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Robert Pattinson - Semi NAKED!

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In his new movie, Little Ashes, R-Patz stands in front of a mirror with his penis tucked between his legs.

CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo!!!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo!!!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo!!!!!

P.S. Sorry to say, but…. Zacquisha definitely looks much better without clothes than Rob.


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579 comments to “Robert Pattinson - Semi NAKED!”

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  1. 201

    Its a role for a movie where he plays a famous man know for acting bizzare. So shut up and you probably love it perez.

  2. 202

    Well, he's better looking than Dali was. Give Perez a break, ya'll…It's just an observation and a personal preference.

  3. 203


  4. 204

    Re: Rissa56 – why would you NOT see the new movie of an actor you're a fan of?? Just because he's not all pumped up and studly? I can't WAIT to see this movie and I bet it will do Great! Plus you'll never have another chance to see him this naked whether he's buff or not… So you should just consider yourself lucky to get a peek at all!

  5. 205

    Robert looks good!

  6. 206

    Ok, now that all the comments are coming in, most of them being stupid, where is Little Ashes playing? For those of us who would like to see R-Pattz besides being Edward, is this movie out yet? I didn't think it comes out until next month.


  7. 207

    Mayyn, I like his face in Twilight, not here, … O_O

  8. 208

    Rob's a great actor this picture only shows that.

  9. 209

    it for the roll hes playing douchfucks. if you knew anything about the movie then you would know hes supposed to look like that n zack looks more like a girl than i do. rob is a real man

  10. 210

    Oh lord!!!! Well at least we can stop hearing about his Hygiene habits now.. Well at least I hope..

  11. 211

    Please, Rob is a Man! Zac is a boy…no comparison! and he's got guts to do something like this…totally respect him even more.

  12. 212

    c'mon, let's see the whole thing!

  13. 213

    Oh come on people. He is in character! Robert still looks gorgeous. I am so impressed with the reviews and trailers of this film. I can't wait to see it!.
    I just bought my Little Ashes tix on movietickets.com. Yeah baby!

  14. 214

    he reminds me of that tranny from Silence of the Lambs

  15. 215

    Even though he looks slightly nerdy haha, I still think he looks steaming sexy! Go Rob not everyone has the balls to stand there in all their glory!

  16. 216

    omg. i want sum of tht. woah!!!. lmao.

  17. 217

    Re: nikiniki – Yeah, well I like him more if he's chub, it means he's normal.

  18. 218

    The guy has a cute face and possibly a great personality (don't know for sure, haven't met him) The body isn't all that matters, grow up and realize that.

    It's too bad I don't judge people solely on how their body looks isn't it Perez?

    You should hope most people don't think that way or you will never be naked in a room with anyone!

  19. 219

    So sexy!!!

  20. 220

    hes playing a character that has social issues and isnt normal. why would he be buff and delicious?! i dont think that role called for him to be svelte

  21. 221

    oh so hot

  22. 222

    That is the one thing about european actors. They don't care how they look. That's why they win all the Oscars. To them it's about acting. But, I still
    would not kick him out of bed!!!!!

  23. 223

    Re: jennay patz – hell yea, i would too

  24. 224

    its funny how you , dear PEREZ HILTON - are using this to like go against him & all your FOLLOWING SHITEATERS agree with you on your nonsense . i find this rather hilarious that you are shitting on a guy that is simply PLAYING A ROLE that is your ACTUAL LIFESTYLE ! :D oh perez , why make fun of someone if you are the LEAST indicated one to judge ? im sorry to have to be so blunt but theres no other way to go about .. you shit on people & people will definetly shit on you . if you " adults " wanna talk loads of nuseance about this picture .. well then go right ahead but isnt it hilarious how a seventeen yr old girls has TRIPLE the mentality of all you ignorant people have ? you should be ashamed of how pathetic you are . this is simply a movie & he is an outstanding actor . well isnt that the role he is supposed to be playing , GAY ? LMFAO ! i laugh at all you fucking RETARDS . good day PEREZ & his fellow followers .

  25. 225

    Re: Poindexter-X
    Thank you!!!!! MUAH!!!!
    BIG ^'S TO MY HATERS!!!!

  26. 226

    Rob is still sexy as ever and he could still have any gurl he want's=}

  27. 227

    Re: Rissa56 – #190

  28. 228

    Hmh.. I expected a little different but who cares! It's HIM… He's dreamy regardless.

  29. 229

    Im pretty sure this was before he started working out to be in Twilight. And who cares anyways, in this photo he has a perfectly normal body. Get over yourselves, it's not gross. That's what most men look like naked!!!!

