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175 comments to “Lindsay Accuses saMAN of Doing Drugs and Cheating!”

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  1. 101

    i do like lindsay but i dont beleive for one second that samantha cheated

  2. 102

    linds your acting crazy,why,for what,get over it,your better than that,lezbo drama

  3. 103

    i was reading on a web site that what is being reported is not what went down where is the video to where they blocked lindsey from Prive i looked all over for that video and i cant seem to find it i think that its just a bunch of bullshit just to get attention. she knows what she has to do to get her life back together, she doesnt do it because she loves the media attention to much good or bad.

  4. 104

    omg all these idiots saying perez got it wrong…jackdaniels9 IS sam but u see how it says @jackdaniels9? if any of u even have twitter then ud know that its lindsay speaking TO sam, thats why theres an @ in front. stupid people

  5. 105

    LezLo better get a dildo, ’cause SaMan is probably no longer interested in fingering her.

  6. 106

    This was predictable. How long until they get back together this time?

  7. 107

    it is tragic that the hot starlet is being dumped by the fugly hanger-on

    lindsay, consider yourself lucky and just walk away from the lesbian

  8. 108

    None a those made a lick a sense. Both are dumb as rocks.

  9. 109

    Good! I'm so sick of hearing about them!

  10. 110

    Re: wineaux – I like that devilish grin-you look like your up to no good!

  11. 111

    Google perez and revenge….ha!

  12. 112

    Re: Chris91 – Yes, but that's not Sam twittering. It says "IN REPLY TO JACKDANIELS9". THAT is Lindsay twittering. The ones that say "@lilyroseallen" are JACKDANIELS9 twittering (AT) LILYROSEALLEN. I don't even use twitter and I can understand that lol.

  13. 113

    Hey Lindsay, maybe the reason why you can't get work is because you put your life on the internet!

    Drama = bad publicity = no work. It's that simple.

  14. 114

    Re: Miryyyy – Okay maybe I'm wrong. Twitter is confusing as hell. I guess Lindsay was twittering the real Lily Allen? I have no idea now lol

  15. 115

    Re: RedWingsFan – Dude: I registered to do my good deed for today… You spend all your time on this $h1tty site! Life is passing you by! When you're 60, your grandkids will ask you about your life and you will have to tell them you spent it all commenting to dumbasses like Big Black Dick on Perezhilton.com. Get a life before it's too late!!

  16. 116

    Re: princess521 – Yes, I know how to read a twitter. :-) I was responding to your saying maybe Sam was cheating with Lily.

  17. 117

    Re: Get a life RedWingsFan – Wow I feel honored to have a "Hater".Thanks for the advice and the complete waste of your own time regestering a name with perez JUST to single me out.Thanks man.Your being sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO costructive with your time !

  18. lou24 says – reply to this


    really about time
    that cheap little dg thing was just using her as some STUNT to get at something!

  19. 119

    Re: RedWingsFan – Now you know you've made it! LOL

  20. 120

    Who the hell cares what they do? I am so sick of these two, I could hurl.

  21. 121

    Re: pearlnecklace – yea,well if I find out it's one of my employees goofing on me,the're busted and they are not going to Vegas with the crew this fall!

  22. 122

    Re: RedWingsFan – Suuuurre, you have employees. I think someone needs fries with their order. Just kidding man. I don't hate you, I just really feel sorry for you. OK, that's it from me because I do have a life and I'm going to live it!

  23. 123

    Re: RedWingsFan – LOL.. I hope not. I miss the days when cocks & weenies were drawn on these bitches faces, but now I am hearing that Perez doesn't write his own shit anymore (?) If that's true its WIGGITY WACK!!!!!!!!!

  24. 124

    Re: Get a life RedWingsFan – -you go girl and live that life,don't feel sorry for me.But if this is who i think it is your ass is going be dragging at the shop tommorrow and you can forget about Game #2 playoff tickets!

