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John Mayer Finally Admits He Made Out With Perez!!!!!

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This is NOT an April Fool's joke.

You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!

We told all y'all bitches it was true!

And, yes, there was tongue.

Lots of it!

P.S. John Mayer is so clearly obsessed with Perez. How cute!

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257 comments to “John Mayer Finally Admits He Made Out With Perez!!!!!”

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  1. 101

    Yeah he wants us to believe did it (tongue and all) just to shut Perez up!!! Not cuz he's a flamin homo too! LMAO… he was perfect for MANiston he's totally a bottom, I can tell.

  2. 102


  3. 103

    Re: Hot Monkey Love Obama Style Hates Perez – awh, give the brainless mother fucker a break. he cant help it he sleeps with and fucks his mommy

  4. 104

    yes Mario,

    he IS obsessed with you - to be clear,
    he is obsessed with how stupid you really are

    i did not know John Mayer had such a good sense
    of humor - but given the fact he slipped you the
    tongue, i suppose it really validates my observation

    Congrats Mario (Laundromat)!

    John thinks you are a fool - !

    i loves me some John Mayer

  5. 105

    That was no admission. He was dissing your ass big time. He did everything but call you a big fat fag. I am horrified to imagine John Mayer fucking you in you big fat hairy ass.

  6. 106

    i know someone that went to high school with him. she said he was the biggest dork. still seems like the biggest dork.
    but why georgia is a really good song.

  7. epic says – reply to this


    damn and i'd love to see it, but the videos/youtubes down.

  8. 108

    perez you have to get john on howard

  9. 109

    Re: Hole
    I think you may even be worse than JigSaw….amazing, I thought he was a lost cause but you can't even give a proper insult…you just sound delusional. Poor, poor young lad. Perhaps you should wait till your balls drop before trying to act like big man on campus….

  10. 110

    I have a problem guys. Ya see, my balls are big. What should I do about it?

  11. 111

    hahahahahahah i loves it!!!

  12. 112

    This explains soooo much!

  13. 113

    Re: Xandria – and perhaps you should get a personality, now fuck off you pale witch, ugly ass white bitch, and if you insist on using your mouth since you husband will have no part of you, suck my dick, and if you dont understand that you are on the level of a fish, bend the fuck over

  14. 114

    Re: Xandria – oh and if you didnt get it yet, swallow

  15. 115

    did he fuck you in the ass? …and did it shut you up?

  16. 116

    CAN SOMEONE POST THE LINK?! for some reason it's not working on my comp!!

  17. 117

    Hah. Yeah, he's so "obsessed" that he didn't mention it for two years and when he did, he did so in order to make fun of you…

  18. 118

    He just dissed you. Proud?

  19. 119

    Well i hope he cleaned his mouth out with some antiseptic afterwards. Perez's mouth may have been in Teddy's ass right before they locked lips. Poor molested Teddy!! :(

  20. DALE says – reply to this


    Re: Hot Monkey Love Obama Style Hates Perez – Do you want grape or my homegrown yellow juice, I just made some in the toilet! It drives the bitches crazy!

  21. 121

    The video is no longer available - WHERE IS IT????? I want to see it for myself!

  22. DALE says – reply to this


    "I was gonna turn gay till I saw you" LOL!

  23. 123

    That wasn't funny and obviously there is something massively wrong with him that he made out with Perez. Perez is the ugliest most disgusting useless moron ever.

  24. 124

    People are saying that mayer is dissing perez here. yeah… mayer tried to hard to be clever and funny, this is nothing new. but he FAILED here. big time. so he admits he made out with perez, while trying to slam him… lol. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. john mayer, i'm all about calling people out, but DUDE. NO. anyone who says john mayer doesn't take himself seriously and is just a funny guy (who, by the way does have some way neat guitar skills, granted) is mistaken. I'm not saying I love perez or i hate john mayer or am taking sides at all, i don't know them. but mayer screams douche, this is apparently true.

  25. 125

    ROTFLMAO while watching this!!

  26. 126

    There's no stinking video here Mario. Who the fuck do you think you're foolin?!

  27. 127

    he should def. stick to his day job. comedy is not his forte.

  28. 128

    Cannot stand John Mayer. Revolting. So narcissistic, mean and his music fuckin' sucks. Yep, he's one heinous homophobe.

