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Do It!

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Such happy news to share!

Lily Allen has finally said something intelligent.

Turns out, Lily might be leaving the music industry soon!!!!!!


Lily recently revealed this juicy info, while out promowhoring her second album, It's Not Me, It's You.

The cigarette addict said, "After this album and tour I have a brand new business I am setting up, but I can't say what it is yet. I am definitely considering quitting music."

Buh bye!!!!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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96 comments to “Do It!”

  1. 1


    and quit living no?

  2. 2

    thank god, one less person making shitty music that we could all live with out!

  3. 3

    Bye Lilly!

  4. 4

    i guess she'll turn to be a fashion designer duuuuh… how original

  5. 5


  6. 6

    that album is the best pop album to hit stores in a long time. Each track is over 5/10. 'The Fear' is an excellent tune!

    Her songs are realistic, she sings about things us real people can relate to. everything else is about having fun, sex ect..

    This girl has writing talent, shes okay at singing.

    But overall 'It's Not Me, Its You' is probably the only album worth purchasing!

  7. 7

    perez, you're a moron. don't you know the more you post about her the more it looks like you're an obsessed teenager??? you claim to be in this stupid "war" with lily and you're definitely losing by posting and posting and posting… but then again, you posted the john mayer video even though he verbally beat the shit out of you as a person and as a gay man… so WTF do you know anyway…

  8. m.j says – reply to this


    Its not like people are going to cry and 'boo hoo' over her leaving the industry.
    I like her songs and all but c'mon… if she wants to make a living I suggest she doesnt quit.

  9. 9

    Mario-all she'd have to do is say one nice thing about you and you'd fold over like a garment bag!Your such a douchey flip flop-next month your gonna be all up in her ass!

  10. 10

    I'd rather you get fat again than her leave the industry.

    I mean…we all know which one is more likely..as do you.

    At least she has some talent to share with the world.

    You're losing this "War" by spending so much time putting her down.

    Yet you tout somebody like GaGa who's entire image is stolen from somebody you claim to idolize, one miss Róisín Marie Murphy.

    You're totally a Goddam Fad-Hag. You attach yourself to who or whatever you think will be popular at whatever time. And then you ween yourself off like an addict to his coke, and become a hater.

    Kill yourself. Save yourself the embarassment, Mario.

  11. 11

    Re: Taylor – we could only be so lucky!

  12. 12

    Frankly I wouldn't be upset if Lily, britney, lindsay, rhiana and the amazingly talentedPerez (note the sarcasm font) fell into the ocean together.

    You people are just awful human beings.

    Perez, if you arent going to commit ritual suicide for our entertainment, please start reporting on GOOD celebs. Do a piece on a congress person or socialites…like real journalism. Break a news story or scandal other than these used up "celebs." Honestly, Lily Allen? Yeesh.

  13. 13

    Why so nasty, you talentless blob? You don't even have talent for bringing friggin gossip. You copy paste (days late) or just resort too 13 year old style dissing. When are you going to make a carreer change? I say; Flip Burgers! You greasy sack of meat.

  14. 14

    I CANT BELIEVE IT, fuck all you assholes who are talking shit about her , she is a creative intelligent and talented young girl. unlike YOU PEREZ WHO OFFERS NOTHING , u have no talent just sit there, and make yourself popular talking shit about others. o wait i forget drawing cum stains on famous ppl i guess it takes some talent, but yet a rabid monkey cud do your job. fucking ass holes. we will miss you lilie =( sux ur quiting. liked ur music from the begining.

  15. 15

    you're so pathetic mario. get a life and leave lily alone.

  16. 16

  17. 17

    better to go out while ur still doing well than crash and burn i say. katy perry will burn out soon enough, and lady gaga will not produce a sufficient second album

  18. 18

    I dont comment alot……only when i feel its necessary and this is a perfect excuse: someone aboive me hit the nail on the head…the faqct that your "feud" is COMPLETELY one sided and insanely childish. Im english, and think lily is ALRIGHT. NOT a musical progidy, but shes a good artist doing what she loves. America have artists that are farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr more "binbaggable" than lily (miley anyone?) stop ragging on lily allen mate….her comment about yo ubeing a wasp is LEGENDARY it completely sums up what you are trying to create and failing to achieve because she can not be arsed with you. i love how you want to ruin her just because she doesnt hang her lips off your ring and attend your birthday party in the hope that their next single might have a higher chart place because its on this website. I love reading this site and i want to see fights that have some JUICE not just on sideded bitch tit attempts at drama.

