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Whitney Port Can't Stand Twilight!

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Whitney Port should expect a pack of fuming teenage girls outside her front door any day now!

The Hills & The City star had a few choice words regarding the Twilight hype.

She says, "I haven't read the books, but I saw the movie… I thought the movie was really bad."


Although she trashed the film itself, Port can't get enough of Twilight hunk extraordinaire, R-Patz!

"I love whatever his name is … Robert. I think he's so good-looking and handsome," Whitney gushed.

Although Port thinks R-Patz is "good-looking and handsome", she has no love for his Twilight co-star, Kristen StewTWAT. "She's OK. She seems so serious, like she's so one-dimensional," says Whitney. "I think [StewTWAT and Pattinson] have good chemistry … I just didn't think the acting was so good."

Waiting for the backlash in 3, 2, 1…

[Image via WENN.]

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589 comments to “Whitney Port Can't Stand Twilight!”

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  1. 501

    I'm a huge fan of Twilight and I agree the movie was awful… but who does Whitney Port think she is? I disagree about her critique of Kristen Stewart (who has legit talent)… what does Whitney do with her time all day? Pretend to "work" for DVF when The City is rolling but all she really does is sit around living the glam life all day with NO REAL JOB. My friend works at DVF and told me that Whitney just comes in once in awhile wearing different outfits in one day so crews can film her for "different days" for the show.

  2. 502

    I absolutely agree with Whitney. I haven't read the books either but I saw the movie and it was horrible from beginning to end!!! Rpatz was prettier than Kristen Stewart, Kristen Stewart over acted the whole movie, and the best part had to be when Edward went into the sun to show Bella how hideous he was and just kind of radiated his hotness…Who could take that shit seriously? How did no one else laugh their asses off when the line, "you better hold on tight spider monkey" was uttered. Twilight got lucky that they put pretty faces to a series of books that everyone swears to me are so much better than the movie. I'll take their word for it.

  3. 503

    lol, my inner teenager quite likes it but my 21 year old mind tells me its shit!

  4. 504

    Im sorry…why do we care about what she has to say about Twilight? Why do we care about what she has to say about ANYTHING?

  5. 505

    Oh and also im 17 not 12.

    Not all children like Twilight you know.

  6. marce says – reply to this


    I think she's right, she just said what a whole lot of people were thinking. Anyone who's read the book knows it. I like whitney. Her show isn't so good.

  7. xoxo says – reply to this


    Totally agree with her!!!

  8. 508

    i loved the books, but i definitely don't think that the movie captured the books very well. i actually agree with her. i found myself laughing in a lot of parts that weren't meant to be funny. the acting was a little off.

  9. 509

    kristen stewarts bitchface is endearing, loves her. she is a cupcake and rpatz is the icing on top. the books are great. don't have an opinion on something when you have'nt even done the background work.

  10. 510

    i completely agree with her. i always knew she was my fave!

  11. 511

    Come on, the movie was terrible, and the more we get to know Kristen Stewart, the clearer it becomes about how a dumb and talentless person she really is.

    But this, coming from Whitney 'I couldn't act my way out of a paper bag' Port? Priceless.

    PS. I would still make sweet sweet love to them.

  12. 512

    I agree 100% with Wit. I seriously feel the same way. Movie sucked so bad till the last 1/2 hour it pertty much hurt to watch the begining.

  13. 513

    yeah, like i care what a nobody like Slutney Fart thinks. Now she's the auhtority on acting skills??? ahahahhahahhahhahahahahahaha

  14. 514

    as a twilighter i agree. stewTWAT needs to spit a full scentence. but it's not like anyone who went to see the movie actually cared about HER. we were all there to gawk over robert.

  15. 515

    Whitney..you are a NOBODY. Your comments are so stupid, your clothing line is shitty and your life in new york is fake…why don't you shut your trap

  16. 516


  17. 517

    I don't know why you have to be so rude to express that u don't like something or someone specially when u don't even know them. I love twilight and I don't suck because of it. Whitney had the right to express her opinion, we don't have to like the same things, so it's ok if someone doesn't like but it's also ok if someone does.

  18. 518

    im a huge fan of the books but i agree; i also thought the movie was a disappointment.
    r. patz's acting was okay but i thought k. stewart was completely the wrong actress for bella's character.
    also, i thought the directors interpretation wasn't the best. the next film maye be better with a different director and hopefully t. lautner won't be a bad actor.