  30. 230

    This photo has nothing to do with having gorgeous body, Rob is not playing a stud or a male model, he's playing one of the greatest painters of the 20 century Salvador Dali who also happened to be gay. Haven't you people heard of Dali????
    An actor portraying artists like Salvador Dali, or Van Gogh, or Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is not expected to have a ripped body. Some actors actually gain weight or loose weight for their roles.
    Love you, Rob!

  31. 231

    is it just me or does rob look a bit fat

  32. 232

    Well Zac's so short that he has to compensate by being muscled. Sorry Perez, but maybe 80% of men look rather the same or worse.

  33. 233

    I am really started to wonder the validity of Perez. He seems to cover some celebrities with nothing but negative content. Others, he raves about, but only because they kiss his ass. I honestly think that Rob is a great actor and is very humble. Given his "don't really give a shit" attitude about his appearance, I highly doubt that Rob cares what Perez Hilton thinks. Apart from that, I think that Perez is the LAST person that should be downing anyones looks. At least the guy doesn't have pink, grey, blue, green fucking hair. And as far as Efron…..he looks the way he does because he prances around acting like a damn fairy in "Disney" movies. I highly doubt that Rob would ever want to be viewed in the same way as Zac Efron.

  34. 234

    oh my…. SEXY!!!!!

  35. 235

    ah man he is so fucking gorgeous… i can't WAIT to see this movie. oh and perez? you're a fucking idiot - he doesn't give a flying fuck what he "looks like" compared to tweeny stars like zac fuckron - he's a real actor and looks fucking amazing just the way he is. fuck YOU, you bitter wannabe.

  36. 236

    ahhhh he looks normal.. i like normal.. bet he's better in bed.. zacquisha would get all american psycho on your ass

  37. 237

    I don't care…he's hot i'd hit it!

  38. 238

    *sniff* Do I smell ham?

  39. 239

    someone should tell him that scrawny, pale english boys are not cute.

  40. 240

    That was before Twilight, he's in better shape now! That pic is mildly disturbing though….still hot!

  41. 241

    yum :)

  42. JCPR says – reply to this


    what a disappointment!

  43. 243


  44. brans says – reply to this


    I DON'T SEE THE "BIG" DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 245

    Perez i love you but stop comparing Rob and Zac …obviously Rob is WAY HOTTER and it took alot of courage for an young actor to do tht so you could be a little bit more positive!!!!!!!!

  46. 246

    Re: WildOrchid1298 – I totally agree!!! RPattz is fucking amazing :)

  47. 247

    its not like you actually see anything…..

  48. 248

    thats a tad disappointing.

  49. 249

    Okay, the "fat"/"lovehandles" are not THAT bad and also it was for the role, are you all seriously that mean?
    He's not edward cullen in this fil he's Salvador Dali.

  50. 250

    I don't think Dali was buff… so it's Rob's job, as an actor, to embody Dali completely! and it appears that he did…that's the only thing that should matter

  51. 251

    hey…i will fuck him anyways! He is still my hottay!

  52. 252

    lmao, that's weird.

  53. 253

    he english — he suppossed to be pasty white and soft. the only thing he's missing is the bad teeth.

  54. 254

    It takes A LOT of guts for a straight guy to take on a role like this. I salute you Rob, you are brave! And in what effed up world is a pretty boy like Zac Efron hotter than Rob? Zac takes on pretty, fluffy roles. Rob's roles are complex and show his acting range. We love you Rob! Consider the source of who's putting you down here, a looney with pink hair who's obsessed with his dog cuz he can't get laid!

  55. Lear says – reply to this


    Re: jenij7

    I don't know you, but I think I love you! Buffalo Bill is my FAVE! Maybe Rob could do a cover of Goodbye Horses for the Dali soundtrack?

    Anyway, I don't get what the big deal is. He has a normal body. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with. With his accent, and brooding look, I certainly wouldn't kick that naked body out of my bed.

  56. 256

    oh i love rob so much. he is so brave and eccentric and i just love him for it. this shows that he's into acting not because of the money, but for the art. sigh. perfect.

  57. pony says – reply to this



  58. 258


  59. 259

    Re: pissedatperez – I agree with you. I just got home and started to read these comments again. I'm starting to think that Perez is actually not helping Zack with the comments he makes. Zac will never be viewed as a serious actor if he doesn't take challenges and steps out of his pretty boy gay image. Even though I don't think Zac is talented, the more Perez disses Robert, it only makes people realize what a poor actor Zac is and what a better actor R-Pattz is! Perez is making Zac appear as joke even though he doesn't realize what he's doing. Sorry Zac, but PH isn't doing you any good here. The kiddies are in school, you want us to want to see your movies and it isn't going to happen with Perez on your side! Stop comparing the two actors.