  19. 19

    Yayy!! Bye!

  20. 20

    stop hating on Lily! I love her! She has a fabulous voice and is adorable. Way better voice than Katy Perry and she writes her own songs. I hope this isn't true! Why do you hate her soooo much anyways? Just because she doesn't want to be friends with you like Lady GaGa or Katy Perry is no reason to hate on her.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    She may be a bit of a nutter butter, but I really enjoy her music. I would be sad it she quit the business.

  23. 23

    You're a dick! If only Lady Gaga would piss off…but then what would you talk about? Dieting? HA!

  24. 24

    Oh please perez. lily's one of the most original singers in our time and age. nobody sounds anything like her, in a very good way. and you've admitted on several occasions that you like her music, so don't be so annoying and hypocritical if she does quit because you're secretly sad.

  25. 25

    Oh, and PS, Perez started this war his DAMN self.

    He was the jackass insulting her right after her miscarriage.

    This entire thing began because Lily stated that she basically finds him reprehensible…wow, how disgusting of her -rollseyes-.

    Death, Mario. Meet him NOW.

  26. 26

    She shouldn't have been allowed to sing… Unless you have a voice like Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera.. uhh no.

  27. 27

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( this just added the icing on top of my fucking LOVELY day
    :( :( !!

  28. 28


  29. Prips says – reply to this


    Am i the only one who loves her new album? I like her music, it would be a shame if she's stop making music..

  30. 30

    missin her already!

  31. 31

    i actually really like lilly allen & her tunes.
    i think it would be wrong of her to leave the
    industry all together, she has a lot more talent
    than she gives herself credit. aside from your
    bantering of her which has feuded from some silly
    splats back & forth i could care less about it really.
    its slightly entertaining but i would prefer her music
    over your jizz anyday.

  32. 32

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  33. 33

    Oh the thought of Perez choking and passing out on top of his keyboard, leaving the imprints from the letters on his face spelling I'm an Asswhole!!!

  34. 34

    One more thing,
    i was reading a few of the comments
    & i think perez has successfully created
    a media opinion of "one or the other"
    i like both katy perry & lily allen. perezito
    puts on disses because hes on katy's side
    & thats fine. i just hope you wouldn't be so easily swayed by that.
    like whoever you want…like both…like katy perry, lady gaga, &
    lily allen. in fact make a playlist entirely with just their songs.
    hahaha im just saying there is NOTHING wrong with liking
    all three artists, don't let the media sway your music taste.

  35. 35

    A CASE of cigarettes? Is she trying to kill herself by chain smoking them all at once? One of the nastiest, ugliest, most unattractive habits. Why not donate the $100+ the case cost to a local food shelf or something?!

  36. 36

    She is not quitting! you wish!!!
    Fuck you Perez! Fuck you very very much!!!
    I can't wait to go see her in Concert here in Chicago!
    Go Lily!!!!! F U Perez!!!

  37. 37

    oh & ps.
    i really don't like the
    hating on Perez, he is a
    media ringleader & hes f&*%$@!
    good at it….don't diss/hate him! if you have
    beef with something he said/says contradict
    his statements. Please & Thanks.

  38. 38

    i think it is really sad that a famewhore like perez is happy to torture an artist until they give up their art. that's just nasty. i hope she goes into the gossip business and shuts ph down.

  39. 39

    Good… she's horrible! Her songs are sooooooo annoying!

  40. 40

    The proof is in Lily's musical product and she rocks.

  41. 41

    You said you LIKED her new album you stupid fat hypocrite.

  42. 42

    Grow the hell up, Perez.

  43. 43

    Perez, you're a fat bitch, you think Slutty Perry is tleted when is crap, all u cn say is Zaquisha(so ridicolous) is hot, and talk aboutshitty ppl…you're disgusting
    Lily is the most (and maybe, the only) talented pop singer now…you should shut your mouth and i think u can critiz cuz you are very untalented (as slutty perry)
    Shut Ur Fuckin Mouth Fat Bitch!

