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Robert Pattinson - Semi NAKED!

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In his new movie, Little Ashes, R-Patz stands in front of a mirror with his penis tucked between his legs.

CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo!!!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo!!!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo!!!!!

P.S. Sorry to say, but…. Zacquisha definitely looks much better without clothes than Rob.


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579 comments to “Robert Pattinson - Semi NAKED!”

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  1. 101

    Re: BILLIELIPS IN THE JUNGLE!! – Hey whatsup. I don't come here too often, just every once in a while but I felt the desperate need to post something about my future baby daddy….

  2. 102

    I like real men like Brad Pitt better. NO THANKS, PEREZ.

  3. 103

    It's ok no one is perfect….he is still hott

  4. 104

    whatever, he's still hott as fuck

  5. 105

    Re: *Vivi*
    in your fucking opinion….in mine he is mere steps up from an ugly butch fucking post op tranny

  6. 106

    Re: LaDiva – U talken to me…………. :o )

  7. 107


  8. 108


  9. 109

    Re: Poindexter-X – No. You're the fucking idiot. Now go fuck yourself idiot.

  10. 110

    too bad he cant looks as good as jabba (the hut) aka MARIO HILTON.

  11. 111

    im sorry to say this to all the haters,but he is soooo beautiful.

  12. Beejo says – reply to this


    uh ok….

  13. 113

    well that just made my day!!! YUMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy

  14. Hole says – reply to this


    Re: lala420 – You got it…already posted it

  15. 115


  16. 116

    He needs a tan!

  17. Beejo says – reply to this


    He's a awesome actor! LOVE him!

  18. 118

    the reason he looks a little less toned is because he filmed this movie BEFORE twilight. he obviously worked out a lot for his role as edward.

  19. 119

    Seriously, you people are stupid. This is a movie about an eccentric artist who questions he sexuality. He looks like this in this movie (and pic) for a reason. GAH, are you all that narrow minded?

  20. 120

    Re: Guess? – haha, it puts the lotion on its skin…lmao

  21. 121

    Re: Iamthequeenofhearts
    thats funny… and true

  22. 122


  23. dd says – reply to this


    Rob ain't got nothing on Zach. I don't even think Rob's all that good looking.

  24. 124


  25. 125

    I hate this clown. He's so dirty.

  26. 126

    Re: Long Dong Connery – aww sweet cheeks you know i have a soft spot for you too… lol

  27. 127

    Hey, didn't Silence of the Lambs already do this? Buffalo Bill

  28. 128

    YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON ONE EARTH to be able to critique other people's bodies. the only person above you would be the world's fattest man.

  29. 129

    that's all i need to say

  30. 130

    Zac DEFINITELY looks better without a shirt, no competition.

  31. 131

    Re: BILLIELIPS IN THE JUNGLE!! – yea i feel you… the regulars are sorely missed, n frankly the fun of it is gone…

  32. 132

    He's a little fat and his hair looks gross, I'll pass.

  33. 133

    I can't believe the stupid comments I am reading. I think an actor who takes on a role that he himself says, was clearly crossing the line for what he is comfortable doing, should be applauded. If you want a stud muffin naked, go watch your gay porn. If you want to watch a movie that tells a story of a confused brilliant man, go see Little Ashes. You should be applauding Robert Perez, for taking on such a challenging role that a lot of actors couldn't do. CONGRATS ROB….I HOPE YOU GET AN OSCAR FOR YOUR ROLE IN LITTLE ASHES!

  34. 134

    he needs to shave that shit!! ewwww hes gross

  35. 135

    I don't like the hair and he could use a good workout!

  36. 136

    omg it was for the fucking movie people dam he plays a gay person u people are retard is2g and this was like in 07 im pretty sure he's in better shape he says he works out i still love is sexy self yum

  37. 137

    come hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  38. 138

    This was a few years ago. He has been working out pretty hard core for his roles in the Twilight saga

  39. DH says – reply to this


    aaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha - fuck man!

  40. 140

  41. 141

    People, calm down!!! RPattz is playing a role of a famous homosexual painter Salvador Dali!
    Love you, Rob!!!

  42. 142

    I'm going to wank to this later..

  43. 143

    Is he filming the sequence to Silence of The Lambs? It does look tranny-ish

  44. 144

    ha ha ha!! i still love him!! he's still hot!! :)

  45. 145

    Re: Northshore – Thank god someone was smart enough to realize this, as I was reading the comments I was wondering wtf everyone assumed that's what he normally looks like naked when he was playing a freaking movie role sheesh D:

  46. 146

    Re: Haagen-Dazs – Thank you! I was about to say the same thing. At least he's living his dream job unlike most of the people posting.

  47. 147

    he is an ACTOR, its a role that he is playing….the last time i checked Dali wasnt stunningly beautiful. Though in reality Pattinson is quite hot, this character is not, but he isnt supposed to be. and i dont think that he looks fat, pale yes, but fat no. and people please stop comparing him to "zac-queffa", eww, want woman in their right mind wants a man more fiminine then themselves? but i think that pattinson is going to do a good job in this movie. its just to take his fan base (horny teens) some time to get used to him in a role like this.

  48. 148

    Re: S_M_G – it's a still from Little Ashes you goddamn moron.

    What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why can't you read?

  49. 149

    omg, hahaha!

  50. 150

    Maybe he is not as hot as zaquisha he's still hotter than you Perez!

  51. 151

    still gorgeous ;)

  52. Puke says – reply to this


    this guy is fug, his pale nasty body, exuse me while i PUKE!

  53. 153

    Rob is so enormously talented. I am so exited about Rob moving from blockbuster vampire movies to big serious demanding roles like Salvador Dali in "Little ashes". Rob is going to be huge!!!!!