  60. 260

    LMAOOO, aww. zac has NOTHING on rpattz!!!

  61. 261

    I really don't understand why people find him attractive.

  62. 262

    how do you know how zac looks w.o cloths ?


  63. 263

    this is why i love him so much. oh my god. robert…..

  64. 264

    bahahah rob.

  65. 265

    uhhh..there is def. some chub chub

  66. 266

    love handlesss…and SHOW MORE!!! ;D

  67. 267

    Rob looks fine to me. Some ppl shouldn't be talking because they wish they could fuck that. I wish I could fuck that. Rob you look hot no matter what!

  68. 268

    he looks retarded he's much hotter in Twilight

  69. 269


  70. 270

    Ohhhhhh he is still beautiful.
    This was pre-5 hours daily work-outs for Twilight you know?
    And you can still see and definitely appreciate his sexy cut lines.
    Shame on you Perez! I thought you were on Team Rob?

  71. 271


  72. t_x3 says – reply to this


    haha :]
    love ROB!

  73. 273


  74. 274

    i wanna see his peeeeeen!!!!

    but i kinda like how he looks nakey - aside from the tuck, not a fan of that. zefron is a hottie, but he looks like he spends hours at the gym. that's not realistics. rob is still a real dude.

  75. 275

    Re: momma of 5

    EXACTLY!!! Rob already has more appeal than Zac Efron any day of the week. He is not scared to take chances. His role in Little Ashes has already received raved reviews. He let himself go in order to play that part and does not care what people think.

    You have to think about where this post started..Perez Hilton…a 31 year old "man" (and I use that term loosely) that dances around to Britney Spears. Good grief.

  76. 276

    oh for those robert's fans that just loved him because he was a pretty face in twilight, well here goes your test if you really DO like him for what he is, instead of what he looks like.
    i love the man to death. no lie there.

  77. 277

    omg ahahahahah

  78. 278

    Wow cant wait to see this movie lol. he is def a cutie

  79. 279

    im sorry
    but ew.

  80. 280

    I like Rob better than ugly Zac all the way.

    The fact that some people might even consider R-Patz to be FAT is an insult to the human race and a perfect example of what's wrong with the world.

  81. 281

    Well this is also before he started Twilight. So hopefully his body is a little more fit now that he's playing Edward Cullen.

    Oh yeah… and LOLOLOL. This picture is hilarious. I can't wait to see this film. I'm a HUGE Salvador Dali fan.

  82. lu_90 says – reply to this


    ew he has such an ugly body… very dissapointed

  83. 283

    Still incredibly hot in my eyes :)

  84. 284

    I'll suck on it!

  85. 285

    ewww this guy used to be hottie now he's a nottie

  86. 286

    R.Pattz is so talented. I suppose that's what happens when an actor has a real talent, he can play a teenage vampire and he also can play a serious dramatic role of a famous artist like Salvador Dali. I can't wait to see it.

  87. 287

    It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

  88. 288

    Hello the boy is musically gifted, witty, and playfully neurotic. Sure, he may not be perfect. But, I would take real over perfect anyday….you judgemental wankers!!!

  89. 289

    Re: MiMi09 – I agree! He Looks FINE! ;-) He's Lovely…Not A ZAC-Y Kinda guy anyways! He's Just NORMAL! :-D

  90. 290

    hahahaha.. holy shit.. he even makes this look sexy !

  91. 291

    To me he was only realy really really really hotttttt in twilight..other than that,,,,,, Not so much :P

  92. 292

    I'd still fuck him.

  93. 293

    This is OBVIOUSLY pre-twilight!!! He definitely doesn't look like that now!!! BE MORE ACCURATE PEREZZO!!! Please stop comparing Zack to Rob! Rob is so much better!

  94. 294


    really..i can die in peace know !!!


  95. 295

    And oh , i won't see little ashes cause I think that it might kill me -_-"

  96. 296

    k im sorry perez i love you BUT
    first off rob is not fucking GAYYYYYY like zac
    so obvs hes not like obsessed wit how he looks
    which is good . like seriously .

  97. 297

    i don´t mind!

    i still think he is the hottest guy alive!

    nobody is perfect…even Hannah Montana says it!


    Rob is HOT…that is all!

  98. 298

    i hope he never has to see this.
    ROB stay away from PEREZ!

    i still want him though =]

  99. 299

    Re: Leon – maybe because is character is GAY imbecil

  100. 300

    Re: englove369 – i completely agree .

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