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Robert Pattinson - Semi NAKED!

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In his new movie, Little Ashes, R-Patz stands in front of a mirror with his penis tucked between his legs.

CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo!!!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo!!!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the uncensored photo!!!!!

P.S. Sorry to say, but…. Zacquisha definitely looks much better without clothes than Rob.


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579 comments to “Robert Pattinson - Semi NAKED!”

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  1. 501

    Personally, I find a kind man with passion, integrity and humility much sexier than a guy with rock-hard abs who can't resist looking at himself in every reflective surface he passes (yuck!).

    Also, the tween in me loves Rob's British accent and his impressive musical abilities. He chooses interesting projects and seems genuine, despite the maelstrom of unexpected BS he had to deal with in the wake of Twilight. Be nice to him, Perez.

  2. 502


  3. 503

    oh. my. god.

  4. 504

    wow rob lol
    and he is so skinny

  5. 505

    that was a low blow perez (no pun intended) for so many reasons. 1) because we have never seen zac efron in the buff. 2) since when is it right to judge people on what they look like? and 3) Robert Pattinson looks like a real person in this picture, he doesn't need the rock hard abs and orange tan to look sexy. He does it in his own way, and sucseeds. and i'm pretty sure you don't compare to Zac Efron when your naked either or Robert Pattinson for that matter. >:(

  6. 506

    He gets paid to look good on film, so he better get his shit together.

  7. 507

    Re: carolineyy – just to tellyou, i don't think the money paid is a very important part of it for him. this is an EXTREMELY influential and creditable role, and robert was EXTREMELY brave to do it, so many other wouldn't.
    PLUS - he is playing a young LEGEND of a painter, who is confused with his sexuality, and seeing as this was WAY before the crazy "get fit" phase we're in, i'm guessing Dali wouldn't have been particularly preocupied with how he looked.
    I'm not trying to single you out here, but there are some people who need to get some respect for an INCREDIBLE actor.

  8. 508

    Re: la d de daaaaa – he wasn't paid to look good on this film. he was paid to play a HOMOSEXUAL painter who is confused by his homosexuality. They weren't buff back then. He wouldn't have cared. It would be bad representation if he was buff.

  9. 509

    Re: alicedarl

    You go to every Robert Pattinson post and say how much you hate him. Does it make sense if you hate him so much that you are constantly clicking on his posts? You just wanna be a hater. You're a LOSER.

  10. 510

    uh his "body" looks like ah how can I say that: he looks like a 14 years old boy! Fuck**g hell he should do more sit-ups ore somethin like that..

  11. 511

    ohhhhhhh my gooooooooooooooooooooood =)!

  12. 512

    awww leave him alone, he's not fat. he's got the V abs going on. i'm sure dali would've gone around with a mangina. i can't wait to see this movie, i love dali paintings.

  13. 513

    are we sure that is him, it looks like an ugly person, sorta

  14. 514

    I bet he looks better than u.

  15. 515

    this is so disappointing, keep the clothes on hunny

  16. 516

    i love Pattison!!! Can't wait to see this movie and him naked!! He's brave for doing this! Perez you wish you look like him.

  17. 517

    OH F UCK ME!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 518


  19. 519

    stoooopid! he is supposed to be Salvador Dali. Hello! It's not like Salvador Dali has pecs and sculptured abs and @ss.
    Nevertheless, he is still stimulates the sensitive senses :-) :-) :-) heh heh

  20. 520

    Re: leilaleila – I can't believe that no one has figured out that this is photoshopped–it's almost as if you guys can't tell a real naked guy, even if he is "tucking"!. The real screenshot from the film has Rob's hand covering himself. This has been photoshopped out, which you can see if you enlarge the photo above and look on the right side of the mirror–clearly pixelated where his arm and hand have been removed. With the hand removed, the real exposed pelvic area has been duplicated and pubicated, look at the pixelation there too. Finally, you may ask, but how does the mirror match the body so perfectly? His arm looks like it is hanging straight down! This has also been photoshopped, with his bent arm being recreated to extend down. Look at the inner part of his elbow, there are literally holes there where the bent arm covering himself was removed. All of this would be super obvious if the photo quality hadn't been dumbed down to hide the so-so photoshopping skills. Check reviews of the movie on IMDB or the British film rating board–no mention of full frontal nudity, which this would be, even with "tucking."

  21. 521

    his pus*y is hanging out XD

  22. 522

    daaaaaaaamn why cant i see all of it???

  23. 523

    this isn't old..this movie was filmed after twilight.

  24. 524

    and of course zac looks better naked, rob doesnt work out like zac..hes a bum lol. but hes a sexy bum. =]

  25. 525

    is this actually him though. i cant really see his face.
    nice pubes.

  26. 526

    Ewwww he has the body of a forty year old man!

  27. 527

    pretty tho rpatz has bigger dick tho

  28. 528

    hmmm hahahaha

  29. 529

    lol i love how brits are so pasty hence they look "chubby"

  30. WHAT. says – reply to this


    Are U talking Junk.?!
    ha.ha.ha………= =.

  31. WHAT. says – reply to this


    Re: thetruth899

  32. 532

    hahah creepz

  33. 533

    he still looks good…

  34. 534

    Robert with another guy??? That's Hot!!!!!!