  54. 154

    he's so freaking hot, even in this picture

  55. 155

    Teenage Girls Dream Come True! Sort Of!!!!!

  56. 156

    note that this was filmed before twilight, before he started hitting the gym all the time. he's just a dude.

  57. 157


  58. 158


  59. epic says – reply to this


    oh boy, you hyenas fall over every tiny piece, don't you?

  60. 160


  61. 161

    rob is so hot!!! hot!!!
    i would still do him in a second….

  62. 162

    He is so not sexy - I just don't get it at all - EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Lo says – reply to this


    well im sure dali wasnt a muscular man, at least he worked out for twilight

  64. 164

    Gross :(
    He is only attractive as Edward

  65. 165


  66. 166

    this is hilarious.
    definitely stb most commented material.
    this picture makes my life.

  67. 167

    Dont' why people think he all that !!! Zac & Chace are much more beautiful than this guy big time !

  68. 168

    Still digging him.. makes him more normal then ever… He's only human peeps.

  69. 169

    Were you thinking he should work out like crazy to bulk up his muscles because he had a nude scene? He's supposed to be playing Dali…look him up– a famous 20th century Spanish modern artist. The whole body building fad hadn't started yet.

  70. 170

    R-Patz is hottttt!
    To all the morons saying ewww, this is a SCENE from R-Patz' new film "Little Ashes", it's about legendary GAY painter Salvador Dali, hence the peen tucking scene. Starring in a film like that takes some serious courage.
    I think it's great that Rob is moving from teen roles into serious big artistic roles, he can't play teenage vampires forever. I'm proud of R-Patz!

  71. 171

    He is just pitiable.. ugh

  72. 172

    maybe his peen is all shrunk because he was thinking of P I G R E Z aka bruce villanche.

  73. 173


  74. 174

    I don't care if this pic is flattering or not. Most pictures aren't anyway, as anyone could attest to. I've seen enough of Robert to know that he is a sexy beast, and I would do him in a second… If he would have me.(:

    Give the guy a break! He's human, he's not Superman.

  75. 175

    Re: prfctlildvl – Are you stupid? He's playing a character! It's not some pic of him being at home! Fuck me, everyone commenting on his "icky body" and saying "he needs a trainer" UH HELLO IT'S A FILM! HE'S IN CHARACTER! What would it matter if that really was his body before twilight, he doesn't look bad! I've seen worse!

  76. 176

    Am I the only one that thinks this guy is gross? I don't see the sexiness AT ALL. He just looks dirty and would easily spread an venereal disease.

  77. 177

    twilight wasn't even that good of a movie.. :D

  78. 178

    now only if that was between my legs..

  79. 179


  80. 180

    so delicious

  81. 181

    THat's as big as you could make the picture!?!?!

  82. Rieco says – reply to this


    perez only you and little twilight obsessed fan girls would get all horny and happy over this ugly piece of shit
    this guy is so fucking ugly, and is pale as hell.

  83. 183

    dude that is just gross for as hot as what he is!!! i am NOT going to go see that movie!!! I'm sorry R-Patz!!! i still love you

  84. 184

    Re: racergirl – Your opinion…

  85. 185

    well rob has said that this was a little film he did- very small, very independent- so i just think people should lay off. he was probably being paid like $1000 for the whole film, so of course hes not going to bulk up for this tiny film no ones gonna see. im not obsessed with the guy, but i like him, and i think that if someone asked or wanted him to bulk up, im guessing he could . . .
    and he looks a hell of a lot better than MARIO does.

  86. 186

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT

    dude u really need to shut up!!! And u r NOT right it is one picture have u ever had a bad pic.

  87. 187

    Well I certainly have the urge now to run my hands all over him.

  88. 188

    idc wut yall say he matnot be buff
    but damn hes sexy as fuck!!!

  89. 189

    It's the normal body of a 20 year old who doesn't spend his days at the gym. Dali was not buff. It's a very brave part and movie Rob took on.
    Let Efron spend his days at the gym, that's all he has to do. And others have better things to do.

  90. 190

    I'd still fuck him

  91. 191

    Re: knowitallchicaRe: momma of 5 – Completely agree with everything you guys say. Rob's playing the part of Salvador Dali; I appreciate a Tyler Durden-esque body as much as the next woman (or guy), but it would not have been appropriate for this role. Dali was an artist Perez, and was hardly Michelangelo's David bodywise. And Perez don't even act as though you wouldn't hit it like the fist of an angry god.

  92. 192

    ooooh i don't really like a man with too much muscle, so i like his body. but why he's so pale ???

  93. 193

    i could be wrong, but men in the 1920's generally
    did not sport six packs and ripped muscles.
    he's an actor playing a role. get over it.

  94. 194

    oh I bet the vamp fans are wacking off to this right now.

    Jizzing all over their keyboards.


  95. 195

    He's playing a role, dumbass. Stop trying to embarrass him professionally. I hope he kicks you and your fugly dog in your balls and they turn black and rot off….then you wont have to tuck when you look in the mirror.

  96. 196

    i was gonna say, even my boyfriend has a hotter body than that… and he's not a celeb

  97. 197


  98. 198

    HOLY SHIT thats soo weird

  99. 199

    i'm sure if zac efron had the talent and the BALLS to do a movie like this he would look just about the same. haven't you ever heard of actors and actresses having to gain and lose weight for a movie roll?? he's playing a real person who wasn't ripped and sculpted. and aside from that, if you had all of the men in the world take their clothes off i'm sure at least 75% of them would have about the same amount of "chub" if not more. geez people get over yourselves.

  100. 200

    Re: mrs.robertpattinson – LOL i second that comment…

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