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Lohan Suicidal?????? "I Am So Alone," Lindsay Says!

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"I'm so tired of this drama," Lindsay Lohan tells the new issue of Us Weekly.

Her career as an actress may be over, but she's still a thriving tabloid fixture!

The mess formerly known as LezLo sat down with Us for an exclu$ive "tell-all" interview for their new issue.

How much did they have to pay her to talk????

She's so desperate - and we LOVE her!

Lindz calls her dramatic weekend with former lover saMAN Ronson "humiliating."

She says, "I'm not a bad person and this is what happens. I was raised to treat people well."

LOLhan broke down in tears, adding, that she's "so alone" without Ronson.

Codependent addict speak!

"Everyone's turned on me," says Lindz.

Sources tell the mag that Ronson had repeatedly tried to break up with Lindsanity over the past month, but each time, "Lindsay threatens to kill herself - she cares about her but wants out."

LOLhan laughs upon hearing that, saying she's okay.

"I'm just really hurt!" she says. "The whole situation is sick."

This shit is better than Mean Girls!

Poor Lindz. She had a promising film career at one point!

Friends of LOLhan tell the mag they think she should be institutionalized. We think that's a good idea! What do U think????

Somebody call Jamie Spears ASAP!

Update: A source at Us Weekly swears they did not pay LezLo Lindsanity. "Not one penny."

That makes her that much more desperate!!! LOVE it!!!!!!

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280 comments to “Lohan Suicidal?????? "I Am So Alone," Lindsay Says!”

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  1. 101

    I think she would still have a chance if she gets clean NOW.

  2. 102

    I'm glad you are so thrilled she is suicidal. More things for you to write about, more hits to your website, more advertising money for Perez.
    Look, I like a photo of a celeb picking his nose as much as the next person, but this is too much. I boycott.

  3. 103

    in some instances, there is a fine line between what should and should not be discussed for entertainment purposes; however, in instances where the subject of article is allegedly suicidal, then it is a very dark line that should not be crossed whatsoever.
    you say that you hold to journalistic standards…this post contradicts journalistic standards, wouldn't you say????

  4. 104

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – Here you go girl, saved the best for last today!!!

    Lindsay needs an intervention, fast!!!

  5. 105

    I hope this article is a joke, if not, it is not funny in the least Mario. No matter how crazy you are, how addicted you are, a break-up is tramatic to someone in the relationship In this case, it is Lindsay, the dependent one. I guess Mario, you have never been in love, never had a serious relationship. I actually feel sorry for you, but only a tiny bit because you have absolutely no compassion for her, you are just trying to make money off her just like everyone else, tmz, people, star, enquirer, all the paps, rags and the worse-HER MOTHER. this is a repeat of last year with Brittney Spears but unfortunatley, she does not have a Jaime Spears in her life, and that could be the end of her life. sad

  6. 106

    You're an accident waiting to happen
    You're a piece of glass left in the beach
    Well, you tell me things I know you're not supposed to
    Then you leave me just out of reach
    Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
    Who's gonna drown in your blue sea?
    Who's gonna taste your salt water tears?
    Who's gonna take the place of me?

  7. 107


  8. 108

    I feel sad to see talent wasted. She is so weak and so desperate and I dont understand why she is not in a hospital where the tired (crazy) people go to. She needs rest away from everything, stop talking to the press, soooooooo shitty.

  9. 109


  10. 110

    Y'know, I am getting so f***ing annoyed by this bitch!!! Look at the rest of the world - all the starvation, deprivation and angst going on. This is a self-absorbed, spoiled brat of a being whose only concerns are about herself. Excuse me, I worked on a major AIDS unit - also in the emergency room of an inner-city hospital - I've SEEN TRAGEDY - UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL - I've also endured horrific suffering - in my own life -… LOLhan has been handed everything to her - silver spoon treatment and all, and what does she do??? Act like the self-centered ho that she is…. Now she is crying the blues - "everyone's turned on me"…. get a life, bitch, get over yourself - do the work like everyone else in the world has to do.

  11. 111

    Poor Lindsay, it sounds so bad… This girl had so much promise, so much success, she was on top of the world… And now her life is spinning out of control… I am afraid that something awful is going to happen to her… She could attempt suicide out of desperation or as a cry for help…. She could overdose on drugs… This is bad… :(

  12. 112

    LEAVE LINDSAY ALONE!!!!!!!!!! i support L LOHAN!!!!

