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Whitney Port Can't Stand Twilight!

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Whitney Port should expect a pack of fuming teenage girls outside her front door any day now!

The Hills & The City star had a few choice words regarding the Twilight hype.

She says, "I haven't read the books, but I saw the movie… I thought the movie was really bad."


Although she trashed the film itself, Port can't get enough of Twilight hunk extraordinaire, R-Patz!

"I love whatever his name is … Robert. I think he's so good-looking and handsome," Whitney gushed.

Although Port thinks R-Patz is "good-looking and handsome", she has no love for his Twilight co-star, Kristen StewTWAT. "She's OK. She seems so serious, like she's so one-dimensional," says Whitney. "I think [StewTWAT and Pattinson] have good chemistry … I just didn't think the acting was so good."

Waiting for the backlash in 3, 2, 1…

[Image via WENN.]

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589 comments to “Whitney Port Can't Stand Twilight!”

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  1. 301

    I sort of agree, I definitely have mixed feelings about the movie. It definitely wasn't even close to as good as the book but I still enjoyed seeing it up on screen and the soundtrack was great, I have high hopes for New Moon. Also recently I realized I really like Kristin Stewart whether she is bitchy or whatever or not.

  2. 302

    Oh yeah I also think Stephanie Meyer sold out. She says on her site where she'd prefer other actors for certain characters. I've worked on productions where the director called the writer of the piece before he made the final decisions.

  3. 303

    I agree with her completely. The movie sucked, RPatt's hotness was the only good thing, and K-Stew can't act. However, Whitney herself is also a horrible actress, and her show bores me to death.

  4. 304

    Re: JigSaw – I have eyes only for you……

  5. 305

    I LOVE the books, but honestly, I agree. The movie was absolutely awful, mainly because of Kristen Stewart, I honestly didn't even see chemistry between Kristen and Rob. Twilight the movie was terrible, and I'm glad someone else sees that too. I'm dissapointed that the Twilight fans actually liked the movie, cause when you boil down to it, that movie sucked

  6. 306


  7. 307

    Re: Xandria – That is awesome! I give you many props for your work.

  8. 308

    I agree with her but who is she really to bash on anyone so publicly. She's a nobody who pretends to have a life on a reality show, at least the actors are doing something.

  9. 309

    Well, at least Twilight is based on a book. The Hills/The City's acting ain't that well either.
    Fake bitches.

  10. 310

    Re: JigSaw – There's a lot I forgot baby…

  11. 311


  12. 312

    Re: Xandria – so you are fucking with my wedding? dont you get it, perez seems to of lost control of his site? the only good part are the sick comments?

    so very sorry your husband is on vacation without you, maybe he is hooking up with perez! if not or if so, honey time for some lithion ion batteries in the vibrator.

    in the future, leave my bride alone, and in the event of a power outage get one of your horses

  13. 313

    Re: LikeOmgItsAlice – haha i didn't know who she was.

  14. 314

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – i will make you forget even more, damn i want you in so many ways.

  15. 315

  16. 316

    I'm not usually one to comment but I think Whitney is absolutely right. Twilight the movie sucked. It had so much potential but in the end came across as boring and laughable. I mean how many deep stares into each others eyes can one movie be full off. I'm not the only one who feels this way, went with a bunch of friends all to be disappointed in the movie.
    I'm sure Rpatz and Kstew can act but it wasn't evident in this movie. It will be interesting to see what they are like in other movies apart from the Twilight series… maybe a certain director is to blame…

  17. 317

    im with her

  18. 318

    Re: JigSaw
    I keep the vibrator charged at all times in case of a power outage….the horses are mares so they wouldn't quite do.

  19. 319

    fuck you whitney port. fuck you.

  20. 320

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT
    Thanks, very kind of you to say :)

  21. 321

    Re: Chicago Girl 05 – I'm with the saw..

  22. 322

    Re: JigSaw – promises, promises…..

  23. 323

    BITCH knows all about shitty acting –her acting sucks monkey balls on the Hills! I hope Kristen burns her crackpipe on this hoe's ass! lol

  24. 324

    Re: Xandria – PERFECT :)

  25. 325


    you guys need to realize that both the book and the movie were terrible. reading it made me feel stupid. do you realize it was written by a misogynist who wrote down her big fantasy because she was too fat for anyone to appreciate her when she herself was in high school? there is zero plot, there are zero redeeming qualities, and the characters are so underdeveloped, i feel like i'm reading about mary-sue and her lover john doe.