  19. Lirah says – reply to this


    the books were cute- but the movie did suck.

  20. 520

    haha, she judges this movie? twilight was a great movie.
    if she wants to judge, she can judge the quality of another "reality" shows realness(yes, not a real word, i know). because they're so obviously the perfect ones who can give their opinions of who can act, and who cant..only thats sarcasm, so she should be quiet and get back to her "reality" tv show

  21. 521

    She would know all about acting……

  22. 522

    like she is one to talk x'D

  23. 523

    oh my god i really can not belive she actually said that !! like what the EFF her show sucks monkey balls and to top it up she is as fugly as it get (in hollywood, nyc) gross me out any ways the books were amazing and the movie was fine.. i also do thik the director sucks and hope she does not come back at all … k stew your blah.. could have had some one way better in the role… like is she burping in all those shots like give em a break i think they should use some one a lot better looking to tell you the truth,.. megan fox better make it on the the next movie instead of that fugly nkki reed ewwwwwwwwww

  24. 524

    I don´t think the action so good but…who is Whitney Port?

  25. 525

    she's right ! , it was a really bad movie .

  26. 526

    there shouldnt be any backlash! shes absolutley right
    ive read the twilight books, while i think that the whole concept and all the characters are amazing!!!

  27. 527

    Well, I've never seen the movie [lol] but her show SUCKS! So who is she to talk?

  28. 528

    I liked Twilight, but I see her point of view on kristen & rob.
    She's completely right. I'm not a bit fan of kristen.

  29. 529

    im a twilight fan but im quite agree with her

    but c'mon shes so fucking jealous….needs attention

    robert is popular than her
    poor bitch


  30. 530

    Don't diss twilight until you've read the books. No matter how much you hate all the crazy girls and all this shit about twilight, the books are amazing. Can't deny it. But I agree with her somewhat, like the acting really isn't that amazing and the movie definately didn't deserve an oscar or anything, but Robert is sexy as hell and i just can't get enough. And yeah kristen stewart is a weed smoking-bitch. Even interviews for her other movies shes acting all bitchy and pissed off. New moon is gonna be amazing, new director, hopefully better acting, and the movie wont be so god damn dark!!

  31. 531

    Indeed….she's abosulutely right…i like Kristen though..she's simple[ even tho she can be to eh..plain..]

    but the movie was so..still…i only liked Roberts "death" stares…=p

  32. 532

    Re: grdenstate – did it occur to you he was to pale because he's supposed to be a vampire? dumbass.

  33. 533


  34. 534

    what a twat herself, trying to be better than kstew to get at greasy yet lovable and hott rob

    i like kristen, btw. perez stop being jealous of young girls :)

  35. 535

    who the hell is whitney Port.

    nuff said.

  36. 536

    yeah well her "acting" isn't so great either, why doesn't she learn to play the leading role in her own life!! Plus she should change her shirt cuz Olivias footprints are all over it!!!

  37. 537

    GOOD does not equal ENTERTAINING

    the teenage fangirls and snobby elite bastards alike should put that into their brains

  38. 538

    omg, because she can act sooo much better!! ugh please you stupid "reality show" stuck up BARBIE! nobody even cares what you have to say!

  39. 539

    She's right. And why shouldn't she comment. Very few people are successful actors, but we all seem to comment on what movies we think are good and bad.

    Oh, and that Robert Boy in the film is UGLY! I cannot, for the life of me, understand how people think that boy is attractive. I find him downright unattractive.

  40. 540

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I completely agree with her.

  41. 541

    shes fuckin stupid! she only said this to get her name in headlines. and TWILIGHT is the fuckin shit. shes jus mad cuz nobody offered her a part in the film

  42. 542

    Not as bad as her acting on her """reality show""""…LOL…Its sad how she has to go THAT far, as to mentioning Twilight ,To get attention…WHat an attention whore…By the way who is she again???? i forgot 2 seconds ago??

  43. 543

    shes probably right! i love the books and the movie was alright but WHO THE HELL DOES SHE THINK SHE IS!!! i dont like her and her "reality show" its full of bull shit so i just dont really care if she has something to say. she should learn how to act cuz its not working for her

  44. 544

    Hey, Whitney: You're not exactly gonna win any awards for acting either.