  13. 113

    You can have all the resources in the world and have the PERCEPTION that none of it is actually going to be able to help you. The whole point of being psychologically unstable and being an addict is that your usual common sense and logic is completely distorted. She doesn't have any of that right now. To us "normal" people, that seems ridiculous. How could she NOT know??? Well, she's obsessed with her co-dependent relationship and can't think past getting her next high or next drink. That magazine is right on with quoting her "I am so alone" statement on the front page. She's not, obviously. She's surrounded by people at these clubs and in Hollywood. But she FEELS alone because no one is making themselves available to listen and remind her that she needs help and can get that help. She has no one of substance in her inner circle that is willing and/or able to step up and be what she needs right now. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HIT "ROCK BOTTOM" BEFORE NEEDING OR REACHING OUT FOR HELP.

  14. 114

    Perez, you're writing :"This makes her that much more desperate!!! LOVE IT!!!!"
    Perez, Lindsay is in a BIG BIG trouble and needs help desperately, and you are GLOATING and LOVE IT? Perez, you are an asshole!

  15. 115

    Re: shomakhang

    What fucking journalistic standards? This is a fucking celebrity gossip site. This is gossip. Don't like it much? Build a bridge and get over it. Seriously, you people are waayyyyyy too in to this Lohan bitch. She, like ALL of the other fame whores of the world, is having her moment. Let her have her moment. And like Darwin said… survival of the fucking fittest, baby. She doesn't want to live? Fuck her. Why do you care? Will you all miss her Oscar worthy performances? Please. There are no-named people in this country… on this planet… with REAL problems. REAL PROBLEMS. True despair, hunger, disease, abuse, no families, no money, no housing, no clothing, nothing. Let's throw a pity party for them, shall we? FUCK LL. No money my ass. Do you know how much interest one makes on just one million dollars a year? Do you know how many millions this bitch has? Please. You guys who are making something out of her… like she's some fucking saint… need to relax.

  16. 116

    Shes a drug addict that is spinning out of control. I think shes a hot mess!!!! Love reading about her. Us weekly is full of shit. you know they paid for the interview.

  17. 117

    I hope everything turns out ok for her. She really doesn't seem like a bad person, just a typical Cancer who is in constant need of love and affection. Seriously Lindsay, you don't need a woman, you need a caring Pisces man. I'm one of them.

  18. lolli says – reply to this



  19. 119

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys – I agree. She can't even count on her parents to help her. Her mother and father are leaches who had been riding on her coat-tales for years and using their daughter's celebrity for their advantage. She needs to go to rehab, she needs to gain weight and get her health back, she needs therapy and perhaps medication to ease her depression, she needs good rest and someone to help her to restart her career when she is ready. She needs family and very close friends to support and love her.

  20. 120

    Dam - Sam was possibly the best female relationship that she ever had.Just look at momlow??? I'm guessing mom rhonson and the designer sister were more, semi-decent females to hang around with too. (THere is something there though…that I'm not seeing about the rhonsons)… Sam as a gay, n DJing…(ok gay sis - she's pretty good at this).
    Sam bringing home Lindsay - (Jeeze! WOW - NO WAY!! Get OUT!!!)
    She probably got more positive attention form her fam…then she' s ever had…finally got her face in the press - something her sis has had for some time.

    k - so I'm a bit stuck on 'this one'…she accepted acting roles that painted a healing dynamic and brought people together…she showed my daughter n me a good time while she did that. I'm still grateful for that.

    I don't care for the Giselle, the Holly (sell myself to Hef for 1K a week, sell my body,head full of rocks). Gaga I didn't care for her…but a stripper…
    maybe she didn't get enough hugs when she was small? so I'm starting to feel for that.

    You pick who you support and your battles - so I'm entitled.
    I've figured a few things out and think I'm helping.But hey - I help or I don't…

    life can be simpler but people can make it hard (I do it myself)…I want Us all happy dancing, in a train station/subway too
    I have to get shorter posts here…
    ya know…it would actually be fun to work for Parez.lol

  21. 121

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys
    Hey, I totally hear you…. and I know that Linds has a very dysfunctional family…. but so did I and I don't use it as an excuse to be emotionally crippled, selfish and self-absorbed. Sooner or later we all need to grow the fuck up - and stop making excuses for the deficits of our lives.

