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More On Katie And The Mysterious Mark!

| Filed under: Katie Holmes


WTF x2!

A Perezcious reader pointed out that Katie Holmes did not bear that mysterious mark on her back before she married Crazy Eyes Cruise.

We did some digging and found a photo from 2007 where Katie's back is not marked.

What's going on here? That mark looks pretty gosh darn intentional!

Is it a sign, Katie? A secretive call for help?

A Scientology marking?

And, why, oh why, is it in the shape of a heart?????

[Images by Darla Khazei via Pacific Coast News Online and Ramey Photo Agency.]

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207 comments to “More On Katie And The Mysterious Mark!”

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  1. 101

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!Arrrr!

  2. 102

    Looks like a chemical burn in the shape of a heart.

    I'd bet it has something to do with Tom and/or Scientology. Freaky just like him. Perhaps they are branding their women at this point.

  3. 103

    YOu know its that crazy herpe stuff on her face! It finally started spreading.

  4. 104

    Really, Perez.? That picture is from 2007; it's 2009. It isn't that huge of deal unless Katie actually says something about it.

  5. 105



  6. 106

    an alien or satan's mark

  7. 107

    shes a mom… moms get weird marks from playin around and takin care of kids. its not that serious

  8. 108

    wow- did you drink 1 too many expressos today Perez?:)
    a) she has short hair in the 1st photo, and she did not cut her hair until she was with Mr Cruise, and b) its prob just a mishaped mole- it could have popped up anytime- my brother has one on his cheek that just came out of no where and c) in the first pic it may have been covered with makeup. I rest my case.

  9. 109

    hicky?? bite mark?? it happens when you do doggy… just sayin

  10. 110

    have u considered that it might just be a zit that she picked & it turned into a scab?

  11. 111

    what if its like a zit or something?
    youll end up embarrassing her and you

  12. 112

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – i would love to get your booty

  13. aj says – reply to this


    Re: LG is simply…AMAZING! – look, Perez, we all know its you posting. muah, dog fucker.

  14. 114

    Re: LG is simply…AMAZING!

  15. 115

    i think you're making wayyyy too big of a deal about this one.

    if it was intentional, i think it would be something bigger,
    not something that could be rug burn or anything along those lines.

  16. 116

    Re: miss max

    Why, does the world retarded offend you? Actually, I did upload a picture… but alas, the flaws of Perez's site does not allow it…

  17. 117

    Re: JoliAvocat

    And you know this how? You're as smart as the rest of the blue collars who post here.

  18. 118

    Re: angelmiyavi28

    Hardly a dumbass… rather a slip of the computer keys… what's dumbass is writing infantigo… is that even a word? I stand by my belief that the poster still needs to lose weight and get a nose job… sucks to be her… or, errr, him???

  19. 119

    umm hasn't anyone ever gotten a wicked pimple in a weird spot? haha haven't you ever heard of backne?

  20. 120

    You're a huge idiot. Fucking drama queen. it could be so many different things and you're blaming scientology

  21. 121

    OMG aliens are here!! XD btw, I don't like Tom Cruise…he's so fucking crazy!

  22. 122

    its a scab. i dont think it has anything to do with scientology, honestly…

  23. 123

    she got branded
    its probably a bug bite, scab, ????
    i dont think toms that crazy
    and why would katie want to have a mark on the back of her neck?

  24. 124

    Its a damn zit she claws at for shits sake

  25. 125

    maybe its a tatoo? Dont be a lame ass muther fucker Mario.

  26. 126

    Re: Paris Hilton Looks Like A Flamingo
    I must agree with you, not the brightest bulb who makes up a word…at least you misspelled but had the gist of it. I couldn't even figure out what that moron meant.
    Funny how this little group likes to dish out crap to everyone, but call them out on one of their many stupid comments and they gang up like school children.

  27. 127

    Re: DikinCider – wtf is going on? what am i missing?

  28. 128

    freaking Tom Cruise, is so creepy!!!!

  29. 129

    it just looks like she hit her back on something like a cut or something. sometimes i get something that looks like that when i hit my back on something like if im idk for some reason under a table and stand up and hit my back or playing in kids castle if you dont know what that is its awesome. basically one of those wooden castles and yes i still play in them.

  30. 130

    Re: Xandria – ok, here is a school kid who wants to play a game…. you fucking asshole

  31. 131

    Re: Paris Hilton Looks Like A Flamingo

    Well you're not an asshole at all are you?

  32. 132

    ok i guessed lg was a fucktard, but wtf? why so much hatred from one person?