  45. 545

    i guess that's her opinion. I just don't agree! xD
    Kristeeenn is a freaking great actress
    And the movie was awesomee so
    STFU whit ;) still like the city though!!

  46. 546

    I love Rpattz and Twilight but the movie didn't really do the book justice. :)

  47. 547

    P.S whitney is a douche…she is in NO position to judge. I use to like her but meh…over it.

  48. 548

    cause the movie SUCKED!

  49. 549

    who in the hell is she??? if she was the girl who played bella she's the reason it sucked!! i really like the book but i hated her in the movie. she should keep her pie hole shut

  50. 550

    Okay first of all who gives a shit WHAT this chick thinks? I've never heard of her in my life! Maybe that's cause I don't watch her crappy shows. Second, if she'd read the book, maybe she'd understand Kristen STEWARTS seriousness in the movie. The problem with the movie was lack of time to truly develop the characters in my opinion. The actors did the best they could with the material they had.

  51. 551


  52. 552

    I wasted time and energy on those books. At best, they were mediocre. But the bat-shit crazy girls make me hate it.

  53. 553

    Cause you know the shows shes been on are sooo much better. Geez. Maybe if it was someone credible people would care.. but shes a hack living on the last of her 15min of fame.. movie coulda been better. heres hoping new moon is.. if not the books are sweeet.

  54. 554

    I completely agree! I watched the movie after hearing about how freaking great it was from everybody and I thought it was awful. I'm reading the books now (after everyone told me they were soooo much better) and while I agree that they are better than the movie, they're still not all they're hyped up to be. They're a bit juvenile in content to keep an adult's attention.

  55. 555

    I didn't like it either, so finally someone with some brains!! ♥

  56. 556

    Hell, I didn't like the movie either. I think the main guy is ugly too. So what!

  57. 557

    Whitney speaks the truth!!go Whitney!!

  58. 558


  59. 559

    this bitch is actually right!
    the movie DOES suck.
    the book is amazing, though.

  60. AMO says – reply to this


    She's right; the acting was horrible.

  61. 561

    Who cares what Whitney thinks?

    Like, oh my gosh, like her show is SO much better!!!

    Like her show is so not 1-dimensional? At least Kristen can act…and has some brains.

  62. 562

    Re: grdenstate – uh. hello? he was a vampire. the point was for him to be super pale.

  63. 563

    Re: Temptat1on – agreed. the book was awesome. the movie did not do it justice.

  64. 564

    hi. my name is whitney port. and i love to cry and complain about everything cause life in NYC is SOOO HARD! waaaaaaa! i cant decide if i love jay because im still in love with LC's green twatttt! waaaaaaaa! i love to call her to solve my problems even though she lives 3000 miles away and cant even think for herself. waaaaa.

    eff you summers eve.

    rob pat is amazing.

    ktwat does suck ill give her probs.

    no wonder why you hate the movie you dont even know how to read. illiterate fuck.

    city sucks. jay is too hot for her.


  65. 565

    Re: grdenstate – …read the book…the vampires are pale because that is the way it was written…DUH

  66. 566

    she is so right the movie did suck!

  67. 567

    the book is better…the vampires are pale because it was written that way…so read the book before you make yourself look stupid by making the "why are they so pale comment"…AND I wanna see some horse sized wolves in New Moon!!!! Oh yeah you think the movie was bad, listen to the audio verson that chick should be ripped apart and burned like the newborns…ohhhh so bad, I told my friend who had bad vision, I just couldn't by the audio for her, it was that bad.

  68. 568

    damn how'd I missed this post! Whit is right and I love The City!!!

  69. 569

    Well everyone is entitled to their opinion.. I personally thought the movie
    was great, hit on all the pertinent points of the book. Bella is supposed to blah
    Kristen did a great job, and the beating/biting scene was great. The chemistry between Rob and Kristen was HOT HOT HOT. And with each subsequent book Bella will come into her own and will blossom. She is a beautiful and talented young lady. Rob I can't begin to even say enough about him. Scrumptious !!!
    I love the movie, I love the books, and I love the cast. xxoo

  70. 570

    she aint right at all if the movie was so shit y did it make millionz ppl R jus jelous of kirsten
    the movie was awesome
    n hu is this bitch some wannbe hollywood star realty shows suck!!
    every1 in twilight is sooooo much more famous dan u whitney slutt!