  22. 122

    When it comes to Lindsey, Perez is too blinded by his lame ass pun jokes to see it's not funny.

    I bet if she kills herself he would write about it respectfully until he was blue in the face.

    The girl has been and is an addict, clearly struggles with an ED, has fucked up parents and yeah she probably is all alone…"LOL LOVES IT" get real.

    Pathetic to get any amusement from people that are also pathetic (makes you worse than them actually)

  23. 123

    Id feel really bad for her but it is all her fault… Lindsay is looking for sympathy, but blaming it on other people… she needs to realize that she has a life that SHE controls… it was all her choices to make her life a "living hell" … stealing cars, drugs, rehab, drinking like crazy, crazy weightloss, out of control relationships, Excessive going out, Samantha Ronson was HER choice and the bad choice… Lindsay looks like hell right now her hair is a wreck and her whole appearance is too. Someone slap her put her in her place. Give her a wakeup call! ANYBODY WHO KNOWS HER SHOULD! tough love is the best. if she doesn't get help she will eventually die from this chaotic mess. She needs to get far away from L.A. live at home anything away from Hollyweird, drinking, and drugs. She had talent, but will it ever be ressurected? I DOUBT IT because right now she seems like a loss cause…

  24. 124

    Boo Hoo Hoo! Pathetic much?

  25. 125

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys – yes, I totally agree. I'm afraid she'll have a nervous breakdown. And everyone just uses her because she is a well known celebrity.

  26. 126

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys – Well, I'm glad that you didn't leave this blog for usmagazine because this place wouldn't be the same without you, and I love reading your battles with that lunatic Freddy from Oporto. I read that stuff and laugh like crazy! Today you kept asking him how many times his mother dropped him on his head when he was a baby. I was convulsing!!!

  27. 127

    despite it all, it really is sad to see someone so fucked up. just sad.

  28. 128

    Poor old lindsay. If she sends me an AIM, I'll be her friend.
    Blotterman.com - the PerezHilton of police blotters

  29. 129

    Quit being such a douchebag. She is still a human being who needs help and love. Maybe she is really trying to reach out, not just make money. We aren't all superficial pieces of shit like Perez.

  30. 130

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys
    Do you want to know about trust issues? I have not only been let down by my parents but also with every single person I have ever known… plus the medical profession. No one ever believed me when I complained about pain and suffering.. and today I am terminally ill, with no one, including family, caring about my inevitable doom.

  31. jhen says – reply to this


    Perez you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
    Let the poor girl be. She has problems. How would you like it if someone pointed out every one of your shortcomings? How would you like it if every detail of your life was spread out for everyone to see? I'm all for a little harmless gossip such as "I can't believe what she was wearing/dating etc..", but you take it too far time and time again. One day it's gonna bite you in the ass.

  32. 132

    britney spears antics all over again.. lindsay come on be more creative .. all the drugs u use ,u should be able to come up with a publicity plot or just call heidi fake boobs montag ..

    xo xo

  33. 133

    Like I said this is a cry for help. I hope she gets it before she does go off!
    She is still a good actress if she would show up fo work and act maybe
    people will take her seriously. This girl has some issues. Go to rehab and stop drinking Lins! Best of luck. You are too young for this.

  34. 134

    hahaha i was right!! she could have gotten help/rehab…but since she was too selfish to do anything to get better, she got worse.

  35. 135

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys – Freddy is also on every Britney post doing his Shitney routine, and he is on every GaGa post doing his GaGasshole routine , because they are threat to his beloved Madonna!!! He is a piece of work.

  36. 136

    Re: Paris Hilton Looks Like A Flamingo
    i don't care for LL as an enterainer, but i care for all people as humans, whether they are celebrity drug addicts or homeless drug addicts. the owner of this website said in an interview that he holds to journalistic standards. and, "loving it" when someone may be on the verge of suicide does not hold to journalistic standards. i'm just calling it as i see it.

  37. 137

    So sad. Girlfriends seriously needs to be committed. Then take a few months off in some average town in the middle of nowhere and just go to college, realize there's more to life than being famous. It's so entertaining to watch a train wreck, but at the same time, she clearly has some serious mental issues. I imagine she'd be likable if she took the time to work out her shit.

