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John Mayer Finally Admits He Made Out With Perez!!!!!

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This is NOT an April Fool's joke.

You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!
You must watch the video above!!!!!!!!!!!

We told all y'all bitches it was true!

And, yes, there was tongue.

Lots of it!

P.S. John Mayer is so clearly obsessed with Perez. How cute!

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257 comments to “John Mayer Finally Admits He Made Out With Perez!!!!!”

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  1. 201

    Does anyone really care about John Mayer anymore?? He really just needs to go away and stay away…

  2. 202

    Hilarious! Didn't know Mayer could be like that.

  3. JeNaY says – reply to this


    Holy fuck he said Ass to Mouth,thats fucking hilarious!!! GO PEREZZZ

  4. JeNaY says – reply to this


    I only go ass to mouth w/my fiance,lol.Thats hilarious…i really cant get over it.

  5. Laury says – reply to this


    If I were you I wouldn't be so proud of having kissed John Mayer, Perez. Remember, his mouth probably touched Jennifer Aniston's coochie at some point.

  6. 206

    love it…what ever happened to Mayer's tv show? That shit was pretty funny.

  7. 207

    Re: Laury – nah, he was with simpson at the time-perez got a taste of jessica.

  8. 208

    Are you STILL talking about this!!!! you need to get laid badly if this is the highlight of your year!!!!!

  9. 209

    In the footsteps of Joaquin Phoenix: John should stop singing and do comedy full time, maybe he'll even get on Letterman? LOL

  10. 210

    haha. wow. john mayer is such a fhhaaaggg.

  11. 211

    So sad Fatass, You're getting Dissesd and owned and you're too STUPID to even realize it!! He's "so clearly obsessed" by you? BAHAHAHAHAHA…. PLEASE FATASS, You do understand what being a stalker is don't you? He's asked you quite a few times to leave him alone, even blocking you, whats next? John having to take out a restraining order? LoL then you could NEVER talk about him or anything, I hope he does :D

  12. 212

    Perez you are a fucking idiot. I usually hate John Mayer, but I totally agreed with everything he said..

    Oh BTW, how is you line at Hot Topic going?

  13. 213

    wow this was hilarious. that dude is funny as fuck.

  14. 214

    His stand-up is funnier than I thought it might be! :)

  15. 215

    Just when I thought Mayer couldn't possibly be more of a douche he goes and does something like this. And Perez: have you no shame? Sure he admits he made out with you, but he's also dissing your sorry ass big time, yet you still post it on your own blog - this is a new low, even for you Perez.

  16. 216

    Finally someone put you in your place Perez!!!

  17. 217

    Perez you're a fucking loserrr, Mayer just made you look like the dumb bitch you are he's not being cute or joking. Just like everyone else, he fucking hates you.

  18. 218

    hahahaha Yay for John Mayer can he show me how wild he is? I promise to shutup if he does

  19. epic says – reply to this


    Re: Juleboo – yeah, thank you, finally i can leave this boring shit and have a laugh again =)

  20. 220

    Re: kate !! – i enjoyed this line too… and the change of voice. funny!

  21. 221

    What a fucking douche John Meyer is. He's up his own arse now and I don't know why cause his songs are shit! I'd say theres a strong line between love and hate and he probably likes you deep down perez

  22. 222


  23. 223

    Perez he has used you like he used Aniston and Jessica etc…for fame. Do you feel used and cheap?
    Aniston must be so proud she has come so far from when Pitt dumped her…er I mean she dumped him!!!

  24. 224

    He kinda sounds like he's being sarcastic and damn hes talking mad shit about you perez I dont think he likes you at all. Matter of fact sounds like he thinks your'e disgusting.

  25. 225

    Re: JulebooRe: Uker – Totally agree!!! I've just discovered D L I S T E D and I'm so sorry I've not known about it before! Michael K is a freaking genius. It's hiccup-inducing hilarious! The best blog on internet.

  26. 226

    Apart from being Jennifer Anistons ex, I dunno who the guy is. That was hilarious though and you got ripped to shreds perez

  27. auds says – reply to this


    Ew, Mayer is such a tool. Does he really need to end every sentence with "fuck?" Who's the brainless twit now? Yuck.

  28. 228

    What a sell out. Perez, the only reason he finally admitted is because you've been giving him negative feedback.