  35. 535

    seriously…this pic is a fake…he covers himself up in the movie, you don't see jack shit.

  36. 536

    People who're saying it looks disgusting and that he's chubby or fat, wud u think that if he wasn't famous, if he just was this normal english guy? I think u're overreacting big time! So what if he's not as fit as all the other actors. Is that all that matters, how well trained they r? Maybe Rob doesn't give a shit about what people thinks about him. It's pretty clear that he doesn't. Im a Rob-fan, he's totally gorgeous, seems like he's got a great personality and he's a great actor. I dont find him less attractive after seeing this pic. Just shows that he can play different parts. Like he said before, some projects he's doing just for himself, to train and see what he can do.

  37. 537

    this pic is soooooo fakeeee

  38. 538


  39. 539


  40. 540

    Why are you comparing a man (Rob) to the Disney's Cousin-It (Zac)? Yeah, his body has more curves than Beyonce herself but at least he doesn't look like a molested chinadoll like that joke Zac Efron.

  41. 541

    omg!!! you cannot be serious. this is just for a movie role. there are people in here saying this is gay…blah blah blah.
    this is just acting for him people. and yes…he was in love with a man in Little Ashes. i mean its not like the papparatzi or someone who may have been in his company took his picture
    of him having a secret gay moment and posted it on the internet. how many actors have played gay roles…hundreds.
    does that mean there gay…i dont think so. all the little tweens that love Twilight and Edward Cullen must be shitting themselves to know that in this movie he is in love with a man.
    they would not even be interested in the this movie because he is not playing Edward Cullen. what a shame because he is very

  42. 542

    Holy Cow!
    What was he thinking? I hate to say this but he looks better with his shirt on!
    I'll try to forget I saw this picture..

  43. 543

    & people you can slam Perez all you want. Unfortunately he gets millions of hits a day, is in music videos & on television so he doesn't give a shit what you think. Just as he shouldn't!

  44. 544

    efron looks better all the time.

  45. 545

    i love rob but this picture really freaks me out

  46. 546

    haha :'D That much comments. Well, Rob is hot. Anyway.

  47. Cyna says – reply to this


    I think he is VERY fit but this picture creeps me out a bit .

  48. 548


    NAKEEED ♥♥

  49. 549

    i personally dont like him because i think he is a HORRIBLE actor, but i don't think there is anything wrong with how he looks. He is just a normal guy, and if anyone has seen normal guys this is how they look.

  50. 550

    I compleeetly agree.
    Zaquisha looks WAY better.
    WAYY better.

  51. 551

    Zac ALWAYS looks better than Rob.

  52. 552

    oh my lord..
    i dont care i still love him!

  53. 553

    FUeGO bitch!! fucking hot

  54. 554

    "It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again." East Buffalo Bill.

  55. Catty says – reply to this


    dude, where is his dick!?? on his knee???????????

  56. 556

    dang that looks nasty!!

  57. 557

    lol this is awkward…..

  58. 558

    WOW> I really love ROB PATTINSON!! But i can NOT believe that he did this movie… crazy move!! but that pic is some crazy stuff. Still love him though! But doesnt look that good naked atleast not with it tucked :( sorry rob.

  59. 559

    oh well, he's only hot with clothes on x]

  60. 560

    erm… love him, but not naked…

  61. 561

    lolz but srsly hes acting ppl need to lighten up.

  62. 562


  63. 563

    Shave! :L

  64. 564

    You know what… the thing is… I think he looks good no matter what! And besides, Rob is a true blue actor, and Zefron doesnt have the chops to pull off a role like this! So suck on that!

  65. 565

    DAMNIT!!!! I wanna see that pecker!!!!

  66. 566

    Cue the song Goodbye Horses! Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.

  67. Neal says – reply to this


    Cant wait to c this movie… love the actor

  68. 568

    let's leave it at that - whatever.
    I think he's much more than gorgeous:)

  69. evw93 says – reply to this


    id tap that. hha.

  70. 570

    no matter what hes hater than all of yall!

  71. 571

    that's not rob pat…i know coz i slept with him….hahahhaha!!!!

  72. 572

    It just goes to show that he really got into the spirit of Dali…the depth of him! He is such a versatile actor and showing off his skill and talent in this film, I cannot wait to see it!!!

  73. SUSSI says – reply to this


    ew he needs to get toned, edward is supposed to have this sexy six pack u know? hahaha…and no, he obviously didn't have to get chubby for the role. he's simply not in shape. ew ew ewwww

  74. 574

    ii know that all his fans wouldn't care whether wat yuh guys say bout him
    ii would do him and ii dont give a shit!
    fuck all yuh haters

  75. 575

    2 words…..PHOTO SHOP! C'Mon…from the neck down,, it is a pic of an older man, probably to represent an Older (then 22) Dali? I doubt Rob would have a FUPA considering how thin he is! LMAO!

  76. 576

    Re: thetruth899 – BRAVO!!! My thoughts exactly!! One doesn't need Mass-Media knowledge to notice the bad photoshop chop! No Matter though…Rob is a beautiful inside/out and is going to be a HUGE success in the art world! Continue keeping it real Rob! xo

  77. 577

    He's not fat in this picture…just heavier than he is now. Plus this was what…like a year before he did Twilight? I would still do dirty dirty things to him…

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