  44. 44

    Re: SeXy StAr
    i totally agree

  45. 45

    NOOO, I really hope she's not serious. As messed up as she can be personally, she is a brilliant and witty songwriter and a wonderful vocalist. Her latest album is for sure one of my top albums of 2009, and it would be such a huge loss if she decided to end her musical career. On the other hand, I would be more than happy to see Katy Perry or Lady Gaga quit the music biz. Their 15 minutes are up!

  46. 46

    Lilly Allen is an amazing artist, much better than so many musically challenged douche bags you promote on your website like HAGdonna, Ri - I like the beatdown anal, hope she's around for a long time!

  47. 47

    fuck you perez she"s been gifted with a totally beautiful voice ,her songs are fun to listen to she's pretty sharp witted with her lylrics it would be a total shame if she gave up music you asshole perez.

  48. 48

    Know what else she should quit? LIFE.

    Buh bye!!!!!!

  49. 49

    She had a job in music?

  50. 50


  51. 51

    Why the HELL do you people who absolutely loathe Perez, this site and his occasional failure to report "NEWS" as quickly as other sites INSIST on coming onto this page?? For Godsakes. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, THEN!!! BUGGER OFF and log on to some other goddamned site!!!

    And as for Lilly Allen quitting the music industry… THANK GOODNESS. She couldn't sing anyways. And being the uncreative soul that she is, her 'secret' probably is that she's delving into the 'fashion' industry. Much like every other celebutard.

  52. 52

    maybe if you'd get your nose out of katy perry's ass for a second you'd realize that lily allen has more talent in her pinky finger than perry does in her whole body. not to mention, whether you think it's good or bad, at least she writes her own music unlike a certain dita von teese rip off..

  53. 53

    i think she's great. i can't believe you, heidi montag over lily allen? something is wrong with you perez.

  54. 54

    I'd take Lily Allen any day over the talentless retards this site tries to promote

  55. 55

    yahoo…such a twat!

  56. 56

    Um i think wat will be the best news ever
    is Perez quitting , a celebrity wanna be ,
    but will never be one ,
    at least Lily isn;t tryin to be someone who shes not
    but as for u Perez , u r so fake ,
    one min u will say good things about someone
    coz they r popular n the next u will turn on them ,
    coz they r not " popular " anymore ,
    i mean Lily have got more character then u ,
    u better sort urself out before judging on other people ,
    as i have said all along ,
    have u look in the mirror lately ?
    i dont think i need to say more ..

  57. 57

    You think Heidi Montag is great and can't say anything positive about Lilly Allen. You've got what my grandma calls "a tin ear." That means you don't have any ability to discriminate between good and bad music.

  58. 58

    if only she would TRULY quit the music industry,
    then simply DROP DEAD - -

  59. da_da says – reply to this


    Perez! You know it's April Fools..

  60. 60

    I hope it's true this fat chick sux

  61. @v@ says – reply to this


    WTF. Lily has one of the freshest voices to come down the pipe in while.
    How to go after the young women, as usual. I dare you to trash some of the
    young male train wrecks. There are certainly enough of them.

  62. 62

    I wish you would quit the blog buisness Perez!

  63. 63

    If people like your music - why quit?
    Just don't run all over the place drunk, crazy and doing stupid stuff.

    just sayin…lol

  64. 64

    Ok…if you have a good fan base and are happy making music ….
    then make the music n the $$$…

    Do yourself a favor (and us), and 'think' or at least 'act' like a 'leader' and not 'looser drunk, freak out everywhere-nut'.
    Think about the artist you admire that represents themselves well - how do they represent themselves and their art in public? Do that.

    just sayin - again..lol

  65. 65

    She looks good in this pic.

  66. 66

    I beg to differ dear perez.
    Lily Allen is a very talented artist.
    yes she has a very horrid pic of you on her myspace page. but you do the same as well, so dont hate her for your own doing.
    Her covers are great and her voice is unique.
    truly is a shame.

  67. 67

    And perez's sheeple everywhere rejoice…

  68. 68

    Perez shut the hell up. You are like a 12 year girl. Grow the fuck up bitch.

  69. 69

    Yay Perez! U must B ecstatic! If Lilz quits music then people can finally focus on less talented songstresses like Katy Perry and Lady GaGa!!!!!

  70. 70

    haha good riddance, she's a joke now.

