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Vice President's Daughter Caught Snorting Cocaine On Tape????

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She pulled a Michael Phelps - only worse!

A "friend" of Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley, is shopping around a video recording of the VP daughter allegedly snorting cocaine at a party in Delaware earlier this month.

The NY Post watched a 90 second preview of the vid. The footage, which The Post declined to purchase, shows a young woman with a remarkable resemblance to Ashley riding the white pony with a group of people, and then complaining that the horses ain't big enough.

A lawyer said that the footage was legally obtained, with Ashley waving to the camera at one point.

The shooter was initially asking for $2 million, but reduced the price to $400,000.

Looks like scandal tapes aren't exactly recession proof!

The shooter also claims to know other scandalous stuff, but it comes with a price tag. An American media company has offered $250,000 and an overseas company has offered $225,000.

We guess that folks aren't too interested in the VP's daughter doing drugs.

Ashley has already proved herself a troublemaker, with a 2002 arrest for yelling at a cop trying to deal with her unruly friend. Charges were dropped after she apologized.

What will Daddy Joe say about this????

Thus far, he ain't said shit!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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78 comments to “Vice President's Daughter Caught Snorting Cocaine On Tape????”

  1. 1

    Nice friend

  2. 2

    Maybe Barry can give her some tips… FIRST

  3. 3

    Riding the white pony?? You're such a fucking idiot mario!

  4. 4

    I hate Joe Biden but his family should off limits,even with this kinda shit.Now if it Biden doing drugs it would be a different matter

  5. 5

    this kind of shit makes me like politician's kids MORE.. it just pisses me off when they act like goody-two shoe, prissy SOBs

  6. 6

    well, if it's true she's stupid as hell. she knew there was a camera there!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Her daddy's an idiot and he was probably stoned all weekend himself that's why he hasn't said anything. Plus, Perez, I read this like 2 fucking days ago. The only reason why so many people even come here anymore is to insult you or each other. U fucking suck anymore! You have your head so far up Katy and GaGa's asses that you don't give a shit. You know people will come here and you will get paid by your sponsors, so you don't care.

  9. 9

    Considering the stuff that comes out of Bidens mouth I'm sure he's done acid

  10. 10

    Mario, it's called snorting cocaine. Your euphemisms are fucking retarted.

  11. 11

    Plus she gives a mean blow job.

  12. 12

    This is the same girl that when a bar got raided and she was underaged was yelling at the cop "Do you know who my father is? I could have your badge". She sounds like she might be a bit of a mess.

  13. 13

    haha.they are talking about it on The View.

  14. 14

    Re: Leon – *retarded*

  15. 15

    This is OLD news- The lawyer for the guy with the alleged tape QUIT! He doesn't want anything to do with this anymore because it's most likely lies.

  16. 16

    if obama's allowed to do it, everyone's allowed to do it!

  17. 17

  18. 18

    Do you all read the whole story? This happend many years ago. They already dealt with this as a family, some douch decided to make a buck off it.

  19. 19

    Re: RedWingsFan – nothing wrong with that

  20. 20

    This chick was also busted on a DUI last year, she's a party girl so I'm not surprised ’bout the toot.

  21. 21

    whooooooooops! Correction…not last year, it was 2001

  22. 22

    Puhlease…my friend went to Harvard w/ Donald Trump's daughter and saw her do blow all the time. They all do it. To quote Lily Allen…"Everyone's at it"

  23. 23

    Does Biden 'coke' video pass sniff test? One day later, lawyer backs out of sale- Daily News

  24. pomme says – reply to this


    what a surprise! a rich girl like to take coke! too many money for a stupid video!

  25. 25

    Re: AmitaBonita – Donald Trump's daughter when to the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), not Harvard………..

  26. 26

    Re: Nickysue – first what?

  27. 27

    I don't believe it.

  28. 28

    Bahahahahaha, Biden bitch the coke whore! Bahahahahaha fucking H I L A R I O U S!

  29. 29

    What is up with these kids - stop experimenting with shit that can kill you…

  30. 30

    you go girl

  31. 31

    Re: AmitaBonita
    Ivanka didn't go to Harvard. She went to U Penn.

  32. Sho says – reply to this


    If this was the Bush gilrs all hell would have broken lose the day the story came to light!

  33. 33

  34. 34

    LOL!!!! It's just one big ORGY in the White House! F&CK BIDEN!

