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Britney: "My Dad Has Threatened Me!"

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That sound you hear is the shit hitting the fan!

A private voicemail message that Britney Spears reportedly sent to a lawyer in January, asking for help to remove the conservatorship she is under, has leaked on the Internets.

And it is not pretty!

Britney makes some shocking allegations against her own father, Jamie Spears!!!!

Check it out (including a transcript of what she says) above.

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192 comments to “Britney: "My Dad Has Threatened Me!"”

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  1. Lene says – reply to this


    Sounds like OCTOMOM!!!

  2. 102

    one it doesnt sound like her, she sounds much dumber than that usually.
    two, its not very controversial — so if it is her, who cares… she wants her own life back. she is going through the process of doing so. this is no big deal. we already know she's had issues with the kids being in her custody so NO DOUBT her dad said that — this is so dumb,,,

  3. 103

    I think by now it should have been removed but I'm afraid of it backfiring if it does get removed. If she messes up again then that's it. She won't have to worry bout her kids being tooken-Kfed will make sure of that again. Yet I just think it's way too soon for her dad to be pimping his daughter and a new album out right now. I mean he is getting 18K a month. Cha Ching! Instead he should be sending her somewhere with Kfed and the kids to enjoy spending time with the kids and that will allow her get her crap sorted out. Maybe she wants to be 'bad' Brit forever. I just don't think she had to throw him under the bus to get her point made clear but no one knows what has been said between her and her father also.

  4. 104

    Whoa, seriously?

    Jesus christ, that poor woman.

  5. PaMa says – reply to this


    That is not Britney. She doesn't pronouce "sure" as "shore", but more like "sher" and would never say "you guys"—-"Y'ALL"!

  6. PaMa says – reply to this


    That is not Britney. She doesn't pronounce "sure" as "shore", but more like "sher" and would never say "you guys"—-"Y'ALL"!

  7. 107

    what the hell? this is fake. that is so NOT Britney's voice, it sounds more like octomom's actually =.=

  8. AmyLa says – reply to this


    Hmmm…That doesn't sound like Britney…But I'll tell you who is DOES sound like, that bat shit crazy Octomom! HaHaHa

  9. 109

    yes, that sounds like she is reading from a script that adnan maybe wrote for her to
    stir up the shit to hit the fan ……………
    probably a plot by the leach that is adnan or the other one who was told to keep away .

  10. 110

    britney is lip syncing

  11. 111

    Tha's not britney jajajajaja

  12. Miri says – reply to this


    That's not her…

  13. 113

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  14. 114

    Dude, that is TOTALLY fake!!!!! OMG you people are morons.

  15. 115

    She's been in contact w/Sam Lufti and that other boyfriend (the one who just got busted?) , so if it is her, then it's not surprising. I could do an impersonation of her voice though so maybe it was me calling LMAO j/k. It could be anyone, but if it's Britney, and recent, then she's a pathetic bitch and I won't buy her albums anymore.

  16. 116

    The ONLY reason Britney went through with this conservatorship, is because she was forced to in order to save HER FORTUNE. Her recent :comeback" is nothing short of masterminds working it behind the scenes. BRITNEY HAS TO KEEP HER SHADES ON AT MOST TIMES…SHE IS NOT WELL. THIS ENTIRE COMEBACK..was masterminded by her father to rake in the dough….when clearly HIS DAUGHTER IS NOT WELL AND THE ONLY COMEBACK SHE SHOULD HAVE DONE WAS A YEAR'S REST IN LOUISIANA. JAMIE SPEARS AND ASSOCIATES MAKE ME SICK.

  17. 117

    I'm not so sure that's her. It didn't really sound like it was her. If it was, wow, the shit is gonna hit the fan soon enough.

  18. 118

    FAKE AS!

  19. 119

    I really dont feel sorry for her. The reason that she is doing better is because of her father. I dont think this is shocking. He probably said something like get your act together or else you wont see your kids.