  38. 138

    apparently, no one else who posts here (including perez) has ever had a relationship end. it's devastating. especially if you have loved someone with your whole heart. it's not like lindsay and sam dated for a month and it's over, it's been a long time!
    my heart goes out to lindsay and i wish her nothing but the best. things will get better, despite what she may be thinking or feeling right now. it will get easier, i promise. don't listen to what the fucktards are saying about you or your relationship.

  39. 139

    Wow….she is THAT desperate for attention. I don't buy one bit of what she's saying…..she can cry and break down all she wants. She's really psycho. She'll say one thing and pretend that she never said it 5 minutes later. She obviously has some issues, and saying that she's suicidal to the public is really obnoxious. She needs some help from her family or rehab, not from us.

  40. 140

    I feel bad for her because everyone has just been using her for their own gain. She needs to get out of the toxic situation she's in. That means also ditching her family and just going somewhere far far far away from LA

  41. 141

    Tis a shame…I hope she doesn't O.D. or try anything.

  42. 142

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys
    Thank you for your comments… Despite the fact that I have been seriously ill throughout my life I have still managed to "give back"… personally as well as professionally. I have worked on the front line in health care for many years. One thing I have learned over the years is "you teach people how to treat you". Dignity is something that LaLohan seems to have forgotten, that is, if she ever learned it in the first place. She has been given many opportunities up the yin yang and still acts like a spoiled brat. Maybe she needs to "bottom out" - suffer the consequences and finally get a life. Sometimes that's the best way to learn. And I'm sorry if this sentiment offends you.

  43. 143

    PEREZ - PLEASE stop reporting on her.
    You're only making it worse.
    Do what you did last year to Britney, and don't report anything until something positive is to be said.

  44. 144

    oh yeah out of all people on this planet - lindsay is the one with problems

  45. 145

    well if she didnt steal/do everyone around hers drugs, shed have friends….never steal from friends…..

  46. 146

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys
    Yes - she was fucked up the arse by terrible parents…. But so are a lot of people. That doesn't necessarily lead them to drinking and driving, engaging in negative behavior and blaming all of her problems on everyone else. She is a self-indulgent brat - and a lot of her crap should be OWNED BY HER!!! Then she "might" recover - that is, if she wants to!

  47. 147

    Can anyone say… "Judy Garland"

  48. 148

    Thats What the bitch gets…she did destroy a couples relationship when she was in rehab right? Karma is a bitch…its so sad to see these ppl w/money that are soo pathetic

  49. 149

    you sick fat fuck mario, you think this is fucking funny, since when is suicide funny homo? and you lovesit? shit, i'd lovesit if you out a bullet to your head, maybe u will when ur fans move on to the next "it" site and trust me mario it WILL HAPPEN….

    to the rest of you bitches, you encourage this kinda shit? this chick is a human being, imagine if it were one of your borthers/sisters/friends/sons/daughters/mothers/fathers, yeah wouldn't be so great then would it??

    Lindsay be well

  50. 150

    Re: nutcracker

    agreed wholeheartedly. it's fucked up for you to be taking pleasure in her plight. yes, she is acting ridiculous and has been for a while now, but she needs serious help and i believe she could actually get well and conquer her illness IF she is willing to admit to having a problem. what's holding her back is that she is so young to be dealing with the reality of alcoholism and addiction. it is so hard to be sober at an age where everyone you know is partying. i think she needs to get the fuck out of LA, personally, and take some time off to figure some shit out. btw, that mother of hers, UGH, she needs to be slapped for enabling her sick addicted daughter the way she did this week.

  51. 151

    For some reason I don't feel bad for her, not one bit! she did it all to herself. she made her own decissions and know whats to throw herself a pitty party. No! I don't feel bad at all. Everyone has gone throw bad break ups. stay home in the dark listen to sad music EAT and get over it in a few days. Just like everyone else!

  52. 152

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys
    I can tell you have a big heart…… and I praise you for that. You are most definitely sensitive, caring and you actually give a shit for humanity. I am like that - until I am crossed by horrible, insensitive people. I truly believe that we all have some responsibility for this planet - but if we are burned then we need to move on. Everybody deserves a second chance - but unfortunately Linds has burned all her bridges….