  29. JCPR says – reply to this


    he's hot!! but ewwwww he's crazy if he made out with u perez! grozzzzzzz!

  30. 130

    Uggg he just lost most of his sex appeal there.

  31. 131

    wow i love john mayer so much right now

  32. 132

    You sick fuck.

  33. 133

    It was a matter of time before he reached out — this guy is a total media whore and would do anything — and everyone — to stay in the spotlight. Total ewwwww!

    Perez you can do MUCH better than this douche bag!!

  34. 134

    Re: JoeyDub – RIGHT ON!

  35. 135


  36. 136

    Wow John was pretty funny there.
    Mario you're little fangirl squee is pretty pathetic even for you. He's not obsessed with you. Chase Crawford isn't obsessed with you. Zach Efron isn't obsessed with you. Robert Patinson isn't obsessed with you. Ricky Martin isn't obsessed with you. Neither are any of the other men you obsess about. Most of them happen to be straight men you just wish were gay and you wish they were gay for you. Well let me tell you Mr. they wouldn't touch you with 100ft pole. You're lucky John Mayer gave you a quick snog. It's just so sad you've made such a huge deal about it.

  37. 137

    like it's hard to make out with john mayer?

  38. pabst says – reply to this


    great, two douche bags made out. now my life is complete.

  39. 139

    you go perez. i hear he enjoys anal… so you should go for it.

  40. 140

    I hate Perez as much as the next guy but his routine….er…..LAME

  41. 141

    Quick question guys: Is there another celeb blog out there? Seriously, I've had it with the galleries, spam and shameless self promotion going on here. It used to be cool, but it's just not worth it anymore. Any other blogs you'd recommend?

  42. 142

    I've lost all respect for John Mayer for making out with a freaky troll like Mario. Yuck!!!!!!!

  43. 143

    @Darrin ~ I agree with you. His self promotion and his favorites are really getting on my nerves. I'm so sick of the B.S. that I refuse to listen to Lady GagMe anymore. He's whored her out so much it's pathetic.
    I'd also love to get the url to a GOOD celeb blog. One that doesn't steal from other blogs and one that doesn't pick favorites and crap on everyone else. Just because they won't kiss his a$$.
    Honestly people that's all this is. It's become the kiss mario's ass or he's going to crap all over you, call you mean names, and "try" to destroy your career.

  44. CM17 says – reply to this


    DAmn since when does John MAyer do comedy? hmm interesting lol. And u go Perez

  45. 145

    He is clearly a homophobic who finds it ok to use such discriminatory words about someone who is homosexual. I think he's offensive and an asshole and someone who is filled with so much hate clearly has issues about himself that he needs to sort through. Perez, if I were you I wouldn't devote one more inch of space on your site to him.

  46. 146

    UUMMM…this was NOT a complimentary video! He made Perez look like a gay jackass, and that he made out with him to SHUT HIM UP. Sort of as a challenge–not because of ANY attraction what so ever. If I were Perez I would be terribly embarrassed of this video—not post it like a trophy.

  47. 147

    man! i love you perez! you rock!

  48. 148

    perez, i never doubted you for a second. :)

  49. 149

    wow hes so unfunny… i never liked him but now i have a reason not to like him.

  50. 150

    john mayer is clearly a bottom bitch!
    u know he luvs to toss salad nightly.
    good for him.
    lol, groove!!!!!

  51. 151

    dude get he's totally talking shit about you!! and you're all proud posting that video! idiot… get over it dude oh and stop hating on his girlfriends, you're just jealous that you'll never be one of them….

  52. 152

    John Mayer is so clearly obsessed with Perez? NOT! It's the complete opposite. YOU are the one who won't stfu about the make out session, YOU were the one who was jealous of Jennifer Aniston when they were together, and YOU were the one who couldn't stop dissing her or their relationship, which is clearly a sign of jealousy. It's not cute Perez, it just makes you look more desperate than you already are, what with all your other "feuds" and boy crushes.

  53. 153

    John mayer gave me crabs at white party 2006. Pig!

  54. 154

    Wow, he's good, what a natural. He looks like he's been doing stand-up for years. I'd like to see him and Jason Mraz go out on a half-gay-half-music tour.