  20. 120

    I would be upset about this, but, unfortunately, her own antics has put her in this situation. She has to pick and choose VERY carefully who should actually be around her. I know she is still "sick" and it is harder than it looks to find such level-headed and grounded people when your in the spotlight as much as she is.
    I just hope that she does get well enough soon where this kind of drama doesn't stay within her life soon. I am not a fan of hers, but I do want her to okay for herself and her children.

  21. 121

    Perez, the only reason that the shit is hitting the fan is because you're the one throwing it up there.
    That is very obviously not Britney Spears and your title for the article is terrible. The only thing that her father has did was saving his daughter.
    Stop stirring the pot.

  22. 122

    I agree! Sounds more like the Octomom to me..I don't think that's her.

  23. 123

    Britney has never had freedom, since day one. That is apart of who she is as a person, she needs structure and people around her helping her bc thats all she has ever known.

  24. 124

    Forget Britney, the lawyer who leaked that could be in big trouble! If Britney believed they she had confidentiality, even if she hadn't retained the lawyer yet, then the communications must be kept confidential. Very shady!

  25. 125

    Thats absolutely not Britney spears


  26. 126

    That's not britney's voice. she absolutely does NOT sound like that, you should know better than to believe everything you hear Perez.

  27. 127

    that doesn't sound like britney.

  28. 128

    Re: Lene – i was thinking the same thing!

  29. 129

    Too bad - my Mom's threatened me 100s of times and I don't even have a conservatorship!!!

  30. 130

    That's Britney! She is just being quiet though because she can't let her father know she was on the phone… I hope people are in the process of getting the conservatorship removed! Britney works so hard and all the people do around her is feed off of her and have fun with her money - does she get to have fun?! NO. Not fair…

  31. 131

    So, when will she shave her head again and get stupid tattoos? That's when she was cool.

  32. 132

    britney has more of a chirpy southern twang to her voice .. remember Merry Christmas ???
    anyways it is perfectly healthy to want to be free, it just sucks that they're using her kids against her to lock her into a conservatorship so jamie & co. can make $$$.
    i think she's ready for another shot, now that she has a restraining order against sam & adnan she can probably live without being manipulated. she just needs to live like a karate kid. surround herself with good people, her soul is to fragile to deal with abusers. If only there was a guy out there that loved her enough to deal with her somewhat crazy but still sweet behavior.

  33. 133

    such BS - do you have any idea how many people can simulate her voice. WTF - in the infamous words of Chris Crocker - "Leave Britney Alooonnnneee"

  34. 134

    Let's see, before dad took over, Britney was flashing her cooch, shaving her head, dating scum, partying every night, losing custody of her kids etc. etc., after dad, she's back to normal and seems to be doing good. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…I wonder which is better???? BTW…I don't even think that's her on the tape.

  35. 135

    this makes me want to cry.

  36. 136

    She doesn't sound like Britney at all but anyways since you are "close" to her why don't you tell us on the scoop about her dad and others around her??? Why still shushhh on that?

  37. 137

    That's not Britney's voice

  38. 138

    That's not her!

  39. 139

    Britney has that white trash southern accent, not like this woman… And she is not that intelligent.

    Also, her dad should take her kids. She is a walking mess. She can't even go on stage with a microphone on and sing or dance.

    She endangered her kids.

  40. 140

    So what kind of a dumbass lawyer would release confidential phone messages?

    oh wait, a dumb democrat lawyer would!

  41. 141

    That was not her voice. Sounded more like Octomom than Britney.

  42. 142

    I don't think that's her speaking.

  43. 143

    horrible, i don't think her dad has her best interests at heart.
    i have no trouble believing that he did that

  44. 144

    I don't think that sounds like Britney.

  45. 145

    you posted this so it sounds like he threatened her physically and he did'nt. she handed her kids over on a silver platter so i don't feel one bit sorry for her.

  46. 146


  47. 147

    I didn't think that was her then and I still don't. Why is it all janky?