  25. 125

    Re: pearlnecklace – Yea-I've only been on the site 6 months but ever since Mario started banning people its been all downhill

  26. 126

    Re: RedWingsFan – I've only been here like 2, but I've noticed some shady shit going on. How does someone get banned, anyway? I do remember Harry Balsac, though. He was a funny S.O.B… Some of my shit doesn't get posted, that's all I know! Someone needs to give Perez a pearl necklace! And fast!!

  27. 127

    Re: pearlnecklace – the other thing thats weird is people stealing other peoples avatars and causing all kinds of havoc.
    I just come on here to bust on Mario and celebtards but the stalking shit is too weird!

  28. 128

    MORE GOSSIP. youre slacking,

  29. 129

    Lindsay Lohan needs to to grow up and stop making excuses for her obnoxious, absolutely dumb and trashy behaviour. She has blamed her behaviour on her youth, calling them her college age years. College students generally don't wrap their expensive cars around poles, are coked out in a club night after night night, aren't fame whores, DO actually WORK, and don't have multiple arrests arrests under their belt. She is the most pathetic of all starlets, if you can even call her a starlet anymore. I don't know much about SamRo, but I can't blame her for getting tired of her antics.

    It is also pathetic that she blamed the blogs on her lack of work. She need to stop externalizing blame. But blaming everyone else is a sign of complete lack of intelligence and self awareness, so I figure she'll just burn out AND fade away, high as a kite, blaming everyone else for her misfortune

  30. 130

    Who gets custody of the Dildo's

  31. 131

    Wieght loss and Cocaine go together dont they Perez/mario

  32. 132

    Re: RedWingsFan – Is that what's going on? I didn't get it! LOL.. so who are the "stalkers"? Well, I think you're cool :D and I hope you find out who your hater is. Let me know when you do!!!

  33. 133


  34. 134

    who would ever wanna cheat with that Samantha creature

  35. 135

    whoa psychoo

  36. 136

    Re: pearlnecklace – thanks -you rock!

  37. 137

    i don't understand why they couldn't just talk this out or never talk again. this on and off shit is annoying…..(well so are they..) but, they're both terrible influences on eachother.

    lindsays accusing someone else of drug use? kind of ironic.

  38. 138

    Re: alittlemachine
    i noticed that too…i just pretending it made sense.

  39. 139

    I can hardly wait to see what these two are doing and how their lives hopefully evolve in the coming years. Wow, just amazingly how these young hollywood kids are wasting their lives!

  40. 140

    Re: wineaux – dunno what would be worse. being denied or given access to it.

  41. 141

    Re: wineaux – dunno what is worse. that or being allowed in

  42. 142


  43. 143

    I don't actually think this is Lindsay or Sam - ever hear an American refer to someone needing to lose a 'stone'? Only in the UK do they use the term 'stone' for losing weight. Your sources are shady on this one, Perez!

  44. 144

    Ok now that I understand the whole twitter thing, it seems like Lindz was getting pissed at Sam for atagonizing her. Until we have the other side of the conversation I don't see how anyone can judge. Also Lindz seems like she is displaying bipolar symptoms.

  45. 145

    omg i love gossip like this lol

  46. 146

    dont u just love twitter what is lilly doing in there ugh trying to be cool and end up coke hore too??

  47. 147

    Lindsey girl, come to papa, I'll make it all better…


  48. 148

    all the people are tired hearing up shit from these two crazy bitches! lets just leave them alone.. LOLhan is no longer a star to keep receiving such attention.. everyday she's part of your page perez.. this starlet needs rest.. if she wants to fuck up her cheap life then leave her alone! maybe by that, she would find peace in her..