  55. 155

    Most of those laughs are pity laughs…..

  56. 156

    wtf! john asshole mayer became gay after being with jennifer maniston? yep, that would do it!

  57. 157

    You know, John Mayer is funny. I'll give him that. But for the love of GAWD, if I were Jennifer Aniston I would have dumped his ass, too. I mean really…SHUT UP!

  58. 158


  59. tk77 says – reply to this


    Thanks for giving me another reason to love this guy! So hot and so damn funny!

  60. 160

    poor guy

  61. 161

    Re: Darrin – i agree entirely!! i can deal with the self-promotion just but over the last few weeks i have noticed significant increase in delayed news taken from other blogs days late! the only good thing about this blog is usability you dont need to click through to read the story.

    Come on perez! if your sucha big brand and going to treat the work that made you big only half the importance it is time to give it over to someone that is 100% focussed!

  62. 162

    okay, for one its nasty that he is even JOKIN about kissin your nasty ass. But what the hell, don't you know he is fuckin makin fun of your stupid ass. he is not serious, i know how much it excited you but ya know. he is classier than that sweetheart.

  63. 163

    He made a FOOL of you! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    You are beyond ignorant Perez

  64. 164

    If you didnt want ANYTHING to get out to the public. HELLO do not kiss and expect NOT to tell with Perez. HELL 2 the oh no you didnt deny it.

  65. 165

    SO fucking hilarious! You're too dumb to know he just owned your ass. How bad is it that the man you have been obsessed with for years just said "YEA I WAS THINKING ABOUT BEING GAY, UNTIL PEREZ BECAME THE GAY SPOKESPERSON" - Like I said all along, EVEN GAYS HATE YOU.
    P.S. Can't WAIT til you call Rumer Willis "potatohead" again - have you seen your own head lately?

  66. 166

    Re: Disturbed – OKay. If it was not for PEREZ HALF of these people would not be who they are today. I feel that perez can take a joke just as well as he can give one. This is his JOB he can make or break people. If you have the least bit of concern about him… Why are you reading? You even have the time out of your day to POST!!! Which you have to take the time to answer questions and leave an e-mail BEFOR you can even hate on him!!! Come on! He is the best celeb blogger. He is the only celeb blogger that has trasitioned to t.v. AND movies. Get over it. You will still read it… You are reading it right now… and still reading. CHECKMATE!!!

  67. Doro says – reply to this


    I wasn´t aware he did stand up comedy or was that a concert?

  68. Prips says – reply to this


    He's funny lol

  69. 169

    oh my, my image of john mayer was just destroyed… wasn't he like… clean and homely… what happened…

    and he made out with you! IT sends ripples down my spine!

  70. 170

    Which one of you had to spike themselves to get through that experience????

  71. 171

    Perez, you call Jen desperate?? He was seen in public ith her, he dated her. With you it was some admission in a seedy club in a desperate attempt to add "stand up comedian" to his resume.
    And you're all excited thinking this is great that he ADMITS it. Lol. And you show it off as if you're proud of it. You're such an idiot. You look like the saddest loser in the world. But at least there was tongue. Good to know. I'd lost sleep wondering….

  72. 172

    Re: jo2thelee
    Hey you're right, at least he can take it as good as he gives it.
    But thats what the comments are for, if it wasn't for 99% of people hating on him and needing to leave comments after all his obnoxious posts then his site wouldn't have as much viewers. It works both ways.
    Not many people like Perez, but everyone likes to hate him. It works for him and it's made him a very rich man. And clearly he isn't in this business to be liked.
    So defending him to everyone is kinda pointless. We'll still continue to hate him and read his site.

  73. 173

    Re: jo2thelee – Puhlez, did you just get here yesterday? Half the people that comment here are haters and they do it for one reason only - so potential business partners will see that he is HATED, not loved, except by 14 year olds. Speaking of which, aren't you late for school?
    P.S. MK from D L I S T E D is by FAR the best blogger in the world and everyone knows it, even Perez, which is why he blocks the word from being typed here, and why he steals made-up words and phrases directly from him. Now fuck off.

  74. Uker says – reply to this


    hahahahaha Johgn Mayer is fucking hilarious, he is funny as hell and everything he saus aboutn you is fucking true.