  26. 326


  27. 327

    Like people care about what whitney port thinks LOLOL

  28. 328

    Actually she is right, as much as I am fan of the series the movie sucked ass. I got the DVD and watched a majority of it on mute because I couldn't stand to listen to Krsiten Stewart stutter her way through her lines. If I didn't read the books first I wouldn't understand the hype behind it either…. besides from the not so great acting I blame a lot on the director too….if you listen to the DVD commentary that Bitch has no idea what the hell is going on in her own movie. But yes Rob is smexy in a dirty boy way

  29. 329

    Re: Xandria – well you fucked up on that you albano bitch. maybe you should keep a baseball bat handy cause aint nobody gonna wanta stick their dick in you. then again i feel sorry for the bat. now go to hell and stop asking for people to feel sorry for you. tell us do you have a dick or a vag? i bet neither

  30. 330

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – to you honey, i will deliver, you are my world, my everything

  31. 331

    Re: Xandria – boo fucking hoo, feel sorry for you the albino bitch who thinks she is all that, go to bed and stay there

  32. 332

    Re: JigSaw
    Albino bitch I think you mean?? Nope, not albino just a bleached blonde, and yes can be a brutal bitch though I'm sure you know that. As for sympathy, I don't deserve any as I'm quite happy doing what I love doing….people such as yourself remind me why animals are so much better than most people ;)

  33. 333

    regardless of how the movie was done, or if the actors were good or not, or if what kristen stewart is actually like, i think it's funny that the person with the LEAST amount of personality in all of hollywood would make a comment like that. id take watching twilight over her shitty show any day

  34. 334

    Re: JigSaw – Hole had to show up to ruin my wedding day……

  35. 335

    The movie DID suck. I FREAKINGGGG adore Twilight, but really the movie was a ball sucker.
    I'm glad she's honest. She should read the book though. :)

  36. 336

    "whatever his name is?!?!"
    honey, you have got to be kidding me.

  37. 337

    LOL!!! I've seen the movie 5 times…lol well I work at the movie theaters so I get to watch it for free plus I'm a huge twilight fan!!! I know the movie sucked but I just couldn't get enough of Rob…. So sexy…. LOL

  38. 338

    why does there need to be backlash? the movie of twilight WAS awful and the acting DID suck. whitney is entitled to her opinion (which is ENTIRELY CORRECT)

  39. 339

    I watched the movie, it is Okay… not my cup of tea.
    Happy B Perez!! xoxo

  40. 340

    well first off i can only say that she is right ab K-Stew i mean she really SUCKED but rob was AMAZING and the rest of hte movie was AMAZING!! and plus her lil "reality" show sucks worse than K-Stews acting haha

  41. 341

    i have never responded to perez news before but i really wanted to say something, 1) its her opinion and if she thinks it sux well thats up to her 2)she really has no right to be judging other peoples acting when she seems so dull and 'one dimensional' on her stupid show. That show is soo bad i think its meant to be a comedy. 3)she is not only saying kristen and rob sux at acting, she is saying the whole movie is badly acted. I went with a friend and her first comment when we left the theatre was "they all seem like bad 90210 actors" she especially thought rob was bad, she said thank goodness for his looks, because he cant act to save his life. I thought they were all okay, but with a better director i think the next one will do better. Also whitney better be extra friendly if she ever runs into rob one day, because she not only called him a bad actor but also trashed his first big movie. Also if she had the ability she should read the books and then she might understand the characters better. I really dont see her having the smartest intelligence to read the book series

  42. 342

    Re: JigSaw
    Very lame comeback(s), but don't worry your pretty little masked head…I won't respond to you….very boring and repetitive. More places to go and see….g'night masked maniac ;)

  43. 343

    Re: JigSaw – Baby, you have made me so happy, I just can't be mean to Xandria….though I have in the past. We have gotten through those things now. I would like to invite her to the wedding…..

  44. 344

    pschh, shesss STUPID! twilight was freaking awesomee! i hatee withey or whatever her name is, she can go suck cock for all i care.

  45. 345

    as a twilight fan i will admit that the movie definitely was far from great and needed a ton of work. however, if this bitch thinks anyone cares about what she thinks, she is sadly mistaken.

  46. 346

    Re: Xandria – how fucking lame, just like you and your missing husband

  47. 347

    Re: JigSaw – You complete me….

  48. 348

    she's a smart girl, i completely agree with her.

  49. 349

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT
    AWWWW, thanks Melissa, you are a sweetheart and compared to most on this site have a heart and a brain :) I do apologize if in the past I was ever rude to you…I go off sometimes and have a hard time stopping myself…

  50. 350

    Of course she thought that. That's what EVERYONE who wasn't a stupid preteen girl thought when they saw that movie.