  35. 35

    Isn't Joe and Jill's daughter a social worker???? Is this really true? Either way, people make mistakes. Still love the Biden family!

  36. 36

    I would let Ashley Biden slide, too, except her dad is a regressive DC drug warrior, he even came up with the concept of a "Drug Czar."

    So excuse me if I don't shed a tear when his daughter gets caught on tape with a straw up her nose. I hope someone buys the tape and puts the image of Ashley snorting coke on every billboard in the USA.

    I'm just sorry Ashley Biden won't go through what Michael Phelps went through. And she won't, since Delaware's District Attorney is Beau Biden, her brother.

  37. 37

    Just another mess affiliated with the White House. Ugh. The Obama's and Biden's are a joke.

  38. 38

    Parents can only raised their kids and teach them some moral principles; they can't live their lives for them. Why should he or she have to say anything about HER personal life?

  39. 39

    Re: AmbrosiaRose Why should he or she have to say anything about HER personal life?

    Because he (her father, VP Joe Biden), has spent over 35 years in the US Senate making sure the government is in everyone's "personal life" when it comes to doing things like snorting coke.

    Why should his daughter be exempt from the kind of scrutiny and legal problems that Joe would make sure you and I suffered through?

  40. 40

    She did a Michael Phelps? Is she in the OLYMPICs/no. Has she Worked for and won 8 gold medals? no. Does Michael Phelps have some relationship with the White House? not that I know of.
    So now all drug issues somehow pertain to Michael Phelps??????????

    Luv Ya Parez (!!!)- but you might take a poll - not just my word for it…and see that you'll just make yourself sound Lame by blaming Michael Phelps or anyone for the World of drugs…

    I guess blaming Michael is easier…
    Snoop Dog my have his people show up at your place so you can explain yourself,Ouch!
    if you told everyone that someone did cocaine and ' Oh they did a Snoop Dog????'lol.

  41. 41

    Ok - so someone took her picture while doing drugs at a party. ok, sorry.

  42. 42

    Oh for pete's sake, who really cares? Just because Joe's the VP doesn't mean he doesn't have the same types of problems with his kids that the rest of the world has. BFD. Until someone can prove that this is preventing him from doing his job I really don't care what his kids are up to.

  43. 43

    The fact that Murdoch owned NYP declined to buy the tape tells you how real it is. The Post is tabloid and if it were legit they would have snatched it up. And I'd do her.

  44. 44

    How do you like them appels?…..EVERYONE knew biden's family was full of druggies and convicts….everyone but the democrats that is…LOOK IT UP, IT IS NOIT NEWS!! LOOK UP HIS WHOLE FAMILY AND ALL OF THEIR PROBLEMS

  45. 45

    Re: mary mary

    ::cue Bristol Palin::

  46. 46

    HHAAA HAAA HAAAAA, I guess the Bush twins weren't so bad after all! but no worries the leftist liberal biased press will bury this story before the day is through, if it was a Republican it would be front page news for 2 weeks!

  47. 47

    cocaine is the drug of choice for rich children of politicians

  48. 48

    AMERICA - DON'T YOU GET IT YET? Politicians who actually are supposed to work for US feel they are better than us, that we are just trash and that they RULE OVER US, not serve us. This includes their nasty D*ck Sludge (Sons and Daughters) they are taught The Rules And Laws Do Not Apply To Them, only the little people (That's Us)?

  49. 49

    It's everywhere. Less of everything in this reccession… BUT substance abuse. Sad night on that super show the Apprentice too!

    It's sad to watch reality TV shows deal with alcoholics. Everyone grabs a stiff posture and acts like someone with tourettes is having an episode in the corner.

    Almost all reality shows encourage getting wasted on camera. They don't realize that about 20% of those people are probably alcoholic and will most likely die of the spirits the show is requiring. Drinking isn't the deal on The Apprentice, but check every other show that displays pretty people competing for a pride filled prize.

    Usually the alcoholics get weeded out from these shows in the first half and everyone grabs a deep sigh while saying, "I'm glad Krazy is gone now - she scared me!" It's as if they got rid of the lazy or unintelligent participant and now they can begin winning.

    Fortunately, the American Medical Association doesn't look at alcoholism like we look at lazy and unintelligent. They call it a disease, not of will, but of the body. Maybe we should start kicking off the reality contestants with Multiple Sclerosis. They deteriorate slower than the true alcoholic.

