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Tori Too Hungry To Be Spelling

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As we mentioned this week, Tori Spelling was spotted in Los Angeles looking a lot slimmer than usual.

Well, here's more of that!

We're starting to think she may be going through some eating "issues."

Tori was also seen at the San Bernadino race track filming for her reality TV show (above).

Somehow she looks skinnier than before!

The bleached blonde needs to eat a cookie or something, cause she's starting to look a bit sick.

Eat a dozen cookies! With milk! The fatty kind!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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130 comments to “Tori Too Hungry To Be Spelling”

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  1. 101

    After many plastic surgeries, she is still ugly!!

  2. 102

    Way to thin, she looks so sick. Does she have cancer?

  3. 103

    She has too big of a head to be that thin.

  4. 104

    I'll give her a whopper with extra special sauce!

  5. 105

    looks like a cocktail onion speared with a toothpick

  6. 106

    and she looks trannier than usual as well

  7. 107

    shes horrible anyway hahaha

  8. 108

    That talentless hack looks like something out of a ugly freak horror show no matter what her weight is… thin … fat.. doesn't matter!!

  9. 109

    oml. she ugly. she look better with meat on her body.

  10. 110

    the bitch isn't even skinny yet. she has a way to go.

  11. 111

    i think she looks pretty good, shes always been tiny unless she was pregnant. i'd love to be her size tho

  12. 112


  13. 113

    she should know that the more she gets thinner, the uglier she gets

  14. 114

    Tori take care of yourself babe!

  15. 115

    The second pic looks like she's going "It was about this big" disappointment,lol.

  16. 116

    She is a mother of two and not a young ingenue. People do not expect her to look as she did at 18. She needs to gain weight. she looks ridiculous, very unhealthy.

  17. 117

    OMH !!! SHE IS SOOOOOOOOO UGLY !! she scares me !!! :O

  18. 118

    OMG - that *hideous* closeup!! Is she not the ugliest fucking "woman" alive?? I'd *swear* she must have been a man before some operation. Maybe that rumored "nose job" she had wasn't really a nose job but was cutting *something else* off?? Christ. Either her husband is blind or he's gay or he clearly is only a gold-digger. There's NO WAY any hetero man with clear vision would want to bang that. Seriously!

  19. 119

    Eat Girlfriend Eat!

  20. 120

    Fuck me, has she got the biggest face in the world or what. She looks like a camel

  21. 121

    she looks like her father lol!!!

  22. 122

    Her face is starting to sink in and makes her look 10-20 yrs older than she actually is. She has a nice figure to begin with and needs to stay healthy for the kids. Surely she isn't so SELF ABSORBED to be healthy for her kids? I hope not, they deserve better and her little girl doesn't need that for a role model. Grow the fuck up Tori. She is probably scared her husband will leave her like he did his first wife. And she should be scared…..but not to the point of starving herself to death. GROSS!

  23. 123

    she HAS to be bulemic or anorexic.

  24. Laxer says – reply to this


    I agree….she looks unhealthy….never was a beauty to begin with….

  25. 125

    I didn't think it was possible but she is uglier than both her parents!

  26. 126

    she looks like a fucking troll..

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    What the hell has happened to her? Something's wrong, IMHO.

  28. 128

    She looks like Carol Channing now.

  29. 129

    I like her top, though.

  30. 130

    SHE LOOKS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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