  71. 571

    why does her opinion on Twilight really matter? i think that the acting in the HILLS is bad…ummmm wait a minute. its there real life that sucks just that bad. Twilight may not be for everyone. and that is ok. but to hang on to the words of someone who is on a REALITY TV show is just stupid. but like she said…afterall….Rob is good looking. what an ass.

  72. 572

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – Well I don't know about that, yeah she said she didn't like it, but at the same time, she though "R-Patz" was great… so yes, she does in fact want to suck his cock, lol.

  73. 573

    whitneys just pissed cause the city sucks.

  74. 574

    and is whitney to much of a moron to go read the books.

  75. 575

    oh and i agree with the fact that KStew can nawt act.

  76. 576

    I never really cared for her before, but that was awesome.
    I totally agree.
    Although, I did read the books.
    I hated them. =/

  77. 577

    Please! This bitch doesn't know what the hell she's talking about! Of all people, little miss superficial barbiedoll Whitney doesn't need to be calling anyone one-dimensional! I hate that bitch!

  78. 578

    That doesn't sound like something Whitney would sayyy..
    i love twilight and the hills/the city.

  79. 579

    She's really one to talk, and besides her acting sucks ass too. She's so fake and at least people can say they are "acting" unlike her, who pretends to have a "real" "unscripted" show, which is the probably the most boring thing MTV has ever put on their channel.

  80. 580

    I totally agree. Rob was the only reason I actually loved twilight… the fact I get to drool over him as sexy Edward Cullen for 90 mins :)

    Kristen is shit at acting! Totally agree - one dimensional. Has anyone noticed that with every single character in every single movie she acts exactly the same. No jokes - Like every movie she's the same person!

    …And why did she look so fucking horny all the time? Its like jeez I know he's hot but omg control yourself - like 10 year olds are watching!

    If Rob wasn't cast as Edward the movie would of failed miserably.

  81. 581

    Ewww wat the frigg is wrong w/ her!!!!!!! Twilight rox!, Pshttt she didnt evan read it and she hates it!, i would say i h8 harry potterr but i kant cuz i didnt READ ittttt!!! douch

  82. 582

    I agree with her about Kristen.

  83. 583

    I hate Whitney
    I love Twilight, I admit Twilight wasn't the best movie but the books are so much better girls all over the world wouldn't be reading the Twilight books over and over and it wouldn't be a best seller if it bad

  84. 584


  85. 585

    They Can All Act Better Than She Ever Could.
    And She Shuould Read The Book.
    But, She Probably Doesn't Know How To Read, So That Wouldn't Work Lol. =]]

  86. 586

    The movie WAS really bad. Terrible. But I love the books! The books are amazing. :)

  87. 587

    Shut the fuck up Whitney!
    YOU suck at acting. I hope you die.
    It's the best movie/SAGA/book ever.

  88. 588

    fuck you whitney port you are nobody!!!! lol for real all she knows how to do is drop her jaw when people talk and go "oh my god"…along with the rest of the hills cast but whatever. not to sound like a total fucking nerd but um if you dont read the book..and you just see the movie..how the mother fuck do you even know what is going on? what? you dont bitches. i saw the movie first and the whole time im like uhhh what and i had to have it explained. i read the books in a week(stfu i was recovering from surgery) and they were like amazing. they leave A LOT A LOT A LOT of important stuff out. btw i doubt she would know good acting if it flew in her fly catching mouth.

  89. 589

    Shut up, Whitney. I know you're just secretly jealous because you never made it in the cast even if you begged Catherine (secretly shh shh). Pathetic D-lister. I saw your show, by the way. Like once. And you call Kristen Stewart's acting one-dimensional? What the fudge!!! Are you calling Jodie Foster a liar? She worked with Kristen when she was 12. Where were you before you got picked up to act on a show more than half the world doesn't even know exists?

    Honestly you guys, she's another one of those fame whores. Who cares what you say … (get ready for my first bad word) Bitch!

    Man it feels good to swear on the net.

    I love Twilight. Leave Kristen alone!!! Losers. I KNOW that more than half of you here had never even starred in a movie. So suck it all up!!!

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