  53. 153

    this is TOO GOOD!

  54. 154

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys
    Oh boy - are you ever right about the denial part. I totally agree. Lindsay Lohan - Cleopatra - Queen of DaNile…

  55. 155

    How sad.. Love hurts, but it's not worth it! She needs some good DICK in her life :)

  56. 156

    "So alone without Ronson". Wow! Who would want someone that suffocating in a relationship? I mean someone like gum on your shoe that cannot pee without you holding their hand. UGH, run for your life Samantha! She certainly did the right thing!

  57. 157

    when i think of lindsay i think of that lili allen song"the fear"

  58. 158

    The only reason I feel sorry for Linds is that she has a pitiful mother and father. She virtually has her family acting as enablers! That and I believe she has a horrific drug and alcohol addiction. Her mother sitting at a table while she chugs vodka is just incredibly disturbing. Surely does make Britney Spears look lucky for having her Dad save her life. Without Jamie, she would be dead by now with Lutfi living in her mansion afterward.

  59. 159

    i wish you would get suicidal mario

  60. Swami says – reply to this


    The Ronsons are pure evil. Look how much PR benefits they reaped, Charlotte, "the designer" Mark the "record producer" and of course SaMAN, the "dj."

    Honestly- did anyone know who the fuck any of them were before they leached onto Lezlo to exploit her fame????

    Once they sucked every last bit of value out of Lindsanity- and drove her insane for reals— they collectively dump her. The Ronsons are PURE EVIL!

  61. 161

    It's disgusting that you take such pleasure in her pain, Perez. You're sick. I don't know if she's mentally ill or drugs or what, but she needs help.

  62. 162

    Give a girl a break.

  63. 163

    too bad that saMAN used her to get famous and kicked her to the curb. but couldnt she have found a waay hotter go-gay girl ??????? especially if they are using you i mean come on.

  64. 164

    too bad she was in denial about all the coke and too bad she lied and got away with
    being a coke adcit, carrying coke into the cop shop , hijaking a van , driving recklessly , smashing up every car she has……….
    she was allowed to get away with all the accidents and craaaaaazy……….
    because …..???????
    why should we feel sorry for these people, ie paris, nicole, kardashian, none of them
    do real time .

  65. 165

    the ronsons ………

  66. 166

    Re: whywhy
    I will drink to that!!!

  67. 167

    She's damaged goods. No repectable boy will ever touch her for marriage material. The lesbian thing didn't enhance her resume either. Somehow, I think Sam did everything she could to help her out, but found out, no one can help Lindsay but Lindsay, Dammit to Hell!

  68. 168

    miley will be next onto the scrap heap,
    give her less than a year to be in the same situation .

  69. 169

    That girl is such a fucking loser.
    And I hope this isn't just me but don't you feel dirty just looking at her picture? She's just one of those people that you need to wash your hands after you interact with them. You don't even have to touch them. They're just so skeevy. And no amount of make up can hide the "dirty crackface" look she has going on.
    Maybe a trip to psych will be good for her.
    It did WONDERS for Britney. Britney looks about a quarter normal now. And everyone knows how far gone she was.

  70. 170

    One's hubris often causes the demise in his/her arrogant life. I never quite understood where the ego came from though. I mean c'mon - some Herbie movie, Freaky Friday, and horrible music. Her career focused on the tween demographic and tweens consume one pop icon after the other - and future tweens never recycle old starlets. Sorry Linds, you were a flash in the pan, you're a comet headed out into the desolate darkness. And I am clueless as to why any tabloid cares about you - you were inconsequential at the height of your career. You got lucky, you have no talent, move away and move on. You're the modern-day female version of Corey Haim.

  71. 171

    Stats came out for the month of March and Perez got one of his highest totals ever. He had 2,165,343 unique visitors to this site.

    In one month, TMZ went down from 8 million unique visitors to 5,652,857 visitors.

  72. 172


  73. 173

    karma is a bitch !

  74. 174

    It's definitely the drugs. She needs to get as far away from Hollywood as she can. Maybe she should join Amy in St. Lucia. Now they would be a hot couple! LOLOVE YOU!

  75. 175

    Keep your head up Lindsay you are not alone, you have lots of people and fans like me who love you don't forget that.