  33. StayC says – reply to this


    That's where her alien spirit is being removed from her body! hail zenu! I heart science fiction novelists who make bets about starting "religious followings"…hahaha

  34. 134

    Re: JigSaw
    Is that comment meant to be intimidating? Trust me, name calling and vulgar language only shows how ignorant you are. Nothing at all you could say would bother me….hard to be offended by someone so sleazy who tries to act tough. Quite the contrary, you are pretty funny :)

  35. 135

    Has it occurred to you that maybe she wants you to see?

  36. 136

    It is a tom cruise "mind nazi" fart mark.

  37. 137

    Re: Xandria – your own comment
    "Funny how this little group likes to dish out crap to everyone, but call them out on one of their many stupid comments and they gang up like school children
    shows your own intelligence
    Need I say more? who ganged up on you?
    intimidating? nah
    funny? you decide

  38. 138

    Re: JigSaw
    Hmmmm, I'd really love to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass. Not sure what point you tried to make, if you even had one.

  39. 139

    Re: Xandria – "Nothing at all you could say would bother me….hard to be offended by someone so sleazy who tries to act tough." and as a friendly fyi, i am not sleazy, do not act tough nor do i try, i simply speak the truth and get really pissed off when people try to push others around. your comments show your ignorance, being a capricorn shows what an ass you are, and that picture, well i would take it down if it is really you. stop trying to show how smart you are, you are shit to me. trust me you have no clue, nor will you ever, now crawl into a hole, your mother if you must and die

  40. 140

    Re: Xandria – only point is on top of your head asswipe

  41. 141

    Re: Xandria – what dont you get asshole? i simply pointed out nobody said shit to you but you felt the need to defend yourself for…. NOTHING. now cut the shit, stop making things up and we will forgive you. as not being able to get your head that far up you ass is only because you are full of shit. I can keep it and this up all night, now go to bed crying to mommy and just stop the shit, and do yourself one favor, if that pic is really you, take it down, you be on ugly asshole

  42. 142

    Re: JigSaw
    Weak, very weak. I was hoping for a challenge since you always seem to have something to say, albeit crudely about Perez or anyone who disagrees with you and your friends. Though with such a limited vocabulary I'm actually quite surprised you have the confidence to post, I'd be embarrassed myself.

  43. 143

    Looks like the start of skin cancer actually…

  44. 144

    it looks like a burn like a cooking burn but how you get a burn accidently on your back???

  45. 145

    I was merely pointing out that you were all jumping down Flamingos throat when he called out that twit for making up words. You all like to dish it out, but can't take it yourselves. But I think it's very honourable that you rush to the defense of someone so simple. I thought I made my point pretty clearly. Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?

  46. 146

    What the fuck?!?!? This is not gossip, I come to this stupid site almost daily to read about Katie's Holmes weird mark on her back and Perez's lame Z-list birthday party??? Where the fuck is the real gossip??? It's really sad that I enjoy reading peoples comments more then I do Perez's gossip!!! This site has really gone downhill in the last year.

  47. 147

    maybe it's a pimple scar.

  48. 148

    Biological implanted.
    Bye bye Humanity and welcome to Biorobots Club…
    Love :)

  49. 149

    An abortive tattoo!

  50. 150

    Biological implant.
    Bye bye Humanity and Welcome to Biorobots Club…
    Love :)

  51. 151

    Re: CDon – That's a good point!
    She probably always had it but has been hiding it with makeup or something, if the first photo is really her, looks like she's on a red carpet event, the other shot it's just a regular day, so it would made sence. Whatever it is i'm sure it doesn't have to do with scientology.

  52. 152

    haha whatever

  53. 153

    Shouldn't you be more concerned about it being a dangerous mole? For jeebus' sake Perez, get your priorities sorted.

  54. 154

    Do you think this is a joke or the kind of thing to joke about, Fatass? Same as when you saw "cutting" marks on Lohan, and no one else saw any thing, You're a real POS

  55. 155

    *Enter Twilight Zone Music…* :|

  56. 156

    looks like a curling iron or a flat iron burn.

  57. 157

    for fucks sake perry
    its a scab
    get a life

  58. 158

    Boycott all $cientologists, all their projects, and all those who support them.

  59. 159

    This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen on your blog and boy, there have been some pretty dumb things.

  60. 160

    looks exactly like an age spot or sunspot

  61. 161

    It is a tatoo…duh. Come now.

  62. PINAY says – reply to this



  63. 163

    Sigh…we need a new place to hang out….perez is really really starting, er–has been getting for a long time, really lame…..

  64. 164

    it's probably just a henna tattoo.. that explains why it's in a shape of a heart and it's brown..

  65. 165

    Ha, I don't even come for the news anymore, it's way more interesting seeing people fight against eachother! Do you realize you're arguing with someone you will never meet in real life?

  66. 166

    dude… its likely a mole or a blemish, or maybe she has skin cancer or even psoriasis? all are very common. take it easy.

