attractive to other chicks & Mayer notices this & he prob was a little more flirty than she would have liked. He wanted to bang all these new, hotter chicks that wanted him, so he'd twitter them..and Jen finally had enough.

  81. 81

    He just needs to tell the truth. He didnt want that ugly ass bitch in the first place. He hit it and ran. Case closed.

  82. 82

    Re: Shakermaker – You're about a week too late!

  83. 83

    You should follow your own example and update on Piggy Hilton real news and stop being harrasing peeps on Twitter… remember how even Diddy banned ya?

  84. 84

    good for jen to break up with him. he's a looser

  85. 85

    BTW this rumor has been out there for 2 weeks ago…

  86. 86

    I thought it was obvious that she just didn't want to attend the Oscars without a date! It was clear she was likely to run into Brad and Angelina in all their "splendid glory." She needed a date, she reconnected with John Mayer for the big show, and then stayed with him for an extra week or so in the hopes no one would notice the transaction. She got what she needed, dropped him like a hot rock, and that's that!

    It would have worked out fine except I think John actually kinda thought maybe it was real this time! He seems to act like an idiot, but I don't think he's a bad sort. Sorry John! You looked nice in your tuxedo anyway!

  87. 87

    Mario, it's becoming almost uncomfortable the way you bash women and drool over the guys. We get that you are jealous of Jennifer and want John in your bed. Don't be the stereotypical gay guy that hates everything with a vag. who isn't a fag hag like Lady gag gag. It's time to leave Jennifer alone - it's making you look pathetic.

  88. 88

    Why does everyone hate her so much? She never did anything wrong, she's a sweetheart. John disgusts me, and the only reason he's talked about it because of her. I'm so glad they broke up. She deserves waaaayy better. & not Brad, either. I'm still boycotting anything he or Angelina has to do with.

  89. 89


  90. 90

    …100% of men surveyed said they were NEVER too busy to spend time with the woman they are in too….

    she was in the movie, she knows how it works…

  91. 91

    and i watching idol rewind and ryan seacrest is SO sweet….he truly is such a nice guy.

  92. 92

    yeah mayers king DOUCHEBAG hahaha

  93. 93

    I don't understand why the hell he has a career. Why does he get grammys? He so did not deserve to get to go the Oscars! Why does anyone care what sick thought comes out of his head onto Twitter? Writing creepy songs about Daughters and ugh!!! Does anyone see him as a sicko like I do?

  94. 94

    Dear Jenny, stop it! Get yourself a nice guy ! I know its not easy but you can make it!
    I don't know what John Mayer does for a living, I heard he is a singer? Well, his songs never made it over the Atlantic Ocean, thank god!
    According to all the photos I saw so far: this guy has the aura of a possum and the energy of turtle. And maybe the brains of a koala , too.

  95. 95

    Mayer is a loser. Let the self-important idiot Twitter all he wants. Just shows he can type with one hand.

  96. dupe says – reply to this


    Twitter rather than spend time with Jennifer? He's just NOT into Jen.

  97. 97

    If he ever gave two shits about Maniston, Twitter would not have been an issue. Enough about these twits already.