    I don't say Rodman shouldn't take responsibilty, just like MS patients, Rodman is in charge of his recovery, not his disease. Sunday night we watched his disease running the show. Alcoholism was the Project Manager.

    Paul Cook
    author of COOKED in LA

  50. 50

    um ashley has had drug problems in the past. thanks to her hard partying ways, biden passed an anti rave bill back in the late 90's. thats why we got no more raves. and i miss em.

  51. 51

    Re: PUAinNYC: ::cue Bristol Palin::

    Except that Bristol's mom's warped view on reproduction doesn't come with serious jail time, while Ashley's dad's warped view on drug use does.

  52. 52

    Haven't You Learned Yet? You Don't tape Or
    Photograph Yourself While Getting HIGH!
    Look What Happened To Phelps And Others!
    You Guys Don't Learn!
    SOUL AWAY!!!
    OR DEAD!!!

  53. 53

    You better stay on top of this Perez. It's about time you post negatively about a dem. Now start calling her a slut like you do everyone else.

  54. 54

    Re: applegreenalicious – I LIKE RAVES! I MISS THEM TOO!

  55. 55

    who cares lots of folks do coke. I am sure there was tons of blow at the birhtday party u threw for yourself. does that really make it a birthday party. or a celebration of an ego

  56. 56

    bahahaha SO FUNNY.

  57. 57

    isnt that sooo fucking funny- SNORTING COCAINE???
    who is this bitch courtney love????????????

  58. 58


  59. 59

    OH BIDEN- hes just the best vice prez EVER.

  60. 60

    Well being from the mid-Atlantic states, I know the mother was a huge pot smoker at the University of Delaware, in the day. I know someone has some photos. Dig through your photo albums and break them out. She loved the weed.

  61. 61

    Another STUPID child of ANOTHER stupid democrat! It is now obvious that moron Biden has produced moron children.

  62. 62

    So what.

  63. 63


  64. 64

    I don't really care about her snorting cocaine.
    But wake me up when the sex tape comes out.

  65. 65

    I did a couple of rails off of Jenna Bush's ass. True story.

  66. 66

    What the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China? WHO CARES? That is personal family business.

  67. 67

    if this was palin's daughter we would never hear the end of it

  68. 68

    What fucking douche bag loser would shop a tape if that was even her. Which its probably NOT.. BUT the secret service will be hunting your loser ass down and making your life hell. IDIOTS…

  69. 69

    Takiing time off from running GM, Barack Obama was heard to say if this was Sarah Palins daughter we would be all over this like a cheap suit.

  70. 70

    I can't wait to hear all of the stupid bitter conservatives bitching about how fucked up Biden's family is. I assume his daughter his grown, this has nothing to do with the rest of the family.

  71. 71

    NY Post passed up on that? That same classy NY Post that portrays obama as a terrorist… and a chimpanzee?

    Get ready republicans! Some new wank material is on the way!

  72. 72

    I want to party with this chick!

  73. 73

    I'm from DE and everyone knows this girl is a coke head. She will ask pretty much anyone for it. It is no secret and I think it is pathetic whomever is trying to make a buck off of it. It is obvious that no one really cares.

  74. 74

    Re: Miryyyy: I assume his daughter his grown, this has nothing to do with the rest of the family.
    She campaigned with her father extensively. That would be her father who invented the concept of a "drug czar" and has aggressively backed the ridiculous "war on drugs" for over 3 decades in the Senate.

    I want to see the video uncut on the internet. I don't care how it was obtained, after all, Senator Joe Biden voted in favor of warantlessly videotaping Americans and watering down probable cause when he voted for the Patriot Act. He voted to violate our privacy so I'm not crying for his daughter's violated privacy.

  75. 75

    Somehow I doubt I'll be seeing a video of her getting arrested, despite cocaine is *illegal*. There is always a double standard for the well-off in this country, *especially* if their family is politically connected. Yes, that's right. Laws are only for those *other* people.

  76. 76

    Daddy Joe has his head so far up Obama's fondillo that he doesn't KNOW OR CARE he has a daughter doing drugs. Are you serious?

  77. 77

    just like high school. yeah archmere!!

  78. Laxer says – reply to this


    Re: AmitaBonita – Your friend must really be doing the blow…Ivanka Trump did NOT attend Harvard.