  48. 148

    It sounds like Octomom doing her best Brit impression

  49. 149

    what does her southern accent expire after midnight? she can't even pronounce some of those words that way, such as "time", listen again, not her or anyone southern for that matter.

  50. 150

    hear how hushed and rushed her voice is? she didnt want anyone to hear her calling. i feel so bad for her. FREE BRITNEY!! I just watched an interview of her from 1999 on the Rosie O'Donnell show and she was so carefree and different then. The world has just chewed her up and spit her right back out. No one cares what happens to her as long as everyones making money!

  51. 151

    Being a gal from deep East Texas just across the border from Louisiana, and also knowing what Britney sounds like (which is exactly like me), I can tell that that was not her.
    It actually sounded more like Octomom's voice.

  52. 152

    yeah, i'm not sure if that's her. it seems odd that she would leave that kind of information on a lawyer's vociemail, or that a responsible lawyer would leak that.

  53. 153

    Poor Jamie Spears.

  54. 154

    That was the octo-moms voice

  55. 155

    omg this is so OLD! Saw it in on breatheheavy like a month ago!!!

  56. 156


  57. 157

    That doesn't even sound like Britney. It sounds like some stupid girl trying to do a southern accent and failed miserably. Plus, that answering machine doesn't sound like one from an office. I'm just saying…

  58. 158

    I don't know her, but it does not sound like her at all. I say it's a fake.

  59. 159

    thats not britney. its all a lie

  60. 160

    I wonder if it's legit, or if it's just a false allegation in a ploy to get rid of the conservatorship. I wouldn't put it past her.

  61. 161

    doesn't sound like her

  62. 162

    that really doesnt sound like her

  63. 163

    I think it's her, she's probably just talking quietly like that cause she's always supervised. I understand that the conservatorship is probably frustrating to her. She's a grown woman who has had free reign for years, and now her father is in control of her life again. But be realistic, look where she was BEFORE he took control.

    About the "threats", sometimes you have to give the people you love a reality check to make them realize how out of control they really are. Her father saying "I'll have your kids taken away" is a smart thing to say. He's using the thing that's the most important to her to set her straight. It's a typical method for interventions. I doubt he was serious anyway. There is no doubt in my mind that her father loves her, so stop hating on him.

  64. 164


  65. 165

    Poor Britney! Ugh, her father is such a fucking asshole! She should get a restraining order against HIM!

  66. 166

    that doesn't even sound like Britney! its sounds more like Octo-mom rather than Britney Spears. I find it hard to believe this one.

  67. 167

    I say it's not her.
    Even though the woman does sound like her, it doesn't mean it's actually Brit.
    Sounds like someone used a nice little audio program to manipulate the voice. its so easy to do.

    And if its her which I doubt, just let her live her life, its her right. Seriously. Nobody knows all the details of her circumstances.

  68. 168

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm………Perez…..I'm not so sure that that is her…….not enough hick in her accent

  69. 169

    doesnt sound like her? …..at all

  70. 170

    That clearly is NOT Britney Spears. If it were:
    A) Why would Perez be one of the only people reporting it? You all know that he is nowhere near being first to report anything. Everyone would have beeen all over this hours ago if it were true. Even TMZ used the word "allegedly".
    B) Who leaves a voicemail like that?? It clearly sounds scripted and fake, and if you think about it really makes no sense. Plus, that's not the kind of info you leave a lawyer in a 30 second voicemail.
    C) When have you ever heard a leaked voicemail from a lawyer's office? Never, because it's illegal to release this kind of information.
    D) And Perez's source is jfxonline.com? Real credible…doesn't Adnan work for them????

    Come on now, put the puzzle pieces together. You people are idiots if you believe this.

  71. 171

    isnt it pretty obvious that its not britney?
    that couldnt be computerised if a professional tried!
    he may not be the best, and maybe he is using her for the money..
    but do you think brit would have her comeback if it wasnt for him finally taking control? though she probably should be allowed a little more freedom..