  75. 175

    When did he start doing stand up? He is funny in parts. But its suspicious b/c he is a musician. Way to go Perez on making out with John Mayer!

  76. 176

    LOL! OMG, you go Perez. I never doubted you.

    I just want to slap you for turning down $100 million dollars. Are you out of your fucking mind??

  77. 177

    John is so funny! Love him!!!
    You got dissed, Mario…. :)

  78. 178

    its kinda gross in a way..i mean john mayer is hot..and your uhh..not.lol. and imagining the tongue is like…ew…maybe if it was like chace crawford or jake gyllenhaal the tongue thing would be okay..but perez..its like..nooooooo. i do hope he's gay.lol

  79. 179

    i just realized…for the people who hate perez hilton…why r u like..registered on his website? lol.

    i dont hate him, i just think he's like..retarded.lol

  80. 180

    nice work perez! if i ever meet him i know what i will do..
    i will run around like a little fag screaming "im so wild"… :)

  81. 181

    Wow I actually like Mayer now for calling you out on your shit!

    "I'm wild, I'm wild!"

    PS: how are… uhh… those T-shirts selling? LC anyone?

  82. 182

    Your the obsessed one, get over it!

  83. 183

    He can shut me up anytime. :o )

  84. 184

    yuck. Perez, you are the ugliest greasy half man alive. You have the face of a donkey– for realz. And the voice of finger nails scraping a chalk board.

    Just the thought makes my stomach turn. Yuck. Plus, he's dissing you anyway.

  85. 185

    Wtf? When did John Mayer become a stand up comedian? =|

  86. 186

    So what? My only issue is that he choose a fat bitchy effeminate guy (Malario) instead of someone hot.

  87. 187

    So that's why you don't like Jen! lol

  88. Laury says – reply to this


    Oh yeah, because most of us were losing sleep over this, we were all going out of our freaking minds asking ourselves: Did John and Perez really make out?????? Now the world can finally start spinning again.

  89. 189

    Perez, I just love that you had to post a YouTube video that says "Perez Hilton is an idiot" in its title.

  90. 190

    thats some of the funniest shit ive seen in like foreve's…im about to piss myself laughin at this shit..and its true, straight men do think like that, because i know several straight men that think and say shit like this…that makes it even more hilarious.

  91. 191

    perez you are probably prancing in your pink tutu, jumping up and down, making a fool of yourself with this ridiculous 'confession'… woohoo who gives a shit - he would never give u the time of day… Clearly you are not over your sick obsession with John Mayer yet….

  92. 192

    He is so awfully arrogant and not a bit funny. Not good looking. Not doing good music. Not funny. Not smart. No reason to be arrogant at all.

  93. 193

    I always believed you jackazz, but does this mean that you will finally STFU about it and move on?

  94. 194

    bahahaha…..so what your really telling us is that you kissed maniston

  95. 195

    okay, he admits it, he did it in front of his then girlfriend jessica simpson, and since he never followed it up again, he either was drunk or joking around. (cause if he did it again, perez, you would have printed it again and again and again.) and, although, I dont think much of mayer, he is funny and he is ripping into you, but you are soooo delusional mario, you do not even realize that. mario, mature people do not go around and talk about who they sleep with, who they 'make out with' , they do not TAKE LIE DETECTORS IN THEIR CLOSETS, most people do not want to hear about other people's sexual activities, like 'lots of tongue' yuck. so, now that he admits it, get over the jealousy of jennifer aniston, jennifer love hewitt, jessica simpson and many others he actually cared about and had intimate relations with. oh, and GROW UP!

  96. Dani says – reply to this


    that was wicked funny.

  97. 197

    I'll bet Jennifer Aniston is absolutely appalled right about now!!!!!

  98. 198

    I just went to D L I S T E D and laughed my ass off! damn Perez! that guy can blog! i checked it out because i was reading all the comments and saw someone say it was a good site…wow they are right you really are starting to suck!
    John Mayer your an attention whore! no wonder Jen left you you sick weird looking fug face!

  99. Uker says – reply to this



  100. 200

    John Mayer is ultra dreamy! he is very cute, and very smart, loved him even when he was fat (big girls need love too!)

    I like that he never denied making out with perez(?) Also that he is very sex positive and gay positive. Gp Mayer Go! Love those bembas!

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