  67. 167

    ok, now I know why we never see these 'stars' from the back…that haircut looks messed up from that angle!
    But yeah,she is in a cul, of course, t and she was branded…duh!

  68. 168

    It looks like Psirrosis

  69. 169

    Are you SERIOUS with this? It could be ANYTHING! It could be a scratch, an irritation, or hopefully not a pre cancerous mole of some sort. Don't you think you're jumping to conclusions?! I mean come ON! Like you've NEVER had any mark of any sort on your body anywhere?! It happens!

  70. 170

    It looks like a mole… Those things pop up you know…

  71. 171

    It's an official sacrificial victim's mark of scientology. Don't mess with Voo-Doo-Cruise!

  72. 172

    lol..people are so funny!

  73. 173

    Its probably just a damn zit that scabbed up and its a lucky accident that its in the shape of a heart

  74. 174

    she probably had a mole removed. I have a few marks like that on my back.

  75. 175

    It looks like a rug burn, from getting fucked on a thick carpet.

  76. 176

    It's definitely got something to do with Satanology.

  77. 177

    Maybe it's a hickey he gave her while doing it doggie style - up the ass.

  78. 178

    Who Cares!

    that would be a hicky Perez! wtf!!! or a pinched pimple but then again she wouuldn't show that off!

    Oh i know Suri bit her!

  79. 179

    Only one thing can give you a rug burn like that!

  80. 180

    Re: CJA110 – Roflmaoooo

  81. 181

    Really? Are you serious?? Looks like a common rug burn….somebody has been getting freaky!! Do you want her to anounce it for you?

  82. 182


  83. 183

    It's a rug burn from sex!!!!

  84. 184

    looks like a cow branding in a heart shape?

  85. 185

    KATIE holmes is a stupid fucking dumb retard! wat kind of woman lets her husband change her so, she used to be soo pretty and young looking and alive! now shelooks like a dried up old hag!! the way she dresses and how short she cut her hair, she looks nasty, if that "MAN" truly loved her, he would accept her for who she is, andnot try to change her with this stupid ritualistic form of living that should not even be called a religion. idiots!!!

  86. 186

    Re: Paris Hilton Looks Like A Flamingo – LOL YOU IDIOTS!! YOUR BOTH WRONG HAHAHAHAHAHAH, ITS NOT IMPETEGO, OR THAT OTHER ONE, ITS IMPETIGO!!! close enough thou, i guess. jeez ppl these days truly depress me .

  87. 187

    Looks like a liver spot to me…..

  88. 188

    Ok. I figured it out. Call me crazy but…maybe she had the mole ALL ALONG. and maybe before she covered it up with makeup. Which wouldn't be unusual, really, if you give it some thought.

    Besides a) of course she was chipped for GPS long, long ago and b) the Scientologists wouldn't leave a mark. They're waaay beyond that.

  89. 189

    at least get the date right.

    or at least google a different picture.

  90. Laxer says – reply to this


    "pretty gosh darn intentional"??? Are you lusting over a bulging country boy?

  91. 191

    Looks like a burn - could be a brand. Not that unusual.

  92. 192

    Re: ONIKANOVALI – You're clearly the idiot, since they were married in 2006..what does the date say.. 2007… I do believe that comes after 2006.

  93. 193

    … seriously are you really that obsessed with other peoples life to have to resort to a mysterious mark?
    it is probably a bruise or something
    get over it.

  94. 194

    So lets concentrate for a second. Do I honestly need to point out that photo is not from 2007 before she married Tom Cruise. Her hair has never been that short until recently. Her hair was even long at their wedding. Clearly in this so-called photo from 2007 her hair is that short bob cut. Perez you should keep digging.

  95. 195

    This poor delusional girl needs to take the baby and run, run hard, run fast but RUN

  96. Jai says – reply to this


    It's a scar from when the mind control chip/tracking beacon was implanted.

  97. 197

    Re: Xandria – lmao you want a challange??? then fucking give me something to go after. you are shit and i own you

  98. 198

    Re: Xandria – ok u little biach, home boy keeps stopping my comments, you dont want to know what i said

  99. 199

    Re: Xandria – you want me come after you? you aint nothing to me, let me tell you about yourself… you read the dictionary, you are smart, you have an iq around 150/155 you think you are good in bed, , your personality sucks, you do not have a life, you do a lot of drugs to escape. me, iq slightly less than you , i cannot spell, you cannot beat me logically. you feel i intimidate you, i own you, you suck, did i get it right? post on something current, i am not coming back here again

  100. SJB says – reply to this


    They call them tattoos … are you kidding me? Now this is what I call spinning a story! RIHANNA GOT A FLIPPING GUN… let's find some real news now k?

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