  71. 71

    I really hope she is kidding. I can't think of another person with her level of popularity that is saying a thing worth listening too, she's like a thinker who they slipped up and let become a pop star. What depressing news, crap.

  72. 72

    and then when you and her have coffee you will be all up her shit pretending like she is good or something. She'll become a real talent.

  73. 73

    That sucks royally. Her lastest CD is awesome. I wish someone like Chestica Simpleton would quit singing and going away. Don't do it Lily. Get your shit together and tour!

  74. 74

    she probably won't. its probably a typical lilly attention seeking comment so all her fans can beg her not too and her ego can swell a few more inches. if she did though i think id throw a 'thank fuck for that' party. shes the bigges aresehole i have ever met in my life.

  75. 75

    perez, why are you so rude to Lily? it just suddenly started happening, what did she personally do to you that make you hate her so much?
    lily's a fine singer, and if she does choose to leave the music business she'll be sorely missed.

  76. 76

    Thats a shame really… I know I'll probably be burned at the stake for saying it, but you'll be disappointed too the day you realize Lily Allen is a helluva lot more talented than Katy Perry, and truly a rare find in the music industry. It would be our loss.

  77. 77

    Thank fuck

  78. 78

    Why don't you quit too Malario? One less pretentious, fat, ugly, effeminate, bitchy queen would be great!

  79. 79

    LOVE Lilly Allen!! She's unique, intelligent and creative but if it stops the drinking, take a break chickie.

  80. 80

    honestly, why are ANY of you getting bent out of shape over this? don't you have your own lives to deal with? besides, who cares what perez thinks…look at HIS 'career' choice, for christ sake.

    this takes no skill, thought, preparation…a retarded monkey could do this blog and no one would be the wiser.

  81. 81

    yes yes, we understand. lily said something that made you cry and now you think she's a meany. we get it. MOVE ON.

  82. 82

    lord perez, she makes amazing music - that is my opinion and many others, you have yours….which nobody takes into high regard anyhow.

    I wonder sometimes, are you really as mean, nasty, and bitter as you portray on here? It's such a turn-off to your fans.

  83. 83

    Re: g0_f1sh – you don't have to comment a lot, but i can see when you do, you hit the nail on the head. I'm American - and yes!!! there are SO many more god-awful singers/bands than her…people who have their songs written for them, who can't sing without studio mixing…

    Stop this silliness, I would think it's embarassing for you, but somehow I think you are immune to getting embarassed….people are just embarassed FOR you. The birthday thing - do you think those people like you? They only were there so you would go easy on them and get them more press on your site.

  84. 84


  85. 85

    If you're so happy about Lily leaving the music scene..
    why do you blog about her? That just doesn't make sense.
    If you hate her so much, and hate that she gets so much publicity, it doesn't make sense to write about her.

  86. 86

    Not good..nope nope nope.. I really like her music

  87. 87

    Re: g0_f1sh – well said.

  88. 88


    Lily + Music + Cussing = ❤

    Shiteous music is not Lily, jeez.

  89. Laxer says – reply to this


    Relax…she's not going anywhere….turns out her new business was trying to sell Faboosh t-shirts!

  90. 90

    lily rules.
    new album is great.
    she's fabulous.

  91. 91

    HI i'm sorry but lily allen has achieved more than all of you and you guys all fucking suck. perez stop picking on lily because she's prettier than you. you are tight as hell and we don't really need annoying people like you on this earth talking shit about everyone. people like you are what is wrong with this world. you're like a fucking disease spewing out bullshit out of every orifice of your body. people are only nice to you so you won't make fun of them and so that everyone else won't hate them . what kind of life is this? basing your career on who you like or dislike but is more successful than you ever will be? some life. p.s. leave lily allen alone.

  92. 92

    feck off perez shes achieved more in her 23 years than u could ever hope 2 in ur life

  93. Junko says – reply to this


    Duh, Perez. Could you at least hire better writer(s)? They have no taste!
    It's pathetic your writers keep picking on this girl yet put Heidi on pedestal.

  94. 94

    Great News! Fuck off Lily Allen and take your shit nursery rhyme music with you!
    You're absolutely dreadful. Good riddance.

  95. 95

    Old news.
    But sad.
    I love her music.

  96. 96

    Oh, COME THE-FUCK ON! :(