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Isaiah Washington Loses His Home!

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The former gay-hater has been officially kicked to the curb!

Grey's Anatomy alum Isaiah Washington was evicted from his Los Angeles home yesterday after failing to pay five months in back-rent, racking up a grand total of $100,000 in debt!

Housekeepers were spotted packing up boxes at the Washington residence, where Isaiah & the fam spent yesterday moving out of their pricey abode.

Washington's landlord, Kevin McCauley, managed to scrounge up a couple of nice words regarding the actor's eviction saying, "They are very nice people, this is an unfortunate matter."


Will the Grey's alum become a couch surfer for the next couple of weeks??

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “Isaiah Washington Loses His Home!”

  1. 1

    Bad karma, son!

  2. 2

    How come all these big stars rent and don't buy a home? I don't get that. Buy something with your money and think about the future for your kids.

  3. 3

    Black Jack………..

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Once a gay hater always a gay hater, think about what you say in the future fella!

  6. 6

    sorry missed earlier post… don't know how Letty is, I don't have contact…

    slowly we're losing the best posters…


    oh yeah, wait a minute


  7. 7

    So was Geogre Washington

  8. 8

    Re: Major Dude – thanks………..HAAAAAAAAAA
    Mario blows Billy Goats………

  9. 9

    who cares…next.

  10. 10

    Hey Isaiah! If you're interested, I'm renting out my condo in the Bronx for $1000 a month and I'll give you 1 year supply of Goya Beans if you're interested ;-)

  11. 11

    I feel bad for his wife and kids but not for this jerk! If this biggot would've kept his mouth closed and his temper under control he would still be on one the best shows ever. If there is a next time, why don't you buy your house in full and save some of that money, you idiot!

  12. 12

    I bet he REALLY regrets saying those homophobic remarks now, huh Isaiah!?
    Looks good on the twat.

  13. 13

    Re: paulj63 – i cant stop laughing over what you wrote, too damn funny

  14. 14

    now that's what i call KARMA!

  15. 15

    serves him right, homophobe son of a bitch

  16. 16

    Good lord, people! is it enough yet? He said something incredibly stupid, lost his job, got black-listed from hollywood and now go evicted from his house because if it, and you all STILL want blood?

    let it go!

    We all want everyone to be accepting until it comes to us… then we're always owed something. He said something stupid to one person, who is not now and was not even then suffering for it in a financial sense. In fact he got a raise soon after and is soon moving on to "bigger and better" things. Do you think his fragile psyche is broken because some one was a idiot once and called him the "F" word?

    A person can't grow as a person if they aren't given the chance to learn from his mistakes. Has he done it since? Then why continue the prejudice. We all live in glass houses you know.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    He's a loser. In show business the first thing you should do is save enough money to BUY yourself a reasonably priced home outright so you have a place to live. Fame comes and goes, but you will always need a roof over your head. He had more than himself to think of, he has a family; he's just irresponsible.

  19. speak says – reply to this


    What a fool… renting???