    I just lost all resepect for Mayer. He's the biggest media whore around. Perez, I'll bet money you can make deal with him; no more bad feedback for sex. He'll do it seeing he's the biggest sell out.

  29. 229

    1. mayer only blabbed for good comedy material and to get attention, again!
    2. mayer is fascinated how perez got famous and he used the kissy kissy to get close to perez, not "obsessed" in the the sexual way.
    3. mayer is an enlightened male. he only says what most men think about - questioning their sexuality.
    4. it's no surprise perez will hate on (publicly) anyone dating his two main men, zac and mayer.
    5. the mayer-perez drama is funny, so the two will keep it up forever.

  30. 230

    he left the funniest part out which was douchey jessica simpson was playing with his balls while these two guys were tonguing each other…… hilar! i bet she cringes whenever she thinks about that night- as does john mayer no matter how he wants to blow it off- he's such an ass mouth…

  31. 231

    perez, ever hear of sarcasm?
    that's what that was.
    ever notice how john mayer loves to fuck with the public, that's what this was.
    stand up routines aren't usually true, idiot.

  32. 232

    Holy shit, he's actually funny! i'm impressed

  33. tasha says – reply to this


    Really perez are you so thick that you didn't get he was totally dissing you. He made you look like the total asshole you are.

  34. 234

    john mayer just lost another fan

  35. 235

    Sounds like he hates you! Is this his way of coming out though??

  36. 236

    I agree with other posters here. Michael K. is fucking hilarious. D L I S T E D is by far my fav cleb blog. It pisses me off everytime Laundromat uses any of MK's funny phrases and witticisms. F A D E D Y O U T H B L O G is another good blog that is not so fucking judgemental about every fucking little thing. Of course, Laundromat rips from that one, too.
    Not a Mayer fan, but I have to admit that was pretty funny.

  37. 237

    really john mayer???? not only is he insulting but not very funny if i dated maniston i wouldn't be trying to call out other ppl especially when his career is going down hill. and trust me john mayer is not as wid as some of te gays i kno if he was he would be in jail…trust me g to miami to a white party full of gays then try an kick ur crystal addiction and denying the 20 dicks u took up the ass on camera

  38. 238

    OMG! LOL. When did Mayer start a stand up routine? I thought he was supposed to be a singer. What an all-around guy….
    He soooo wants you Perez. Plus he has really nice legs ala that shorts/Navy outfit he just sported this past week.

  39. 239

    OMG what a fucking idiot, John Mayer is!

  40. 240

    john mayer is such an asswipe attention whore

  41. 241

    He just thrashed you!!!

  42. 242

    Mayer is made of lolllllllllllllllllls and jooooooooooookes!

  43. 243

    he used to go to my schools

  44. 244

    Wow Jennifer Aniston and Perez have something in common. I bet she's loving that. Which basically mean's Mayer will make out with ANYONE, if only to prove a point; he's badass and can't be tamed lol. He's so such a loser if he thinks he HAS to prove anything.

  45. 245

    where the fuck did it just go, i watched it once and then it went to private :( why is youtube so GHEY these days???

  46. 246

    i can't see the video

  47. 247

    Nice work R-Tard on linking to a private video…

  48. 248

    I cannot believe how incredibly offensive Mayer is in this video! He acts like a bigoted redneck from one of the red states… I hate him even more now, with the added information that not only can't he sing and is a man-whore, but is a total asshole as well!

    You're awesome, Perez! Your website is witty and original… let that flame burn bright!

  49. 249

    I can't see it!!!!! :(

  50. Stepy says – reply to this


    Re: Cat1220 – I cant see it either!! :( :(

  51. 251

    This guy is NOT funny. He's not a good singer but he's an okay songwriter. He needs to STFU and stop talking about Perez! Perez probably fucked him up the ass not the other way around.

  52. 252

    doesnt work…

  53. 253

    I believed you the whole time… Isn't time to make out with someone else I vote for Chace Crawford…

  54. 254

    He's headed for a Britney breakdown. There's all the hallmark signs of it happening.
    Hasta la vista May-by.

  55. 255

    thats gross

  56. 256

    john mayer has the face of an AIDS patient

  57. rin16 says – reply to this


    i dont know about this one i am never able to watch this video because it was not sent to me. and besides i doubt he is gay…

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