  49. 149

    I am thinking this is bullshit… why would Lilo say tell you sister to lose a stone… that is a british term… unless has she gone Madonna on us

  50. 150

    Re: Lil TomboiRe: Rebecca-Re: Melissa is always RIGHTRe: DebaucherinaRe: aikellyRe: BrendaloveRe: BrendaloveRe: missdanaRe: RedWingsFanRe: justtfaxRe: VGirlRe: princess521Re: TooMuchSnow – AND I AM TELLING YOU - I'M NOT GOING!!!! AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU - YOU'RE GONNA LOVE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. 151

    I am on TEAM LOHAN

  52. 152

    Re: Suvine.com – I am on team WHO GIVES A FUCK

  53. 153


  54. 154

    Re: BitchonHeat – Leave alone mother fucker - today I am Gerry and we gotta behave lest they cart us away again -so leave me the fuck alone and let me enjoy my squirrel pie this afternoon while I sit on the whale and smoke my knee joints you fucking turd basket

  55. 155

    LOLohan was trying to get it on with Sam's friend Lily Allen…..she introduced the two. LOLohan only to embarassed herself, because Lil told Sam everything. LOLohan lives for drama and this time it just back fired. Then LOLohan, tries to spin it like look at all the press I got for your sisters clothing line, etc.
    LOLohan Please go back from where you came, Long Island, this is too painful to watch you make a fool of your self! Your career is OVER and has been for years.

  56. 156

    Re: BitchonHeat – LOL! SQUIRREL PIE! Go get some greens to go with that. Keep it balanced.
    Hope you don't mind the advice?

  57. 157

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  58. 158

    May I please borrow your torch?

  59. 159

    isn't that sams twitter?? im so confused.

  60. 160

    I wouldn't consider these two celebrities so who cares? They are two meth-faced dykes who crave attention. Stop giving them any.

  61. 161

    Who really cares about either of these attention ho's?

  62. 162

    Can´t believe that some people say that Sam is the one who played on Lindsay…. It´s the other way around!

    Keep on with your stuff Sam, don´t care about what this bitch will say or do, you´re great, blessed and very smart!

    Perhaps we are lucky and Lindsay is going to be arrested for a few months…. doesn´t matter if jail or rehab, main thing is that she´s away….

    STUPID GIRL!!!!!

  63. 163

    god someone just put a bullet thru both their heads and end the madness now.

  64. Laxer says – reply to this


    Why do you keep mentioning these two? Boring!! You can print the same damn article every day..nothing changes here.

  65. 165

    hey!! where the fuck is my message??…lol

  66. 166

    That is NOT Samantha twitter account! Sam's account is jackdaniels9 and the one in the link is jackdanieis9. Get it? They used a capital i to look like a L.
    Check it out, go to jackdanieis9 and you'll get the imposters account!!

    Shame on you Perez!!

  67. 167

    holy christ a stone or 10??!! if you need to lose 10 stones there is something majorly wrong wiv u

  68. 168

    Oh, nice, Lindsay. Can't get what she wants by stomping her feet, so she sells poor Sam out with bullshit publicly. No wonder it's over. Fcuked up Lohan loves nobody but herself. Sam: run away, run away.

  69. 169

    lilo on drugs as per usual.

    run sam, run .
    escape now while you can .

  70. 170

    you mean,

    samantha can do better, a lot better,
    easy .

  71. 171

    stone ??

    not pounds?
    who says stone ?
    coke is the new diet ?
    we knew that .

  72. 172

    Drinking,partying n drugs
    ( beyond moderation)…does not make for a stable relationship when one person in the relationship is like that let alone both?

    Hetero - relationship? - most likely to result in faithfulness - even with High divorce rates.
    A Faithful gay relationship? - much less likely to happen (then Hetero), to remain faithful - but those relationships are out there.
    Porn relationships (borrowed the porn guys car)…forget it.

    take a break from worrying about a relationship…
    when the thought comes up - bury it - not forever but just a bit.
    Find what makes you happy And stable.
    find your happy and the rest will likely come!lol

    Wilder V…really? that was a surprise.
    The bum in rehab - did he even have a job?

    When your talents and beauty Tower over your relationship choices…
    Neither guy deserved a minute with you.

  73. 173

    who twitters?

  74. 174

    Bitches plz they're both riding the tweak train.

  75. 175

    Re: alittlemachine – the messages are @jackdaniels so it's someone talking to SAM

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