  72. 172

    at the beggining when she says her name IT DOES SOUND LIKE BRITNEY! I bet some moronic fans are in denial.

  73. 173

    I smell a big, hairy, Adnan-colored RAT.

  74. 174

    She's such a WACKJOB…Lucky to be above Dirt at this point…

  75. 175

    Im okay with Britney. Dont really like her parents…but still gotta admit that when someone else took control out of her life, her life turned back to normal and she actually made a comeback. When she had conrol of her own life before - she was just a mess.

    This girl would not have been in this situation in the first place if she made some right decisions. She has millions of dollars, two beautiful children, a home, food, cars, set for life - that's nothing she wants or needs for! And there's people on the streets right now who have nothing, who've lost their job in this economy and wondering how they're supposed to survive. I don't feel bad for her at all.

  76. Lex-E says – reply to this


    yeah that doesnt sound like britney…..

  77. 177

    oh shit….

  78. 178

    it doesn't sound like her, mehhh

  79. 179

    Good for her, I just hope they don't take her kids away….but they probably will since there goes his money ticket and everything. But me and her have alot in common and I just wish her the best, she deserves it!!!

  80. 180

    She'll be lying dead in the gutter of an overdose with Adnan taking pictures of her lifeless body before too long. I feel sorry for her kids, hope they like having Shar Jackson as a step-mommy.

  81. 181

    but he makes such damn good cheese grits……………

  82. 182

    that doesn't even sound like her…she is southern and talks way slower than that..plus I didn't hear even one ya'll in there

  83. RubyM says – reply to this


    Doesn't sound like her AT ALL. Anyone who has heard Britney speak will be able to tell that it's not her. Use your ears.

  84. 184

    She certainly sounds competent here. How much long does she have to be held under this conservatorship? Give her freedom and set up some sort of parole.

  85. 185

    Doesn't sound like Brit.

  86. 186

    Um if it wasn't for her father stepping in, then she would have ended up in the mental and probably not been allowed to see her boys again. Is she forgetting what she was like before he took conservatorship? Does she not remember?? She's a certified nutjob.

  87. 187

    I do think that is Britney. I think Jamie has a power trip going on. I do appreciate him coming in an helping his daughter when she had her breakdown… but never understood why he was getting paid to do it. He has never had this type of money before and now its all gone to his head. She is trapped and …. crapppp 2.7 Million in legal fees…. she has no control of her money any more. Our governmental system is failing Britney. They will make her broke and sad at the end… if they are not careful. Her children are her life…. I see why Jaime and Kevin are side by side using the only chip they have with her… in fights that is. Is all about power/control and money for everyone around Brit Brit.

  88. 188

    That doesn't even sound like Britney what-so-ever. Since her pops came on the scene, she has got her kids back, her career back and is making the biggest comeback ever. Do you really think she has this hate thing for her dad? Think people. She was a mess until he jumped in to save her. When Britney does an interview and says these things THAN I'll believe it. Until then, it's various media attempts to make a ruckus.

  89. 189

    People saying this isn't Britney is dumb… you people are ridiculous that is 100% Britney I guess only her true fans knows her real voice.

  90. 190

    I want to know who did all this to begin with. The only reason why Jamie Spears was made permanent conservator of his daughter is because when she was planning to go on tour, the insurance people supposedly said "No insurance" due to her mental status. It was set to end but they took it back to court and had Jamie Spears made permanent conservator and then they got insurance for the tour. But Britney lost custody of the kids, since she's not even able to take care of herself legally. She just has visitation now.

    If she agreed to all that, why try to overthrow everything a few months later in the middle of the tour? If she didn't agree to all that, who is controlling her so much that she gives up her kids in exchange for a tour?

  91. Laury says – reply to this


    You know, I kind of understand her, her dad looks like he's a fucking dictator. But at the same time, if she was sane and mature enough to take care of her kids and money, none of this would've happened.

  92. 192

    That's not Britney

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