  51. 351

    Re: JigSaw
    Will you be unmasked for the Grand Ceremony?

  52. 352

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – well its like this, she attacked me, out of nowhere. I questioned why she was attacking other people and the colorless biach came after me. she thinks she is smart, iq of an ingrown toenail, thinks she is wonderful and brags about saving animals and fucking horses (but they are all females, go figure). the thang has no idea how many animals i have saved, how many lives, nothing. the thang cannot come to our most sacred day, i love you but will not put up with assholes who cannot even have a decent comeback

  53. 353

    Re: Xandria – my pretty little masked head? you cannot tell me that pic of you is for real. really that has got to be a joke. nobody is that ugly, nobody.

  54. 354

    Re: JigSaw
    Surprise! Some people are this ugly and worse….are you blind? Has Melissa seen you unmasked? She may have a scary surprise in store for her….

  55. 355

    The movie was crap. But the books are sooooooooooooooo good. The whole purpose of the movie is give us Twilight fan's a visual to our Edward fantasy. And R-patz delivers.

  56. 356

    Re: JigSaw
    And I wasn't claiming to be smart, I was just explaining you weren't….I was standing up for someone you decided to attack.

  57. 357

    ugh . whitney port is just tryin to get some publicity .

    who the hell watches her show anyways ? she's a total fake .
    just like lauren conrad & that mouse-looking girl , Lo .

  58. 358

    I don't agree with her…
    i really enjoyed the movie, i've watched it 3 times. But, it's not the best movie of the year…. anyway, people have different opinions and we have to respect that.

  59. 359

    Re: JigSaw – But I love you! That is all I care about!!!!

  60. 360

    Dude. She's so right about this. Sure, Rob Pattinson is ridiculously good-looking, but saying that Twilight was well scripted/acted/directed is like saying 'Superbad' is 'The English Patient' of our generation. Really. Not many other movies have 'mortal peril' climaxes where the damsel crosses her eyes like she just got kneed in the nads.

  61. 361


  62. 362

    Re: Xandria – I will offer you this, life is short, i dont give a shit about you, leave me alone and I will do the same.

  63. 363

    Twilight was a BAD movie.

  64. 364

    Re: Xandria – Imade you an offer, take it or leave it, you will never win on a beauty or iq contest with me

  65. 365

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT
    Have a nice night young lady….enjoy your nuptials…hope it's not a mistake ;)

  66. 366

    Re: Xandria – and get it right, i went after you for what you said

  67. 367

    finally someone smart!!!!! i love robert but the movie sucks, kristen's acting sucks, and the book kinda sucks too

  68. 368

    Re: JigSaw – What a day this has been…

  69. 369

    okay im 19 so im not some hardcore twilight tweeny but i read all the books (maybe twice lol) and love them. yes the movie wasnt as good as the book, but lets be honest people. books are always better than their movies and we all know that. i have to say that i was disappointed when i first saw twilight but after i sat down and really watched it again, the movie actually wasnt awful. and i wouldnt say kristen cant act because she can. twilight definitely wasnt her strongest performance but shes made movies where her acting is together. cake eaters,panic room, and speak are just a few. there is way too much hate towards this girl and its really pathetic

  70. 370

    What a Twat.

    Funny I can't stand her and her SHOW SUCKS BALLs.

    Everything out of that trashes mouth never makes sense anyway.

  71. 371

    she's right on this one; especially about K. Stertwat. :)

  72. 372

    come on perez….you know she's right. the movie was bad. k twat is a horrible actress. the rest of the cast did ok. the movie was way off the book. better luck in the second i hope.

  73. 373

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – xandria just pisses me off, she attacks and blames others, perez fucks teddy and claims to kiss jm, i love you and want in your pants (come on you know i do), its late, im still working (these 16 hour days really fuck with your head), i want to take ou on a cruise, after the honeymoon, which will be weeks on an island or nine, love you babe

  74. missB says – reply to this


    yea i agree wit her. except i read the books and i didnt like them much either.

  75. 375

    twilight was horrid.

  76. 376

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – sweet dreams you hot thing you

  77. 377

    Re: JigSaw – My hot sexy love, I must go also but please know you will haunt my dreams with the games we will play. Until we meet again my love, MUAH! FUCK OFF HATERS!!!!

  78. 378

    well waddya know, one of the Hills cast can think and speak for themselves…who knew!?!?!?