  76. 176

    She's suicidal and you're egging her on? You sick fuck! I speak for everyone who doesn't have a voice due to depression or suicide. Rot in hell, Perez.

  77. 177

    Common people…we all went through break ups….it is hell…
    Please give her a break….She is very young….very beautiful…has a great potential.
    Friends and family…anyone who close and really cares about her…keep her away from the media….
    Lindsay….go somewhere….another country maybe…stay away from tabloids…clear up your mind….try to be independent from any man, or women…find yourself…
    It's not easy, but it's only way….

  78. 178

    ok i am WAAY distracted by the corner of the magazine with the "TRISTA AND RYAN"

    honestly? does anyone give a SHIT about them anymore? I dont even remember why they're famous. god damn.

  79. 179

    honestly there are probably more than a few people out there whom Lohan has hurt (like Lauren Hastings, etc) that are probably enjoying the heck out of this. She doesn't have enough dignity not to give them the satisfaction. So sad and strange.

  80. 180

    Poor Lindsay-I certainly hope she gets the help she needs!! Why isn't her mother doing anything??

  81. 181

    Perez you're lame. used to laugh at shit you'd say but now it grosses me out. its fun to poke fun at celebrities but not when they're obviously unhealthy, its like you can't wait to see blood. shes young and in need of help. you would love to report her dying a day early wouldn't you idiot.

  82. 182

    Who gives a fuck! She's a crap actress anyway

  83. 183

    How can one person give that kind of interview 3 days after split?
    I cant understand that.. just for attention I think.

  84. 184

    :( I NEED TO BE WITH HER, she can't just commit suicide.

  85. 185

    WHOA is her…….all the time! WHA WHA WHA, no one cares………go away!!!

  86. 186

    ………..already responded

  87. 187

    I`d like to know what Lindsay did to Perez or the rest of you who are condemning her? As far as I know, the only person shes hurt is herself.

    Get help girl! Start over and do better.

  88. 188

    Ahh, my heart bleeds! She can't handle a car, gak or booze, she can't act, she's a part time lezbos and now suicide. Bring it on. FUCKING LITTLE (UN)RICH GIRL. GET A LIFE WOMAN FOR FUCK'S SAKE

  89. RUu says – reply to this


    Are you serious? Despite what she did in the past, you are still making fun of her when she is suicidal? I hope karma comes back and bites you in the fat ass of yours.

  90. 190

    Lock her up. . . she needs serious help!

  91. Chida says – reply to this


    Ahh.. I feel sorry for her..

  92. 192

    I cannot stand her and am taking a guilty pleasure in seeing her career demise play out thru the media…… She is absolutely a very bad role model!!! However, I am a Mom, and it is really is sad that her mother or family has not stepped up to the plate…. If she feels soooooooooo alone, where is her mother? That just sux!!! I don't know Perez… I'm not quite there with my daughter yet, and I guess until we pass thru it, we really can't speak on it too harshly…. Who knows…

  93. 193

    poor lindsay.. i would show her real love

  94. 194

    Hi Fans - it's Linds here. I just want to tell all of you that… that… I'M SO FUCKING ALONE right now… I need Sam back - I will do ANYTHING to get her back and if that means doing porn or prostituting myself on the strip I WILL DO IT. I would kill a bus full of school children if it meant I could just look into her eyes…
    STOP FUCKING JUDGING ME OK!!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE REALLY IN LOVE , ALL I WANT IS TO GO DOWN ON SAM RIGHT NOW BUT I CAN'T !!!!! Ok ok, maybe if I cut myself a little the pain will go away…
    There, I feel better now but my arm is bleeding quite a bit …
    FUCK, it won't stop! Fuck what I am going to do???? I can't go to the emergency room like this… People??????? What must I fucking do??? HELP ME I'm scared!!!!!!!

  95. 195

    she was in love, its HORRIBLE being in a break up. I feel bad for her.

  96. 196

    but for once she is hot at the cover though..

  97. 197

    Just shave your head and call it a day.

  98. 198

    That's what I do when I'm lonely…talk to Us Weekly.

  99. 199

    Re: stars101_sezKatyShittySingsDittys – haha.she is a loser.she doesnt need help.she needs to do that on her one.im not feel sorry about people that uses drugs.people need to be strong

  100. 200

    I need my Sammykins back - come back to me kittypoo !!!


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