  79. 379

    Re: kcee22 – yes i agree with you…and with whitney. i read all the books and was disappointed with the movie it really wasn't good listening to kirsten man voice stutter thru her lines, and watching crappy special effects it was awful except watching kellan! i love rpatz too but kellan is the hottest one of them all….the twilight series itself was good but did anyone read "The Host"? by stephaine that was a good book! hopefully this new movie will be better and thank goodness the director is diff. i loved thirteen but she had no business directing twilight she had no clue what was going on and if you listen to the commentary rob was getting annoyed at all her talking lmfao! i don't like kstew as bella but am looking forward to seeing her in adventureland! hopefully she won't fuck up this movie!

  80. 380

    Re: Xandria – Good night to you too!

  81. 381

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH HER!! I watched the movie out of curiousity, wondering what the hype was all about, and I wanted to erase everything that I watched for that 2 hours! One of the worst movies I have ever watched.

  82. luvET says – reply to this


    i disagree twilight is like the best movie ever ya the books are way better but the movie is still good and Robert P. was totally hot and i hate that b**** Kristen she is such a bad actress and im jealous cause i would have done a better job at acting than her

  83. 383

    i totally agree with her. i'm a huge fan of twilight and i'm in love with rob pattinson, but the movie was such a huge disappointment. kristen stewart seems like such a BIIITTTCHH. she acts like a man basically and acts the same in all her movies, so boring and monotone.

  84. 384

    wow…well then why waste ur time talking about it? Don't u have a terrible "reality" to film?

  85. 385

    yes, because 'the city' isn't the epitome of "really bad".
    and you know, you know his full name. everyone knows that name.

  86. 386

    no one from the hills should even be ALLOWED an opinion

  87. 387

    bitch….although shes right that K-Stew cant act to save her life

  88. 388

    Whit I love you but I love Twilight MORE!!! Yes the movie was kinda crappy but if you didn't read the books, you just need to shut up! And keep your hands off of Rpattz….please! Oh and yes Kstew is a crappy actress she is so Blah!

  89. 389

    Re: babykitty – keep reading… you will fall in love with rpattz its only a matter of time! it will happen TRUST!!!

  90. 390

    I LOVE me some R-PATZ. Although I have to say I COMPLETLY agree on the acting comment. Kristen StewTWAT got on my last NERVE!!! Bitch cant act FOR SHIT.

  91. 391

    heyy i loved the book but I have to agree the movie was soo disappointing!! i thought that stewart looked perfect for bella but not even close when she opened her mouth… did she read the book?? i think that direction did have a big role in why this movie was such shit… and i hated the big action part! the way it was written was soo much more exciting than what they did… trying to make it more eventful… i really want to see what they do with New Moon hopefully its something worth talking about

  92. 392

    LOL 400+ comments

  93. 393

    yea the movie wasnt the best but i bet she cant act either
    besides…rob and kristen are more famous than shes ever gonna be

    (no one watches her shitty show)

  94. 394

    oh come on, it's so common what she feels for the movie. A lot of people including hardcore twilight series book fans thought the movie was terrible, IT'S OKAY. Just because she's Whitney Port, that doesn't make her any different haha. In fact, i respect the fact that she gave her honesty to the public!

  95. 395

    Anyone else noticed the conveniently placed Adventureland poster next to this post? =P

    Personally, I think Twilight is brilliant and Kristen and Rob are so seriously amazing it's not even funny.
    I just got home after seeing Twilight an 8th time, and I've read all the books twice.

    We can't judge Whitney for not reading the books though, we all know she can't read. Or act.

  96. 396

    because the ex hills bitch aaaactually has an opinion that matters?
    she is a moron!

    oh you and you really love people who's name you dont remember.

    maybe she should tell of all the acting 'secrets' on the hills?

    the show is pathetic and so is she.

  97. 397

    Re: bubble gum – i agree

  98. 398

    I totally agree with her and on top of all of that it was waaay too long of a movie.

  99. 399

    Why is everyone saying Robert was too pale in the movie?!
    Do you not realize he's playing a VAMPIRE?!

  100. 400

    the point was for him to be pale i ahte wen ppl say things that are supposed to be there you tards. nd i lub TWILIGHT!!!! but the movie did kinda suck compared to the book but rob's in it so i'm good. btw i l used to lub kstew she was s opretty nd stuff. but the bitch needs to quit twilight or FUCK OFF! i mean seriously quit the movie if you hate it so much. nobody will be sad to see you go. kk we'll just get a prettier replacement

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